Top 10 Most Tragic Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

From shattered dreams to unimaginable losses, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has introduced us to a plethora of characters who have been tested in ways we can only begin to comprehend. These characters have experienced personal tragedies, sacrificed their own happiness for the greater good, and faced insurmountable odds that have left us clutching our chests in empathy.

Through the intricate storytelling and stellar performances, we have witnessed the raw emotions and profound depths of these characters' struggles. The MCU has delved into themes of loss, redemption, and the weight of responsibility, giving us a glimpse into the very essence of what it means to be human.
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1 Thor Thor's tragic journey is marked by the loss of his home, his family, and his identity as he grapples with his own failures and strives to find his purpose.

Thor should always stay on top. He watched his best friend and his brother die in front of him. Both of his brothers are dead. He had to leave the love of his life.

It's so obvious that Thor has the saddest story. Compared to the two above him, he lost everything. He should be number one!

Thor's backstory is so sad. He lost everything. I want to move him up, but I never want to feel like he feels.

2 Scarlet Witch Scarlet Witch's tragic arc is shaped by the immense grief and trauma she has endured, leading her to struggle with her own powers and the consequences they bring.

She was trapped under a bed for two days while her parents lay dead on the floor. As she waited for a bomb to go off, she was tortured and underwent painful experiments. Then she watched her home country get destroyed. She caused a bunch of people to die because she was trying to save her friend's life and is blamed for it all.

Then she loses the love of her life and disappears for five years. Once she tries to get back what she lost, she brainwashes an entire town just to get the love of her life back, and people think of her as a villain. If that isn't a tragic story, then I don't know what is.

3 Nebula Nebula's tragic story revolves around her traumatic upbringing and the constant struggle for validation, torn between loyalty to her adoptive father and her yearning for freedom and identity.


Ok, so I think her story is so tragic because, even though she was tortured and rebuilt by the "father" that A: killed her parents and B: treated her like crap, it really hurts because she went through all that because of him. Also, let's face it, Gamora's obviously better. Nebula can't help it, so she gets another piece of metal in her brain every time. It's awful.

Thanos would have Gamora and Nebula battle each other. Every time Nebula lost, Thanos would have a part of her replaced with robotic parts. Not only that, but Thanos called Gamora his favorite daughter right in front of her.

4 Rocket Rocket's tragic character is defined by his deep-seated insecurities, trauma from being genetically modified, and the struggle to connect with others as he battles inner demons and seeks redemption.

Sorry, I'm doing this again, but I want to be clearer. Rocket was an outcast of society. He knew that but didn't know who he was. From all the teasing and being made fun of for something he couldn't control, which is being a monstrous, ugly, trash-eating raccoon, he tried to hide his insecurity. Eventually, it became natural for him to be a small, annoying raccoon who was desperate for attention.

Yondu's and Rocket's scene says a lot about how Rocket is mean to anyone willing to take in his screaming and crankiness all day. At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, he wonders why his new family hasn't left him yet.

Now, the worst part.

His first weeks in life were in a cage, surrounded by other raccoons with no space or light. Eventually, he is one of many who are taken and ripped apart, gutted from the inside out, and tortured constantly until he is "perfect," which no one, including himself, sees that he is. But soon, he gets the idea he has worth, that something is at the end of all of it, and it's all going to be fun.

He has new friends and a new family who all have one thing in common: the desperate want or need to see the sky. Eventually, he sees it, and he gets his hopes up even higher. But then, boom, there is no happiness at the end. His life in a cage, being tortured until he is something and someone else entirely, was worth nothing because, in the mind of the great evolutionary, he has no purpose, no conscience, and nothing to be happy about.

