Top Ten New Year's Resolutions for 2015

Everybody wants to better themselves. Some people even want to better their community. The loftiest of people want to improve the world. Regardless of your level of altruism, New Year's seems to be the iconic time to start your personal quest.

In Western Culture, January 1st is the start of a new calendar year and a symbol of starting a new life. Many people tend to make goals for themselves centering around that date and the traditions surrounding it.

Below are the top ten New Year's Resolutions for you to try for the upcoming 2015 year.
The Top Ten
Become Stress Free

Starting a yoga practice, finding an acupuncturist, buying a water fountain for your desk... These are just some of the ways you can start managing your stress levels and improve your mental health. - Finch

I'm the guy who said "I'm going through stress..." in a previous comment. I'm not going through some really bad stuff, but my new year's resolution for me is to be more rational, accept mistakes and embrace them for learning from them. Nothing is perfect! You guys need to get the motivation too to move on and accept mistakes!

Once I get the American flag changed to an all white surrender flag, because the current flag is offensive, then I can become stress free. The 1st Amendment is so wonderful. So wonderful all flags will soon be no longer allowed. Walmart will no longer be able to sell anything because it offends someone. We surrender!

Yup seems like stress it is... More people die of heart attack, suicides and more deaths are caused by stress. Even if you don't physically die, mentally you already have. The one year that I have got, I might as well not waste this opportunity.

Lose Weight

"Just... one more doughnut"

BY far the most popular but also an excuse like I am going to lose wait this year and you end up like losing one pound so basically your saying I am going to do basically nothing the new years resolution that almost never gets done but that's the case with most new years resolutions if you think about it

I stopped focusing on losing weight and started focusing on eating the highest quality most nutrient dense food that I could find. This has renewed a love of cooking for me, plus eliminated sugar, grains and fast food from my diet!

If I could force myself to workout and eat healthy I would, but that just isn't happening. Not as long as there's pizza and burgers available.

Quit Smoking

Be strong. If you carry on smoking, you will live a short, tainted life.
Live life to the full. About 150,000 people die EVERY SINGLE DAY. Most do not want to die, lots fight for every breath in their body. It is not fair that they die. So why should smokers throw away their life? Quitting is hard, but there are many services out there to help you. You are not alone... COME ON, WE CAN MAKE THIS RESOLUTION number 1...

While the numbers of smokers is slowly declining, it still remains a high-risk activity. Quitting is a difficult chore and there are many services out there to help. - Finch

If you smoke, have this as a resolution. My best friend had this as a resolution, and then stopped smoking for good. - swrs1234

I think to quit smoking because, smoking kills a human and to fully recover take up to 20 years or maybe more depending on how many you smoke a day. Smoking is a very harmful substance which can effect the respiratory system. It damages you cilliated epithelial cells. Quit smoking is very important as for all everyone wants a healthy body and want to live for a long time on earth - Sabeen

Increase Your Education

I believe that education is very important in ones life. You should graduate high school, and get through college, and so on. But, I do realize that if your not learning anything in certain class(ess) I would recommend asking the teacher for extra help or study more. Believe me, I know, I've had classes where I seem to lose brain cells, instead of information... Just make sure to study and do your homework and pass in projects on time!

Maybe you want to go back to school and finish that degree or maybe you just want to know more about everyday things. Regardless, you can make it happen. Pick something small and specific and work on making it happen. Then, move on to the next thing. Find a teacher, read what they tell you to, then read what they are reading.

Don't bother, I tried to increase my education, but the school called my fondness for education "redickulous" (they insist I spell it like that, their threatening my sweet meats), and burned my textbook in front me, forced me to pay up for it and laughed.

Jokes on them, that book claimed Thomas Edison invented electricity.

Trying to do this now. Starting to read about philosophy, mainly Plato and Socrates. It is very interesting. Also getting caught up in Math.

Save Money

Whether it is by buying fewer things, managing your finances and cutting expenses, or just working toward that raise at work, the more money you have the lower the stress level (often). Just make sure you don't grow into your new-found wealth... - Finch

Paying off credit cards and paying down our mortgage, plus have more money saved? Yes, please! This is my number one goal this year. I am mapping out a plan to make this a reality.

