Worst Countries to Live In

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North Korea
I have a courage to shoot that jung il and go to heaven. the poor, starving citizens did nothing wrong. its their leader's problem
North Korea is terrible. The totalitarian dictatorship, the huge meaningless string of laws in place for the sake of propoganda and to suit "The Great Leader" and his "requirements", the huge clumps of soldiers placed to march, the propoganda posters plastered on every single damn place you can see, the labor camps that proudly boasts one of the worst conditions and torture you can find currently on this planet, the poor, disillusioned people who percieve of their ruthless Dictator as their "God" and the fact that there is no Internet for the citizens of North Korea... These are, just to name a few, the reasons to why North Korea is the worst Country to live in.
Probably one of the worst prison systems in the world, if not THE worst of all. Oh, I'm not talking about the country itself (North Korea alone could be considered as a prison) but it's home to the worst concentration camps in history since the Nazi Death Camps went out of commission. Not to mention one million people starve to death every year in North Korea. If you ever visit North Korea one day, make sure you won't wake up in the morning thinking you died and went to hell, you're still in North Korea. That's probably the best word to describe that cesspit; Hell.
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1 - Why is Australia on here?
2 - Afghanistan sucks completely. I pity those who live there
I don't wont to be unkind about someone else's mind and ideals but how is Australia even on this list. You wont see snakes in major cities or normal towns. In the country side just stay on the foot path. You can out run a snake.

But as idi admin said: you can't outrun a bullet:. And there's a lot of bullets flying out guns along with land mines in Afghanistan along with religious extremists. And religion has caused more war than anything else.

I live in Australia and I love it. You wont hear an afghan say that.

Very underestimated country. Not the best... But not the worst by all means. I would put it #11 on this list. (and I am an american)The worst is Uganda. The LRA are not soldiers... There murderers
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When you land at Mogadishu's international airport, the first form you fill out asks for name, address, and caliber of weapon. Believe it or not, this disaster of a city, the capital of Somalia, still gets a few commercial flights. Some haven't fared so well. The wreckage of a Russian cargo plane shot down in 2007 still lies crumpled at the end of the runway. Beyond the airport is one of the world's most stunning monuments to conflict: block after block, mile after mile, of scorched, gutted-out buildings. Mogadishu's Italianate architecture, once a gem along the Indian Ocean, has been reduced to a pile of machine-gun-chewed bricks. Somalia has been ripped apart by violence since the central government imploded in 1991. Eighteen years and 14 failed attempts at a government later, the killing goes on and on and on -- suicide bombs, white phosphorus bombs, beheadings, medieval-style stonings, teenage troops high on the local drug called khat blasting away at each other and anything in between. Even U.S. cruise missiles occasionally slam down from the sky. It's the same violent free-for-all on the seas. Somalia's pirates are threatening to choke off one of the most strategic waterways in the world, the Gulf of Aden, which 20,000 ships pass through every year. These heavily armed buccaneers hijacked more than 40 vessels in 2008, netting as much as $100 million in ransom. It's the greatest piracy epidemic of modern times.

In more than a dozen trips to Somalia over the past two and a half years, I've come to rewrite my own definition of chaos. I've felt the incandescent fury of the Iraqi insurgency raging in Fallujah. I've spent freezing-cold, eerily quiet nights in an Afghan cave. But nowhere was I more afraid than in today's Somalia, where you can get kidnapped or shot in the head faster than you can wipe the sweat off your brow. From the thick, ambush-perfect swamps around Kismayo in the south to the lethal labyrinth of Mogadishu to the pirate den of Boosaaso on the Gulf of Aden, Somalia is quite simply the most dangerous place in the world.

The whole country has become a breeding ground for warlords, pirates, kidnappers, bomb makers, fanatical Islamist insurgents, freelance gunmen, and idle, angry youth with no education and way too many bullets. There is no Green Zone here, by the way -- no fortified place of last resort to run to if, God forbid, you get hurt or in trouble. In Somalia, you’re on your own. The local hospitals barely have enough gauze to treat all the wounds.

The mayhem is now spilling across Somalia's borders, stirring up tensions and violence in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Eritrea, not to mention Somalia's pirate-infested seas. The export of trouble may just be beginning. Islamist insurgents with al Qaeda connections are sweeping across the country, turning Somalia into an Afghanistan-like magnet for militant Islam and drawing in hard-core fighters from around the world. These men will eventually go home (if they survive) and spread the killer ethos. Somalia's transitional government, a U.N. -santioned creation that was deathly ill from the moment it was born four years ago, is about to flatline, perhaps spawning yet another doomed international rescue mission. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, the old war horse of a president backed by the United States, finally resigned in December after a long, bitter dispute with the prime minister, Nur Hassan Hussein. Ostensibly, their conflict was about a peace deal with the Islamists and a few cabinet posts. In truth, it may be purely academic. By early this year, the government's zone of control was down to a couple of city blocks. The country is nearly as big as Texas.

Just when things seem as though they can't get any worse in Somalia, they do. Beyond the political crisis, all the elements for a full-blown famine -- war, displacement, drought, skyrocketing food prices, and an exodus of aid workers -- are lining up again, just as they did in the early 1990s when hundreds of thousands of Somalis starved to death. Last May, I stood in the doorway of a hut in the bone-dry central part of the country watching a sick little boy curl up next to his dying mother. Her clothes were damp. Her breaths were shallow. She hadn't eaten for days. "She will most likely die, " an elder told me and walked away.

