Top 10 Worst Cartoon Episodes of All Time

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1 Ren Seeks Help (Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon)

I actually remember when my old English teacher in high school actually showed this episode on the last day of school before summer break... in front of the entire class. And let me say, she even regretted showing the episode to the class as she intended to show the original series instead of Adult Party Cartoon. And let me say... this was the one of the worst 21 minutes I have ever endured in my life. It's far from the worst cartoon episodes of all time, in my opinion, but it's certainly one of them. A dark backstory like this may work on paper, but due to it having a depressing, creepy atmosphere and unnecessary violence, plus the infamous scenes involving the frog and Stimpy crying only makes the episode hard to watch as a result.

This episode has to be the worst, most vile, atrocious and abysmal cartoon episode I've ever seen. This episode is just ROTTEN to the core. It starts with Stimpy crying for 3 minutes, then we hear the backstory of Ren. We see the complications of birth from Ren's perspective, and watching him slapped so hard that he acquired a desire to hurt and torture anything he gets. Then, we watch Ren torture animals in horrendous and atrocious ways such as plucking the legs of a millipede and burning an ant alive after we see the ant screams and begs for mercy. Eventually, Ren meets a frog, and decides to keep it as a pet. Then he torture the poor creature in vile and atrocious ways such as electrocuting it with a car's battery and burning it, then, Ren discover he doesn't want to kill the frog, because that would end it's suffering. Later Ren is forced to kill the frog by his parents but when they get distracted, he throws it into the garbage bin. Then, Dr. Horse calls Ren "legitimately a ...more

If I could describe this episode with one syllable, it would be "UGH! ". This might be the objectively worst episode of the show so far. It's a Ren torture porn, with all of his attempts to help either failing miserably or completely rejected by his friend. The reason his friend is trying to kill him in the first place is completely ridiculous, and the "committing suicide" thing only makes it worse. The "commit suicide" is essentially a crutch the episode relies on to try and get across its bullcrap moral. The episode teaches that you shouldn't try to help others, because you'll only make things worse. It's a 75% cringeworthy and 25% insulting.

Ren seeks help is ROTTEN TO THE CORE. It's the worst piece of animation I have ever had the misfortune to watch. In this episode, we look into the story of a psychopath who relishes in the suffering of others since the day he was born. We see Ren tortures a frog in various very painful ways, and eventually relizes he doesn't want to kill the frog because that would end it's suffering. What's even worse about this episode, is when Ren talks about his despicble actions, he's smiling like it's something to be proud of or a happy memory. Eventually, after Dr. Horse calls Ren legitimately a psychopath, Ren breaks into an uncontrolled animalistic state and kills Dr. Horse. After that Ren is taken to an isolated prison and the frog commites suicide by firing Dr. Horse's gun.

2 One Coarse Meal (SpongeBob SquarePants)

This Episode explains itself. It's Bad! Plankton attempting Suicide in a Kids Show is the worst crime that Mr. Krabs has ever commited.

The worst part: the episode is stating that the man who stalked and drove his enemy to suicide (which he later laughs about) is the good guy. That would be like a terrorist destroys the U.S. Capitol with a nuclear bomb and later wins the Nobel prize for physics.

I used to like this episode when I was younger, but I've recently lost all of my respect for it. Mr. Krabs is a complete jerk in this episode. Plankton is my favorite character, and he is driven mad in this episode. I hate Mr. Krabs now.

This episode is the worst. I mean why would anyone want to try and get run over. That's horrible! This episode to me, is filled with mean spirit in it.

3 1 Night in Gottlieb (Allen Gregory)
4 A Pal for Gary (SpongeBob SquarePants)

Spongebob smoked too much joints in this episode because of how careless he is not noticing Gary being attacked by Puffy Fluffy! Stupid Sponge!

Is there already a list of the most unwatchable SpongeBob episodes? If not, can I make it so I could put this at number 1? The climax and the resolution of this episode was just excruciatingly irritating to watch given how oblivious and moronic SpongeBob is in this episode.

