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21 M.O.N.E.Y. V 2 Comments
22 She Way Out

I don't know why everyone says this is so repetitive and 'not as good as the others on the album'. It makes me happy every time I hear it.

This should definitely be in the top ten!

This is my personal favourite. Just so catchy and fun!

It just great writing and the way matty 'intrumentalises' his voice in the 2nd verse

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23 Loving Someone

A song that stands out above other The 1975 songs, even ones like Chocolate, The Sound and Sex. It is a beautiful song that I find myself singing all the time. I would say it's at the same level as Pompeii or On Hold (Two of my all-time favourite songs). It deserves so much more credit and recognition. Really, it makes me feel calm and right in myself.

Although this track is less than a week old as of now, it has quickly become one of my favorite songs. The lyrics are so true and special. Loving Someone is a perfect example of what music should be like.

This song is amazing, it should be on the top ten

The lyrics are amazing

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24 Menswear

Has an intro which is too long but when Matt comes in it is just amazing. Definitely needed a longer full length song as it's too good. This and Sex are the best!

So simple, yet I am so compelled to dance each time I listen to 'Menswear.'

I know this song like the back of my hand and it still isn't old, and still gives me goosebumps (like Me, Loving Someone, Paris and Pressure do).

The intro to this song is 10/10 nice and long with good suspenseful build up and then when it gets heavy Matty drops in on the mic with some 10/10 lyrics and his voice is extra creamy in this song so I would recommend its like that one line in heart out and M.O.N.E.Y but for the whole song please up-vote it is 10/10 thanks x

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25 She's American

My favourite off the new album. It has that throwback to the old sound that I miss. - Tristan1975R5

"so catchy with a fun beat"

GREAT! I looove the lyrics

26 An Encounter
27 Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You?

DESErves to be in the top 10! So full of emotion and pain

28 Antichrist

How is this not even in this list! (Besides its name which is sort of offending to some people ) this song deserves to be in the top 5 let alone not even in the list! This is one of the best unknown and underrated the 1975 song ever, give it a listen, I swear it's so bloody good,

Antichrist is hands down one of the best songs I have ever heard. From the lyrics, to the vocals, to the instrumental, it is all amazing. I feel like this song is way too underrated and should have been much higher on the list

Healy's voice and instrumentals makes Antichrist one of the best The 1975 songs from their whole Discography.

Srlsy this should be top 1

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29 So Far (It's Alright)

Such an underrated song but my favorite by far! The piano, the lyrics, Matty's voice, it's all perfection. Should be higher on the list for sure!

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30 Medicine

Medicine is just one of those songs where it makes you feel so many different things depending on when you listen to it. It is very calming and soft, but still very much the 1975.

Whenever I'm feeling really out of it and I need to think, I play this song and it helps every single time. So calming, and it really gets to my emotions.

Gorgeous song. The kind you listen to when you lie in bed and just stare at the ceiling.

That guitar riff is what love sounds like. If love was a song, this is what it would be. - Tristan1975R5

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31 Facedown
32 Milk

Definitely their most underrated song and a hidden gem with a riff as good as Sex if not better!

I always hate how people forget about this because it's a 'hidden track'.

This has the most guitar and I feel nostalgic when I listen because it reminds me of Bisleep and Drive Like I Do...PLEASE WE MUST BEG FOR A RELEASE OF ALL OF THEIR OLD SONGS

so good

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33 She Lays Down

So beautiful and deep

This song is just so emotional and the fact that it's just his guitar and voice oh my lord, it's truely beautiful

This song...It's so incredibly sad and beautiful. Definitely should be higher on this list. One of my favourites of theirs.

This song... wow... it just makes you cry... it is so beautiful

34 This Must Be My Dream

Why this song isn't a single yet baffles me. I mean I LOVE Somebody else but it wasn't really the best idea for a single while this song fits the mold perfectly

Whenever I put this song on I feel alive. I don't know how to explain it well because there's too much to say but this is what the feeling I want to feel for the rest of my life sounds like it's such an underappreciated song and I really think that more people need to hear it. easily my favorite song by the 1975

Undoubtedly the best song of the new album, literally puts me in the best mood ever

So underrated. this song is amazing

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35 Head. Cars. Bending

The perfect song for when you're driving through a tunnel in the middle of the night with your friends of lover

Just a brilliantly done song. Listen to a it a few times and it will stick in your mind.

I love this song, it's perfect for midnight car drives

love it

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36 Nana

I cry when I hear this song. Especially the last line. Definitely one of the best from the album.

Nana is so beautiful with heartbreaking yet sweet lyrics and a great melody.

Another casualty of the tumblr stans. if you're looking for a testament to matty's songwriting and storytelling abilities, here you go

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37 The 1975

One of the best opening tracks to an album, it just sets the mood for the entire album.

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38 Anobrain

This is probably one of my all time favorite song. I just love how it all flows so nicely and created such a beautiful sound.

39 Haunt // Bed

Love this song, it's magical

How is this song 24?

40 Woman V 2 Comments
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