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121 Drunk in Love - Beyoncé Drunk in Love - Beyoncé

Beyonce's self titled album is probably the most overrated album of the 2010s. This capitalizes it. I don't mind Beyonce being sexual by any means, but it's the lyrics here. The "surfboard" and "watermelon" lines are just laughable and make it hard to take her seriously here. But that's not the problem with the song. It's Jay-Z's verse. He compares himself to Mike Tyson and Ike Turner, two men known for domestic abuse, in a collaboration with HIS WIFE. There is so much wrong with that to the point where it makes the synopsis of Lemonade unsurprising

This song has the worst lyrics in the world. Jay z pretty much messed up the whole song with his verse. He says the same thing over, and over again. Beyonce is pretty, but, she's a crime against music. My older sister is a huge Beyonce fan. Honestly, Beyonce use to be good, but over the years I don't know what happened.

This is just her "singing" to random sounds. Honestly, Halo, crazy in love, and irreplaceable were real and beautiful music. Not this crap. Beyonce, please make better music like how you used to.

Queen B made a song about drunken sex. DAMMIT! - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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122 I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

You know what? I've gotta let SumoVids take care of this one. Look up their review of the song on YouTube.

I swear the beat in the beginning sounds very similar to that of bryan pringle's take a dive.

Bad, bad, bad conversion from terrible rap group to the E.N.D. of music. Why must radio stations overplay this and never give some well-deserved airtime to The Cars?

I gotta feeling that this song isn't that good - AlphaQ

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123 Run the World (Girls) - Beyoncé

The lyrics aren't very developed and meaningful... If you want an anthem for girls, instead if taking five minutes to write a song, that a few days to a few weeks so you actually can plan what you want your lyrics to mean and say, so you can describe the meaning in a unique and passionate manner. - LostDream258

This song is completely sexist and demeaning to men... - RickyReeves

Apart from having a stupid message this song is perhaps the most repetitive song I have ever heard and this song had 6 writers!

Iron Maiden's Hallowed Be Thy Name is one of their most complex songs, it was written solely by Steve Harris and Jethro Tull's Thick As A Brick was written solely by Ian Anderson and goes on for 44 minutes! - OC96

What?! Beyonce are you crazy? Without men all female the world will be ruin because most of female only thinks about tomorrow but men will thinks about next 2 years. - BeaM456

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124 Die in Your Arms - Justin Bieber Die in Your Arms - Justin Bieber

I would die but never in your arms

Justin Bieber is a crime against music. When I first herd this song, I thought it was a garbadge truck comming down the hill. His little girl voice makes my ears bleed.

Get This Off The List I Don't Think I Can Call This Music It's Just Crap

I'm not dying in Weiner's arms! - Powerfulgirl10

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125 Chicken Noodle Soup - DJ Webstar Chicken Noodle Soup - DJ Webstar

Coming soon at the book store near you, it's Chicken Noodle Soup for a Stupid, Lowlife Fart Named DJ Webster Soul!

that was the crappiest song i have ever heard of, EVER

I've never heard this song and just by the title I could tell it is stupid. Nobody listens to songs like this and with not hearing it I want to keep it that way!

The title of this song is dumb.

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126 Cruise - Florida Georgia Line Cruise - Florida Georgia Line

I love the original song, but the remix is horrible. Why doesn't no one understand that country and rap don't mix together. Mixing those two together is like mixing fire and gasoline. It's terrible. I don't know what they were thinking when they decided to remix this song by adding rap and auto-tune. It just makes it worst. I think Florida Georgia Line need to stay away from rap music and keep producing more country music like they did with their 1st album.

The only people who can fuse rap and country properly are Eminem and Jamie N Commons. The remix proved that they still stand as that. - WonkeyDude98

Opinions are opinions so please don't get upset when I say that FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE NEEDS TO GO SCREW THEMSELVES.

This song just came on. Is there a volume lower than mute? - Spark_Of_Life

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127 Yeah! - Usher Yeah! - Usher

I despise Usher in so many ways first off he's a god awful singer he whines and than he auto tunes it people called this guy the next Michael Jackson? What! WHAT A JOKE! Also he is the reason why we have Justin Bieber AKA The Worst thing that happened to music

I'm surprised I haven't talked about Usher more. He's basically a legend. This isn't one of his best, but it's a temporary dance session and it knows that. It serves that purpose well. - WonkeyDude98

I did not like Lil Jon and Ludacris in this song, only Usher did his part well

No this is a good tune - ChatonNoir

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128 Billionaire - Travie McCoy Billionaire - Travie McCoy

Yes I will admit that I hate this song and it might not be one of his best, but Bruno Mars is amazing.

