Top 10 Worst Things Lisa Simpson Has Done on The Simpsons

And now it's time to look back at some of the worst actions by the smartest member of the Simpson family, Lisa. The moments where she either let her ego run wild, forced her beliefs on others, or moments that were questionable.
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1 Covered Up the "Murder" of Martin Prince (Dial N for Nerder)

While Bart may have been responsible for the whole situation Lisa still had a part in it, after she accidentally knocks Martin off the cliff while trying to save him and rather then tell anyone about what happened she and Bart both try to cover it up.

She keep the award when she won the singing competition against a boy. A boy Homer sabotaged his last song, so Lisa could win. Lisa moral hypocrisy?.

2 Became Addicted to Second Hand Smoke (Smoke on the Daughter)

Lisa gets recruited for a ballet academy but is terrible at it until she starts becoming addicted to second hand smoking from the other girls and actually begins performing better and almost smokes a cigarette until Homer catches her and stops her and rather then tell Marge as she would likely be upset about it he has Bart tail her as he later notifies Homer that Lisa is still addicted to chain smoking forcing Homer to take drastic measures.

3 Ruined Homer's Barbecue (Lisa The Vegetarian)

After becoming a vegetarian Lisa begins annoying everyone with her newfound believes and even protests Homer's barbecue and when her protest falls flat she takes extreme measures and uses Homer's mower to steal his pig and sends it rolling down Springfield until it gets blasted into the sky, Lisa of course refuses to apologize to Homer for wrecking his barbecue and runsaway until she meets up with Apu who to her surprise is a vegetarian as he gives her some much needed advice of learning to tolerate others rather then to badger people of thinking differently then her.

this is some pure SJW Karen stuff, especially for her age and considering this was before PETA became big.

4 Attempted to Sabotage Allison's Diorama Project (Lisa's Rival)

In the episode Lisa becomes extremely jealous when a new girl Allison begins showing her up and even being better then her at saxophone and even manages to get first chair so Lisa with Bart's help attempt to sabotage Allison's project by switching her entry with an actual heart.

5 Was Jealous When Bart Became Good at Jazz (Jazzy and the Pussycats)

Lisa becomes jealous when she finds out that Bart is actually good at Jazz and is irritated by his newfound popularity that she feels he didn't earn, she later begins adopting several animals and placing them in the attic where later Bart is making jazz music with the animals and a tiger bites his drumming arm causing extensive nerve damage and now preventing him from playing the drums.

6 Broke Ralph's Heart on Live TV (I Love Lisa)

Ralph ends up crushing on Lisa after she gives him a valentine card out of pity and despite telling him she dosne't feel the same way about him he continues to pursue's her even inviting her to the Krusty Anniversary special and during the event Ralph proposes his lover for her on live TV and Lisa enraged snaps at him as she tells him that she never liked him and that the only reason she gave him the Valentine in the first place was because nobody else would and while her actions were understandable it probably wasn't the right time or place to do this as Lisa does end up feeling bad for humiliating Ralph on live TV as Bart replays the incdent even pin point the exact moment his heart breaks in two.

7 Tricked Bart Into Going to The Landfill Where He is Attacked by Groundskeeper Willie (Girly Edition)

When Lisa is chosen for head anchor for a kids news show Bart is made her co anchor due to his over the top sports report and when he begins upstaging her with his own segment Bart's people she becomes jealous and in order to spite him she tricks him into doing a live report at the dump where a poor immigrant is taking refuge and when Bart arrives he is surprised to find a very angry Groundskeeper Willie there who still holds a grudge against Bart for destroying his shack earlier in the episode and begins attacking him and at first Lisa laughs until she realizes the danger she put him in and goes to save him.

8 Stole All the Teacher Edition Books (Separate Vocations)

After becoming disappointing when her Aptitude Test mostly due to a glitch reveals she is suited to be a home maker rather then a professional saxophone player she begins developing a bad reputation and begins acting out and goes as far as to steal all of the teacher edition books, Bart is shocked to find out what she did when he searches in her locker to find all the books there he willingly takes the rap to keep Lisa from ruining her life.

9 Got a Restraining Order Against Bart and Used it to Torture Him (On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister)

On one hand Bart sort of deserved the punishment after he embarrassed Lisa while on a field trip which led to her to file a restraining order against him and to insure Bart stays 20 feet away from her Homer makes a 20 foot pole with a screw driver at the end of it which Lisa uses it to torment Bart as she constantly pokes with him it, forces him to ride behind the bus in a shopping cart, forcing him to eat outside in the rain during lunch and also forces him into the "Gay Interest" section of the library and even continues to poke him while he's trying to eat his breakfast even knocking over his milk, Bart may have deserved the punishment but it still doesn't excuse Lisa's awful actions towards him.

"On a Clear day I Can't See My Sister" ruined Lisa for Me.

10 Tricked Clara Into Going the Wrong Way to the Dance Thinking That She was Luke's Girlfriend (Dude, Where's My Ranch)

When the family leaves Springfield to get away from a song Homer wrote they arrive at a dude ranch where Lisa falls for a young boy Luke until she overhears him on the phone promising a first dance with a girl named Clara and thinking that she's Luke's girlfriend is heartbroken and when she meet with Clara she intentionally sends her in the wrong direction to the dance however she learns that Clara is actually Luke's sister and to make matters worse Clara ends up in danger and she and Bart along with some unlikely friends come to save her and when she confesses to Luke of what she did he is disgusted by her and pretty much ends their relationship.

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11 Called Homer a Baboon (Lisa's Substitute)

There was a lot of "Homer is a primate" jokes back in the day of the first three seasons, for context.

No Lisa you are the Baboon.

12 Video Taped Bart Watching The Female Itchy and Scratchy Reboot and Posting It Online (Bart vs Itchy and Scratchy)
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