Jackie Evancho

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Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho is an American classical crossover singer who gained wide recognition at an early age and, since 2009, has issued an EP and five albums, including a platinum and gold album and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts .


Outstanding voice and a great kid. She has gobs of talent and is a really sweet kid. Most adults could not handle the rise to fame as well as this little girl.

Jackie Evancho lives in my hometown of Pittsburgh so I've had the privelage of learning about her two years before she stunned the rest of the world with her breathtaking performances on the 5th season of America's Got Talent! Six months prior, when she started to sing the National Anthem @ the Pittsburgh Pirates home opener in April 2010, everyone was so stunned at what they heard you could have heard a pin drop in the outfield until she did her now infamous 1 octave jump on the word "free" at the conclusion. At that point the entire place erupted in thunderous applause that seemed to go on forever for a barely 10 year old peanut of a little girl! That's the day I fell in love with her voice and I have followed her exponential growth from a little girl with a big voice and dreams to match to a highly sought after seasoned exceptionally talented young female vocalist with in my humble opinion the finest soprano voice on the planet today bar none!

Get out and go to a different kind of concert. A concert without Bling. A concert with an orchestra and an adorable, bubbly, super talented singer who is just 12 years old. Do not expect to hear a child sing, Jackie Evancho is not a child singer, she possesses a voice that once heard, you will never forget. At the concert expect to be stunned by this incredible voice coming from this petite little girl. Expect to be touched deep within your soul. When leaving, expect to think when will I be able to see her live again. Expect to feel a stronger emotional reaction the next day. Expect that you will purchase her DVD and CDs. Jackie Evancho is a singer for the ages. Best singer of any age.

The Best singer ever... In my 65 years of listening to music I have never been so captivated by a vocal talant like this. When she enters her zone, as she says, and the music possesses her, so to the audience is possessed. As the camera pans the audience during her performances, I have never seen so many "Deer in the Headlight" looks or so many tears streaming down cheeks as when she begins to sing... Simply stunning the audience time after time. In my opinion, this young lady has already set the standard against which all other vocalists and performers are to be judged.

Jackie has such a clear sweet voice and she sings with the expertise, feeling, and knowledge of someone much older. She is a once in a lifetime talent who will likely become known as one of history's best. When I saw her on America's Got Talent one of my first thoughts was "strong evidence of reincarnation; she has done this before... You can NOT teach a ten-year-old to sing like that! " Since then, she has only gotten better and better. Besides all that, she is so cute and likeable!

I can't understand how this young lady is slipping through the cracks in the entertainment world. Finished #1, #2 and #4 on Billboard classic albums of the year also about to film her 2nd PBS Great performances, Opening ceremonies for the World Economic Summit in Russia, met the president twice, if you have a lot of time check her Wiki accolades.. And not even a mention for an award.. Billboard dropped the ball on this Angel!

If you want to hear the cleanest sweetest high notes, then there can only one singer for you to listen to and that is Jackie Evancho. She is by far the undeniable songstress when it comes to emotion and feeling in her songs. She makes you part of each and every song, you can't help but become overwhelmed with awe at her capacity to transform a song in to something totally sublime.

Unique. Exquisite voice and tone. Mesmerizing live, and only 15. We have not seen her best yet, but what we have seen is remarkable and enchanting. Graceful. I am happy to have heard her...

Jackie Evancho is a star in her own right. Despite the admission to the contrary from Jackie herself, some still see her as a budding Opera star. No matter. The fact Jackie is performing once again alongside the elite in their musical profession proves once again just how amazingly special this little girl really is to so many people who truly love a beautiful, ethereal, transcendent voice.

Jackie has the charisma, artistic wherewithal to entrance audiences. She appeals to many people because of the way she acts, first as a little girl and then as a professional entertainer. I don't think anyone has ever reached this level so young and with virtually no bad points. To me Jackie is a singer's singer, she can cover a song and make it sound better than the original, something others should learn from.

Every performance Jackie does bless us with is a private concert. When she sings, no one else is around. How can you improve on that?
The complexities of a person can never be defined into discrete characteristics. Every facet of her combines to create Jackie Evancho. Her personality makes Jackie a wonderful and joyful young lady. Her singing makes Jackie an amazing talent. Combine that with her family and the structure of her life and you have the rare and unparalleled treasure Jackie Evancho.