It's crunch time for Somalia, but the world is like me, standing in the doorway, looking in at two decades of unbridled anarchy, unsure what to do. Past interventions have been so cursed that no one wants to get burned again. The United States has been among the worst of the meddlers: U.S. forces fought predacious warlords at the wrong time, backed some of the same predacious warlords at the wrong time, and consistently failed to appreciate the twin pulls of clan and religion. As a result, Somalia has become a graveyard of foreign-policy blunders that have radicalized the population, deepened insecurity, and pushed millions to the brink of starvation.
This is why anarchy is stupid. 4 million have died since it lost its government.
Famine, Anarchy, Homeless, Islam. None of these work and putting them together just makes it worse.
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Damn this is my country but it is one of the worst places to live!
I am a Pakistani, and this is the first time I've been here. I came here seven months ago and honestly everyday I just want to kill myself. It's 46 degrees in Lahore the electricity goes out nearly 12 hours a day. The people are unlettered, bigoted and ill-mannered and have the mentality of probably the 18th century. Extremely belligerent. The news is unbearable, people dying everywhere in blasts, killing, beatings, burnings. And don't even get me started on the religious extremism. THIS COUNTRY IS HELL ON EARTH!
Even in Main Cities Like Karachi on an average 10 people die
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TOTALLY. If you're looking to go round the world, do NOT go here.
Of course! But don't forget to add Indonesia to the list. It's horrible, guys. Damn. Horrible. Pollution is what we should call it.
We are still in war there it never stops they need to make some friends other than themselves
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Totally with that war going on in there how can the people stand it?
Why is it not at the top?!

Syria is in the middle of a war would you really prefer to live in Syria rather than India. Also Syria is in an economic recession. People were chemically bombed a few days ago!
Unfortunately, but it should be at the top now
Syrian against the war
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Among the current Top 10, Somalia and North Korea are rather accurate choices. Middle Eastern countries are NOT inherently bad because they are middle eastern, many people actually enjoy living there. If I remember correctly, it were the Europeans who were adamant about leaving their countries and immigrating, (especially to USA).
How is Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and China above Sudan? Read my lips. GE-NO-CIDE!


This is kinda messed up in the South Sudan there is mass genocide and in places like China and South Africa there is a fair bit of wealth
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My country but its government sucks
Run by a disgusting, manipulative pedophile.
I lived in ZImbabwe my whole life and I've lived in the United States, so I have something to compare it to. In many ways it's actually better. It's free, safe, and easy to live if you understand how the country works
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I find that the Chinese are torturers, they think they're better than everybody else and can judge when in fact their courts are all staffed by murderers in uniforms. They copy products from other nations because they have created a culture which stifles and dissuades creative thought, and brands anything non-government authorized as "Subversive". China used to be a beautiful country, now it's just another Industrial Skag Heap, not unlike many other "Developed" countries. Development is more than just building crap and being rich, civilization is more than using force of arms to conquer your neighbours. Everybody hates China, even the people who make money from working with the communists regrets cutting deals with them.
They are living financially aside for the fact that they were very indecent, for an instance, if you get bump by a Chinese, there's no sorry, not even a glimpse.
It's a communist country with the worst/meanest people in the world. They think they are so "advanced" yet don't realize that they clone most products that are "made in china"
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10Sri Lanka
The Ugliest, The Worst, The most Disgusting & The most Stinking Country on the surface of the Earth!


How can you live in this Damn Country: AIDS, Famine, Floods, Tsunami, Bribery, Corruption, Murder, Prostitutes, Whores, Drugs, Alcohol, Smoke, Exploitation, Discrimination, Rape, Burglary, Dishonesty, Fraudulence, Malfeasance, Nepotism, Lesbians, Transsexuals, Eunuchs, War, Demolition, Theft, Injustice, Intolerance, Partiality, Prejudice, Unfairness, Repugnance, Racism... And I can continue on & on & on for Hours!

Sri Lanka is the Worst Country to live in with proven facts & statistics!
In this country heroin is more cheaper than milk powder. Apart from being dirty, loud, and not having manners; their people go out the country to advertise how beautiful their country is to ripoff tourist and entrepreneurs. Their only salvation is foreigners! Not only do they advertise how beautiful their country is, they tell everyone needs to become Buddhism. They claim is not a religion, but a way of life. They mostly don't do this to brainwash us, but to open temples in other countries to rip off more money from the innocents. All this money goes back to their poor country.
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It because those stupid burmese people destroy are country and we don't get to live well and they tried to take are country and those kid just died like 2 years old those I don't now why those burmese people should do that are country is so beautyful.
Beautiful country untouched by development the people are really nice and welcoming. The government lets them down
I live in Burma and Now it's Democracy. I love my country. But I hate Than Shwe

12South Korea
Ugly people with racism. Sly on everything. Worst World Cup football host country ever.
The people have a low level of culture.
That's all!
Crazy people plus crazy government!
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I am Bangladeshi born but brought up in Kuwait from early age and now live in U.K.

In contrast to middle eastern and western life which I have experienced; I can honestly say that yes Bangladesh sucks!. It is not the land which is green and lush but the people themselves. Most of the Bengalis are the stupidest of the stupid and full of greed then any other civilized people I have met. Thieves and muggers are every where.

My mother (who leaves in Bangladesh now after leaving Kuwait in 1992) along with my sister and brother in-law almost got killed in an armed robbery in our house last year. The armed robbers forced their way into steel gates and toughened doors at night and stole every thing at gun point (gold, cash, computers, mobile phones) with in 15 minutes of terror. Our house is in the middle of commercial area with surrounding populated residency. When my brother in-law cried for help at night, no one came forward to help nor even called the police via their mobile.

