Best Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Scenes

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1 Gwen vents to her father In an emotionally charged scene, Gwen desperately vents to her father about how scared and confused she is about herself and if she's doing the right thing. She feels that she has failed her best friend and her father. Gwen's father realizes that his daughter is more important than being a police officer and retires proving to Gwen how much he loves her and also breaking the canon event. Gwen embraces her father in a tight hug.
2 Miguel confronts Miles on the train Miguel pins Miles down on a train as he berates him and reveals to him that he is an anomaly. He claims that Miles was never deserving of being Spider-Man. Miles overpowers Miguel and tells him he will do his life his own way.
3 Miles is chased by the Spider-Society Upon escaping from the confines Miguel put onto him, Miles is chased by the entirety of the spider society in one of the most complex and well made scenes in animation history.
4 Gwen's backstory and introduction Gwen opens the movie reflecting on how she had failed Miles and reveals her backstory of losing her best friend Peter.
5 Gwen and Miles have a romantic chat on the Williamsburg Bank Building Gwen and Miles flirt with each other on the top of the Williamsburg Bank Building, a building where in other universes Gwen Stacy often tragically dies in. Gwen is scared of being with Miles because every other variant of her dies but Miles tells her that there is a first time for everything.
6 Miles meets The Prowler Miles is caught by the Earth-42 version of Uncle Aaron. He pleads to Aaron that he knows he never wanted to be the Prowler only to find out that Aaron is not the Prowler in this dimension, it's himself
7 Gwen, Miguel, and Jess vs. The Vulture Gwen attempts to take down a renaissance era variant of the vulture all by herself. When all hope is lost she is helped by Miguel O'Hara and Jessica Drew to save the people at the museum and capture the Vulture.
8 Miguel tells Miles about canon events Miguel reveals what a canon event is to Miles and shows his own tragic backstory of losing an entire universe.
9 The Spot shows Miles his future Miles is shown a vision of what appears to possibly be his future.
10 The Spot and Miles's first confrontation Miles confronts the Spot as he attempts to steal cash out of a vending machine resulting in a relatively hilarious fight sequence as Miles tries to subdue the villain and also get to his school meeting with his parents.
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11 Gwen's father almost shoots his daughter Upon learning his daughter is Spider-Woman, George Stacy almost shoots and attempts to arrest her.
12 Touring the Spider Society base After the events in Mumbattan, Jess takes Miles to the Spider Society alongside Gwen and Hobie. Miles interacts with various spider people including a version of the Prowler from the MCU.
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