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Here is a list of the greatest and most likely true theories regarding that of the hit Disney Channel and Disney show 'Gravity Falls'.
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1 Stanley Pines

I think Bill will be defeated in one of three ways..
1. The infinity dice
2. They go back in time and stop Mabel from giving Bill the rift.
3. They'll use Gideon's possession spell on Bill.

Stan's twin brother Stanley is probably my favorite theory. It just makes a lot of sense. For proof check out the video 'Decoded #1: Stan's Secret Twin' on YouTube.

I liked this theory from the beginning, p.s Ford is one of my favorite characters!

My all time favorite theory.

2 The Nuclear Apocalypse

Okay.. This one is just really cool and freaky at the same time. This theory states that sometime in the future, a nuclear mishap will lead to the downfall of Gravity Falls. I personally believe very strongly in it.

This one makes so much sense! I like it just a bit more than the Stanley theory

So cool! (by the way, you should TOTALLY listen to the Weirdmaggedon theme song, it's totally addicting! )

Almost correct but is

3 Stanley Wrote the Journals

Not What He Seems confirmed this, although it don't think his name is Stanley, I think that Stan faked his death in order to write the journals, and the one being Stan at the shack is Stanley.

Again with Stanley... For more information on this theory, search this video on YouTube: 'Decoded #1: Stan's Secret Twin'

Aw remember the good ol' days when everyone thought Ford was Stanley? But really Stan is Stanley and Ford is Stanford. Get it? :P

Yes Stanley did because why would Stan have the 3rd book. Also in not what he seems ending stan says he my bro. the athour of the three books.

4 Soos Knows More Than We Thought

We already know that Soos knows about the journals because Dipper told him in one of the shorts between Season 1 and Season 2 and he entered Stan's mind to defeat Bill in Dreamscaperers, but what if he knows about the secret societies and more?

According to Bill Cipher's ama (ask me anything), Soos doesn't know much.
But oh well, it is Cipher we're dealing with.

According to Bill Cipher's ama (ask me anything) Soos doesn't know much.
But oh well, it is Cipher we're dealing with.

Hey hambone, guess what? I actually knew more than we all thought! But turns out I forgot to tell you dudes shout Weirdmageddon... hehe

5 Mabel's Future Disappearance

This is a theory you probably didn't really hear before. It's really interesting because this theory has various movie references that support it. Search for it on YouTube, Google, bing etc. for the explanation.

Alex Hirsch confirmed in Season 2 on character will not make it alive.

Mabel is the sister we always wanted, twill be shame is if she was to disappear... but she told me she was just going to have a sleepover at her friend's house...

6 Mabel's Paranormal Twin

There's a theory that In the episode Double Dipper Mabel made a copy of herself on the printer and named it Lebam Mabel backwards.

This... doesn't make any sense. The bottle is an animation error, the picture was a goof, and... that's all the evidence people have. I can't make a long comment because there isn't anything to comment on.

Some believe Mabel has another twin, but in another dimension. Her/His name is Lebam. (Mabel Backwards)

7 Robbie Is a Zombie

When dipper reads the description for zombies in tourist trapped, it fits robbie; 'pale skin', 'bad attitude', and he kind just acts like one if you re-watch the series.

There is a lot of information backing this up, such as Robbie's sweatshirt, his band, the minivan in The Inconveniencing, etc.

OOOR... Robbie is actually a teenager... He has a lot more personality than a conman zombie, he can love, hate and process other human like emotions and characteristics.

Makes sense, but his parents own a funeral home and a graveyard if he was a zombie they would know.

8 Bill Cipher is Still Alive

I agree, because I was reading a wiki and it said he may come back! like re-generate?
ether way bill is still cool, he misses his home and he accidentally burned his parents with his world along with everyone else he knew, he acts like he wanted it but he didn't want that.
and in episode: taking back the falls, he looks like he misses home when he talks about his world.

This is actually very likely, knowing Bill's power. I think that Bill Cipher survived and created a stone replica of himself to trick everyone so that they wouldn't be expecting his next weirdness invasion.

I think that since Stanley got his memory back, there's still a small part of Bill Cipher in there and he's waiting for when he's strong enough to leave.

Lets take his death message backwards: "A-X-O-L-T My time has come to burn. I involverade the anciennitet power that I may return! " that's what Bill says backwards so that's My favorite theory

9 Stan's Tattoo

Stan's tattoo is actually a burn mark when Stanley pushed him when they were fighting. I also think that these comments are out of date.

Well it is possible I mean their is little Easter eggs and little codes. Such as their code.

I believe Stanford's Tattoo is some kind of urgent code that has not yet been deciphered.

No no. when Stan and Ford were fighting in there backstory Ford pushed Stan into that hot thing on the desk. then it never went away and that made a tattoo.

10 Carla is Gideon's Mom

So obviously Bud (when he picked up Carla) became fatter, changed from blonde to brown hair AND went from a hippy to a Texan? Theory busted...

By far my favorite. I may or may not have voted for another one before I saw this one though.

What if Carla is the news woman but she changed her identity..?!

When you think about it, it's actually possible...

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11 There Is More Than One Secret Society

I don't know if this one has been confirmed or not, but there may very well be two societies in Gravity Falls: The Royal Order of the Holy Mackerel and The BlindEye Society.

12 Pacifica Works With Bill

Just look at Bills wheel. Look at the llama. Then look at the llama on one of Mabels sweaters. They are both facing opposite ways. Who knows? This might mean something

That makes sense, actually. The llama si facing backwards, which probably means Mabel's former enemy, Pacifica.