Once when the whole drama was over and my family was left in distraught, than more than 2000 + locals came to see them next day giving full moral support. This is the unity of Bengalis and this is the true cowardness in them. Tigers during the day and cats at night.

No law or order and nothing gets done at official level without bribe. From street foot path to official levels; they are all beggars.

I used to visit Bangladesh every year to see my family and tried very hard to love the country as I do have some childhood memories. But I have failed, I just hate it's people.

It is the only place on earth where the political thugs will burn you alive if you are an unlucky bus driver caught up in a strike ( hartaal) even though you got nothing to do with politics and minding your own business. They care less of a human life.

They burn cars, businesses, houses just to make silly political point at the expense of innocent Bangladeshis all around the year.

Bangladesh really sucks!
Been to Bangladesh multiple times. I have been to over 50 countries including Somalia, Swaziland, Eritrea, and Zimbabwe. Bangladesh easily takes the cake as the most corrupt, inefficient, misogynist country I have ever been to. For every dollar you spend I feel like 90 cents go to graft in some way shape or form. Strikes all the time that render it impossible to travel anywhere. Crippled transport networks that sees 100 KM trips turn into protracted 8 hour nightmares. The most obscene and insulting 'democracy' I have ever seen - a protracted catfight between two entirely irrelevant harpies and their equally disdainful families who could not give a hoot about anybody else but themselves and their petty problems. Bizarre internecine violence. Acid throwing. Child marriage. Constant diarrhea from eating with unwashed hands. I went three times, got scabies every time despite never touching an animal. Without a doubt the most disgusting repression of women anywhere - it is worse systemic repression than female genital mutilation in E. Africa.

The worst thing is the culture of absolution that exists - nobody takes responsibility for any of their terrible actions or decisions. Everything is a blame game and finger pointing puerility. It's truly the worst place I have ever been.
I am a Bangladeshi citizen and honestly I agree with your view. Shame that our people have more pride than logic. For example they blame paypal for not starting their services in the country when the government is solely responsible for the paypal debacle. And secondly arrogance runs rampant in our society, like for example they hate anything modern, forward thinking, new age ideas; which is exactly why we are among the most disturbing group of people in existence
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I am natural (born and raised) citizen of India. The current condition of the nation is due to its so called varied diversity in population.

Every other person in India wants put blame on an politician/government for its issues like corruption, poverty, lack-of-quality in education etc. , but no one wants to elect a right candidate nor they are interested in having the election policies changed.

Most of the population is literally unproductive to ever-developing nation. There is no one who wants to talk about reducing the population (there by getting 80% of the issues resolved) but many speak of changing constitution.

It has become an dead-easy game for politicians to classify citizens by Religion and exploit Caste System (which 90% of the world's population doesn't understand).

Despite an lead in IT, but & many other sectors, hardly 3% of population pays income tax and rest-of-so-called-citizens expect politicians and government to respond to just about all their needs.

If India has any issues, its not because of its law makers/constitution/law but only because of its citizens. It should be at 1 (Its been 66 years since not-so-independence and God knows when will it be developed).
The streets are filled with rubbish and it smells everywhere you go
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Australia should not be on here! I don't live here - I used to. One person said there was spiders. Yeh there's dangerous spiders and other dangerous animals - but they live in the middle of nowhere and everyone lives on the coast in the main cities.
The 2 of you are completely wrong. Australia is ranked the best country in the world to live in and there is a reason. Australia is ranked the top 3 in each category. You never see "made in Australia" because Australia makes its wealth out of minerals. Australia is home to the most venomous spiders in the world but the are all in the rainforest. Australia also has the best cities in the world to live in. 4 cities that are in Australia are in the top 10. Every other country's city is only in the top 10 once. Australia is also home to the best city in the world to live in. MELBOURNE. 5th is Adelaide, 7th is Sydney and 9th is Perth. BEAT THAT. Australia is the best country to live in in the world. FACE THE FACTS.
Lets see: Oppressive tax on everything, outrageous cost of living, there's no manufacturing left in this country what so ever. Think about it: When was the last time you saw a label "Made in Australia? " Bad service at restaurants and retail shops is pretty much the norm; it's more of a buyer beware culture. Cost of living keeps going up, but salaries rarely do. There's really no decent work to be found anywhere except in Sydney but it's such an expensive city to live in you have to move 2 hours outside of it, then commute every day. I'm not sure if Australians are ether complacent or oblivious to just how bad they are treated by their government and as consumers. I think they are very happy being ripped off at every turn for all types of goods and services. It's the only country in the world where when the bank places a service fee (no matter how great or small), the goverment taxes it. Oh yeah, there are no Australians anymore. They might as well change the name of the country to either Little India, New Beruit, or China Annex
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WORST COUNTRY TO LIVE IN! If you ever want to come in here for whatever (crazy) reason you have for doing that, I recommend you to think again.. and if you still want to come you better hit your head really hard, coming in here IT'S LIKE GOING TO HELL! I had the bad luck of being born in this place, which is full of: corrupted people, thieves and all worst things you could ever imagine. EVERYTHING is on sale in here, just show some "green" bills and they'll do anything, kill someone, betray their family, betray a friend.. there's no honor in here. All cops/soldiers are bought and do nothing to "defend" what is right. there're no laws in here.. if you get killed, your family get murdered, someone steals something from you.. I don't know whatever there's NOBODY to help you. I can't wait to leave this place, this country is a JOKE. (500 people aprox get killed every single weekend, something you buy today for 5$ might be 10 or even 15$ tomorrow, there's no toilet paper, bread, milk, butter, cheese, meat and if you find some somewhere people is going to fight for getting it, there's no T.V. news that report what's really happening, all of them were shut down. we just have some newspaper that are going to be shut down too pretty soon, there's no medical service, there're no drugs to treat the patient, good conditions to maintain them, its like we're in war or something.. There're some private hospitals that still have everything that is needed but they are WAY too expensive, doctors make around 818.8$ A MONTH a cheap car would cost you 27272.72$, it costs you around 717$ to kind of "fill up" your refrigerator... I hope they don't take the internet away from us yet and if they do, I hope somebody could read this so they'll know the true about this hell)
Ugly people, they have tried to steal my wallet.
This country is full of hypocrites they hate the U.S. A but love no no need the dollar.
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18United Arab Emirates
Oh shut up U.A.E is the best country.
U.A. E is the best place to live in period!
Dubai is so much money to live there and I am not paying them 222,000,000 dollars to live in a hotel or house.
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The country is living under dictatroship for god sake. No basic human rights, and people therefore are migrating in masses. I would rather live in China than Iran, not to mention ongoing pollution problems, crime rate has inceased.
It's true that iran is not the best but it isn't worse than china!
But Iran is rich and one of the safest counter in medial east
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The king raping daughters of the nation and demanding for the upkeep of his humongous sex life be paid for by his subjects and SAn tax payers, grinding levels of poverty,
Their average life expectancy is 31.88 years, that alone is enough to break any country.
HIghest Hiv infection rate in the world, one of the lowest life expectancy in the world- need I go on!
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The Communist government is dominating the entire nation. It is terrible that Castro is giving to his Cuban subjects only a little bit of rice and beans to live on.


