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1Erich von Manstein

Clearly better than Rommel. If it wasn't for Hitler, Manstein would have save the encircled 6th Army. After the Stalingrad disaster he was able to stabilize the front in the south and launched a counter offensive recapturing charkov. The "Unternehmen Zitadelle" (battle of Kursk) was also his idea, but Hitler ordered them to wait until Summer 1943. So the Red army had enough time to fortify their defense lines. Also important for his status as the best german Feldmarschall is the fact, that von Manstein never gave a order to execute civilians, jews or any other ethnic group. He was no racist or member of the Nazi party.

Field Marshall Manstein was a brillant tactician who understood how the warfare had to be conducted. It is indeed sad that he was not allowed to do what he had planned and this led to the reversal of the German army.
As said earlier by others if Hitler had allowed his Field Marshalls / Generals to conduct their battles, the history what we see today and what would have been would be different. Manstein counter offensives were brillant and today many of his battle plans are case studies in the military academy worl wide.

Von Manstein, born Von Lewinsaki, graduated with honors in the Russian Front. His greatest quality was strategic vision and capacity to improvise upon fateful circumstants and against all odds.

A mastermind in tactics

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2Erwin Rommel

Erwin Rommel was even more popular within the the enemy lines than he was within his troops... So frightened by his popularity and tactics were Allies that FieldMarshall Auchinelek Commander of the British Eighth Army Had to issue the orders of zero tolerance for soldiers found indulged in his praise... Perfect soldier... Ordered to present such food and water to prisoners as would be used by his field commanders... Exceptional behaviour with the enemy prisoners... If he would have commanded Normandy... operation Overlord would have been a great failure!

He was the best in the world at the time.. Shame he was on the wrong side.. A true master of tactics & planning, a trye profesional a great loss to the German people.

If hitler let his fieldmarshalls do their job, wee would be under german rule now!

He deserved a better fate

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3Heinz Guderian

He developed the blitzkreig method witch nearly took all of Europe by storm

Guderian does not belong on this list, Not because he wasn't an outstanding commander. But because he was never promoted to field marshal, he ended the war as a colonel general.

Guderian was clever and cunning, and was an awesome tactician. His main problem was Kluge and Hitler did not like him, he uttered his true feelings about warfare and that was his demise.

Master of the game

Brilliant his tactics are still used today, Hitler shouldn't of sacked him

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4Gerd von Rundstedt

Von Rundstedt was forced to put up with Hilter yet provided the leadership required to keep an army together more than any of the other field marshals

He was a brilliant strategist also he was the last of Germany's "Black Knights".

The best, he guided Rommal and many others. Under rated and his record speaks for its self. if Hitler listened to him the way may have been very different.

5Albert Kesselring

He had the most thorough grasp of both people and technology. He never stopped learning- learned to fly at 48. He had the creativity, optimism, honesty, and strength of character to accomplish anything and earned the honor and admiration of his Allied enemies, who dubbed him "Smiling Albert."

Kesselring served on several fronts, Itlay, and was well love by his troops, he held off the Americans and britans in Italy to 1945

He did more with less than any other General

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6Fedor von Bock

A Prussian's Prussian. He did well in Poland in 1939. He should have not been replaced by von Rundstedt as the commander of the Army Group that would be the deciding force in the Fall Gelb operation in 1940. He was the most aggressive of the three army group commanders. He was constantly on the move driving his subordinate commanders forward. He would not have hesitated to wipe out the surrounded Dunkirk enemies. He was also highly aggressive against the Russians and should have been allowed to drive on Moscow. Had Moscow fallen in the Fall of 1941. It would have been the greatest catastrophe. Moscow was the greatest political prize, it was the road and railroad center of the country. It also had great industrial value as well and the electric grid was centered there too. Gfm. von Bock burned himself out in this campaign. He could possibly have been rated higher than von Manstein had he been allowed to do what he wanted in 1940 and 1941.

7Walter Model

The youngest Field Marshall was also a brilliant commander for crises. Excelled in the art of orderly retreat while at the same time giving a bloody nose to the attackers.

In retreat made a lot of casualties with the allied troops.

Stopping the allied forces at Arnhem. Holding the Americans at Hurtgenwald. Responsible for the longest battle the Americans ever did fight. He is not a wel known fieldmarshal in history, maybe because he gave the allied forces a few bleeding noses. Since the Germans did retreat he made it tough for all allied forces, depending on where he was placed.

8Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb

He was a man who was very familiar with war tactics and defense so much so that he wrote books about it and was regarded as an authority on defense... And in the use of tactics to wear down the enemy rather than stage a full frontal attack. Hitler's impatience, misguided alterations to field strategy, and arm chair tactics to take Leningrad led to his failure to take leningrad and ultimately cost him the war.

9Gunther von Kluge
10Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen

A clear thinking aristocrat, he showed with simple math that the trapped 6th army at Stalingrad could not be sufficiently supplied from the air.

A master of tactical air support. Should be around #4-6 on the list.

He is the master of modern air war

The Contenders

11Walter von Reichenau
12Ewald von Kleist

He os very good man

13Hermann Göring

Hell, Goring was nothing but a gluten and a dope addict. Fat morphine shooting art stealing brainless advantage seeking boy following Hitler. What major air war did Goring winâ"

Morphine addict while he did all of this. Imagine him off of the smack?

Goring was a muppet. How could that idiot be on this list. A useless pompous thieving druggie.

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14Wilhelm List
15Wilhelm Keitel

He was terrible! He was called Lakeitel or so which means lackey!

He leads the defeated army at the end.

16Hermann Hott
17Erwin von Witzleben

Gen. Witzleben was right person to save in German and remove insane Nazis group. He knew they went too far that cause to destroy in German, and he knew German will fall hand or won't last for long era. If he win in operated Valkyrie then the history will change a lot different in a storied.

He was a Prussian, to the end.
His lasting remark addressed to the Nazi judge, at the end of the farcical trial that condemned him to death... " You better hurry up and hang me, because it wont be long before they hang the lot of you "... Depicts the courage of the man...haggard, abused, tortured in the Gestapo interrogations, he stood in front of the judge, with no belt to hold up his trousers, with no false teeth to force him to slur his words...they hanged by a piano wire around his throat... The wire attached to a meat hook...and slowly raised him to a slow death...filmed for Hitlers entertainment...

18Gotthard Heinrici

Gen. Heinrici put morals before orders and saved thousands of his men's lives because of his brilliant tactics in a fighting retreat from the Oder river to Berlin. Would have been a Field Marshal but angered Hitler with his religious beliefs. I believe he should be number one on the list.

19Hugo Sperrle
20Friedrich Paulus

Paulus # 19?! People know nothing of WWII German Generals! Hitler knowing absolutely nothing of war tactics, and put his General's in impossible situation's every day. Then asked for suicide when his impossible orders couldn't be carried out❠- Hitler was not a military tactician of any kind❠- Bohemian Corporal people, remember that❠- ❠-

Paulus was Catholic, and didn't believe in Bohemian Corporal Hitler's suicide ideas. He stated " He wouldn't kill himself for some Bohemian Corporal who knew nothing of was"! Paulus live the longest after the war. Who's the brilliant General?!

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