I have heard many good singers in my life, nat king cole, shirley Bassey Celine Dion. I can honestly say Jackie Evancho, is the only one who has made me sit up, astounded me etc, etc. Etc. When I heard Her sing on pbs, I think she was only 10! I could not believe how Powerful and Beautiful Her voice was! Then she sang The LORDS Prayer, with such passion and conviction, you could tell how much it meant to Her! I just hope, Jackie is getting the guidance She needs to protect her voice, which, I am sure She is! A voice like Hers does come around but once a lifetime! If we are lucky! Which we are! Chris

There is not now, nor has there ever been in contemporary music history, and there will likely never again be, a voice and a personality equivalent to Miss Jacqueline Marie Evancho. If you want to experience heaven on Earth, then give this young muse a listen... You'll never appreciate another songstress the way you will Jackie -- she will steal your heart and chain it to her own long before the end of the first song.

Jackie's voice is easy to listen to even with the very high notes. Her voice is smooth and creamy like lotion to the hearing. This is something that can be had by only a gift from God at birth. Other singers may try to simulate that by practice, but for Jackie it is natural. This is just the beginning. Jackie is always pitch perfect, but like with all singers can make a mistake here and there, but for Jackie it is rare. Jackie has great stage presence and even can do speeches. Couple all this with a kind spirit and personality and you have a star.

You can listen to Jackie's CDs, watch her PBS performance but until you see her in concert you cannot appreciate her impact on her audience. She is stunning, she will leave you speechless. Her voice, her presence is just incredible, indescribable. Best singer any age.

The best there ever was, perhaps the best there ever will be. Jackie wins, hands down. Not just in her solos, but in her duets with mature, established, acknowledged singers, Jackie always matches, often surpasses them. With only her natural talent she takes a back seat to nobody, regardless of age or experience or professional training.

It is difficult to explain. I have listened to each of her songs at least 100 times and I still get a lump in my throat. Her voice is so pure with a tone that is unmatched in my book. I missed my chance to see her live and I have kicked myself every day because of it. It is more than just her music. She has the ability to engage the audience with her charm and childlike silliness and then sing like an angel. What else can one say. She is magical.

Jackie clearly is the winner, no doubt. Just go to YouTube and see her rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" and you will know how great she is. Cirque did not shut down 7 shows for a benefit and not showcase Jackie. Go to Robin Leach's critique of the show and that he say "Jackie Stole the Show". After you do all this and see that Jackie is only 12 you will truly know what greatness is.

I fell in love with Jackie's voice when I attended the Pittsburgh Pirates home opener baseball game in April 2010, 6 full months before she appeared on America's Got Talent! She stood there big as life her image displayed on the jumbotron, began to sing the National Anthem and the ball park became completely silent except for this little blonde, blue-eyed cherub singing her heart out A Capella! When she did her now signature 1 octave jump on the word "free" the entire stadium simultaneously erupted in thunderous applause and cat calls that seemed to last forever! I have been following her ever since and own every piece of recorded material I can get my hands on of hers. She was the best soprano at 10 years old I've ever heard and at 14 has one of the finest mezzo soprano voices since Maria Callas bar none!

. I know of no other classical style singer that motivate so many to travel hundreds, or even thousands of miles just to experience a Jackie live performance. We know just how special this little girl really is. Whatever the future holds for her, we will be there.

There are others that have technical ability equal to or possibly better that Jackie. She is the best because of the greatness she has over and above her singing ability which would put her in the top ten by itself. At 12 years, she has beauty, both inward and outward, dignity, grace and an elegance that many adult celebrities have spent their lives trying to achieve and fallen short.

I can not recall are more beautiful sound coming from a human being in my life. Jackie has a mature sound that is coupled with a purity that make her sound very unique. Jackie's tonal quality is soul touching.

I have listened to most of these young performers. Not even close. They have their talent. They have their type of voice. They have their type of music. But Jackie is not just a singer. She is so much more. And she came at a most appropriate time in world desperate for what she presents to the world: love, joy, and a voice from heaven. And she surpassed her prodigy predecessors with incomparable qualities.

There no doubt, Jackie Marie Evancho, will be considered a legend
In her lifetime. Her voice brings beauty and light to all who
Listen. There are singers 2 to 3 times her age that, all unique and
Talented, will someday bow to her as being one of the greatest singers
Of generations.

I take a "Jackie Pill" every evening before retiring - her Angelic voice soothes my tattered nerves and I sleep much better than before. I love this beautiful child so much. She is truly a gift from God.