Top 10 Unknown Songs that Every One Should Know

List of songs that are not the most popular songs in the world... But they should be.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten

1 Anthony Amorim - Lockdown

This song is so catchy and so unknown, it only has about 7,000 views on YouTube.
It's written by a YouTube vlogger who has one full length LP and two EP's. Check him out on YouTube or Deezer and so on.

2 Vinyl Theatre - My Fault

This band was mainly popularised by a twenty one pilots video where they swapped vehicles. After there first album (Electrogram) and there breakout single (Breaking Up My Bones) was the very low-key night drive type album and this was the kick off single and its so catchy with it's punching drums and boppy synthlines.

3 Anthony Amorim - 2004

This is a sweet catchy song about wanting to go back to the years of our youths when our favourite bands where on tour and when everything was easy

4 The Drums - Mirror
5 Emma Blackery - Don't Come Home

This is an uplifting song by the Internet sensation Emma BBlackery. there are two versions of this song, the one from her latest EP and another one from 2016. It is way too hard to decide which one is better.

6 My Chemical Romance - Desert Song

A fantastic emotional guitar song with heart wrenching vocals. Definitely the most underrated MCR song

7 Tyler Joseph - Taken By Sleep

If you hear the start of this song you will want to keep listening.
"This is a story about a scarlett letter... Yeah"

8 Twenty One Pilots - Dollhouse

Lots of TØP fans have not heard this song.
It features the rapper JOCEF

9 Hadouken! - Mecha Love

A huge and bombastic epic electronic song, great for jogging and fitness... Or just motivation

10 Twenty One Pilots - Time To Say Goodbye

An awesome unreleased song by TØP based on the classical song "Time To Say Goodbye".
Great rap verses by Tyler and a catchy beat