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The Amazing World of Gumball is a show by Cartoon Network.

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1 The Tape

This episode was hilarious! I loved ninja george 2

Very funny my favorite hands-down

I love this episode! it was funny and shows how creative and inspiring Gumball and Darwin are! this episode isn't the best, but its certaintly one of the better amazing world of gumball episodes

1. The Choices
2. The Spoon
3. The Uploads
4. The Copycats
5. The Origins Part I & II
6. Christmas
7. Halloween
8. The Joy
9. The Vacation
10. The Parking

2 The Shell

I hated Penny after this. My opinion, any rude replies will not be read.

I GUARANTEE YOU someone came out of the closet because of this episode. and that just gives me a warm feeling inside myself

Penny finally revealed herself!

My favorite Gumball episode of all time before that I didn't even have a favorite episode at all but that change completely when I saw this episode we fans have waited for several years to see this air and for at least several of us it was worth it. this episode blew me away something that usually doesn't happen for me all, the MOMENT they showed Penny unshelled my jaw dropped stunned (but not in a negative way) I became even more stunned when Penny shapeshifted the first time and possibly all the other times she changed forms but it reached it peak in stunning me when Gumball KISSED Penny I did not see that coming I had simply assumed that she unshell and that's about it (not complaining now) but wow I had no idea this episode would blow me away it was awesome why is it not Number 1 yet? Because unlike most episodes this episode feels different from the other episodes not that the others episodes are bad (with several exceptions of course) and it broke the status quo by keeping Penny ...more

3 The Choices

This is the best - Margarida

1 the choises
2 the disaster 1&2
3 the origins
4 the shell
5 the hope
6 the parents
7 the parents - Margarida

Definitely the most charming and cute, not most hilarious. That might be The Console or The Others or The Singing or The Faith (another great episode).

Some people need to make the choice to watch this. (laughs at own lame joke.)

4 The Remote

I have to give Anais credit. That was actually smart thinking

Love everything about this! The humor is perfect and it was entertaining to watch the Wattersons quarrel over a remote. I absolutely loved the ending!

Love the Richard Gumball Darwin and Nicole chase scene at the parking lot, especially Richard! And the end was the darkest in Gumball's history.

The best of all

5 Christmas

This is beautiful!

Loved when Nicole said that Switzerland didn’t exist

Love the Santa run over thing and it was an epic Christmas special.

I love this episode! It's hilarious! I was laughing all the way through though its really sweet at the end

6 The Matchmaker

BEST Gumball episode in the show! - CD234

My List
1.The Matchmaker
2.The Origins Part I & II
3.The Copycats
4.The Uploads
5.The Party
6.The Disestor
7.The Rerun
9.The Joy
10.The Console
11.The Words
12. The Dream
13. The Downer
14.The Detecteve
15.The Pizza
This Is My List!

Best Episode! this is my top 10 gumball episodes.
1.The Matchmaker
2.The Love
3.The Storm
4.The Buddy
6.The Lie
7.The Choices
8.The Faith
9.The Question
10.The Singing

You might as well add this here if you added The Shell. - 445956

7 The Copycats

It was my favorite - ArcticWolf

Be your own you gets stuck in my head every time!

I love this episode

This is an episode about gumball RIP OFFS, but actually there's a REAL gumball rip off. The rip off is a chinese version of gumball called miracle star. That's upsetting that China tried to take the credit. Still. This episode was funny.

8 The Origins

A both funny and heartwarming backstory. - Gametoon

Best episode ever it should be #1

Either this or The Choices is the best episode.

It way too funny. This is the episode when Darwin meets Gumball. This is funny due to how the other fishes die of an accident.

9 The Finale

I hope the last episode be a continuation of this episode

Deserves to be a lot higher, this show is at its best when it's doing meta humor. Same for the Sweater.

THE END... Of season 2 and the beginning of season 3!

This is the worst episode of the series.

10 The Uploads

It was a hard choice between this and the Tape, but this one is just a smidge better to me. One of the newer episodes, I love the advertisement and Game Review. Couldn't stop laughing at this. Definitely the best in the end.

I love the saxophone dog and everything else but I hate the ending.

Me on the internet. "Alright just one more" *after video* "oh yah new SMG4! " And so on.

Basically us on the internet


The Contenders

11 The Love

ANOTHER MUSICAL! And really, this episode just came out. Actually it's still better than the extras and the world.

