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1 Lucifer

This was the second song I heard from SHINee, the first one was Ring Ding Dong. I loved both of them but my all time favorite is "Lucifer"! It's been almost 2 years since I heard this song for the first time and I'm still not tired of it! The title scared me at first, but don't be fooled, this song is one that everyonelse should listen. Even my friend, who doesn't like K-pop, when she listen to this song fell in love with it and she even bought it! Best song and dance ever!

Love this song shinee is always best and ever every time they makes me happy. No other can take shinee's place they're are my life my happiness. Without shinee my life is colorless. I don't know how I become a one of most crazy fan of shinee..
I love shinee and I love My bream boy choi Minho I knewthat I'm just 16 years old but I know that also without minho I can't think about my life. My Merical is Minho. Shinee fighting shawols are always with you...

2 Replay

Its really hard to choose the best Shinee song because I love almost all of them. But after much thinking, I pick Replay. This song is so catchy and the dancing moves is just wow. It was also their first song so its memorable. This is one of the kpop songs that I can sing to easily. Shinee is the best!

Replay is a beautiful beautiful song.
In Short :
Onew is a beautiful work of art with a honey voice and pure soul.
Jjong is a tough muscular hero.
Key, the Almighty is as stylish as ever
Minho - hotter than fire
Taemin - Dancing machine!
SHINee is the best boyband in the world...

3 Juliette
4 Sherlock (Clue + Note)

One of my fave songs by them... I don't have to worry about Minho or Taemin not having enough parts because everyone has a good amount to do, and then the whole song is just awesome sounding... I don't know the lyrics but it seems that it's not a romance song which is good because I'm starting to get bored of k-pop love songs.

This is my favourite song in my opinion, it's mysterious, there's equal amounts of singing and it has intricate riffs which really adds to the overall impact of this amazing song.

Sherlock is one of the best in my opinion. I think the music video is a bit ridiculous (But I like key in the MV) and I love the song so much that I had to buy it and I have listened to it countless times.

5 Dream Girl

I love this song! I also have other favorites like "Hello" "Lucifer" and "Sherlock" I can't pick! But I think this is my favorite SHINee song.

I love this song. And the video is amazing as well. Beautiful choreo and concept!

LOVE it. It is electro and pop at the same time.

6 Ring Ding Dong

I love Ring Ding Dong! It is not the best, but it is my favorite. It has a mysterious vibe in the music video. Their dancing was creative and their singing was so infectious and catchy. I also LOVE SHINee's looks in the music video. SO CUTE!

Honestly ring ding dong is in my top 5 kpop songs, if not my top 5 songs in general. I have never actually met someone who doesn't like it and it's just so good I think I don't think it's possible to hate it?

Picking a single Shinee song is the hardest thing ever. Ringdingdong is a very catchy song. It has awesome beat. The MV looks so cool too with tjose cute dance steps. When Onew sings "Bad boy" in his line, Oh my heart skipped a beat. He is the cutest thing ever..

7 Symptoms

The fact that jonghyun (my ultimate bias) wrote this made me fall even more in love with this song. The live performances and the lyrics and everyone's voices.. just perfection! And bling bling was exceptional in this! He seriously has the most beautiful voice on earth

It's impossible to pick a favourite song, but I am a little partial to this one because Jonghyun wrote this. He's the best, seriously.

I love this song since the first time I heard it, the feeling of this song is so strong and Jonghyun wrote the lyric. Love this song so much

8 Beautiful

The only bad thing about this song : too short!
I really can't get annoyed by this song.

9 Hello

! This is best Korean song I have ever heard, I'm fan of SHINee specially Minho he is the cute one. Love you guy and the song and keep it up and hope to listen other songs of this band. Fighting shine!

I love this song, because I can recall and flashback the moments of to the beautiful you... Since this song is one of the sound track of "to the beautiful you"..
That's why I really love it...

I love this song so much. I listen to it when I study or when I do my homework. I would listen to it all day everyday.

10 Quasimodo

The part when the three vocalists take turn to sing 'hyeodo Saranghae' at the last repetition of chorus, Abd when Jonghyun shouts outs, 'You're my everything! ', my eyes simply tear up... Beautiful song, shinee can do bet with ballad. Why don't they release a ballad album?

This song sends goosebumps down my arm every time I hear it. You know that SHINee is a great band when even the main rapper has an angelic voice! I love this song.

I always want to cry if I hear this song.. Nice ballad melody with soft voice of them.. Like SHINee's Voice very much..

