Alfred Hitchcock's Top Ten Movies

Even half a century later, Alfred Hitchcock’s portly silhouette is still recognizable by millions and his movies continue to be regarded as some of the greatest of all time. Although four of his films were nominated for Academy Award for Best Picture and one eventually won the award, Alfred’s popularity among critics has done nothing but grow as time passes. Today, he is regarded as one of the greatest directors to have worked in Hollywood.

This list of his top ten movies includes the very best of a remarkable catalog of films directed by the one and only Alfred Hitchcock.

The Top Ten

1 Psycho

rear window is close, but the credit goes to psycho for breaking all the rules of cinema. and its one of the best directed films of all time, and a great character analysis! oh, and vertigo was good but predictable

I bet this movie and The Shining scared some people away from going to hotels.

It's the greatest thriller psychological horror movie of all times and with the infamous shower scene hitchock pulled out his best ever work my favorite thriller horror movie of all time and norman bates the best

An iconic cinematic art. Psycho is so embedded in the culture that it’s hard to imagine how radical and strange it was fifty five years ago. It was as though Steven Spielberg had gone indie rogue, breaking every rule in the canon as he went. - TechnoTarantino

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2 Vertigo

This is brutal to decide; I love this, Rope and Psycho. What makes this unique is that Hitchcock tapped into his sensibilities as an artist instead of an entertainer, and used surrealistic technique and showbiz style to create a scary mental meditation. This is no more a thriller than 'Freaks' is a horror movie. Beauty in motion.

It's my favourite Alfred Hitchcock film and it is in my top 10 favourite films ever. I remember when I saw it for first time 2 years ago, when it finished, I could not believe how I was so amazed.

Psycho and North by Northwest are more popular without a doubt, but when it comes to Hitchcock's real classics, they simply cannot be as great as Vertigo.

My second favourite Hitchcock film. It kept me guessing so it did its job. - BKAllmighty

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3 Rear Window

This movie just makes the viewer part of it, and it is full of suspense... Great ranking.

What keeps this film afloat is its genius story and execution. Of course, James Stewart doesn't hurt the film, either. - BKAllmighty

Man I don't get why people like Vertigo that film was awful. This film is so much better, and is one of my favorites!

My personal favorite Hitchcock, and probably the best (Psycho, Rear Window, and Vertigo are all so close).

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4 North by Northwest

My favorite movie of all Time! Its really great and a must see! The best from each Hitchcock into one great film.

I wasn't impressed with this one. Carry Grant acts like a cocky, confident Don Draper even when he's got a gun in his back. The acting isn't believable and the plot is predictable. I almost wanted the plane to kill him. - BKAllmighty

Adventure, suspense and plenty of scenery for a framed man, reminds me of the Fugitive. Second best, behind Psycho.

This is the greatest movie I ever watched, no other Hitchcock movie I like better.

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5 The Birds

Agree with Magnolia, this is Alfred's most classic and awesome movie. All of his movies are incredible, but I think The Birds is the best hands down. - lukestheman4

should be #1 - fantastic movie!
Real classic! - Magnolia

So underrated and love this

There's no contest, for me. Sadly, most of his films haven't aged well and are almost laughably-melodramatic and predictable. This film is an outlier, in that respect. It features some of the best acting, pacing, cinematography, and sound mixing and editing ever put into a horror film. It's a true classic, and it's Hitchcock's best horror film. Yes, even better than 'Psycho'. Having said that, 'Psycho', 'Vertigo', and 'Rear Window' are all still great. - BKAllmighty

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6 Dial M for Murder

A movie where you will root for the husband to kill his wife.

7 Strangers on a Train
8 The Man Who Knew Too Much
9 Notorious
10 Rope

Increíble. It catches you. It as filmes un only 3 shots.

The Contenders

11 Rebecca
12 Shadow of a Doubt
13 To Catch a Thief

Cary Grant is quite simply the coolest guy ever. - PetSounds

14 Marnie

It's an amazing film! One of the most underrated ones ever! It has Tippi Hendren, Sean Connery, an amazing score by Bernard Hermann and a fantastic storyline. What else do you want?

15 The 39 Steps
16 The Trouble with Harry

Harry is my name laugh out loud

17 Spellbound
18 Young and Innocent
19 Suspicion
20 The Lady Vanishes

Very fun mystery, full of charm and excitement!

21 Stage Fright
22 Saboteur
23 Lifeboat

See if you can spot Hitchcock's appearance in the lifeboat.

24 Frenzy
25 The Wrong Man
26 Sabotage
27 Foreign Correspondent
28 I Confess
29 Anatomy of a Murder
30 Family Plot

Jewel thieves vs. con artists, very underrated movie.

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