At the end of the film, he says, "A purpose for what? They made us for nothing. Just stupid experiments to be thrown away." It hurts a lot to think you're nothing and a step for someone else to walk on to get to a higher place. Anyway, then his first family dies in front of him, and he lives with the guilt because he thinks it's his fault, so he pushes everyone away. You can tell he is very young because of his teeth and stance. He was only about 10 in human years, and with... more

5 Star-Lord Star-Lord's tragedy lies in his unresolved father issues, the loss of his mother, and the choices he has made that lead to heartbreak and the ultimate sacrifice.

Star-Lord had it all happen to him. He lost his birth dad, adoptive dad, his mom, his Walkman, and he had to find out what all his friends were going through. Being the captain, he had to carry it all on his shoulders. Also, the one person he truly loved, Gamora, died and now she isn't in love with him. It must suck to be him.

He watched his mother die, had to kill his father, watched his caretaker die, then the love of his life.

6 Loki Loki's tragic nature stems from his constant search for acceptance and belonging, often resorting to manipulation and self-sabotage, causing a never-ending cycle of pain and betrayal.

Loki has been through a lot. Loki thinks that the All-Father's and Frigga's love for him is fake, and that Thor has no reason to love him. He went through a lot, and in the Loki series, he gave up his happiness and joy for everyone else.

Loki. First, being in Thor's shadow all the time. That's the least of his problems. He killed his real dad so he could get his adoptive father's approval for once, but he just says "No, Loki," and then Loki proceeds to kill himself. He really did all of that just for his father to say "Yes, Loki," but even though it was wrong, he still couldn't explain why or put him down slowly. His love for Loki is so fake it's disgusting.

After that, he was resurrected just to be tortured even more by Thanos. Then he had to live with the guilt of killing his mom, but he couldn't even be there for her. He lives with that guilt and it probably will forever haunt him.

Apart from all that, Loki proceeds to fake his death in every movie. This is his way of making sure Odin or Thor still loves him, or his desperate attempt for attention.

Now, we have Ragnarok. He got close with Thor, then died. He finally learned he didn't have to be killed to prove to himself that his family loved him, but then he was killed by the man he did everything for. Worst backstory ever.

7 Drax the Destroyer Drax's tragedy is rooted in the immense loss he has suffered, seeking revenge for his family's death while grappling with his own emotional turmoil and the complexities of his past.

Drax was made to be a dad. We see it in his humor, his laugh, his attitude, and his way of life. So imagine the one purpose everyone knows you had just died at the hands of one of your family, but the only thing is they hate him too. He must have been so confused at first, but I feel so bad for him.

He saw his wife and daughter killed in front of him by the mad titan Thanos. He's a funny person but has a tragic backstory.

8 Gamora Gamora's tragic tale stems from her traumatic childhood, being raised by Thanos, and the internal conflict she faces as she seeks redemption while grappling with her own past actions.

She died at the hands of her abuser. Everyone else on this list got a happy ending, but not the OG Gamora. Plus, her soul was probably erased with the Soul Stone, meaning she probably won't get to reunite with the Guardians even in death.

Gamora was tortured as well and eventually realized the fate of her sister. That news must have been really devastating, but I don't know what else to write.

Her home planet, including her mother and father, was killed by Thanos. Then she was kidnapped by Thanos and he claimed her as his daughter.

9 Iron Man Iron Man's tragedy lies in his journey from selfishness to selflessness, constantly grappling with the consequences of his actions and the heavy burden of being a hero who must make tough choices.
10 Bucky Barnes Bucky's tragedy lies in his transformation into the Winter Soldier, haunted by the memories of his actions and the constant fight to reclaim his true self amidst the pain and guilt.

First of all, Bucky was part of the 107th when they got captured by HYDRA, who experimented on him until he was rescued by Steve. Then, he "died" when falling off the train, but was recovered by HYDRA and turned into a killer. They brainwashed and tortured him for almost 70 years, forcing him to kill over and over.

