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1 The Griffins - Family Guy

Peter and Lois cheated on each other and sometimes with younger people. Also, in season 8's episode Brian Griffin's House of Payne, Peter admits he hates being around his kids.

Peter is the worst. He would rather spend time at the bar with his friends than his family. He is also a nasty pervert that tried to have sex with Meg when he tried to be a redneck- then cockblocked her when she got a nice boyfriend.. He has done meth, crack, ecstasy, cocaine, and God knows what else. He wanted to have sex with his kids grandmother. He almost had sex with Quagmire. He lost Stewie. He gave Stewie steroids. He wants to be the breadwinner yet almost lost the house. He lets a pedophile hit on Chris. He watches porn. He goes to strip clubs and ruined his wife's business by turning it into a strip club. I could go on for DAYS lol

Peter is a terrible parent, and just a horrible person alone. He assaults his daughter constantly, he gave his infant drugs, he tried to cover up his infant's injury and even made Lois run him over with his car. Lois, on the other hand, told her daughter to attempt suicide, didn't take Stewie to the hospital when he was injured, smoked pot, took drugs, was a porn star, cheated on her husband, and even a thief.

I don't know if it's possible to treat your kids worse then Peter and Lois treat theirs. They have abused them in every way possible, from acting like total creeps towards them to brutally insulting and humiliating them, to purposefully beating and injuring them. I have real sympathy for Meg especially. I don't know how you could possibly avoid commiting suicide if your father treats you like that.

2 The Turners - The Fairly Oddparents

They are so annoyingly dumb... those two are one of the reasons I hate the episode Vicky Gets Fired. In that episode, Vicky is torturing Timmy right in front of Timmy's parents' eyes. Wanna know what happens next? They do NOTHING! What happened to episodes like Channel Chasers where they actually love Timmy?

They are just a couple of knuckleheads, that don't know how to take care of a child, so they hire a crazy babysitter.

Their always going out having fun while their only son is stuck at home with a homicide babysitter.

Timmy's Mom and Timmy's Dad are amazing. They also happen to be particularly bad at parenting; good thing they have hired such a nice babysitter XP

3 The Doofenshmirtzs - Phineas and Ferb

They are the reason Heinz is evil. They only loved Roger. They didn't care about Heinz at all. They made him plan his own birthday parties, they made him wear dresses, they forced him to act as a lawn gnome, the dad cared MORE about a lawn gnome than Heinz, they didn't even appear at his birth! (Impossible, but it was probably just for comedy). If Heinz was dying and Roger needed help reaching something, they would probably help Roger first. I could be here all day talking about how bad of parents they where. Also, poor Heinz!

They are pretty much like the Patakis. They give a lot of attention to the one with more talent (Roger) and completely ignoring the other one (Heinz) for a long time. I'm not surprised that Heinz was such a bad dad to Vanessa.

First off, being forced to be a lawn gnome just to starve and exhaust to death, wearing humiliating dresses for a whole year, being left alone birth, being rejected by his own mom just because of his brother?! The family is the real villain! #SupportHeinz

They would punish their son for stupid reasons. I don't think they ever even did one nice thing for Doofenshmirtz.

4 The Patakis - Hey Arnold

The Patakis are tame compared to Ragyo Kiryuin from Kill La Kill. Despite all their actions towards both Helga and Olga, they still truly love them and the end of the day but unlike other fictional mothers, there are no good qualities from Ragyo who sees her husband and children more as weapons to help her wipe out humanity for the sake of power lust.

I can't stand them! I definitely agree The Griffins are definitely the worst on this list but the Patakis deserve to at least be number two! I can't atand the way they treat Helga and favor Olga. No wonder both of them have problems. Miriam needs to stop drinking and pull it together while Bob needs to stop being an ass!

5 The Scotchs - South Park

Worst parents ever. They ground Butters for stupid reasons and Linda even tried to kill him. They also believe that Butters was unstable and made him go through a torturous medical exam for 16 hours. Butters is such a sweet kid, though. These two idiots need to be locked up for their abusive parenting skills.

He out of all people ground him for the dumbest reasons. Especially if ever Butters has nightmares. He is on the par with both the Turners.

He beats his son, locks him in the basement for days at a time, grounds him for everything, and screams at him constantly.

Always ground butters! Sometimes for nothing

6 Lady Tremaine - Cinderella

She wasn't even that great a mom to Drizella and Anastasia, her own flesh and blood!

She's not even Cinderella's real mom. She's her stepmom.

7 The Tests - Johnny Test

They raised a complete douche of a son.

8 The Smiths - American Dad!

I don't think Francine's a bad parent. But Stan is the perfect example on how tough love doesn't work on everyone.

9 The Andersons - Caillou

They never punish Caillou. They just treat him like a king whenever he wants his way!

That's not even their last name's. Their last names are "Bumgardener". Their names are only the Andersons in Vyond.

10 Beavis & Butthead's Parents - Beavis & Butthead
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11 The Van Houtens - The Simpsons
12 The Márquezes - Dora the Explorer

Absolutely, they are really horrible parents. They are so not responsible to take care of their kid, somebody call the child labor authorities!

I can see why you put them on this list. They let their like, 7 or 8 year old kid go out on an adventure by herself with a monkey.

