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1 Rust In Peace

Does this need an opinion? It's rightful place is #1. 'Rust In Peace' album is Megadeth in their prime. I could do without 'My Creation', though (Let's be honest, it's the weakest song). Everything else is epic, from lyrics, technical-creativity concerning mostly the guitars, to groove elements, build-ups, and climaxes.

R.I.P. Nick Menza

2 Youthanasia

Okay, everyone knows "Rust in Peace" should be top 1, so let's have a look on the rest.

Countdown to Extinction - painfully overrated, so is "Symphony of Destruction". If you want to vote on this because it's the only song you know from Megadeth and you kinda liked it - don't do it, listen to some more of their songs and then think again what is your choice.
ps. However, CtE isn't bad album. It's generally nice, so are "Symphony of Destruction", "Skin O' My Teeth" and "Foreclosure of a Dream". It's just not that nice to have second place on this list. The fourth should be okay.

"The Black Album" - "Enter Sandman", "Unforgiven", "Sad but True" and "Wherever May I Roam" are great, but the rest? "Nothing Else Matters" is overrated. This song is well known because it's one of the lightest songs from them, but it's also very repetitive and a bit boring. In my opinion, it's not even in top 20 of Metallica songs. Everything else is a fulfillment, even not that good. ...more

3 Countdown to Extinction
4 The Black Album
5 Reload
6 Cryptic Writings
7 Load
8 S&M
9 Risk
10 Live S***: Binge & Purge
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1. Rust In Peace
2. The Black Album
3. Countdown to Extinction
1. Rust In Peace
2. The Black Album
3. Youthanasia
1. Rust In Peace
2. Countdown to Extinction
3. Youthanasia

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