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41 Don't Text and Drive

If you have an iPhone and you absolutely need to send a message, there is a "talk to text" button now. If you ever even considered typing a message out while driving there is something seriously wrong with you.

You'd need to be metal to do this.

42 Relax

People need to just relax after a hard day of work or a court hearing. Sometimes you just need to take it easy.

Yes it is true, we all must relax sometime or another. running around juggling work and home can be very stressful, stress is a killer, very bad for your health.

Vote Democrats so you will have healthcare,that is Peace of Mind!

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43 Stay Happy

Becauss I'm happy, clap along if you feel like a room without a roof...

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44 Stop Bullying

Already done that. Watched An American Girl: Chrissa Stands Strong. Chrissa Maxwell is a good role model who thinks bullying is never cool. - playstationfan66

45 Improve Posture

I have a slouchy posture because the world doesn't deserve to see such ugliness so should I have that as my new year's resolution? - PrincessKiana

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46 Follow Your Heart

Greatest person who made India constitution and fight whole life for human beings like equally and give respect and equally rights to all human, no one elder or younger by their cast but make different by their ability and intelligence.

This has nothing to do with the Indian constitution or the person who made it... - RiverClanRocks

One of the best resolutions of all time. It should have more votes! We should follow our heart in all we do!

Tricky, following my heart always somehow gets me into trouble so now I follow my brain. =)

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47 Reduce the Use of Clothes Made of Animals
48 Learn a New Skill

I am gonna learn a Back Hand Spring (look it up on YouTube guys) wish me luck! I am already an ex-gymnast and flexible so hopefully it wont be too hard... I think...

I will need to do this... - CN121

I will learn how to survive a zombie attack and survival stuff!

Gonna learn to play the guitar! Hope I'll learn fast

49 Stop Being Controlled by Media

I can be in a great mood and then Yahoo news pops up and I start reading and I'm cranky. Not good!

To switch my cable provider to dish network so I won't have to see Fox news anymore!

50 Build New Relationships
51 Go On TheTopTens Every Day
52 Build Self Discipline

Conquer this resolution, and you will be able to complete any other resolution on this list!

53 Save Water

Unless you live in California or something saving water wont help anyone, it can't magically fly to drought stricken areas of the world

Because water is life - madhavgundre

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54 Work Hard

My grades need more work so I just think it is a good idea

Work hard or harder definitely one for me haha

I need to keep my grades up

55 Don't Vote On a TheTopTens List

I voted so apparently that's not my resolution. It's almost 2016 by the way

56 Quit Doing Drugs

The best would be if I managed to quit completely, but reducing my use would be a great improvement too. I think it's harder to accomplish if you think of the final goal, because it can be demotivating. Most people I know who've quit started with taking smaller doses or let more time pass by before they took more.

57 Stop Playing Video Games

Hell no! Mario is love, Mario is life. - PrincessKiana

No not that I'm not gonna stop

To be honest, once you play that, you can't stop.
It's only that 0.002% chance that you will stop.
Good luck with this one. - xcToxicana

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58 Love More People

This is my favorite on the list

59 Eat More Pizza
60 Learn Martial Arts
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