To live in Cuba is horrible. I'm so happy I left 15 years ago!
Cuba should be right at the top because of crime rate, corruption, violence, poverty, oppression and no civil rights or liberty.
The place is beautiful, a paradise if you go to visit, but hell for those who stay. Ask people who lived in Cuba and they will agree.
Number 43? Who did this list? Go live in Cuba and it could be easily # 2 after N. Korea... And I say live, not travel to Cuba...
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I'm brazilian, and to be honest I hate living here, violence, corruption, poverty and a list of issues that we have here.
Brazil is extremely corrupt, expensive to live.
Corruption, violence (just in some cities) and all here is expensive.
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They act like it is 100 because there. 70% of jobs people have there is being a slave.
Japan at top ten? Japan is an awesome place to live except for eathquakes... But the life in Chad is so much harder...


24Saudi Arabia
I don't know why the UAE is above saudi, I live in the UAE. I also don't understand how such a purid, vile county like saudi where they STONE PEOPLE TO DEATH AND WHERE WOMEN HAVE NO RIGHTS is below countries like Australia, Canada and the USA.

One of the last places in the world I would want to live in.
I live there, I'm not aware of any worst than this country
Yes for sure. It comes with Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan on one word dead or killed
No Liberation even in media it should be on the top
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It is one of the most beautiful country in world with population of good citizens. Environment loving nation.
With so many monuments, incredible history and culture.
The people who voted for this may not have lived in FRANCE. IT is really
Beautiful nation. There is cleaniness everywhere.
I don't like the mentality of french people. And they are not friendly
Rude and bad mannered people, also arrogant
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Yemen is the worst country in there world. Only men should go to Yemen because they stone and hide all the women. It is the second worst country in the world for women. Al Quada also is very prevalent in this hell-hole of a country.
So untrue Yemen should be named the world best country
They are all rag head terrorists!

I am an Egyptian and I will just put a summary of the worst things in Egypt.

1- Government- they just don't care about what the people want and need, they can fix the country and make it a better place, THEY CAN.. I feel like they are jackasses with red monkey butts

2- traffic- it's just horrible, traffic jams everywhere, speed bumps look like they are barriers for horses to jump above them, accidents on a highway are seen everyday and public transport drivers are driving like they are in a NASCAR race with rocket engines strapped on each sides of the car

Garbage & Trash- if you wonder around in cairo you'll find everywhere beneath your legs soda cans, shopping bags, dirt, you'll also find horse poop every where since people sell fruits and vegetables with 'that platform with 4 wheels strapped to a horse that I can't remember the name of in English'

Really the best place to live in Egypt is the country side, the farms, clean air.. only problem is that the farmers have small education.
Worst country in the world and the people are such show-offs. Women hate each other and always backbite. Cairo is the only place to live even though its so crowded and other cities are full of garbage everywhere.
One of the worst countries to live in and after the revolutionbecame even worst, with majority of the population lining up at embassies to immigrate. And ver rude and scammers every where. I give it a spot in the top 2 along with nigeria
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28South Africa
This country is a poverty capital, the police are corrupt and its too damn hot.
Come on guys, they have the highest HIV/AIDS Rate in the WORLD 1/8 PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY DIE FROM IT EVERY DAY!
And then there's the government full of corruption. Sure, it's the richest country in Africa but this country sucks!
Poor people and beggers live here. Also people get shot and people are aggresive here (my experience) I think England shouldn't even be on the list. Whats wrong with it? We're realistic and normal, we shouldn't be 15!


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You need to shut up better than that. Just phuck your mother cofm.
I PLAY VIDeo games and Spanish people says mean things about everyone so REPORT AND BAn! 1

Antarctica is irrelevant to this list because 1) it is a continent and 2) the only people who go out there are scientists conducting research and even they don't stay out there too long. As I said, completely irrelevant.
Its almost impossible to live here. No source of food. Would you rather live in a place where you get a little bit of food and get beaten or starve to death and freeze to death...
You can't say that Antarctica should be in this list as very less people went there
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It's a bad place full of bad people
For your information, Kazakhstan is a horrible country with terrible culture, disgusting foods, ugly people, and last of all Kazakhstan is filled with fat people who are extremely obnoxious and smelly!

