Best Adventurous Ralph Characters

Adventurous Ralph is a Made Up T.V. Show starring Characters: Ralph (Main) (11 Years Old), Carson (Handsome Brother) (15 years Old), Kate (Beautiful Sister) (14 Years Old), Mr Pronnt (40 Years Old Man), Sophie (Mother), Percy (Father), Arlington (Clever Man), Derek (Ralph's Best Friend) (11 Years Old), Adventure (Head Of Adventure), Wally (Silly Person) (11 Years Old), Carys (A Beautiful Girl Who Ralph Loves) (12 Years Old Girl) Green Man and Coolington (Ralph's Superhero's), Hanson (Head Of A Famous Band) with his workers, Steve, Mikey, Ricardo (All Are 19 Years Old) Dan (Inventer) (29 Years Old), Sebastian (Strong Headteacher) (37 Years Old). Villans like Evil Of the Night, Red Laser and many more. This Show Is About A Guy Called Ralph Who Goes On Adventures to defeat EVIL whilst Going To School As Well.

The Top Ten

1 Ralph

An Amazing Character who is caring, Funny, Adventurous and would save you from danger.

2 Carson

A Handsome Teenager who is always wins the Girls. He Is Really Fast and always wins Sports Day.

3 Mr Pronnt

An Funny Teacher who is Jealous Of Ralph so he Gives Ralph "F" On Every Work All Because He Used to be the best at Adventures but Ralph Took Over a few years back

4 Kate

A Beautiful Teenager Who is really good at being a Cheerleader

5 Percy

Ralph Dad, An Unlucky Dad Who Always Wishes to be an Inventor like "Dan" But on the other hand he is lucky because Him and Sophie can become superhero's named "Powerful Percy and Super Sophie" who helps Ralph defeat tough Evil Enemies

6 Dan

An Inventor who Always Gives His Good Inventions to his Boss to make Money. He Is also the father Of Carys.

7 Hanson

A Handsome Man who works with Steve, Mikey and Ricardo to form a Super Band

8 Sophie

Ralphs Mother, A Very Lucky Mother who is happy about her life She Can Become "Super Sophie" In Times

9 Green Man and Coolington

Ralph's Superhero's Who Ralph Wants to see in Real Life

10 Arlington

An Intelligent Man who would always do your homework for you.

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