Egnomac's Top 10 Least Favorite Video Games

Here are a few games that are my personally least favorite, and if you do like them that's good. You enjoy them when I just can't.
This list is a non-votable list and the content of the list reflects the opinion of its author.

The Top Ten Egnomac's Least Favorite Video Games

1 The Sims

I personally have always hated The Sims franchise playing god has never been so boring all you do is help guide your sims to do pretty much everything, and the sims get a life mode is just as boring you complete objectives in each level to progress to the the next level and a lot of these missions take forever to complete the whole time I just keeped falling asleep.

2 F-Zero GX

I personally never been a huge fan of The F-Zero franchise due to their intense difficulty, while I don't necessarily hate this game the game is so unforgiving its hard enough to stay in first place but with so many ways to accidentally fall of the track and opponents purposley raming into you and no practice mode which could have been really helpful in learning the tracks so don't constantly keep dying in the GP modes.

3 Ghosts N' Goblins

The games difficulty is just so unforgiving I have yet to make it past the second level enemies constantly fly at you without warning and all it takes is two hits and your dead, and just to pack in the cruelty the game throws in fireballs and other items which you can use as your main weapon but are completly usless even worst in the second leve during the maze of ladders l if you try to climp up a certain ladder to avoid an enemy a fireball powerup drops down on the only ladder leading down which is the one weapon you don't want to have worsr it stays there until you pick it up which I strongly recommend you not do as its nearly impossible to get through the rest of the game with or die I can stand hard games but this game just went overboard with difficulty.

4 Virtua Fighter 4
5 Pong

This may come as a surprise but I just can't stand Pong its just so boring, I get back in the day Pong was a huge hit when released but that's because there were no other games available all you do is bounce a ball across the screen back and forth and that's it I can barely put with this game for more than 3 minutes.

6 Star Fox (Super NES)

I personally preferred the N64 version to this a lot if the times I can never tell when I've actually hit something and a lot of the harder srages are a nightmare as I always have so much trouble controlling the arwing I keep crashing into things and dying.

7 Paperboy

I've never been good at paperboy no matter how hard I try I just can never be able focus on hitting the houses and paying attention to the road and constantly keep crashing into something and more often than not I keep breaking the windows even when I get the paper on the doorstep or mail box I end up breaking a window and they end up canceling their subscription the next.

8 Myst

This game just never appealed to me.

9 Super Monkey Ball

While I can manage the first two difficulty levels the expert mode just kills the experience for me the stages are near impossible to clear even after getting unlimited continues I still can't clear the expert levels I've pretty much given up on them.

10 Madden

I personally have never been a fan of the Madden series or most sports games in general.