Living in Russia... What a nightmare. Imagine living in a ugly, gray place that sometimes resembles an industrial complex, sometimes slums, sometimes a Gulag. Imagine living among ugly, drunken, primitive, boorish oafs who have no respect for each other and mostly malevolent intentions toward foreigners. Imagine living in a place, which's corruption and crime rates often surpass the worst African countries. Imagine living life in fear of corrupt, brutal and utterly demoralized government with recent history of atrocities. Imagine that you'd have to restort to petty lies every day, just to survive. And in the end, try to imagine it's 10 times worse than all I typed. Then you'll have a somewhat accurate idea of living in Russia.
Beig Russian, I'd say this is not only about the rich suppressing the poor. It's about the Russians themselves. I've been working as a translator, but I still can not find an appropriate translation for one Russian word which characterises the people here: 'khamstvo'. Dictionaries suggest it's 'boorishness' or 'rudeness', but it's not very exact. 'Khamstvo' is a way of living for the Russians - they're unpolite and don't respert other people's privacy at all. Being polite has been eliminated here during the Soviet times. Negative selection, I'd say.
Russia should not be called mother Russia, it looks like the worst place to live in
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33Central African Republic
Nuke the country. Its useless and so are the people and back-stabbing politcians.

34Vatican City
34/people get pain
-2/ ten tees poor

I am a Libyan citizen but quite frankly it's a very hostile environment for anyone who isn't Libyan and also some what hostile to their own kind. Ever since the beginning of the war things went south. Now there is occasional power outages, water outages and almost daily murders but the worst thing of it is their is no longer a proper police or military and the country is practically full of these Militia who have no experience with fire arms other than that they obtained from the rebellion. However despite all that Libya has potential and can be made a great place in some decades or so.
No its not the worst country cause I'm living in it I bit you don't live in it
I hate Libya but this is my country

36Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a nice place. There is no crime, Everyone works hard for a good life. It is friendly too
Largest gap of rich and poor. Most slummed country in the world. Hong Kong must set on worst country to live in. China is better to live in than them.

Albania is by far not 100% westernized. There is still corruption in the government and until that is fixed they can't be like most of Europe but what I noticed Albanian adopt very quickly. They are growing faster and quicker than any other Balkan country I have been in. Now you can't compare Kosovo to Albania. Yes both countries speak the same language but Kosovo is still a war torn country and it will take decades to be where Albania is.
Ignore the poster below as it is very bias obviously but Albanian people I find to be very attractive specially the women. They are very exotic.
People with bad manners and poor education. One of the worst country to visit, I can't imagine to live there.
I'm sorry, but they are really bad people... I mean really, really bad
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It Rocks You Should Go There And Stay At Boracay
Me And My Husband Stayed There For 2 weeks and I tell you best 2 weeks of my life
Yeah! That's true! People are always smiling :D
Everyone is so anti-intellectual in this country and most people only strive for mediocrity. The gap of rich and poor people is very wide because the constitution itself protects the wealthy few. Everything, even the utility is privatised so the government cannot control the sky-rocketing prices. The Catholic Church (and other religious groups) meddle too much in political matters and they advocate being poor so that they could rake in more desperate supporters. Quality education here is only available to those who can afford it and the education system itself rarely reflects the real working world. Most of the movies and T.V. shows made in this country nowadays makes the people dumb and the T.V. stations only strive to milk their audience without giving quality entertainment. No freedom to divorce an abusive marriage because there is no divorce law. There is no sex education too so yes, teens fall into stupidity.

I could go on and on and on and on and on... but it will take so much of my time, so...
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The poorest country in the world with the lowest population and a huge swarm of mosquitos. You have to feel sorry for them though.


This country scares the living hell outta me! Why are these gunmen living in the forest threatening tourists? Can't these American soldiers go to war against these goons?
DANGER DANGER. The Colombians think it's the best country on earth, didn't know that meant robbery, murder, prostitution. EVERYONE wants to rob you. DANGER. I was living there for 8 months for work.
I love this country everyone loves to party allnight and is full of great peaple the only problem is you can't go out without getting robed or assaulted and if you anger the wrong person you'll probobly get shot
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Jewish people ran away from persecution from the Nazis, and know Palestinian people ran from Israeli persecution. Did you ever think of that you hopeless Jews?
Though I feel sorry for palestine
Anti semitic, they are semite and please forgive them not to have a lot of love for a country who slaughter them and stole their whole land
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You are not in a right way to put this wrong stastics. I think you don't have enough knowledge to compare all about the countries. So please visit the country and tell the truth to every one who reads your articles thank you.
Eritrea is just like Somalia but now both are building up
Life is very expensive over Eritrea, it is unbearable, the politics, the poverty, the famine and hunger... that place is live hell...
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Dirty and undevelopped! They are illiterate.
Lovely beautiful country, people are literate and very smart unlike the previous comment who is bias, many Macedonians unfortunately don't want to live in their country as their are no prospective jobs or the chance their support a large growing family so they migrate to a westernized country or a neighboring European state to have some kind of economic security. All in all Macedonia is a amazingly beautiful country that's is rich in history and rich in diversity. definitely a nice place to visit, although it has a bad socio-economic problem and the standard of living isn't very high but the majority of people don't complain and lead healthy long lives.
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Serbia is a good country. Don't fall victim to the media.
These people are so rude to Muslims. I come from Albania and Kosovo and one serb walked up to me and said, "hey Muslim ass wipe, your mom and I had fun last night in bed! "
We are the worst, enough said.
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EXCUSE ME?! Norway is a very beautiful country! And yes a terrorist attack happened but it is in somthing called... THE PAST. and satanists? FAR FROM IT MY "friend" our people have a lot of mixed religon in our country
But Christianity was the first religon brought to Norway! HATERS GONNA HATE YOU IDIOTS!
A terrorist attack had happened in Norway and I think hundred people especially "Muslim immigrants" are DEAD. Many Norwegians not only give an attention to it but they support terrorism and threaten Muslims! It's awful they're Christian, then what about their Satanists?!
Norway sucks! Those who live there think they are much better than everyone else and it is lot of rasicm there. Norway is not what you thought it is. And it is ugly weather every day, maybe that's why they don't have tourism. And its very expencive there. Hate Norway.
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Peoples there are cruel, along with their leader and soldiers
Very dangerous place and killed a lot of people :(
They are cruel and INSHALLAH One day they will ruined by their own Peoples
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Frec like contacts silly incouridge to shoot to as well and on yet of an cistarany
End of garze

