Top Ten New Year's Resolutions for 2015


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81 Gain Weight

Harder than you'd expect for some people.

I used to have that problem for the longest time. Then one day, I looked down and saw a muffin top! It'll happen for you eventually so don't rush it. Afterward, you'll be working 3 times harder to get rid of the excess weight. Man, all those fat people were not kidding when they said losing weight does NOT happen by just eating less and exercising more.

But if you are on the edge of anorexia, then one thing that can help you is by taking a BOOST drink every day. They taste like milk shakes that have melted. They'll add a lot of empty calories onto you along with nutritional value.

I agree I'm 19 male and weigh 125 lbs its hard I wish I was at least 150 lbs

82 Not Procrastinate

I was planning to write something here, but I think I'll just come back to it in a few minutes when I collect all my thoughts...

Yes! I struggle with procrastination all the time and I would love to get rid of the habit before I go to university.

I will do that next year.

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