Top 10 Best Ninjago Characters

Ninjago is one of the best shows on TV. You have to see this show on Cartoon Network. The four ninjas represent Earth, Lightning, Fire, and the best, Ice! The colors are black, blue, red, and also the best, white!

The sensei is Sensei Wu, and there is a new sensei, Sensei Garmadon. Nia, who is Kai's sister, is a samurai and has a giant samurai suit with a samurai cave.
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1 Kai

Kai is the funniest and coolest ninja by far. He is the whole reason I watch the show. I have loved his character since I first watched Lego Ninjago as a kid. He will forever be the best ninja.

I agree. Fire and Kai go well together as fire can warm the heart. Kai also risks his life to bring Nya back. Also, in season 1, when he finds out Nya is Samurai X, he says, "All this time I've been trying to protect you." When Morro returns, Kai also treats Lloyd like a little brother and learns to swim whilst saving him.

Honestly, I feel as Kai is THE best character. Yes, he is full of himself, but honestly, he is TRYING to protect his sister, Nya. In the pilot, yes, he was a jerk to the team, well because the only reason why he joined the team was to save Nya! Plus, I just don't think that Kai is only jealous of Lloyd just because he's the "green ninja". I think it's because Lloyd gloats over having a family. Kai has to see Lloyd with his parents EVERY DAY.

2 Zane

He has the best backstory and had the most emotional character development, such as when he discovered his true potential and found out about his memory switch. This is why I like the episode "Tick-Tock" the most, which I believe is in "Rise of the Snakes." He always was humorous and made an emotional comeback. Also, he is a unique character, though I believe his personality slightly declined when he became the Titanium Ninja. I still believe he is the best. He is the strongest, the bravest, and the most kind-hearted in many ways, and the strongest on the team.

He can't compare to Lloyd or Sensei Wu. He made a dramatic comeback and had the best character development in the series, from when he was little to when he discovered his father and so on!

3 Jay Walker

Jay is underestimated by people because he is scared and makes jokes to cover it up. He was the first ninja out of the original four to have learned Spinjitzu, and his power was seriously diminished after that. Cartoon Network transitioned him from the strongest ninja to the weakest. The real weakest is Cole, but they made him the strongest other than Lloyd. Lightning is also the strongest element and can substitute for fire. He has also been able to control wind for the briefest amount of time, representing three elements in one.

Jay is also the only ninja who is not dull or serious. He is fun. I am kind of glad about what they did in season 6. They made Jay the strongest again, but this was only because of the "love ruse" between Nya and Jay. Although this is still reasonable, in season 4, when Cole and Jay were fighting, Cole could override lightning, which would obviously blast earth into pieces.

I also think it is amazing how a junkyard boy could come this far. Additionally, I believe Jay's elemental dragon looks the coolest. Comment for what you think!

4 Lloyd Garmadon

I am very proud of this guy and really impressed by his life. Despite being more gray than pink, he has not stopped there but has tried to see the best day by day, in his life and in people.

I love him because he is calm, unlike his old self. Haha, he simply inspires you to be better and become the best version of yourself. I loved his development process in terms of his character and not to mention his overwhelming humility. I love those qualities in him and so many others. It would take forever to mention them.

5 Cole

Cole, in my opinion, is the best-developed ninja character of all the ninjas. He knows how to lead, has a great personality, and was a ghost at some point, which convinced Yang that he'll be remembered forever. "Rebooted" was such a bad season for him. Now, on to the good stuff. Cole also never wanted to leave anyone behind when captured by Chen, so he had to return to keep them safe in Season 4. He had to make his father proud while competing for the Fangblade, and he succeeded in regaining his father's trust. But in Season 13, he had to uphold his mother's legacy. He had to lead the Uply, not give up on anyone, and have a convincing personality. Wu taught him to never quit, so he regained his development. His curiosity was great in Season 13. We see he had a devastating backstory about his mother's passing and held a promise to fight against those who are cruel and unjust. The Skull Sorcerer, Vangelis, is the villain he had to stand up against. Cole thought that the blades would stop him, but they ended up being useless. However, after realizing that the power came from his mother, Cole knew what he had to do. After everything he went through, he knew he'd uphold his mother's legacy by performing the Spinjitzu Burst to finish off Vangelis. He promised to stand up against tyrants like Vangelis, always. Beating Vangelis gave the most satisfaction for his character after all the development he got from his past seasons mixed up into one straightforward season, and then using all of it to defeat an example of what he's against as a whole.

"Maybe not, but I am her son, and I made her a promise... to stand up to tyrants like you... Always." - Cole

Rest in peace, Kirby Morrow.