A great episode

, I hate this episode. I don't know why. - SarahMcDerp


12 The Robot

Really? The one where everyone falls for the obvious to point out disguise? - Gametoon

Why is this so high? - 445956

God this episode is creative. - regularshowman

I don't know why everyone hates this episode. It's really good.

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13 The End

The things Gumball and Darwin do in desperation are funny. - Gametoon

Gumball tries to marry Penny and Carmen, they think the end has come, and the port potty Richard thing was hilarious

Hey wanna get married?

The first TAWOG episode with an end of the world sinario

14 The Refund

This was hilarious. - Gametoon

Though it is season 1 it was the best episode with the two duo with gumball and Darwin which includes lots of humor and also funny story & song.

Great song, "Refund the World" and a hilarious refund chasing adventure. Loved how the Dad got a mustache! "

This Episode Is Just Really Memorable. #refundtheworld - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

15 The Job

Really funny and creative

Both one of the funniest and the most creative. - Gametoon

This is the One + One = Ed of Gumball.

I loved the scene where the family goes through a lot of different art styles.

16 The Helmet

What the what! This episode should be in top ten I like this episode... Hah

Clearly the best episode!

Cool episode

Good episode

17 The Faith

This is one of the most beautifull episodes I have ever seen, should be higer (but is not really fun)

This episode was incredibly heartwarming and sad. It doesn’t sugarcoat anything. It acknowledges that life sucks but there is plenty of good too.

18 The World

This actually parodies cartoons. The lunchroom warfare scene is a parody of Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force and the fish scene is obviously "Disney's Fish Hooks"

The Microwaving sausage is just the funniest scene in the entire series

Wait what?! Why are they still alive?!?!

Amazing, pure dark humor.

19 The Gripes

This episode was the best!

This episode is mean spirited and a very inappropriate gumball episode. It is my least favorite episode.

They lied to US nope you just went there the characters at their worst here

My third favourite episode.

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20 The Wicked

I love the Mr. Robinson song - RockStarr

Meh (get it)

21 The Responsible

Gumball and Darwin's baby-sitting attempts were hilarious, and so was the ending. - Gametoon

This should be higher. Though I prefer seasons 2 3 and 4, it is the funniest. Favorites: The Name The Remote The Void The Origins The Nobody The Countdown The Hero and The Responsible After that is The Shell

I LOVED THIS EPISODE. It's STILL my favorite episode of AWOG - JaysTop10List

22 The Coach

The twist ending. Enough said. - Gametoon

This episode was really good and super funny

Their coach are big square red lady

This is my favorite episode.

23 The Procrastinators

My favourite episodes top 3
3. The lesson
2. The tape
1. The procrastinators
Honorable mentions : the dress, the shell, the internet and the joy

Why is this one so low in the list, its clearly one of the best episodes, its resemblance to my dayly life is just so accurate

This episode was extremely hilarious
"oh hi! " I was dying

24 The Signature

Looove this episode we see Richard's dad for the first time

25 The Limit

This episode was brilliant. It was pretty terrifying when Nicole went crazy, but still really funny. The entire episode was brilliant.

I don't understand why people hate this episode so much, I mean come on.

Doughnut Sheriff is not arrest in here right now.

This needs to be lower, because who put this here was drunk.

26 The Shippening

Larry x Mr. Small forever

27 The DVD

The first episode. This one is super funny. - Gametoon

The first episode

I love this episode. I hate to say it, but I don't like "The Dress" at all. - Garythesnail

I love the rapping potion the best

28 The Party

I don't really care for Rachel, but I like this episode. - Gametoon

Whoo! Want more of Rachel!

More Rachel! The show needs more Rachel

I hate this episode and Rachel as a whole. - 445956

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29 The Disaster

Darwin dies... No... - SarahMcDerp

One of The more Serious Episodes from the Show Which is hillarious and Epic at the same Time! :D

30 The Comic

This was okay.

31 The Boombox

Best Gumball Episode.

Love the hilarious jokes (Crying Forever is one of them) and Juke being the Protagonist. He deserves it.

This is the episode where Gumball and Darwin react to ElmoreSearch videos. Banana Rocks, Puppy suddenly falls asleep, Trust fail and crying forever. The episode was funny. (Boombox talk) It sounded like he's running from the butt police. I will love Juke and the Boombox

Wait, what... This episode was just them torturing that Boombox guy, why would anyone like this episode...