I was born in Greece but I was lucky enough that my American mother rushed me out to attend kindergarten in the States and so I grew up in that culture. I spent about 12 years total in Greece over my life. All these comments on countries are without study and subjective. I came back to Greece in 2009 and have been trying to leave since but I am jailed. Greeks invested totalitarian fascism, and suffering under that model they appointed King Solon to moderate their grievances of being enslaved by the rich nobility. Solon gave the solution but Greeks, nobility and farmers, didn't like it so Solon left Greeks to their stupidity. 2000 years later Greeks and Greece remains the exact same. Here is a land of the living dead, retards in a vegetative state walking around convinced that they are superior to all people on false pretenses embedded in them from their public school brainwash. Perhaps other countries on this list are worse, now in 2013, but not for long. Greeks abroad spat on native Greeks as do I. Doctors and engineering are being called to mop floors, while suicides are up 80% last year, and at the same time their eternal government just swiped 310 billion euros for themselves while alleging there is no money to buy cancer medicine. That may be true in Somalia and Yemen as well, but there's one difference: The people there do not hail their leaders and blame the rest of the world. They move out to live somewhere else. Greeks are so arrogant that even starving and dying they can't self reflect and blame everyone else, while finally they are little more that peasant shepherds who are really convinced they are wise. The Turks gave them back half their land, yet they think Turks owe them a small Turkish island, and the Germans funded them for over 100 years along with England France and the U.S.A. to rebuild their country yet their governments swiped all that too and did nothing. But the Greeks hate the Turks over that little island and hate the Germans for not compensating them for WWII. At the same time their political party Golden Dawn beats or kills immigrants because the government doesn't want to break its UN resolutions on immigrant protection rights, and at the same time asks for support from Greeks living abroad, fostered by foreign countries. So while perhaps Somalia and Yemen or N Korea (maybe, probably easier to get work there) seem worse, unless you enjoy living with mindless zombies who are programmed to chant that they are superior beings, Greece is the worst place to be.
I have lived for most of my life in Greece and came to North America twenty years ago simply because I was seeking a better future. Yes the economy in Greece is horrible to say the least, however one must compare apple to apples. In North America you live to work, you don't have many friends because the standards of living doesn't allow it and our lives are so busy that you have very little time to even count your blessings. Some may say, why don't you go back then? Well it isn't easy, after you developed a family and have kids and especially now with the economical situation. I can assure you though that if one puts as many hrs of work as we do here and sacrifice as many continental things as we do here then the life in Greece will offer you much more joy, better and friendlier people and weather and places that one can never dream of
With there economic situation and unemployment rate right now I can't see it being a good place to live
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I live here and its the worst place on the surface of the earth our education system is impossible to pass, we earn so little for working very hard and then have to pay huge tax hikes at the end of it our government neglects the people and every time we protest we are butchered by police THEN our children are getting abused in public creches and playschools this is a horrible place to live and I would blow it up gladly
Ireland is becoming a third-world country, courtesy of the European Union, its own Government, the Economic Downturn, the mass exodus of Irish people seeking jobs abroad and the influx of welfare-seeking third world immigrants. It will soon be a Failed State.
Great country to live in. It's like being in a beautiful garden.
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Italy is one of the most beautiful place on earth, yet one of the worst ever in terms of living. No jobs, a lot of corruption, NO free-press, a government that resemble a private company more than a people institution and still, people there keep electing the same people since more than 30 years and have no guts to try to change things.
Poor beheaviour towards foreigners. Lots of smoking (all ages). Loud during the day and night. Italy's economy is quickly going down the drain. Absolutely horrible education system and terrible government.
The men are like mouses.. Lazy mamas boys. The woman are so rude and arrogant and scream like hitlers. The whole country is filthy. Disorganized and rude. They are friendly only if you start behaving crazy like them. They are so closed up and clueless about the rest of the world. The mamas are a living nightmare.
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Imagine being Brazil’s neighbor, a lovely country with the richest natural diversity in the world, with adorable and beautiful people, rich and prosperous, and on the top of all these, a country far better than us when it comes to soccer. In summary, having to look up to Brazil every day makes us miserable and therefore, the worst country to live in.
Except for all teg curruption it isn't that bad


Indonesia is a magnificent place to visit, having travelled here and visited Java, Bali and Kalimantan the nicest place was Bali. They appreciated the tourists and were rather friendly whereas in Java I found that locals were very rude, being a red head I felt quite intimidated by people wanting to take photos of me just because I looked different from them. Some people were ready rude and would just put the camera in my face to which I would reply 'Kasar' or 'Jangan gangu saya', some things really did make me angry. However as far as Bali and Kalimantan go these were amazing places to be.
It's bad country,... It poor country and have bad people,.. Don't visit Indonesia!
I-it's bad
N-No nice people
D-don't go to Indonesia anymore
O- only 0 marks
N-No good country
E-eww... It's bad country
S-Say no for Indonesia!
I-I hate Indonesia forever
A-arggh... BAD COUNTRY!