This episode is HORRIBLE! SpongeBob is such a ignorant, dumb and stupid! This episode is painful to watch!

I lost respect for gary after watching this crap pile of an episode.

5 It's a Wishful Life (Fairly Odd Parents)

I can't believe that this episode is in a kids show. Telling a ten year old that everyone and everything is better off without him? That's terrible! I despise this episode!
Although I actually disagree with a previous person saying it's worse than Screams of Silence. I personally hate that episode more. Jeff abuses Brenda in a room full of people and the the only course of action is murder? And then we are left to assume Brenda automatically gets a happily ever after. That's not how the real world works.
Yeah, this episode sucks, but not as much as that one, in my opinion.

This episode is one of the most mean-spirited, evil, and sadistic episodes I have ever seen in any cartoon. Timmy wishes that he never existed in this episode, because he doesn't get compensation for ANYTHING good that he does in this episode. Then you've got Jorgen, who shows Timmy that the world is INFINITELY better now that he doesn't exist. He shows a 10-year old that his parents are better off without him, Vicky isn't even a babysitter, and Francis isn't a bully. Think about that: What this episode is saying is that it's Timmy's fault for Francis being a bully. That's not just wrong: It's sadistic that anybody would even think something like that. It's
horrifying. This is the worse case of victim-blaming anyone will ever see, and I mean worse than Screams of Silence, because at least they noticed it wasn't Brenda's fault and killed Jeff. This is telling a child that the world is better off without him, and that he's supposedly the cause of so much pain in the world. It's not ...more

Why this episode sucks. Simply put Adolf Hitler and Tim Burton wrote this Episode for no reason other than to piss off/terrify other viewers.

Oh my god, even as a kid I disliked this episode.

6 Stimpy's Pregnant (Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon")

Always read what it is: The Ren & Stimpy show or The Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon.

The entire top ten could be Adult Party Cartoon episodes.

This should be so much higher! How is it so low?

7 Boys of Bummer (The Simpsons)

Is this the episode where the whole town hates Bart for not catching a ball?

Want to see One Coarse Meal done three years ago? Here you go.

So one coarse meal but aimed at an older demographic?

Its really bad

8 The Big Fairy Share Scare (The Fairly OddParents)

Look poof was tolerable, (yeah that's right! ) sparky? ok... But Chloe, Chloe! This character just makes me mad. Heck she's so bad I actually feel ashamed I share a name with this character. And you know what? the writers could have actually try to make this a good episode by giving her depth and a reason why shy acts all perfect. But nope! Lets make timmy a loud spoiled obnoxious whiny brat, have cosmo and wanda act like idiots by making duck lips on their phone. Change the theme song millions, I repeat millions of people grew up on! and Add a mary sue character with the most stupid reasoning for having faires. Why couldn't they use characters like chester remy, or even tootie. Those characters have a more miserable life than chloe ever will be! And don't get me started how they completely forgot the rules that made the show make sense.

The main problem with this episode is how boring it is to sit through. Chloe isn't that interesting a character to begin with. The episode has few jokes, and even fewer that actually made me crack a smile. The "new neighbor's introduction" joke gets old after about three minutes. There's also a few annoying voices.

While it may not be as bad or disgusting as some of the other choices, it destroyed million's of fans' hearts. And it changed the theme song. RIP - Fairly Odd Parents.

9 Onward and Upward (Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon)

All that happens is Ren and Stimpy who go from living in a homeless man's mouth to living in a spit-tune at a bar, eat mucus and vomit, have gay sex, get chased out and move back and that's it and I skipped over nothing of importance.

Its an entire episode made up of nothing but gross out jokes which apparently a fan asked John K to make a whole episode full of gross jokes which is why we ended up with this mess of an episode which is also really really boring as a lot of the jokes really drag out going on forever.