Juke's first major roll. He SO deserved that.

32 The Dress

Darwin is so creepy here. Also, how is Anais able to point out Gumball but no one else? - Gametoon

This episode is so uncomfortable and weird. I hate the fact that darwin... ew... somehow had a crush on gumball. Also what is also terrible is that somehow everyone thinks he is a girl just because he is wearing a dress. that's STUPID. I think it is just uncomfortable when darwin starts having a crush on gumball to creepy when he starts stalking gumball. Also I don't like the fact that everyone start worshipping gumball because he is wearing a dress. This is certainly one of the worst gumball episodes ever and I can't believe you put this in the top ten of such an amazing and creative show that certainly has better to chose from.

The dress is my favorite episode it's hilarious when gumball gets naked its kinda weird the laugh out loud thing that happened in this episode was Darwin kissing gumball and his made up name was weird everyone was fooled with the dress

Why is this here? its not as bad as some people claim, but cheezits is it mediocure.

33 The Spoiler

Great episode. This show is getting even funnier and crazier with every episode. And Darwin thought that Gumball can make cheese with his breasts

The best scene was Gumball and penny's phone call for me, because after the mirror I thought it was over between them

This episode should be higher

34 The Friend

Very sweet, cute episode.

A dark - ish episode and follow a the plot of The Iron Giant

35 The Scam

This isn't out yet, but it sounds great.

I Fell Weird Saying This But I'm Going To Do It... I LOVE THAT DARWIN AND CARRIE LOVE EACH OTHER... Done by the way This Episode Was Great - Stevenpenguin

36 The Mirror
37 Halloween

This is hilarious!

This is a great special, but it’s scary.

DARWIN KISSED CARRIE! Finally! Darwin should have his love stories, not just Gumball!

I love this episode

38 The Signal

Funniest episode ever!

39 The Romantic

This was an Ok episode

It is a shame that unshelled, able to transform into potentially anything Penny is so underutilized in the season 5... Anyway, this one was a really good episode, showing how love can make people stupid. The good kind of stupid.

We need more Gumball and Penny episodes


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40 The Authority
41 The Joy

It's absolutely hilarious how they are zombies of joy. - Gametoon

This episode is so dark, yet so hilarious at the same time. Ms. Simian was surprisingly awesome in this episode, as she is normally a character I usually don't enjoy. If the writers can make someone enjoy watching a character they usually don't like, that's definitely a good thing.

I love this episode personally. Especially how Penny gets infected, as she is my least favorite character. Besides the fact she was left as all the others: frothing rainbow drooling dialated eyes and smiling like a creep. She pisses me off every time I see her shell version. Thank got The Shell came out. She actually looks cute.

This episode was somehow creepy yet funny at the same time.

42 The Oracle

"NO! "
Burning eyeballs
"OK! "

This was the creepiest episode.

My favorite episode

43 The Return

This episode is hilarious! Richard is so funny and I was laughing the whole time. - awesomesauce20345


44 The Void

This was really cool. I forgot about Molly myself.

It's Not My Favorite,But,I Really Enjoyed This Episode,and it Had a Good,But Creepy Plot!

It clippy

45 The Console

So amazing haha

My butt uses sarcasm. It is ineffective. my butt uses butt jokes. It is EFFECTIVE

This was AWESOME. The fight scenes were cool, the end was hilarious, and it has the world's only funny butt jokes.

I like the anime references in this one.

46 The Sweaters

Agreed, it parodies a trope that SO MANY shows/movies do. Loved it.

WHY IS THIS NOT ON THE LIST YET?! The Sweaters is an absolutely HILLARIOUS parody of movies like Karate Kid, and I honestly never stopped laughing while I watched it!

What episodes aren't on this list

This just SUCKED!

47 The Fridge

Notice how this is a lot like the hunger games... Kinda

The pinball but was epic, and remember kids:
"If life gives you lemons, squeeze the lemons back in life's eyes! "

Favorite episode of season 2

48 The Mystery

My all time favorite. - aarond9010

49 The Game

Best Gumball episode is really creative. I don't know why it's so far down...

Such a good episode I think they should make a sequel with new characters like rob my favorite character and some others - mattafat

50 The Puppy

This is hands down the funniest episode ever - Spencer-67

My second favourite episode.

Could not stop laughing.
gags just keep on coming


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