Top 10 Actual Problems With Undertale


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1 Its fandom is one of the biggest cancers of the Internet, almost rivaling Sonic, FNAF and MLP at times

It's the worst, tied with Five Nights At Freddy's. - RiverClanRocks

It made porn involving the Amalgamates (and Alphys).

I don't think you can get much more degenerate than that. At least it was done ironically, I guess... - xandermartin98

2 Its storyline is just about the most overrated thing to ever be written for a video game
3 Its popularity has overshadowed equally fantastic achievements of indie game design way too much
4 The game is almost mind-numbingly easy
5 Its characters are somewhat mediocrely developed at times
6 Its graphics, while not terrible by any means, are very lazily designed and clearly made to cash in on an overused style
7 Its emotional tone is inconsistent
8 It tries way too hard with its humor
9 The Genocide Run contains not one, but two absolutely outrageous difficulty spikes
10 It is quite possibly the most pretentious game ever created and tries way too hard to reinforce its message that killing is bad

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11 Its fans seemingly have no idea when to stop overpraising it

Well, the fanbase will die down. I don't hate the game, but like FNaF, the fanbase will likely wear off in about a year. - Swellow

12 Mettaton doesn't appear enough in it
13 The fact that Alphys X Amalgamates is a real thing that actually exists

Why. Why do you people do this.

14 Temmie should have had her own boss battle

Temmie is female? I thought she was a guy this whole time. - RiverClanRocks

Technically, she did.

15 Its popularity has inevitably lead to the formation of a massive legion of salty, unappreciative, disrespectful haters
16 It's been progressively worsening the already terrible stigma that indie games will always be pretentious, overrated garbage
17 It doesn't come pre-packaged with Cave Story Plus for the sheer amount of money that Toby Fox is charging for it on Steam
18 Sluggish fast-travel system
19 Its dialogue is so melodramatic and over-the-top that it almost feels like a bad fanfiction at times
20 Alphys should have had her own boss battle
21 Bosses dying in literally one hit on the Genocide Run
22 Lack of replay value
23 Toby Fox leaving his fans uncertain on whether or not he'll actually finish making the game's much-needed Hard Mode
24 Too short
25 Enemies don't get stronger to adapt to your immense power as your level increases
26 Not being able to fully save Asriel
27 The final boss fight on the Pacifist Run is a total joke (difficulty-wise)
28 Lack of depth in the battle system
29 Not being able to skip the dating segments
30 Not being able to skip the cutscenes
31 The Omega Flowey boss fight gives the player way too much health
32 It ripped off its title from Cave Story
33 It feels way too much like a blatant imitation of Earthbound
34 Its Encyclopedia Dramatica page is unfunny, badly written and insulting

Aren't all of the ED pages like this? - xandermartin98

35 Alphys won't stop calling you on her phone during the Hotland segment
36 Mettaton's colored tile puzzle is borderline impossible and doesn't give you any second chances to complete it
37 The bullet-dodging mechanic handles sluggishly and has incredibly predictable patterns
38 The Neutral Run ending is actually the worst ending
39 The Genocide Run ending made me think that Inhad literally just erased the game from existence
40 The game is a Rule 34 magnet to the point where it even has its own R34 subreddit called Undertail

Ugh, yes. The porn. It's everywhere. - RiverClanRocks

41 Its popularity has rather excessively flooded Youtube with al manner of comic dubs, speedpaints, Photoshop edits, Let's Plays, you name it
42 Xenogears was kind of a better game and no one ever talks about it
43 The enemy encounter rate is way too low
44 Even in contrast to games like Xenogears, this game is focused a bit too heavily on its story
45 Both the game itself and its soundtrack are somewhat overpriced
46 The godlike quality of the music clashes directly against the 16-bit and simplistic look of the graphics

* 8-bit - xandermartin98

47 Most of the Amalgamates' overworld sprites are wildly inaccurate to what they actually look like in battle

For example: Lemon Bread looks like a guy wearing a hoodie. - xandermartin98

That's actually true. They look too different.

48 Dodging every single name in the credits is a borderline impossible task

"Just Google it."

49 The Pure Pacifist ending is just about the sappiest thing ever
50 Doing the Genocide Run permanently ruins your Pacifist ending unless you hack into the game and remove the Genocide data
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