When he recognizes Steve, they hurt him more and more until he escapes at the end of Captain America: Winter Soldier. After trying to live a semi-normal life, he is framed for King T'Chaka's murder and is captured, where Zemo turns him back into the Winter Soldier. The only good thing that happened to him was going to Wakanda to remove the effects HYDRA still had on him. But he still has to deal with the overwhelming amount of grief and trauma that comes with being a murder weapon for decades.

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11 Captain America Captain America's tragedy is rooted in his displacement from the time he knew and loved, sacrificing his personal happiness and facing the burden of being a symbol of hope in a complex world.

He has the saddest past because he had to leave a whole generation behind.

12 Black Widow Black Widow's tragic story is defined by her dark past and the weight of her past actions as an assassin, leading her on a path of redemption and sacrifice for the greater good.
13 Captain Marvel Captain Marvel's tragic journey stems from her fragmented memories, discovering her true identity, and the internal struggle to reconcile her past life with her new purpose in defending the universe.

Taken from her friends by the Kree to be used as a weapon to fight Skrulls who were simply trying to seek refuge.

14 Hank Pym Hank Pym's tragic arc is marked by his deep regret and guilt for his past mistakes, pushing him to become a recluse and struggle with his relationships, ultimately seeking redemption and closure.

The original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, lost his wife while trying to stop a nuclear bomb. His wife went molecular and warped to the Quantum Realm. Yes, they were reunited, but he has been grieving ever since.

15 Spider-Man Spider-Man's tragedy is rooted in the immense responsibility he carries as a young hero, juggling his personal life and the weight of being a protector while facing heart-wrenching losses and sacrifices.

He already lost Uncle Ben, and in Endgame, he lost his mentor, Iron Man. There is a chance.

16 Erik Killmonger Killmonger's tragedy lies in his upbringing and the injustice he has witnessed, leading him to pursue a path of revenge, challenging the ideals of Wakanda, and embodying the pain of generations of oppression.
17 Valkyrie Valkyrie's tragic nature emerges from her traumatic past, witnessing the destruction of her people and losing her sense of purpose, which drives her to find redemption and reclaim her identity as a warrior.

Once a member of the Asgardian Valkyrie, she was the only survivor from Hela's raid on Asgard.

18 Thanos Thanos' tragedy is defined by his twisted ideology and belief that his actions, no matter how devastating, are justified for the greater good, showcasing the depth of his convictions and the immense sacrifices he is willing to make.
19 Hawkeye Hawkeye's tragedy emerges from his role as an ordinary human amidst gods and super-soldiers, often facing personal loss and grief, which drives him to become a determined and relentless hero.
20 Doctor Strange Doctor Strange's tragedy stems from his journey of personal growth, losing his former life and facing his own limitations, leading him to confront the darkness within himself and embrace the selfless path of a Sorcerer Supreme.
21 Yelena Belova Yelena Belova's tragic journey is rooted in her past as a Black Widow assassin and the emotional turmoil she experiences as she grapples with her own identity and the loss of her sister figure, Natasha Romanoff.
22 Bruce Banner Bruce Banner's tragedy lies in his constant battle with his own inner demons, struggling to control the Hulk within him and the personal sacrifices he must make in order to protect those around him.
23 Dark Phoenix Dark Phoenix's tragedy revolves around the overwhelming power she possesses and her internal struggle to control it, leading to the destruction and loss she causes, ultimately grappling with her own identity and the consequences of her actions.
24 Mantis Mantis' tragic character is defined by her isolated upbringing and the pain she feels by being manipulated and used by others, yearning for a sense of belonging and genuine connections with those around her.

She was taken by Ego and treated like a slave ever since she was a larva.

25 Malekith Malekith's tragic tale unfolds as he seeks revenge and darkness consumes his heart, leading him down a path of destruction and loss as he becomes consumed by his own twisted ambitions, disregarding the lives caught in his wake.

He lost all his people in the fight and ended up dying himself, also knowing that loss. This character's whole arc hit me very hard and is, in my opinion, the most tragic character in the MCU.

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