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129 MMM MMM MMM MMM - crash test dummies MMM MMM MMM MMM - crash test dummies

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm, what a monotone voice this guy has (think of a Martian Barry White except, of course, the sexiness. ) And what the hell do the lyrics really mean anyway?

Really stupid song. I agree. Strangely enough the singer sounds exactly like iggy pop and that's disturbing - ChatonNoir

130 Well Suck Me - Blood on the Dance Floor Well Suck Me - Blood on the Dance Floor

No thank you, I don't think girls are dumb enough to put out with you two sycophants anytime soon. - Swellow

Well, I Suck would be a better title. - Spark_Of_Life

Um I think the title of the song just speaks for itself

Blood on the dance floor... I listen to one of their songs once, and within 30 seconds I wanted to grab a knife and stab my ears repeatedly

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131 Pretty Girl - Britney Spears Pretty Girl - Britney Spears

I got cancer after listening to this song. I am now dying in the hospital all because of this song.

Don't joke about Cancer please, but yeah, this song is just awful.

This should be at number one, what even is this song LOL, crap load of auto tune, and it took more than one person to write this song? RIP music... - Vortexeo

3 times seriously o saw this 3 times in this list. Yea this song is bad but try to check a bit more carefully if the song is there - AlphaQ

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132 Bang Bang - Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj Bang Bang - Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj

3 bad artists in one song! This is the worst combo! Three Idiots of Music!

Eliminate Nicki Minaj in brutal fashion then deal with the other two after all anyone who likes this song is brain dead and needs to get a taste of actual music

This song isn't bad, I mean it's better than anything Minaj has legitimately released, but her on the track is unnecessary. - WonkeyDude98

Nat Wolff liked this and masturbated to this.

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133 Faded - Tyga Faded - Tyga

The lyrics of this song are way messed up. It should have never been released on radio or MTV due to its disturbing content. Worst of all, Justin Bieber's and Selena Gomez's names were mentioned in the song

Oh, thank you for putting this song on the list, whoever you are. This song SUCKS with it's fake beat, and it's disgusting and stupid lyrics.

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134 Fireworks - Katy Perry Fireworks - Katy Perry

What a mindless, meaningless, annoying piece of crap song. "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag" is one of the worst lines in modern music.

Can't we play anything but this for the fourth of july?

This is the best song ever the people who hate it are sad little people who deserve to die because this is the best song ever

I love this, it's so supportive and amazing

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135 Something In Your Mouth - Nickelback Something In Your Mouth - Nickelback
136 Don't Wake Me Up - Chris Brown Don't Wake Me Up - Chris Brown

Nobody wake Chris Brown up the next time he falls asleep so he can stop making crappy music like this that makes people want to shove glass shards in their ears

This song is cool Even I Hate Chris

Probably his only okay song since he assaulted Rihanna in 2009. I can't stand this man but this is meh.

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137 Ken Kaniff (Skit) - Eminem Ken Kaniff (Skit) - Eminem

What's the point of this it's so horrible.

This is bad. Eminem could have done a lot better. - AlphaQ

Its an ICP diss of them giving Ken a blowjob! ICP is a gimmick in itself and their career is one too! So I disagree with this one.

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138 Are You Ready - AC/DC Are You Ready - AC/DC

This is the only comment I'm going to leave for this list, quite frankly because it's not worth my time. In a world of rap and pop garbage you have the AUDACITY to put AC/DC songs on a list of worst songs of all time? Not only one, but several of their songs! And at that, you put AC/DC classics on here! Thunderstruck, Highway to Hell, Let There be Rock, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Not only AC/DC, but I came across 2 songs by Guns-n-Roses and about 4 songs by Metallica! I couldn't even stomach making it to the end of the list for fear and anger of what else I may find. I have news for you, as long as rap exists and DISPOSABLE POP music exists, no Rock musician needs to have a song on a worst song of all time list. Rock artists are real musicians who know how to play instruments and write their own songs. How many rappers and pop artists can do the same?

Whoever put AC/DC on this list please do us a favor and get off this site u idiotic troll

AC/DC does not belong on this list. AC/DC is awesome.

Just the fact that you guys are so salty about a top ten list troll entry. On the internet. Lol get a life - Themusicman

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139 Fit But You Know It - The Streets Fit But You Know It - The Streets
140 Pea - Red Hot Chili Peppers Pea - Red Hot Chili Peppers

It's a good song showing you don't have to be strong to be powerful. Even the smallest of things can make a change. The person who put this on the list just hates it because of the swearing. Whoever did it needs to grow some balls and deal with it.

No way, this songs kicks major ass!

This song is amazing! RHCP can sing about anything and it will be amazing! Also Flea can sing and his bass playing is flawless!

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