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121 Alternative Alternative

Whoever put this here should have their brain (if they even have one) examined. My favourite genre!

Whoever said that OneRepublic sucks is a mental rapist with no music taste.

Plain alternative sucks sometimes but alt-rock is amazing

My Chemical Romance is the best band to walk the face of this earth. Do not judge.

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122 Vaporwave

Better than you.
Special Snowflake.

These are the words to describe the Vaporwave community. They make music that consists of 80's pop music slowed down and rehashed. The 80's were a bad enough time for music already.

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123 Turbo-folk

Worst ever music genre, has stupid melody, stupid lyrics, mentioning of names, negative impacts to people in lyrics, too much personification (e.G. song called "You are the drug for my soul", always talks about love and weddings, etc. Arrogantly the worst music genre. If I make a wedding ceremony it's all rap and techno. - guyisbackable

Yes pop is awful, but merging drunken, sloppy, half-assed Balkan folk music with cringeworthy pop is even worse. Western countries have it easy; just listen to Severina, Ceca or Seka Aleksic. It's not even music; just bad softcore pornography with some twanging of cheap instruments in the background. If you like turbo-folk you don't like good music.

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125 Gorenoise

Imagine noise and goregrind combined into one.

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126 Goth Rock

Not a real genre, your probably thinking of grunge

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127 Big Beat

Most dated genre of music of all time. Unlistenable.

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128 Hardcore
129 Ambient Music

Ambient music is one of my favorite genres. When $hit starts going on somewhere, I just put my headphones on and listen to this. Ambient music takes talent to make, everything seems to fit into place no matter how diverse the sounds are and it never fails to relax. The funny thing is that ambient is electronic, and electronic music is probably one of the most hated genres out there. Within electronic, there is good stuff like ambience. However, untalented people like skrillex represent all electronic music with fart noises and ear [email protected], which gives good sub genres like ambient a bad name. If you haven't tried ambient, I highly recommend it. It's the good side of electronic music.

Ambient music is the music in wow, Minecraft and so on.
Minecraft ambient music is awesome and wow music is awesome too! - Harri666

Ambient music varies. Starbound? Space-y music. Terraria? Intense music for boss fights. Terraria's Crimson/Corruption biomes? Spooky un-earthly feeling. Minecraft? Peaceful. Etc. - mattstat716

one boring string of piano notes repeated over and over for 20 minutes. if you think too hard, you whack out. - qaz9999

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130 British Soul
131 Celtic punk
132 Punk Metal

This doesn't exist. But their are Crossover Thrash (Thrash Metal + Punk/Hardcore) bands, and it's a good genre. Check out D.R.I., Agnostic Front, Iron Reagan, Municipal Waste, or Suicidal Tendencies.The closest band to 'Punk Metal' would be Corrosion of Conformity - ryanrimmel

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133 Horror Punk V 1 Comment
134 Punk Jazz
135 Trallpunk
136 Riot Grrrl

This is just females sing punk music in a garage

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137 2 Tone
138 Post-punk
139 Scat Jazz
140 Sasquatch Agnostic

I don't even know what this is but the name is amazing.

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