Advantages of Being In a Tranquil Bookstore

This list seeks to explore the seven different ways in which you can act insane in a calm library. Please do not imitate, I implore you.

The Top Ten

1 You Can Scream, “I Have a Hundred Dollar Buck In My Pocket.” and Start Kicking a Nearby Reader for No Reason at All
2 You Can Walk Up to a Person Who Is Peacefully Reading On the Other Side of the Store and Demand Angrily, “What the Heck Are You Lookin’ At, Punk? Huh? Huh?!”
3 You Can Suddenly Fling All the Books of One Rack Onto the Floor and Run Out
4 You Can Suddenly Wonder Loudly, “Why Do I Feel Like Everyone Is Staring at Me?”
5 You Can Fling a Heavy Book at a Person and Start Tickling Him
6 You Can Suddenly Sing With Great Emotion, ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’
7 You Can Yell at the Top of Your Voice, “I Have a Bomb In My Pocket.”
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