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1 Tom Hiddleston Tom Hiddleston Thomas William Hiddleston is an English actor. He is best known for his role as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in Thor, The Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World.

He's such an amazing actor. He's able to convey emotion with his voice or just an expression that is really believable. He makes me feel both dislike and sympathy for his character Loki. If you can make the audience love the villain of the story, sometimes even more than the hero, then you're doing something right. - NerdBunny

Love this guy - catlinelizabethlaufeyson

Emotional, powerful performances. 'enough said.

Tom Hiddleston has so much talent and potential, of course he plays a villian and he is very good at it. I wouldn't really olave him as #2 however. But I am happy with this choice.

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2 Chris Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor. He is best known for his roles as Kim Hyde in the Australian TV series Home and Away and as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Thor, The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor: Ragnarok.

Chris Hemsworth is THE BEST!

This is good actor

He's great actor

Cutest MAn on Earth and Asgaurd. - Nightstar

3 Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. Robert John Downey Jr. is an American actor. His career has included critical and popular success in his youth, followed by a period of substance abuse and legal troubles, and a resurgence of commercial success in middle age.

He deserves to be higher than Tom and Chris Hemsworth in their respective 1 and 2 positions. Without RDJ's stellar performance in Iron Man as everybody's favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, we would have WAY less superhero movies, which would suck for a superhero geek like myself. Believe it or not, Iron Man was originally an obscure character. He was better known than Star-Lord, but was definitely not popular. RDJ changed all that with his flawless performances as Iron Man and (in a sense) created a new popular genre. So thank you, RDJ. Not only do I love everything about you, I am grateful for your talent.

A favorite of my sister

I love RDJ. He can play a cocky smartass better than anyone else and I can't see any other actor being Iron Man. - NerdBunny

He is the best actor becouse he act like he is the actual hero,very mature actior and best as iornman and sherlock holmes

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4 Chris Evans Chris Evans Christopher Robert Evans is an American actor. Evans is best known for his superhero roles as the Marvel Comics characters Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Human Torch in Fantastic Four.

Are you serious? 8th? This guy played TWO marvel heroes! With two completely different personalities! And some people want him as deadpool! Laugh out loud

Chris is the cutest guy in the Avengers team

He is the best...

Ohhh...really...He deserves to at least be on top 2

5 Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson (born November 22, 1984) is an American actress, model, and singer. She made her film debut in North. more.

Scarlet is the best, most bad*** Black Widow we have on this planet. She deserves to be in the big three, for sure.

Her! Yeah!

6 Mark Ruffalo
7 Samuel Jackson Samuel Jackson Samuel Leroy Jackson is an American actor and film producer. He achieved prominence and critical acclaim in the early 1990s with films such as Jungle Fever, Patriot Games, Amos & Andrew, True Romance, Jurassic Park and his collaborations with director Quentin Tarantino including Pulp Fiction, Jackie more.

He is THE Nick Fury. They redesigned him as black, and based his appearance of of Samuel Jackson. That ALONE is cool enough to get him in the top 5. He is older, but he can fight the villains just as well as the Avengers. He created and assembled the Avengers Initative. How much more evidence do I need? Come on people! Vote for Samuel. He should be higher than Chris Hemsworth (people probably voted for him thanks to looks)

8 Chris Pratt Chris Pratt Christopher Michael "Chris" Pratt is an American actor. He came to prominence from his television roles, including Bright Abbott in Everwood and Andy Dwyer in the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation.

Chris Pratt is the best, in my opinion. He turned a nobody hero (Star-who? ) that only major comic geeks knew about into a hero almost funnier and more awesome than RDJ's Iron Man. He portrayed Star-Lord perfectly, start to finish. I have read many reviews, and not one included a complaint about him. Early 2014, if somebody had asked about Star-Lord, pretty much nobody would have known. Now, late 2015, everybody knows and loves Star-Lord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. GET HIM TO NUMBER ONE! Or at least 3.

9 Jeremy Renner Jeremy Renner Jeremy Lee Renner is an American actor (born 1971) best known for his role as Clint Barton / Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He is so underrated

He is so underrated

10 Jennifer Garner Jennifer Garner Jennifer Anne Garner is an American actress and film producer. She made her film debut in the comedy Dude, Where's My Car.

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11 Cobie Smulders Cobie Smulders Jacoba Francisca Maria "Cobie" Smulders is a Canadian actress and model. She is best known for her roles as Robin Scherbatsky on the television series How I Met Your Mother and Maria Hill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
12 Andrew Roth
13 Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman Hugh Michael Jackman is an Australian actor, producer and musician . Jackman has won international recognition for his roles in major films, notably as superhero, period, and romance characters .

Really?! 13 th? He is the best actor in the marvel movies...

Perfect Wolverine

14 Hayley Atwell
15 Clark Gregg
16 Tom Holland Tom Holland Thomas Stanley "Tom" Holland is an English actor and dancer. Holland is known for playing Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the title role in Billy Elliot the Musical at the Victoria Palace Theatre, London, and for starring in the 2012 film The Impossible.
17 Michael Fassbender Michael Fassbender Michael Fassbender is a German-Irish actor of stage and screen whose career includes roles in both independent and blockbuster films, most notably; Hunger, Inglourious Basterds, Shame, X-Men: First Class, Prometheus, 12 Years a Slave, Frank, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Steve Jobs.
18 Tobey Maguire Tobey Maguire

Should be number 1

19 Andrew Garfield Andrew Garfield Andrew Russell Garfield is a British-American actor. Born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Epsom, Surrey, Garfield began his career on the UK stage and in television productions.
20 Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch is an English actor and film producer who has performed in film, television, theatre and radio.

Doctor Steven Strange himself.

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