My new year goal was to get to 1,000 dollars by the end of the year. Not even half way through the year I got to 1,000 I am very proud to be at 1000 at my age because I am only 11.

Not going to lie, it would feel really good to end the year 2015 by looking at my savings account and thinking "I had ALL this money all along" - Tsunamaru

Eat Healthier

Instead of looking at your whole diet as the problem, just look at your menu for tomorrow. Plan it out a day in advance (work up to 3 days) and and fill in all the gaps with healthy, nutritious meals. Make sure you don't vary off the page with snacks. Know that you have figured out the calories and nutrients you need for tomorrow and stick to it. - Finch

I have really high metabolism so I'm really fit for eating junk food every day. Then I noticed the condition I'm in and how hard my body is working to deal with my bad habits

Did you know going on a diet is bad for you? If you want to eat healthier just have all junk food banned. Don't make the lame excuse it tastes good!

I know I need to... But cheetos are just really good! - keycha1n

To Not Have a New Year's Resolution

Pretty much any time in your life you can make a resolution. Millions of people have. Usually it happens (and is effective) after you lose a loved one or you get a promotion or get sick or get a new girlfriend/boyfriend or whatever. But it doesn't happen when the ball drops. Yeah it's a new year but really it's a new day. You've got 364 more. Make a resolution when you feel like it, regardless of the day, because then you'll actually keep it.

You should have the mindset that it does not have to be a new year to make a new resolution. Everyday is a new day, every hour is a new hour, every moment is a new moment. You can literally choose to make a new commitment whenever you want. But you have to do what you say you are doing and ask yourself what will truly help you to live your life to your highest possible potential, what will you not regret, and, hopefully, what will bring god the most glory!

Life changing task are enough, don't stress yourself with goals that are above the "Norm", if you find yourself setting goal that you have set for the past few years, than your expectations are too high. Please set goals that are reasonable and within your reach, this in return will make you feel good about yourself.

I know people want to be something new but what God gave you is what you should accept as a person. If you do accept it it will make you feel good anyways. You didn't even have to make a resolution to make you feel good. - koopaiscute

Get Good Grades

Instead of not trying and getting 80's and 90's... I guess I should try and get 100%... But maybe not... I don't know really I just hate studying...

I am get better at reading this year. I only subject that I have trouble with is writing. I will try to improve over time.

I'm trying to get better grades at language, it is just hard to get A on it. My writing score was really good, but my language score

I am failing reading so I will try to improve one time I got a 50 on a reading quiz

Learn a New Language

My ethnicity is Chinese, but my nationality is Canada. I was born in Canada and have seemed to lose a lot of my Chinese roots. That's why I want to learn Mandarin.

I also want to learn French but that is already taught in my school. I don't need to worry about that.

Mandarins hard for sure, I went to 9 years of Chinese school and am still barely considered fluent. But good luck! Always nice to stay connected to the roots, China has an amazing culture, and I couldn't be more proud of my motherland! - keycha1n

I may still be young, but I want to learn Spanish and other languages early so I can get into college. It is an amazing opportunity to connect with the rest of the world. Adios!

I'm 10 years old and I'm learning Spanish because I moved to Ecuador. It should be easy because I'm a kid. The language I speak the most is English and I speak Chinese with my family too

Read More Books

I am a devoted book reader! It's a shame that so many people are using kindles never knowing who's typing in the words wrong! That's why I read books! You cannot trust a kindle as they are typed in by paid people and often make mistakes when typing! I tried to read a kindle once and it was so full of errors that why I prefer to Read a Book!

Yeah, still browsing this list even when new year's is long gone. I hope to read more too, I've forgotten how awesome it is to simply sit down and read nowadays... I don't want to lose the enjoyment of a good book. Getting motivated and am prepared to say ill read a new book at least every two weeks... - keycha1n

Affirmative. This is a phenomenal idea. I am eleven years old and autistic; books are one of my passions.

