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41 American Idiot (Cover)

The American Idiot cover really did bring out more of the attitude of what the band really is, that pop punk vibe and I do adore how even though they covered it; they still put a bit of their own vibe that we hear in their actual songs in this. Michael did an amazing job with vocals, which I loved cause you usually hear either Luke or Calum sing. And I love how they added a bass solo and drum solo into the song too. Amazing cover, I think one of their bests by far.

Somehow like it better than the original! And I actually like Green Day

I know this is a cover, but damn. It's so good.

42 Close As Strangers

So amazing... Makes me cry every time! But this should be much higher on this list...

A lot of people don't know this song, but I think it is one of their best songs! Their voices are perfect, and it makes me so sad!

I cry every time I hear this song. Michael was the perfect choice for the very beginning and end.

This song can relate to many of us... Such a beautiful song

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43 Tomorrow Never Dies

I love this song. It has very good lyrics and a different sound. I think it is one of 5sos' best songs.

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44 San Francisco

I love San Francisco because it's so catchy! And I can listen to it all the time and never get bored of it, it's their best song!

This one always gets stuck in my head

My favorite song off of SGFG it's so soft and beautiful and it sounds like Long Way Home so that's an amazing I love this song

My fave song

45 Broken Home

It's so incredibly sad but the meaning behind it hits close to home for me and probably a lot of other fans as upsetting as that is. Every time I hear this song I sob but it's also one of my favorites. These guys are growing and so is their music and I'm so glad they're writing some stuff I can really feel and get into.

I absolutely love this song! This should really be higher it has so much meaning to it, you can also really connect to it.

I cried for such along time when hearing this because I've gone through that and it's so beautiful with so much meaning.

This song makes me cry every time. its just so beautiful...i don't understand why it's so low on the list

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46 Broken Pieces

This is like the best song, I love the lyrics and the best! WHY IS THIS 65 THIS NEEDS TO BE AT LEAST TOP 10

47 Girls Talk Boys

This song goes from good to great to best..! Luke's voice is similar to zayn on the chorus but better than him

48 Rejects

The guitars, the base, the lyrics, the message, it all contributes to a great song. I honestly love this song and its message because I can relate to it. This is a classic 'rebellious teen' song but it's so good. It talks about the troubles of relationships, grades, and fitting in. And the guitar solo. Short and sweet. I am always up for a long guitar solo especially when it rocks. I do wish the solo was longer, but there's a good solo, so I can't complain. I feel as if 5sos u sweatbands how to write and carry out good pop-rock/pop-punk songs, and rejects will always be one of my favorites.

I think that this song is what the band would like to represent themselves as, and it does a great job describing some of today's teenage society

Totally relatable for me and the lyrics are amazing. Should definitely be number 1

I said "5sos sweatbands how" I meant to say "5sos understands how" sorry lol

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49 Over and Over

Of course basically no one votes for this... No one knows what the actual heck Over and Over is. Anyways, THIS SONG IS AMAZING. I LOVE IT TO DEATH. But, there isn't a studio version. Oh well. I LOVE THIS SONG ITS AMAZING. Even if it's not their style, go listen to live video. You'll love it.

This so so underrated it makes sad...
Then I just listen to it to to make me happy

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50 I Can't Remember V 2 Comments
51 Teenage Dream

This song is so amazing. I can not stand Katy Perry, but 5Sos just makes this song so amazing. One of my favorites. I love Calum's voice!

52 Safety Pin

Two wrongs make it right, it definitely deserve to be higher come on!

It's really like a moodbooster song to me. It's very catchy and the lyrics too. I think I can listen to it all day long.

Beautiful instrumentals. Beautiful singing. Beautiful lyrics. Beautiful logo (lol). I think this song is... amazing. (haha bet u thought I was gonna say beautiful)

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53 Over and Out V 1 Comment
54 Outer Space/ Carry On

It's just one of those songs you can have stuck in your head all day/week. It makes me calm and sounds lovely. Can't believe it isn't higher up.

This song actually changed my life. It's so beautiful and the lyrics are so beautifully written

Why the heck wasn't this already on the list?

This song is perfect

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55 Unpredictable

I love this song personally, because it's upbeat and jumpy and that's 5sos. My favourite song along with Good Girls

First. 5 Seconds of Summer song.I. Have. Ever. Listened. To.

In that moment when I first heard this, I knew I would have a band obsession. Listening to the song now makes me cry for 2 reasons:
The song is so upbeat and amazing

One of the best 5sos songs. I love the melody and the lyrics are amazing! One of my favorites

My favorite 5sos song ever should be #1 but I'm glad it's on this list

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56 Just Saying V 3 Comments
57 Lost In Reality

I absolutely love this song. It explains how I feel when I'm with HIM.

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58 Permanent Vacation

This is one of their best songs it should be much higher up

This is 1 of my favorites

This song is so lit


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59 Story of Another Us

So this was only on the Target version of SGFG I think, but anyway, it's honestly one of my favorites from them. Yeah it's a little slower, but the lyrics and how they are delivered are really powerful. Also it was written by Josh Ramsay from Mariana's Trench as well as Luke, so that's cool. The chorus just gets me every time!

60 The Girl Who Cried Wolf

It's a gorgeous song that gets me all tearful every time I listen to it. The lyrics are deep and meaningful, the voices and harmonies are perfect and their instruments just round it off. Just perfect.

"Is anyone there at all? " God! They're singing it in the right way. I LOVE THIS SONG!

So lyrically I love it should be in top 5!


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