Top 10 Most Relatable Steven Universe Characters

Steven Universe, a dazzling and heartwarming show, has captured the hearts of millions with its expansive, diverse, and thoughtfully crafted cast of characters. They inhabit a universe where sentient, gem-based beings coexist with humans, each carrying unique experiences, personalities, and relatability.

So, which character do you see yourself in? Which Steven Universe character do you relate to most? The world of Steven Universe is replete with characters whose experiences might mirror your own, inspire you, or simply stir feelings of familiarity. They might be crystal gems, like Pearl with her pursuit of perfection and loyalty, or Amethyst, who wrestles with feelings of inadequacy. They could be humans, like Connie Maheswaran, navigating the world of friendship and the extraordinary. Or maybe they're a mix of both, like Steven Universe himself, embodying kindness, empathy, and the trials of growing up.

What makes these characters so relatable isn't just their victories and powers, but also their struggles, their doubts, their growth. From grappling with identity and self-esteem to dealing with loss and change, these themes form a crucial part of their stories. They remind us that, like ourselves, these characters are learning, evolving, and striving to be better.
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1 Pearl Pearl is relatable due to her desire for structure and order, which mirrors the way many of us strive for a sense of control in our chaotic lives. Her struggles with letting go of the past and adapting to new situations are also common human experiences. Her dedication to protecting and teaching Steven shows the lengths we go for those we care about.

Pearl is so relatable! She is smart and dedicated, while showing how people act in real life. She is awkward and protective. She acts like most people would in the situation she was in.

I love how she tries to act strong and hide her feelings but is really a much more complicated character.

She's smart. That's all I can relate to in the Steven Universe world, but I still love the show.

2 Steven Universe As the protagonist, Steven encapsulates the experience of growing up and learning about the world. His empathy, kindness, and determination to do what's right, even in difficult situations, are qualities many of us aspire to. His story of navigating complex familial relationships and self-discovery is truly universal.

Fat, optimistic, and overall a wonderful character!

3 Amethyst The character of Amethyst can resonate with people who often feel out of place or struggle with self-worth. Her journey towards self-acceptance, despite feeling "less than" or "different," mirrors the experiences of many who grapple with their identities or self-esteem.

She thinks she is a mistake most of the time. She loves food and she likes to sleep. She's funny and caring and just wants everyone to be perfect and stronger than she already is, even though she can't notice it. RELATABLE

She isn't always perfect, but isn't that what makes her so like everybody?

I guess I'm really like her. I mean, I'm not small, but reckless, unorganized, and everything she is feels so connected to me. Especially the way she told Pearl, "I never asked to be made." I cried so much because that's what I'm thinking. I always think I'm not perfect nor will I ever be, but I try to understand and love myself.

4 Ruby Ruby is known for her passionate and impulsive nature. Her fierce loyalty and ability to express her emotions freely are characteristics that many people can identify with, especially those who are protective of their loved ones and unafraid to show their feelings.
5 Garnet Garnet symbolizes the balance between individuality and unity, especially in a relationship, as she is the fusion of Ruby and Sapphire. Her leadership skills, wisdom, and unwavering love for those she protects make her a relatable character for many who strive to balance their own personal needs with the needs of others.

Garnet is super cool and good and powerful. I think it's interesting that she is a fusion.

6 Sapphire Sapphire's calm, wise, and introspective demeanor reflects the qualities we find in ourselves when we make an effort to be mindful and thoughtful. Her struggles with letting go of control and learning to live in the moment are experiences that many of us share.

She's a lot like me in the sense of wanting to do what's right. She's introverted, cool, reserved, and forgiving. Sapphire doesn't show her emotions much unless she ends up breaking, like in Keystone Motel.

I relate a lot to Sapphire. I'm calm and quiet a lot, and I tend to think about situations very deeply sometimes.

Sapphire is my birthstone and I can relate a lot to her because she is reserved, quiet, and loving.

7 Greg Universe Greg, as Steven's dad, represents the challenges and rewards of parenthood. His efforts to support and understand his son, despite the vast differences between their life experiences, make him relatable to any parent trying to do their best for their children in a complex world.
8 Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli’s experiences with trauma and her journey towards healing and self-discovery can be deeply relatable for individuals who have faced similar hardships. Her strength and resilience in overcoming her past showcase the human capacity for recovery and growth.

I think I'm most like Lapis. She's fun but also, at times, paranoid. She has a darker, kind of careless, kind of just bored personality too. She's also determined, hard-working, and powerful.

I relate to her more. Who hasn't at some point felt lonely?

Lapis is relatable because she's been in a toxic friendship before. She's also very insecure about herself.

9 Connie Maheswaran Connie’s character, a human girl who starts as a fan of books and ends up as a sword fighter, shows the journey of discovering one's potential and breaking out of one's shell. Her friendship with Steven and her struggles to balance her ordinary life with her adventures in Steven's world will resonate with anyone who's ever felt torn between two different worlds.
10 Lars Lars embodies the struggle of wanting to fit in and be accepted by others. His journey from being an insecure teenager to a brave and self-assured leader is a story of personal growth and self-acceptance that many can connect with.

