Hardest Characters to Save in Until Dawn

In some moments in Until Dawn there will be a QTE or a simple mistake that can get a major character killed.It is possible to save everybody (excluding Flamethrower Guy, he is gonna die no matter what you do) but it will take some observation skills to get certain characters out.
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1 Josh - Episode 10

You have to find every last one of 'The Twins' clues and a final note to save Josh. This is very time-consuming and easy to miss. But the more you play the game, the easier it gets.

Can you even save him? He either gets his head crushed by a Wendigo, or he becomes a Wendigo to join Hannah.

2 Matt - Episode 6

Killing Matt is very easy to do. When the radio tower falls, you will be left with a choice: save Emily or jump to safety. Do not save Emily, as you will achieve nothing.

Jumping to safety will give Matt a pass to Episode 10, but if you decide to save Emily, well, you are dead, UNLESS you disagreed to go to the radio tower earlier on AND took the flare gun. Then, you can shoot the Wendigo and escape your impending doom.

You can actually try to save her and then jump in order to live and make her happy.

3 Chris - Episode 8

Shortly after Flamethrower Guy gets decapitated, you have no choice but to direct Chris to shoot the Wendigo and risk death. There are also QTEs, so failing those will result in the same fate as poor Flamethrower dude. Oh, and also, if you decide to fire the gun at Ashley in Episode 6 (she doesn't die though), she will kindly lock you out to die even if you did manage to avoid the Wendigo until that point.

4 Jess - Episode 10

Again, if you're bad at 'don't move', you are not going to like this scene. It's basically the same as Sam's DM one, except with the Wendigo right in your face. Also, running will result in death.

5 Sam - Episode 10

The only time I have completed all the don't move segments for her in this chapter is when I put the controller down. And sometimes it vibrates and moves.

Being bad at the 'don't move' sequences is not going to help at all if you want to save Sam, as you have to go through two of them in order to save her life.

6 Emily - Episode 8

More QTEs, nothing too hard, but one or two mistakes can end up with her getting what she deserves.

7 Matt - Episode 10

Basically the same as Jess, but slightly easier because you can run away to avoid one DM segment.

8 Wolfie - Episode 9

Huh? You expected someone else? This dog is relatively easy to get out but does require some running and waiting.

9 Ashley - Episode 9

I get it, those screams sure are tempting to investigate, but just don't do it.

10 Jess - Episode 4

If you're a safe person, Jess will be dead here. If you're reckless, she will surely live.

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11 Mike - Episode 10

He is actually hard to save. Most people don't realize the plan and they choose to run. Also, some people fail the first don't move, and he ends up dead.

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