Top Ten Camp Camp Characters

Since Season 1 is almost over,let's have a rundown of the best characters
The Top Ten
1 Max

Honestly Max is a different character by the end. he also has a soft spot that he hides. He is just misunderstood, and he actually likes David. He just hates how he views the world.

Coming at number one is the the protagonist Max. Max is the sarcastic jerk that pretty much always gets his way. He despises David and his optimism. His two friends are Nikki and Neil. Max is much beloved and most changed in the series. Earlier in the show he was a selfish two faced jerk but by season four he's just a selfish jerk. Shown in the season 2 episode, Parents' Day, we turn to find out that his parents neglect Max and never seemed to care about him.

2 David

He does the intro. How could he not be loved by literally just that. And the fact that he's cursed with getting hit by cars and stabbed.

David is the happy-go-lucky character which Max despises. David's! ain goal for everybody at camp is to have fun, no matter the way they have it. Considering that he's not rude or smart, he's just a loveable character.

I hate and like him-

3 Nikki

The all around Adventure kid. Nicolette (Known in the show as Nikki) has a bursting amount of energy that always keeps her going. The green haired girl is not afraid to get her feet wet and usually leads to main trio on adventures. Her design and description is just easily loved y everyone around.

4 The Quartermaster

Quartermaster does the rest of the jobs that both of the counselors don't do, such as cool and clean. He has a book for a hand wit many attachments. Quartermaster is the strangest out of the bunvh. Things ranging from murdering a squirrel king to having a BDSM old people orgy...gross...

5 Niel

Neil is one of the main protagonists of the show. While at first he looks like Just some nerdy kid (which he is) he's later to shown to be bold (mostly in language). He is the one that mostly questions Nikki's ambitions but has caused quite a bit of mischief himself.

He's an absolute riot at times! Easily made me laugh the most out of everyone even combined on this list!

Niel is half of my personality. I love how upset he gets when he doesn't agree with somebody's opinion.

6 Gwen

She is the definition of a teenage girl. From being ok with being tied up because of a reality show, or ditching camp when Daniel shows up, She is definitely up there in my favorites.

Gwen is the other counselor at Camp Camp and is what is described to be as a moody teenager. She mostly makes sarcastic comments and loves to read strange fanfiction. Max and other characters like to make fun of her because she has got different college degrees but ended up working at a small dysfunctional camp..

7 Dolph

The obvious joke to Dolph was basing him off of Hitler...Jokes like him becoming the leader and a painter is enough to make anyone chuckle.

8 Harrison
9 Nurf
10 Space Kid

Space kid is not the most intelligent creature of the bunch. He is always seen to have a fish bowl on his head and he always talks about space. It is later revealed on season 2 episode "Parents Day" that his real name is Neil Armstrong Junior named after his grandfather.

The Contenders
11 Sasha
12 Daniel
13 Tabii
14 Preston
15 Nerris
16 Erin
17 Cameron Campbell
18 Jermy Fartz

Even though out of the rest of these he's had the least amount of air time,he's still pretty comical of a character. Jermy is the most disgusting character. He's always seem to be making something gross. Like shutting himself... I find him to be the funniest character in season 2

19 Snake
20 Ered Miller
21 Platypus
22 Edward Pikeman
23 Petrol
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