Reading is a very good thing, and I love to read novels and books of facts - sylvorsk

The Contenders
Stop Watching So Much Porn

This is a good resolution for All guys. Watching too much porn can lead to too much masturbation (working your perinea muscles a bit too much). It can cause you to unintentionally acquire new fetishes and sexual desires, which you may not Want to like and could be disturbing to yourself. It can lead to wanting sexual fantasizes that exist in fiction (porn) and are therefore difficult or impossible to satisfy. It can lead to only being attracted to a very high standard of beauty (like porn) and becoming unable to like or get aroused by normal, average people.

Watching too much of the Same kind of porn can make you lose sexual interest in everything else. If you only look at boobs, then butts and faces aren't pleasing. If you only watch tan girls, then naked girls need to be tan to be sexy to you. If you only look at illustrations or anime, then you could lose interest in real people.

And worst of all, if you watch far too much porn, then you can easily become desensitized ...more

My resolution's the exact opposite.

This is one of the most important

I decided to show my dad how to throw anything disgusting in the trash and bring home stuff for me including a old Macintosh, video games, board games, videocassettes, Blu-ray Discs and several more items.

Get More Sleep

I DEFINITELY need to work on this one. Almost every night I fall asleep at 11 or sometimes even 1, and then I have to get up at 6. Bad night owl problems.

Yup! Last night I went to bed at 3:00 and it was a school night and in school I nearly fell asleep in history, but then again, most the class did as well

I really need more sleep, I'm eleven but I get like 2 hours sleep a day on the holidays, and five on school days ;;

I think ill try this but I no it wont work

Not Be Depressed

Yes... This will be my resolution.. Its now some 2-3 years in depression.. My life has become not less than hell. I've lost all my confidence.. I'ma good joke in all other people. I'm so much in depression. I cry at night.. Over thinking. Others always judge me. They make a joke out on me.. Now my parents TOO think I'ma loser but that's not true.. I just need someone who just give me a little hope. I need motivation to start my life. After all its never too late to start over. God please give me some strength to bear this pain. And In my class too I'm a Dumb. I don't want to be a loser any more. I wanna change everything. I'm done, tired with everything around me. After this year I want not complete change but confidence, happiness, sunshine, love, support everything from God. And I know one day I will change everything. I will put back my all broken pieces. All the lessons I'm learning from life.. Hope they will not be wasted. So anybody who is broken like me. Don't loose hope. Just ...more

To each and every one out there who thinks or feels that they are going through depression. It is VERY important to consult a psychologist or any related professionals on this field to give you a PROPER diagnosis. You might really have it, or you might just be having a hard time coping with your problems and attributing it to Depression could really lead you to actual depression which is really dangerous. Depression should never be taken lightly, but it is very treatable with or without prescription drugs. I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression almost 4 yrs ago at 19 and I could not believe it at first because I didn't have intense sadness (that I noticed) nor ever felt suicidal.. But I had all the other symptoms that made yrs of my life a hellish cycle of frustration and disappointment. I was very scared of myself. College became very difficult., and receiving an official diagnosis didn't make things instantly ok.. It was just the beginning of a tough recovery period. It took me ...more

If I wasn't so ugly, I wouldn't have been depressed at all. It is really tough to live if you are ugly.Inner beauty and all those things people say to console are complete nonsense. The world will always judge you on your appearance, not your inner beauty, ain't nobody got time for that!

My boyfriend says that he's not gonna make me change, but he doesn't like to see me sad. So I told him he's right and that I want to change. I want to be happy again. I want the old me back, the old Ruby.

Volunteer in the Community

Find a soup kitchen, start a neighborhood watch program, or just help your neighbors with any tasks needing attention. Getting involved in the community is always a good way to start changing the world one day at a time. - Finch

I really want to do more of this. Occasionally I help for a few hours a week in charity shop for the Heart Foundation but it doesn't seem enough. - Britgirl

I once helped a local cat shelter. It's not technically the community bit don't TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE - AnonymousChick

I feel bad that I don't do that too much. It really warms my heart to donate money or work for a good cause. - swrs1234

Survive the Year

Already failed that

Try not to get arrested very hard

Well that's a goal in life! Lots of people are dying in 2016. coughs David Bowie coughs - LittleLovelies

That's the goal of life, right?