6 Nya

I think that Nya is the best ninja. In season 1, when they didn't let her fight, she went and found her own way to become a hero. With the love triangle, everyone gets mad at her, but geez, cut the girl some slack. She wanted to make sure that she could end it without destroying Jay's and Cole's friendship. She knew that Jay would be more upset if he lost Cole's friendship than if he lost her as a lover.

Also, in season 5, she had to give up everything she worked for since the beginning of the show so she could become the Water Ninja. And the reason why she did was to save Lloyd! That just shows that she cares about and loves her fellow ninja. I honestly don't know why lots of fans hate Nya so much, but anyway, that's why she's my favourite.

7 Master Wu

Sensei Wu is just straight up funny. Literally, there would be no Ninjago without him. He was the one who trained the ninjas and knew where the golden weapons were. He helped Cole on his journey to save the ninja in season 13, so it's safe to say that Master Wu saved the ninja in season 13. Sensei Wu is strong and beat all of the ninja in season 11 even though the ninja were lazy. We all love Sensei Wu.

He is such a great teacher. And just imagine how patient he is, especially with Kai. Wu can also be funny at times, and he is just plain epic.

8 Master Garmadon

Garmadon is one of the most developed characters in all of Ninjago. He started as a typical villain and evolved into an amazing character. When we see flashbacks of him in Season 4, it becomes clear that he really fought the evil influence of the Great Devourer.

During the final battle, he tried to fight against the Overlord to protect Lloyd until the end. Garmadon's finest moment is in Season 5, during his final moments. When Lloyd arrives in the Cursed Realm, Garmadon gives him an amazing speech and says one of the most powerful lines in Ninjago: "Whatever happens to me, wherever I am, I will always be with you. There comes a time when every boy must become a man. What sort of man is up to him."

Garmadon redeems himself throughout four seasons, and it's a shame that Season 8 didn't do justice to his amazing character. When Lloyd tells Harumi about Garmadon, he remarks, "I had Ninjago's greatest villain as my dad. It was an unusual relationship." It would seem by that statement that Lloyd forgot that Garmadon became a Sensei and went on to sacrifice himself to defeat Chen's army. Instead of thinking of Garmadon as the greatest villain, Lloyd should have thought of him as the greatest father.

9 Morro

One of the things that makes me like Morro's character is his redemption at the end of season 5. Even when Wu tried to save Morro, he refused. He didn't want to be saved. I think Morro knew that, even if he were to try to be a good person, nothing could redeem him of what he had done in the past. His quote at the end makes his death hit even harder: "You can only save those who want to be saved," giving his character even another layer. Then comes the fact that, unlike the other ninja, he masters Airjitzu almost instantly. With only a single read of the Airjitzu scroll and it's done, while the other ninja took at least some hours to even be able to use Airjitzu properly, let alone master it. I was also pretty sad there wasn't any wind ninja when I started watching Ninjago, and when Morro came on screen, I instantly loved him.

10 The Overlord

The Overlord is in fact definitely above the rest when it comes to evil power possession, but in a way, you always need someone very very evil to have in Ninjago because he is pretty dull and annoying in some ways. But in the end, he actually does come out and shows his face.

I am not a big fan personality-wise, but I'd say either him, Nadakhan, or the Time Twins are the most powerful.

The Overlord is the best of villains. He can destroy everything and command Python and Garmadon.

The Contenders
11 Pythor P. Chumsworth

Pythor will always reign supreme as the best character. He's funny, clever, and despicable. It's a shame that he only appeared in a few seasons. I would have continued watching the show if he was shown for at least one episode (yes, I only watched it to see him) - no, it's not creepy.

"Hello, old chum."

Screw Garmadon (seasons 10-11) and Morro, Pythor is a titan compared to those weaklings. He's one of the few villains that actually is still alive so ha!

Is this guy invincible? I mean, he never dies! He survived Day of the Departed, and for some reason, he hasn't been brought back yet. There are some snakes in season 11, so maybe we'll see him return then. Also, his entrance in Rebooted when he says "Hello again, old chum" after pulling his hood down is awesome.

12 P.I.X.A.L.

She is my favorite character. In the later seasons, she gets kinda sassy, which is hilarious, but she's still very kind and caring. She's always there for the ninjas. (spoilers ahead) For example, in season 9, she was there to help Lloyd with his training and sympathized with him when he wanted to give up. In the same season, Pixal stopped Garmadon from crushing Lloyd and Nya, even though she got caught by the Sons Of Garmadon later on. In season 11, she saved the ninjas from the lava and Aspheera. And so on, there are too many to count. (End of spoilers)

Without her, the ninjas might be dead, and her compassion towards the ninjas may not be through words, but through actions. Pixal is also a very strong character. Every time the villains defeat her, she'll always get back up.