This episode... UGH like all of Adult Party Cartoon it's disgusting and disturbing. So what is our plot? If you can even call it that. Well Ren is tired of living in an hobo's mouth and after torturing Stimpy for a bit he decides to leave with stimpy. They go to a spittoon where stimpy pooled some cash into and for the rest of the episode the two stay in this golden thing and proceed to eat Vomit, nasal, and WHAT? You heard me right VOMIT AND NASAL! This happens the entire episode too. And at the end of the episode Ren And Stimpy end up back in the hobo. Making the ENTIRE episode completely pointless... it's not the worst adult party cartoon episode but it's up there people. Avoid this one like the plague

This show would be better off if it never ever existed in the first place. If Time Travel was invented, the first things we can do is prevent John K, Chris Meledandri, Tommy Wiseau, Basher Al Assad, Justin Bieber, Fidel Castro, and Adolf Hitler from ever being born.

10 On a Clear Day, I Can't See My Sister (The Simpsons)

Should be higher

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11 The End of Serialization as We Know It (South Park)
12 Seahorse Seashell Party (Family Guy)

The "moral" of this episode is that you should stay in an abusive relationship for the abuser's benefit.

This episode makes me sick.

13 No Such Luck (The Loud House)

Staying that it is okay to kick a child out of house, what the hell Chris Savino. It kinda the Loud House version of Seahorse Seashell Party.

This episode is so cruel. In my opinion, its tied with it's a wishful life.

This episode is just Hitler's Anti-Semitism but with a Visit from the Misfortune Sisters from Legends: Acreus!

This episode actually makes Brawl in the Family look good.

14 Ejaculation (Big Mouth)
15 Big Brother Caillou (Caillou)

All I have to ask is: why? Why does this episode exists?

I hate caillou but when he pinched his sister it WAS AMAZING. caillou is a savage but he is dumb

16 The Return of Slade (Teen Titans Go!)

An entire episode of the writers thumbing their noses at everybody with the common sense to condemn their precious show. Seriously, they're the ones who need to grow up!

It basically was an insult to the haters of the show executed terribly with strawman arguments. Even fans of the show admit this was a crappy episode.

In the intro I was like, oh my god they are going to show us Deathstroke again this will be epic, and later their comes to say that everything was an special of three episodes and a movie

Man, this show creeped me out! Unlike the other people, I actually never minded TT Go! until I saw this episode.

17 Love Loaf (Breadwinners)

The worst episode of an already horrible show.

18 Fart Baby (Sanjay and Craig)

Sanjay and Craig appears to be a cross between regular show & bobs burgers, but failing to have the charm of either...too childish for adult swim & too adult for a children's programme, this bizarre mishmash has a whole slew of stupid episodes, this one has to be the worst, Sanjay thinks he's pregnant with a fart?...what dummy thought that this would be a fantastic idea for a kids cartoon...mind boggling!

19 Madeline at the Ballet (Madeline)

Honestly the worst episode of the series. Not even Pepito and his frog gag could redeem it.

20 Dead Dog Walking (Family Guy)
21 Waffles (Teen Titans Go!)

They simply say waffles the entire episode.

Aren't all the episodes equally bad?

An awful episode from an awful show!

I knew that going to come.

22 Brawl In The Family (The Loud House)

I have no problem with The Loud House, but this episode was way too mean-spirited (Lincoln's sisters are mad at him for almost no reason at all) and I cringed during the entire episode. It nearly ruined The Loud House for me.

This episode is funny. It has a scene about a couch bagel which is funny that it's covered in stuff from the couch.

My god! This episode was just mean!

These people never learn!

23 Herpe the Love Sore (Family Guy)
24 Naked Beach Frenzy (Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon)

What makes this episode even worse is not only does the episode depicts one of John K's victims Katie Rice but the episode was originally pitched for the original Nickelodeon series, yes Naked Beach Frenzy was going to be shown to kids if John K had his way which thankfully it never happened.

Naked Beach Frenzy is porn that's all it is its animated porn and knowing John K most of the girls in the episode are underage.

25 Life of Brian (Family Guy)

Brian dies, then in the next episode they bring Him BACK! What was the point of even killing off Brian in the first place?

Awful episode that was only made to get media attention.

I would murder every single person who worked on that episode it was that bad

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