That is mean... YOU KNOW

The worst country in the world to live in I would put it in the second place after Afganistan. Very poor economy, forced labour, rough roads, crazy drivers, the lowest net income, polluted dusty air, and stupid dictators

Haiti is a very dark place. Literally. It's not really a good place to be. Kinda like the hood.
Its were real killers at
Ghetto zoe or no life

57United Kingdom
United Kingdom (mostly England) has been ruined by 13 years of Labour Government (1997-2010). Even though the current Con-Lib Coalition Government is no better, The Labour Party wasted so much money on failed projects, too much regulation, bureaucracy in public services, their own expenses, which all contributed to the tripling of the national debt (from £300 billion to over £1 trillion).

Most Labour MPs have voted on the following things (source TheyWorkForYou website):

(1) Voted for slowing the rise in rail fares.

(2) Voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws (aka "Totalitarian state2).

(3) Voted for laws to stop climate change.

(4) Voted very strongly for introducing ID cards.

(5) Voted against a transparent Parliament.

(6) Voted against fewer MPs in the House of Commons.

(7) Voted against academy schools (therefore voted against non-governmental controlled state schools).

(8) Voted very strongly for university tuition fees (max £6000 per annum).

(9) Voted against reducing the rate of corporation tax.

(10) Voted against raising the (Personal Allowance) threshold at which people start to pay income tax.

(11) Voted against a reduction in spending on welfare benefits.

(12) Voted against a referendum on the UK's membership of the EU.

(13) Voted for more EU integration.

(14) Voted for the Iraq War.

(15) Voted against an investigation into the Iraq war.

Search "Liarpolitcians", and "Labour25" on YouTube.

The only thing worse than Labour MPs are the Labour Councils that control local areas in the United Kingdom. Under Labour Councils, there is higher unemployment, more welfare recipients, highest council taxes, poorer and neglected public services, more uncollected taxes outstanding and wasteful spending that leads to local debt.

Please do your own research to find out yourself.
Where do I start!? I'm British but want other out! Worked to death for nothing. Tax tax tax on everything. Tax for using the road, tax on your income, tax on everything you buy, tax for living in your house, tax for buying your house, tax on everything you owned when you die... Ridiculous cost of living, ridiculous fuel prices, ridiculous house prices. Old and poor people starving and freezing to death, no jobs or training opportunities and university made accessible only to the rich. Stupid government that sends our forces half way round the world to fight illegal wars. Foul Mouthed bigots, racists and thugs everywhere. Grey gloomy skies, long dark winters... Why would anybody want to live here?
Gangs gangs gangs, nationalists, rasists etc

Poland is one of those places which you just can't imagine being colourful. Communist tower blocks everywhere which look like shanty houses stacked on top of each other. Most places look like they haven't been cleaned in decades. Polish people are also very violent and racist towards anyone really (even other people from different parts of Poland). There's a lot of football hooligans and left-wing hate organisations which assult innocent people and foreigners (if they find any). There are countless issues with Poland.
I am black, and the things they do and say about black people there is just horrible, They keep asking foreigners what they are doing in their country its as if its a heaven o something. Polish women are very understanding and smoking hot!, I guess that's why their men are so self-conscious
People r just so rude, violent

Not so sure people would want to live there. No offense
One nation country with full of racism


Armenia people are only alive because of Russia!
The worst people;-!

Rwanda is good because the heat
Love in all day

Nepalese people arenot poor policy maker are poor.
F**k off, Why is Nepal even in the worst country. Nepal is one of the beautiful country I ever been to. Full of beautiful mountains and landscape with wonderful natural resource. I agree it has some problems in the cities But no country is perfect are they?
Way too cold and very poor people I feel bad for the people who live
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Best country ever, good prices, good people and salary!
Worst country. It should be number 1 in terms of human rights vioation. The day this country is done with oil, it will be poorest country with mindless people.

The country has its ups like food, climate, culture, hospitality, diversity, nightlife. Some of the downs include corruption in government and religion, shallow and materialistic people with huge egos, poverty, very old fashion views, lots of crooks. There is more but that's enough. By the way Lebanon is not part of the AUE
People who hate this place have no lives what can you hate this place is the best country better then America
I think this should be on the top 10 list. All UAE countries except Bahrain are far too strict
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People who say this country is bad is the most stupidest people in the world you suck idiots
I think it is the worst country ever,
Very money orinated that's all they talk about.

It is a naturally beautiful country but very run-down and desperately needs paints and road paving. The feral dogs (and street children) and depressing and dangerous!
The stray dogs are very creepy and dangerous and do not forget about the gypsy... They are just everywhere... And do not forget about the roads..
Worst place to be
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PM Tayyip Erdogan is the only reason why Turkey is the one of worst places to live in.
I Live in Ichelle Turkey and I not a much like there but I don't think here is suck here is pollution and here is less devolompent. I wanna move to... I dunno Iceland
Country that killed ahmed for been a Christian. A country that has taken over most parts of Greece... Seriously? You tried to take over Cyprus you terrost morons?
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Germany has nice people, with a wonderful language. English people (specially from USA) tend to insult German people, jealousy, pretty much.

There's no reason to hate Germany, You hate it because of Hitler? That's stupid, the USA army is FAR worse tan Stalin and Hitler combined.