13 Lord Garmadon

A brother who was underappreciated. A husband unloved. Garmadon, son of the first Spinjitzu master, grandson of the Oni and the Dragon, and father of the Green Ninja and Golden Warrior, was the Dark Lord who made the ultimate sacrifice. Go Garmadon go!

From a Great Devourer bite that made him evil, to a good guy who was like a second mentor for the ninjas. He slaughtered to save the ninjas, their friends, and Ninjago from Master Chen's invasion. And then they made him evil again.

I really want to see more character development in revived Garmadon. Can we please get that fake Garmadon rating off number 8?

14 Skylor

Skylor could literally absorb the powers of the Overlord and the First Spinjitzu Master... At the same time! How broken is this character. Skylor's great and all, but it's a good thing we don't see much of her, as she could literally destroy the series. The ninja should be glad she's on their side.

She is super underrated! I mean, come on, she and Kai literally save the day in Season 4, and they kick her to the curb and don't really include her afterwards. Please vote!

Daughter of Master Chen (best character) and has an EPIC elemental power. Skylor is amazing and should come back later in Ninjago.

15 Skales

Some of the best villains out there in Ninjago, I love Skales a lot, and he is the only reason why Season 1 is not my least favorite season.

Why is he sad when he gets trapped underground? He is a snake!

Skales was a cool character, that's really it.

16 General Cryptor

Cryptor is just an awesome villain and my favorite Ninjago villain. The problem is that he appeared in the shortest Ninjago season, "Rebooted," and that's why he isn't so relevant. Still, he's my favorite villain though.

Cryptor is definitely my second favorite character, besides Pythor. He looks sick, and he's stronger than Garmadon. And that laugh is sick. "I will call you mindroid." He always makes me laugh when he says that. Also, Kozu should be on this list because in Day of the Departed, he says "Revenge destroy crazy!" which made me burst out laughing.

17 Misako Montgomery Garmadon

Misako is Lloyd's mother. She knew Wu for many years. She knows Tai Chi and can fight like Nia!

18 Dareth

Absolutely is the best ninja, I mean, he's the BROWN FLIPPIN' NINJA?! Clear contender for being the #1 spot, but all the people on this website don't understand and put Lloyd at #3! If Dareth, the best character without a doubt, was at the top and everyone else moved down, this list would be on the way to perfection.

He's so hilarious! Also, he's so stupid and somewhat brave at the same time, but it just adds to his character and is so funny. He is a classic secondary character that has always come back and makes us feel at home. He brings comedy!

19 Skales Jr.

Skales in series three's best-known quote, "Is he going to come and destroy us, mommy?"

20 Ronin

Honestly, I forgot about Ronin. But, not gonna lie, he is quite fun to watch as he outwits the ninjas because he's way cooler than them. He beats them up and then eats Zane's wires for breakfast. He is very flashy in design, the god of flashiness, but that's taken so he's the god of eyepatches and shoes.

In all frankness, he is pretty cool, and his whole thing about being 'it's all about that bread' is very endearing, and I hope he does well in his future career! I'm looking forward to it!

A more complex character that will be an ally or an enemy depending on the gravity of the situation, hard to find in this show.

21 First Spinjitzu Master

I think, why is he 24th! He created Ninjago, beat the Overlord, and created the four golden weapons. He also mastered the golden power and lived for 1,000 years! He is number 1.

I want to see more of him badly. He just has so much potential in my eyes. I hope something major happens to him!

22 Harumi

She is actually a villain. You see, most of the villains that Ninjago has had have one motive: to be the most powerful. This motive is set off by greed. It's not actually evil. It's just selfishness. You see, just like in real life, true evil is driven by rage. When someone feels bitter hate for someone, they seek revenge severely. This hasn't ever really happened in Ninjago (excluding Morro).

She knows what it is like to feel true pain. She has felt it her whole life. She waited for the moment for revenge. She didn't even care about power. What she wanted was for Lloyd to lose hope and to fall into eternal despair. That's what makes her one of the best.

23 Acidicus
24 Echo Zane

This guy's actually really charming and friendly. I'd consider him my personal favorite, in all honesty.

Echo Zane was such a sweet character. It made me so angry when he got hurt.

He is cool because he is very nice and clumsy.

25 Postman

Ok, he is pretty funny. I feel sorry for him, mailing all those letters. You know what, I stand for all you mailmen out there who hate their jobs.

He is always in funny situations.

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