Get Fit

Definitely doing this one. I am going to the gym at least once a week from now on...

I am doing this 1 as well.

I'm gonna start exercising this year for sure! Hell yes, just let me finish my T.V. marathon and my bag of chips... And OH! There's some delecious cake, well.. - NoSoup4You


Ask Out a Crush

STORY TIME! : Actually, I'm a sophomore and I am trying to get a senior to ask me out. He is goofy and likes to make people smile. I know that because I tried to "flirt" with him yesterday! Okay so it went like this. My classrooms always have this paper that says take a compliment. And at the bottom there are compliments you rip off the paper. I took one that read "You make others smile" and I thought about giving it to my crush. So, it was the last class of the day. My only class with him. And I waited for that bell to ring but I was so hopelessly nervous. Fast forward to when I walked out the class and waited for him to walk out soon after me. (He waits for everyone to leave before he does) He walked out and I had this really big smile on my face as I walked sideways, really close to him, and had the paper out in front of me. He just looked at me and was like, "yes? " then he looked down and took the paper. I turned around so I can face forward and get to the ...more

I usually get a crush and don't even bother with it, then have another crush and don't bother again... I'm always single! I should try asking one out to try having a serious relationship for once U. you

That social stuff turns me into a fool in the end. Just have to rely on what I have right now.

Do it! I liked Sarah in 4th grade and she liked me too. Amazed!

Organize Your Life

Organizing saves money when you pay your bills on time, find coupons or warranties. And it helps with most other resolutions like reducing stress, finding time to exercise, and even dieting. People who plan meals are more likely to eat healthier! So put organizing at number one and you will see the difference in everything you do!

Do you know where your immunization records are? How about your birth certificate or insurance policy? Whether you find a website to track everything for you or get fire-proof box to keep your records in, start compiling the important things and label them so you know where to find them.

Why? I like the surprise...

I can't find my passport

Be More Outgoing

I try but when I rode Splash Mountain at Disney Land I cried the entire time!

I am a very talented girl with a good singing voice. When I went on an audicience I tried my best.

Clean Our Cities
Solve Your Relationship Troubles

Maybe you're in a bad relationship and need to get out or maybe you aren't in a relationship at all and want to find that special someone. Either way, find a counselor to help you talk through it, talk to your partner about your true feelings, or start being more social and look for new friends that you can develop into a deeper relationship. Just get moving toward something. - Finch

First you have to get in one

Means my mam haven't got along ever since her and my dad divorced 2 yrs ago. She has her own business and is always busy. I get along better with my step-mam and she is my principle. So I will try to get on better with her.

Become a Better Christian

How about becoming a better human being than following an immoral, centuries old book?

I will! This year I plan to be baptized. Go to church more! It's kinda hard when my sis practice is every Sunday. I plan to give my life to God,Not to Sin (well lying is hard! ),and become a better singer. - LittleLovelies

How about care more about your religion because Christianity isn't the only one. - AnonymousChick

Thank you be a BETTER Christian

Stop Lying

Lying? People I know do that all the time - koopaiscute

Stop lying to yourself by not watching the Fox news channel,and ever voteing Republican!

Man's most awfull lie,
That he doesn't lie

Take a Trip

Have you always wanted to travel? See the world and experience new things? Maybe your tax refund can help you with those plane tickets. Decide what/where you want to go and set a budget. then, maybe get a piggy bank of separate bank account and start putting those pennies in. It'll add up and before you know it, you'll be on your way. - Finch

It lets you let go for once and gives you a break from your worries and struggles to just relax.

Definitely great I asked my dad for a new iPad and the new iMac 5k, I got both but I also got 2 tickets to Morocco I also got a iPhone 6+ my step man got me a Apple Watch cool

Be a Good Person

That's me. I am a good person but I should definitely be a good one. - koopaiscute

To live simple as possible as we can,this is the law of nature. Apply this rule to save nature,pollution,envirnment then each and every man will be best person. - madhavgundre

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