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Oban Star-Racers is a French/Japanese animated series that aired in 2006. In the future, Earth has been invited to compete in the Great Race of Ōban, an intergalactic race whose winner can be given any wish in the world. A girl named Eva Wei becomes the pilot of Earth's racing team, hoping to win the race so she can resurrect her deceased mother. Her long lost father Don Wei is the race manager, but does not recognize his own daughter, so she conceals her identity with the false name "Molly."
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1 The Moment of Truth

In the series finale the Great Race comes to a shocking end as Ōban is reborn with a new Avatar, and Eva faces a brighter future with her father.

2 Welcome to Oban

The Earth Team has made it to Ōban, site of the finals. With new and old rivals, a new points rule, and strange new courses, Molly races for the Ultimate Prize.

3 Optimised Like Ondai

In the 4th race of Oban, Molly faces off against a mechanical racer named Ondai, whose supercomputer-like intelligence gives him an edge in the race. Meanwhile Don Wei learns that Eva has run away from school.

4 Canaletto's Revenge

In the 9th and final race of Oban, Kross goes on a rampage destroying all racers in his path. In the end his only opponent is Molly, who makes a fateful decision.

5 Secret Like Sul

Before the 7th rave of Oban, Molly discovers a conspiracy by other racers to take out Sul, the leading racer in points. She struggles with whether to stay quiet and remove Sul as a rival, or tell the truth.

6 The Origin of the World

In the 6th race of Oban, new facts about Ōban are revealed. The Crogs hold Prince Aikka's parents hostage, forcing him to break his friendship with Molly.

7 Ominous Like O

Don Wei confesses that he knows Molly's true identity and reveals why he left her ten years earlier. During the 8th race, O sends Molly into a fatal crash.

8 Silent Like Spirit

Don and Molly are horrified because the next racer, Spirit might have been responsible for the death of Maya, Molly's mom. During the race, Molly's blinded by hatred and races recklessly.

9 Make Way!

To reach Ōban The Earth Team must win their last race in a rematch against Toros with a rebuilt, untested Arrow, or lose everything.

10 Nervous Like Ning & Skun

In the 3rd race of Oban, Molly races hard to finally win her team some points.

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11 Fierce Like Lord Furter

In the 2nd race of Oban, Molly faces Lord Furter, a pirate that wins by eliminating his opponents before the start of each race.

12 Cruel Like Ceres

Rick races against Ceres, but he is unable to control his muscles or vision, so Molly races to help Rick pilot.

13 Agile Like Aikka

Molly and Aikka agree to hold back their weapons for their race, but Don Wei and Jordan favor an aggressive approach.

14 In Like Flint

Molly enters a fixes race in favor of the hometown racer Flint

15 Treacherous Like Toros

The semifinals begin as Molly races against the Crog racer, Toros, who proves to be her strongest enemy yet.

16 Surprising Like Super-Racer

Don Wei decides to have Rick train Molly, who then races Super Racer.

17 Monstrous Like Muir

In the 5th race of Oban, Molly faces Muir, whose goal is similar to her own.

18 Resistant Like Rush

Molly races Rush in a target race, a contest of marksmanship, while Don Wei reveals how his wife died and he left Eva.

19 Playful Like Para-Dice

The Whizzing Arrow is sabotaged by Paradice, and while racing her, Molly learns about the nature of the ultimate prize.

20 A Fresh Start

In the pilot, Earth is invited by the Avatar to "The Great Race of Ōban." Meanwhile, Eva Wei escapes from her boarding school to find a father she hasn't seen in 10 years.

21 Grave Like Groor

With no lead pilot, Molly jumps into the next race against Don Wei's objections.

22 Hostilities Break Out
23 The Will to Win

Molly contemplates her future. Rick discovers the "Timeless One"

24 Revelations
25 Cruel Like Kross

Molly's dream has been crushed by the Ultimate Prize's true nature

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