She once went to an island. By herself.

Child Neglect bigger than Pewdiepie's channel and Every parent who neglected combined

13 Selma Bouvier - The Simpsons

They are so mean to Ling.

14 The Platters - King of the Hill

Luanne's mother is an alcoholic who tried to stab her husband with a kitchen knife and her father is a two strike felon who Peggy, Hank and Lucky keep the truth from her.

15 Mom & Dad - Cow and Chicken

When Cow and Chicken sold their yard, they threatened to throw them in a shredder. This is at least worse than the Turners, and I'm pretty sure almost as bad as the Griffins. Should be #2 IF not # 1.

All you see is their feet in one episode they drag Cow and Chicken to Organ to find head hunters and while Chicken is being chased by the headhunters they do nothing to help him.

They're just legs! (shudder)

I love these parents!

16 Ozai - Avatar: The Last Airbender

For crying out loud, Ozai tried to make his only son fight him for disrespecting one of Ozai's generals, and when Zuko refused to do so (for rather clear, obvious reasons), Ozai heartlessly burns half of Zuko's face leaving his son scarred (physically and mentally) for life!

He burned his own son for disrespecting a general, which the general deserves. but ozai agreed with a plan to intensionally let weak young inexperienced soldiers die, in order too weaken earth benders. if he was nicer to zuko and agreed with zuko, he could have won.

17 The Smiths - Rick & Morty

They are a very dysfunctional couple that are constantly bickering with each other.

18 The McCormicks - South Park

I feel bad for Carol (not trying to defend child abuse) but Stuart is such a monster.

They are constantly drunk and angry.

19 James's Parents - Pokemon

They faked their own deaths just so James would come back and force him to marrying his fiancee, and the one line where James says as he's being chased around by his fiancee "If you two weren't such lousy parents you'd stop this made woman" goes to show how little they care about their won sons well being.

James should literally have been put in foster care as a child

20 The Horsemans - Bojack Horseman
21 Ed, Edd and Eddy's Parents - Ed, Edd n Eddy

Although they never show their faces in the show, they are spoken by the Eds many times and from what I've heard, they are probably the worst parents in any cartoon and here are the reasons why:

Ed's parents - they spoil the living hell out of Sarah and treat Ed like garbage. His mother is so restrictive that she even took down the stairs of his room because he was GROUNDED! That's so messed up. There's a reason why Ed is so afraid when Sarah says "I'm telling mom! ". Sarah is the princess and Ed is the neglect, plain and simple.

Double D's parents - they basically never interact with their son, only through sticky notes and they mostly consist on chores for him to do. Basically Double D has to go to school, does everything in the house and his parents just work and nothing else.

Eddy's parents - his brother constantly bullied him and treated him like a baby and his parents never did anything to stop that. It's a good thing his brother went to live by himself. ...more

22 The Reeds - Arthur

In the episode D.W.s very bad mood Mr
& Mrs. Reed do absolutely nothing when D.W. throws a massive tantrum which includes when she repadily slammed the door over and over and not one told her to stop.

They never discipline DW when she's acting out leaving poor Arthur to either take the blame, or be scolded for the things she does.

I've had to agree on this, especially when it comes to D.W.

23 Martin Mertens - Adventure Time

He ripped off fins arm just to get rid of him.

He purposely abandoned his own son.

What that is messed up

Um actually martin used to care about and love finn but then he got amnesia

24 Henry's Parents - Horrid Henry

They're also just as a bad of Aunt and Uncle as they are parents, don't believe me? Watch Henry Changes A Nappy, the mother NEGLECTS her whole family just to talk to Henry's aunt and talk on the phone. Henry is forced to look after his family due to his neglectful mother. He's just a kid! Kids can't be in charge of the family! He's too young to babysit for long periods of time! But when it comes time change his baby cousin, Vera's diaper. He, of course, doesn't know how because he has never cared for a baby in his life so he was forced to seek guidance from his bullies. It was of course a bad idea because they only gave him HALF of the information. So because of this, he did not throw the dirty diaper away and left it in Baby Vera's reach and she got POOP everywhere, not kidding. This is unacceptable! All because of his mother's negligence, she put her family in harm's way and made her house a biohazard all because she couldn't stop what she's doing just to help her son CHANGE A DANG ...more

Where to start?

If Peter wants to do something they let him, but when it comes to Henry's hobbies they don't because they don't like him.

Never disciplining that smug spoilt annoying basted Peter who needs to learn to stop being so smug. Has no-one noticed the evil look the little demon has whenever he bothers Henry or gets him in trouble or humiliated on purpose. I wish the pair never got busy and made that child from hell.

Often calling him horrid and other put down names which is classed as emotional abuse last time I checked.

Always taking hobbies and money from the boy and even refusing to give him decent gifts for Birthdays and Xmas, sometimes they don't get him anything at all.

He never gets a turn with the T.V. or other things

I can't help but feel sorry for the poor kid. Where's social services when you need them?

Jesus Christ. If I had a nickel every time Henry was punished for moronic reasons... I just feel sorry for him.

They love the gay one

25 Captain Hero's Parents - Drawn Together

They tried to sent their son on a rocket to the sun how messed up is the because they were told he would be the lamest super hero.

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