Top Ten Best Action Movies of the 2010s


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1 Mad Max: Fury Road

Not just the best action movie of the 2010's, but one of the best action movies of all time. Nothing short of an adrenaline rush!

A ferocious, vivid, mesmerizing and awe-inspiring action fest that will always entertain. Fury Road is pure gold! - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

This movie was bad in a few ways, and was probably the worst Mad Max but it was entertaining at least - EliHbk

Incredible, just incredible.

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2 Marvel's The Avengers

I really found this just boring to watch. Was a huge disappointment.

Is Good but not too good

I hate this film.

Best action movie of 2012 after Batman

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3 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Why do so many people love this film, some people say it's the best movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for me it would appear as my 2nd least favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie, I really liked when I first watched it ( I usually do because I don't think when I first watch a movie) but considering it came out the same year Of Guardians Of The Galaxy, the film was stretched thin I would give it a 7/10, I still have high hopes for Civil War.

One of the best marvel movies (maybe even the best) that is loaded with top notch action. An exciting film all the way through. - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

4 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
5 Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

Mission impossible movies just get it right, first Ghost Protocol, now Rouge Nation. Wow these are great action movies.

6 Jurassic World

It has no action

Wathced it was all dinos

7 Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Bet action movie ever

Got better rating than the avengers

It should be no 2

Mad max is rubbish

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8 Skyfall

I think this movie sucked @$$

Perhaps the best Bond film.

Good but still the worst Bond movie of Danuiel CrAIG-Era!

I think all james bond movies are rubbish

i watched casino royale
wasnt good

9 Kingsman: The Secret Service

Deserves to be in Top 5 at least,...

Should be higher, it's awesome!

10 The Dark Knight Rises

Once you get past the Batman voice, this movie is simply stunning. The visuals, the plot, the action, the music,... All top class. Almost all superhero movies are mindless fluff and flashing lights. The movie capped off a comic book trilogy that people will try to replicate for years to come, and most likely fail. Even Nolan himself couldn't do it with Man of Steel.

The Dark Knight Rises is such an amazing movie with awesome effects, fights and action.

An unsuitable end to an otherwise excellent trilogy, Tom Hardy's performance of Bane is one of the worst Movie Performance I have ever seen!

Worst movie ever

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11 Captain America: Civil War

Very underrated

12 Dredd

An overlooked gem filled with brutal action and gorgeous visuals. - DamnFineCupOfCoffee

13 John Wick

This contains some of the coolest scenes ever.

Some interesting concepts and another example of the only type of role Keanu Reeves should ever play. John Wick, Constantine, and Jack Traven - wooden, kind of a jerk, and not expected to emote. Perfect roles for him. Reeves as Jonathan Harker, an absolute train wreck.

14 Guardians of the Galaxy

Best Marvel movie ever. I'm sick of comic book movies. This one is different. No hokey comic book superhero crap. I haven't been 12 in a while.

Easily the best Marvel Film yet!

15 Logan
16 Star Wars: The Last Jedi
17 Godzilla (2014)
18 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
19 Kick-Ass
20 The Bourne Legacy
21 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
22 John Wick: Chapter 2

sooo cool

23 Inception

No action at all

24 Pacific Rim

A true clash of titans! Big, epic and action to the max!

25 Avengers: Age of Ultron

Whoa, Age of Ultron is amazing! I honestly think this is better than the first which I really love also. Great villain, characters, music, great everything and the action is epic.

It is number 1 better than its prequel

I think best action movie ever

26 Baby Driver
27 Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow

Should be in top ten

It really is an epic sci fi action movie with a great Tom Cruise.

28 Fast Five
29 The Wolverine
30 Deadpool

Should be 2nd place


31 Transformers: Dark of the Moon
32 Furious 7

Best action movie ever

33 The Raid: Redemption

This movie should be in the top 10.

34 The Expendables
35 Suicide Squad

A very underrated movie. Suicide Squad has amazing action and style. The cast and characters are great, interesting, diverse and the soundtrack is awesome. Seen it many times now and it keeps getting better.

36 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I really love this movie and I'm not a fanboy or anything. I liked it even more after watching the extended cut. The move itself looks nice and has a dark tone and style which I really liked and with the addition of a few light moments here and there. The action is seriously amazing and the character interactions are great. The soundtrack is incredible also. The portrayal of Batman is probably the best and most badass version of the iconic superhero.

37 Kong: Skull Island
38 War for the Planet of the Apes
39 13 Assassins
40 Dunkirk
41 Transformers: Age of Extinction
42 Looper
43 Star Trek Beyond
44 X-Men: Apocalypse
45 Wonder Woman
46 Atomic Blonde
47 Thor: Ragnarok
48 The Raid 2

A lot better than the first. Didn't like the first one that much but The Raid 2 is a fantastic action flick.

49 Fast & Furious 6

My favorite in the series.

50 MacGruber
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