If Pacifica was working with Bill, why would she be trying to stop him in the final episode?

That makes no sense

13 Dipper Is Possessed by Bill Still

In "The northwest mansion" episode dipper is turn into wood..Bill could have sneaky with in Dipper's body but in the episode "not what he seem" Dipper has been acting weird...Dipper wanted Mabel to press to red button and when Mabel didn't He got mad. When Dipper started to fade away yoy can see the bill dipper eyes! And you can hear the music that was playing when Dipper and bill made a deal.. There is so many more evidence that Bill is possessing dipper...Also in the episode "northwest mansion" Mcgucket told dipper that he fixed the computer and Dipper didn't seem to care...The Dipper we know what be Like "You fixed! "

In the episode with the shape shifting monster it said that dippers final form would be him sort of frozen with his hands in the air much like how he looked when he was turned to wood in northwest mansion, so maybe that was his final form and Bill took over his body then.

Also Alex Hirsch said that there was some1 going to die in ss2. Maybe that's Dipper. Maybe he had already taken his last form in the Northwest mansion like what the Shapeshifter said and Bill had already taken his body since then when he was turned into wood.

Dipper also walks with his hands on his hips. Weird because Dipper only walked like that when Bill took over his body.

14 Dipper is a transgender

Definitely my favorite theory, and there is a lot of evidence to support it. Dipper and Mabel are nearly identical, so I think they were born as identical twins, both girls. This could also explain why dipper only goes by his nickname, and gets upset when he feels like he's not manly enough.

I totally agree with this. Quick Question though: now that we know that Dipper's real name is Mason, what was/is his female name?

I don't think this is true. he took off his shirt multiple times in the show

15 Bill's Only Weakness

I think that his eye is the weakness. when Dipper tried to punch him in the eye then Bill pushed him away because he didn't want him to know his weakness.

His weakness is Gold... This one is hard to explain. Look this one up also to find answers,

This is a awesome theory!

Hmm. You maybe right! :O

16 Bill Cipher Statue

How is this a theory?

17 There's a Journal Number 4

Considering the 3 were burned, and dipper still has no clue how to defeat bill, another journal would make sense.

No one ever said that there are only 3 journals.

18 Gravity Falls Was Supposed to Happen Differently

If you think about it...

So, things would have never happened in Gravity Falls if it weren't for time travel. Soos would have never worked at the mystery shack. Wendy wouldn't be friends with Dipper. Toby Determined would have been successful. Soos would never love his birthday. Robbie might have turned out different. Mabel wouldn't know how to open the vending machine. Here's why.

When Dipper and Mabel go back in time to the past Gravity Falls, they leave behind things. Traces of them.

Toby doesn't become successful because the twins told him that his dreams went nowhere. Perhaps if that hadn't happened, Toby would have become a Broadway performer.

Soos wouldn't have worked at the Mystery Shack. He would have never returned the screwdriver. He also would never have met the genius (Mabel) who tag ht him how to open the vending machine. It gets confusing here. I'll go back to this later.

Wendy wouldn't have made good friends with Dipper. When does ...more

Makes sense. Soos wouldn't work at the shack Wendy probably would ignore Dipper also Soos wouldn't know how to open the vending machine. There's also a possibility Toby Determined could be gone.

Soos wouldn't work at the mystery shack, Mabel wouldn't be able to open the vending machine and Wendy might not have been friends with Dipper

19 Mabel is the Key

Think. She decoded almost evereything in Irrational Treasure, she's an official congresswoman, she solved Dipper's math problem in the Time Travelers Pig, and there was even an episode called Boss Mabel. She is the center of evereything in the series (and not because she wants to be)

In every episode that Mabel fell in love, every character wanted her as their "queen" or their "leader". Maybe if Mabel is the key, every magical creature knows and that's why they want her as their queen.

Her sweater in not what he seems is a key. Hm

20 Stanford Will Die at Age 92.

Bill did once say to Ford "Don't have a heart attack, you aren't 92 yet," when they first met. As Bill knows pretty much everything, Ford will probably die at age 92 from a heart attack.

21 Pacifica's Memories Were Wiped

If you remember the episode with the memory wiping machine in the background you can see a canister that say's pacifica's memory's! This explains why she has blonde hair while
Her "parents" don't there is another theory that goes the same but instead is buddy's wife

Remember on Northwest mansion there is a banner on the wall with Bill on it and people sre praying to him. well I think that they knew Bill and that there memories were whipped from him. because onweird meggedon the Northwest family clearly did not know him.

22 Soos Will Die In Season 2

I agree maybe the handyman knew too much, also "you guys are smart, especially the fat one".

Soos said that he would do anything for the pines family...and this would mean a sacrifice

It's a Disney show, what is wrong with you guys?

23 The Portal Leads to Hell

Considering how the Author (Spoiler) destroys the portal, and refers to it as dangers. And the countless references of chanting, summoning circles, posessions, etc. I'm sure Alex Hirsch is willing to go as far as hell and demons spilling into our realm.

Alex said it leads to the kind of places Bill and his pals like to hang out. (Does Bill like to hang out in hell)

Yep this theory is right. Bills world pours into ours in the latest episode. And his friends,

Bill is called a dream "demon."

24 Bill's Twin

There is a theory that Bill has a Twin brother, either a square, circle or upside down triangle!

It might be a girl called Jill Cipher.

It could be a girl named Jill Cipher!

25 Mabel Likes Likes Dipper

No this isn't anything! They're siblings gosh! They're just siblings at they're finest! Mabel doesn't like like dipper but she like likes him as. BROTHER!

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