Top Ten Worst Times and Places to Be Caught Watching Pornography

The Top Ten
1 When you're babysitting and the parents get home
2 In a public library
3 At a children's birthday party
4 At your wedding
5 In the waiting room at a marriage counseling office
6 School
7 In a psychiatric hospital
8 When you are babysitting a 4-year-old
9 At your mother-in-law's funeral
10 During a police interview
The Contenders
11 While confessing to a priest
12 While you are in bed with your wife
13 At a daycare centre
14 While you are rocking your daughter to sleep
15 At dinner with your future in-laws
16 During the holy mass at Church
17 While having health class
18 While in a tornado
19 At parents' house
20 In a Zoom meeting
21 At work
22 In your bed
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