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11 Everybody

The genre'complextro' as they call it, is so cool... I fell in love with the song right in the beginning. I feel this is their best so far. You can't stop humming the tune, it's so contagious. The music video is an added bonus with amazing visuals, complex dance moves and the guys dance in UNIFORMS! What more can you ask for!?!

Everybody song of shinee is very beautiful and I like it very much... Key, taemin, minho, onew, and jonghyun are good singer and dancer... I love shinee very very much... And all kpop but shinee is only one... - Judith-

12 JoJo

So cute when Minho sings the solo. Onew sounds good like always. about to faint so adorable!

From the moment I heard "JoJo", I fell in love with it!

13 Love Like Oxygen

The first song I've ever heard of SHINee. The music is just outstanding. It's my all time favourite.

This song should be so much higher! So cute, with amazing dance moves! Move it up, move it up!

I love this song! I can never get out of my head. It was like love at first sound.

14 Honesty

I didn't pay attention to this song at first but I fell in love with it after I heard it. Onews voice is perfect in it. All of them are so perfect and it's so.. "SHINee" of them. I love the chors and Minho's rap. The fact they put a hi t of rap in a song like this and made it sound AMAZING blows me away. I love this song in other words. It's great to listen when you're having a rough day.

This is song is my most favourite. The lyrics are the best. Makes you so happy that you just want to cry. It's honestly beautiful. I have no clue why it's the 16th place. I love it.

15 Stand by Me

I think Stand By Me is a really cool song. I know it's not a well known song of Shinee but without this song I wouldn't know Shinee or even consider to comment here if I don't even know who Shinee is. This song has helped me discover Shinee. I wanted to vote to the other songs but I just had to pick this.

Actually I like all SHINee songs but this one caught my attention, I didn't knew that the soundtrack from Boys Over Flowers was sung by SHINee. I love both SHINee and EXO. Hwaiting!

Just catchy. Caught my attention the first time I heard it.

16 Amigo

This song is one of the best. Taemin's awesome dance solo blew my mind. Those moves were smooth as butter. It was EPIC from the start when Jonghyun started singing

This is the song I reference if someone says "shine", "shiny", "key" or anything that related to SHINee. Amigo! This song is fantastic.

Without listening your songs my day never goes on well, as they keep my mind and mood fresh

17 View

Seriously one of their best songs, why is it ranked so far?!? An absolute bop, puts you in such a great mood, and this whole era is so iconic, so SHINee-like, with the outfits and choreo. Also a revolutionary song for kpop, and one of the first songs where they did actually have influence on decisions.

It's amazing like all the other songs but they have a totally new sound and they're trying something new. The vocals are amazing too. It's so catchy!

This I by far the best song in my opinion, just so go damn good. To bad I accidentally voted for married in the music, still at least I can show my love with this comment

18 A-Yo

I totally think this song deserves more credit. I remember the time when I was sad and had nobody to trust in. The first time I listened to this song, it made me cry because I felt like they were by my side, cheering me up. I didn't feel alone anymore. This song is number 1 in my top 5, even though it was not the first song I listened to. The other ones that I love so much are "I'm With You," "Honesty," "1000 Years," "Please Don't Go," and "Stand By Me" (this last one was actually the first SHINee's song I heard). These songs make me so sentimental and loved. TT^TT I LOVE SHINee SO MUCH. FOREVER SHAWOL.

19 Why So Serious?

A truly underrated song. Nothing beats joyful dancy Rock! Many people commented on how they thought it was messy and had too many different styles. But that's what I loved about this song! When done well a hybrid song can be the most stimulating and fun thing to listen to! SHINee certainly succeeded in doing that in WSS.

It's weird when you listen to it for the first time, but after that, I just FELL IN LOVE with it! Like it's such a fun and catchy and unique and AMAZING songg!

I really love this song... It's so beautiful and minho is so gwiyomi...

20 Married to the Music
21 Stranger
22 Evil

Too good for words. Go hear it. You will understand.

It has a creepy feel to it that I love.

23 Love Sick
24 1000 Years

The most touching SHINee ballad ever in my opinion. Even better than Quasimodo.Honestly. And the video! I can't even deal with the perfection. And the harmonies. Just go watch it RIGHT NOW!

New song from shinee which an awesome and inspiring song and had a deep meaning on it.. Shinee fighting!

25 Selene 6.23

This song is gorgeous, Jonghyun has skills with writing.

Jonghyun composed this song and I just feel like crying when you hear it

This song is really one of my favorite shinee ballads, it's too good I just can't get over it

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