He's insecure about himself and takes the pain out on others around him. After Steven enters his life, he slowly develops into a better person. This is why he's such a great character.

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11 Peridot Peridot’s transformation from an antagonist to a valued member of the Crystal Gems reflects the human capacity for change and adaptation. Her journey towards understanding and embracing Earth's ways, despite her initial resistance, can be relatable to anyone who's faced drastic changes in their life.

I understand her fully. She's the funniest, sweetest, most relatably nerdy character on the show!

12 White Diamond White Diamond embodies the struggle of overcoming arrogance and learning humility. Her initial belief in her own perfection and subsequent realization of her flaws resonate with individuals who have had to reassess their own self-perceptions and make amends.

She was terrifying and abusive until the very end of Change Your Mind. After that, I personally relate to her pressuring herself to be perfect, hating herself for not measuring up to her standards, isolating herself, wanting to stay in her own head and not be around others, and just her general demeanor at the end of the episode.

13 Sadie Sadie is relatable in her journey from a donut shop worker to a successful musician. Her struggles with finding her passion, overcoming self-doubt, and establishing her own identity, apart from her job and her mother's expectations, mirror the challenges many people face.
14 Pink Diamond The character of Pink Diamond depicts the struggle of living up to expectations and finding one's own path. Her desire for freedom and her mistakes along the way, particularly in her relationships, can resonate with many who have ever felt trapped by societal expectations or roles.

Not being good enough for Yellow or Blue, no matter how hard she tried. Being told to "grow up" when you're just trying to have a bit of fun and be yourself.

15 Blue Diamond Blue Diamond's character is deeply marked by grief and loss, making her relatable to anyone who has struggled with sorrow. Her journey towards finding closure and acceptance offers a powerful portrayal of overcoming personal pain.
16 Blue Pearl Blue Pearl, initially a quiet and obedient character, eventually finds her own voice, representing the journey from passivity to assertiveness. Her growth serves as a powerful narrative for those struggling to assert their individuality in the face of authority.

I'm shy, girly, and love to draw, just like Blue Pearl!

Imagine having to put up with Blue Diamond's grieving sessions for thousands and thousands of years.

17 Stevonnie As the fusion of Steven and Connie, Stevonnie symbolizes the merging of identities and experiences in a shared understanding. Their embodiment of both masculine and feminine traits and exploration of self-identity can resonate with those navigating their own unique identities.
18 Vidalia Vidalia's character, a rock-and-roll-loving young woman who grows into a caring mother, reflects the journey of personal growth and change. Her ability to maintain her unique spirit while also embracing the responsibilities of parenthood can resonate with those balancing personal identity with familial duties.

She's relatable because she was in a bad relationship, but then found a better one.

19 Jasper Jasper’s arc, starting as an antagonist and going through a complex journey of self-discovery and acceptance, makes her a compelling character. Her struggle with her sense of self and the grappling with the past echo the experiences of many individuals dealing with personal trauma and self-acceptance.
20 Peedee Fryman Peedee, the younger Fryman brother, deals with feeling overshadowed and trying to prove his worth, a struggle that many can identify with. His efforts to contribute and be acknowledged in his family's business, and his friendship with Steven, present a relatable portrayal of the dynamics often found in families and friendships.
21 Yellow Diamond Yellow Diamond represents the struggle of letting go of long-held beliefs for the sake of love and understanding. Her transition from a staunch upholder of gem hierarchy to an ally of the Crystal Gems is relatable to those who have had to challenge their own beliefs and prejudices.
22 Spinel Spinel's journey deals with feelings of abandonment and the desire to be loved. Her transformation from a joyful companion to a vengeful antagonist reflects the pain of being left behind, making her relatable to anyone who has ever felt forgotten or replaced.

She is relatable to anyone who has been abandoned, has BPD, or has experienced some type of trauma in their lives that has negatively affected them. What a blessing of a character to have for people to resonate with!

I have been abandoned by longtime childhood friends, so this character relates to me a lot.

I can relate to her a lot. If I had a dollar for every single time my friends abandoned me, I would be richer than Bruce friggin' Wayne.

23 Rose Quartz The character of Rose Quartz shows the complexities of being a leader and making hard decisions for the greater good. Her actions, while often controversial, show the burdens of leadership, making her relatable to anyone who has ever been in a position of responsibility or influence.
24 Lion Despite being a magical creature, Lion provides moments of comfort, companionship, and protection that we often seek in our own pets. His loyalty to Steven and his mysterious nature add to the depth of his character and our ability to connect with him.
25 Kevin Kevin represents the archetypical 'antagonist' we often come across in life, and his attitude and actions provide a contrast that helps us appreciate the more positive characters. His struggles with narcissism and obsession can resonate with those who have dealt with similar issues.
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