Oh, and by the way, English came from German.
Sorry, war in Germany is over since 25 years. But it's okay you don't know that. We are already one nation since that, awesome... But even the olympic games once had GDR on there list before a few years. We're such unimpportant. And we are rude? No one says that ever on Oktoberfest? What's up? Are you just saying that cause you only know the world because of television? I never traveld the world BUT I watch Discoverychannel, I'm so cute.
People there are rude
Weather sucks
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68Dominican Republic
The murder rate is high specially in the capital stay away from the capital
It has beautiful beaches, elite clubs, rivers and mountains. The people are really nice, but the country itself is very corrupted.
Best country ever. Beaches are beautiful, it's perfect.
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Scotland has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world but it is also famous for it's whiskey so if you drink enough of it you probably wont see the scenery. Just ask a Glaswegian Buckfast drinker. Apart from that Scotland is one of the best countries in the world.

Worst country for EVERYTHING. So corrupted and also very disgusting, durt EVERYWHERE and the architechture is the worst ever. I can't even imagine how this country can possibly be good one day. Oh and yeah, there is no president in Algeria, the only one is sick and he don't even go to Algerian hospitals, but to France. What a shame.
Algeria is the worst country in the world, if you live on it you will hate it but if you live outside you will hear a goodthings about it
The best country for summer


The people are constantly up to no good, even the smarter and decent looking ones. Is full, not by assassins, but by psychopaths. They wiill cut you in pieces alive and enjoy watching you scream of pain until death. Don't care if you are a kid, or an elder. Kidnapping is at #1, Corruption, drug Cartels, gangs and government is all one organization together. Don't even think about even looking at Honduras.
Just don't go there you WILL get rooted murdered or raped

The country barely has any technology and if you do your pretty lucky. Some people have diseases that you can catch like crazy. Only way to make money is by polishing shoes! $!
I hate Peru die everyone that lives there

24/ if you bump in an Zambian person there's no sorry not a little tiny bit
12/ if you went to zambia they are so bad
3/ push people
Great country to live in. Not so great economy and infrastructure but great people, great weather.


Uganda is a craphole run by closet black racists and homophobes. Their sheeple communities are also openly racists and homophobes. They are digusting people home and abroad. They are born evil and have the desire to kill non-black people. Nuke the country before their people nuke the whole world. Remember Idi "The Idiot" Amin.

Corruption and embezzlement is the order of the day and marginalization of the minority Anglophone Cameroonians
Love the tropical rain forest, varieties of climates, so fresh in some part, cold, mild, sunny, and hot in others, charismatic people, love the topography of some areas, lots of urban and rural development, very attached also to their ancestoral and traditional culture, no civil, rape, and few criminal activities which is common very every where, a stable and a dictator president, peaceful politics, well organize state capital, not to forget that is the most invested African Countries now for foreign investors due to its bless natural materials as everything is available in the country also due to its stable governments.

I'm finding it hard to believe that, but finnish people are friendly.


Finnish people are grown up to feel better than everybody else, they are also grown up to hate their Neighbours like Russia, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.
Finnish people lets just say they are wrong in the head but it's not a bad country just stupid people live there

Friendly people, great history and beautiful countryside.
Best country in the entire world

Hungary is slowly becoming one of Europe's biggest anti-Semitic government. The area itself is beautiful, I highly recommend visiting. Libing there however, not so much

Terrible internet, really needs to fix its food, Croatian women are very hairy
Definitely agree, terrible place

Oh super cold and boring
Too cold place to live in!
No one lives in Greenland for a reason.

Worst place to go, they beat up a person once for littering, and chewing gum is banned there.
Can't chew gum? WORST COUNTRY EVER!



87Ivory Coast

88Papua New Guinea

89Trinidad and Tobago
There are so much greedy people living here they see you with something and they will kill you if they don't get it I hate Trinidad but I like Tobago the people are so different and most Trinidadians sorry to say but they like to act like Americans and talk like them the place where I am living not going to say where there are some foolish young men who put on big thick sweaters for no reason the sun is hot they are sweating and they have it on still what the hell they do all of that looking for attention and don't talk for the girls...
The contacts all the thieves are kind
I hate it here

Wales is an amazing country people are so friendly amazing culture and rugby team! Has louds of breath taking scenery I love it I visited there so much I decided to move there best place ever Newport is kind of an exception though but every place has its downers!
Damn small place
Nobody like place
Terrible place on earth
Vote PLAID CYMRU from now on. Restore Welsh Pride and kick out LibLabCon Westminister politicians out of Wales.
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Dirty place, horrible I broke my nose over there
I'm Bulgarian and it took me 15 years (I am 15) to understand that I don't wanna live here! Although people are nice and friendly the streets are dirty and polluted. Politicians are fags and we are probably the poorest country in Europe with the worst paid citizens but though the highest bills and taxes.

39/ gates great to mhoute Czech I'm sickritateing to be fine if thy hen a pizza hut
23/ red prickles with ges reid gode red jimnezfrom in others
20/ queens are not nice
17/ either dens can't spel and punch
7/ a Cather can hitch it red cans for neet


67/ when your sure list purrs tills hips hurt
62/went to hours understand
50/erh... Unipolar erh... Wehg

The people smile with you but they really hate you. the national motto is 'Out of many one people" but this isn't so for Jamaicans of dark complexion and the poverty level is mainly with the black people, the Chinese Syrians, whites and other races live above the poverty, ine save a few blacks that make it and keep the rest of their kind from reaching success


Bulls##t I live in bahrain, its one of the best countries I travel to, this list is crap

99Equatorial Guinea

Belarus is a good country!

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