Top 10 Best Ninjago Characters

Ninjago is one of the best shows on T.V.. You have to see this show on Cartoon network. The four ninjas are earth, lightning, fire, and the best ice! The colors are black, blue, red, and also the best white! The sensei is sensei wu and there is a new sensei, sensei garmadon. Nia (Kia's sister) is a samurai and has a giant samurai suit with a samurai cave.
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1 Kai

Kai can get annoying at times because of his ego and the fact that he really only focuses on himself, but I still for some reason am drawn to him. I think him and Skylar are one of the cutest couples and he has his good moments

You know, first, Kai wanted to save his sister, but that was all before he had a big career. Now, now since he has everything and is good at everything, then, what is the point in other people?!?! He now only looks forward to himself, and he is calls himself the best ninja. If he was still preparing to be a blacksmith, he would still cared about Nya more than himself. In season 4, he says, " Nya cannot do ANYTHING I can do." So that just proves that knowing that he is a successful ninja, and hero, he doesn't really care being close to his sister. I still think that Kai should not be a ninja. You see, in many ways, he is better not being a celebrity. And also, lightning makes fire, so that just proves how much cooler Jay is. I used to be a Kai fan, but this is why I am all for Jay now.

I think kai Is pretty cool but I voted for skylar because and she was very low and kai is the first but I love them both and they would be a great couple.

Honestly I feel as Kai is THE best character. Yes he is full of himself, but honestly he is TRYING to protect his sister, Nya. In the pilot, yes he was a jerk to the team, well because the only reason why he joined the team was to save Nya! Plus I just don't think that Kai is only jelly of Lloyd just because his the, "green ninja," I think it's because, Lloyd gloats over having a family. Kai has to see Lloyd with his parents EVERYDAY.

2 Zane

Zane, it makes me sad when I think of all those years when you didn't know you were a little less than a human. He was created so well to get away with this secret? Overall, he's a top notch fella and has the opposite of an icy personality. If I'm honest, I love the human inside of him - not literally! Favourite quote? Easy. 'SHOE-OHHHHHH' YUM.

He has the best back-story and had the most emotional character development. Such as when he discovered his true potential and found out about his memory switch. Which is why I like the episode "Tick-Tock" the most which I believe is in "Rise of the Snakes." He always was humorous and made an emotional comeback. Also he is a unique character, though I believe his personality is slightly declining when he became the Titanium Ninja, I still believe he is the best. He is the strongest, the bravest, and the most kind-hearted in many ways, he is the strongest on the team.

He can't compare to Lloyd or Sensei Wu, he made a dramatic come back and made the best character development in the series from when he was little to when he discovered about his father, and so on!

Where would the ninja be without Zane. He's the smarted of them all and the oldest. No wonder Zane knows so much, he's over 40 years old! Zane can be funny sometimes but everyone likes him because of his character. Zane can be unstoppable with his ice powers. Zane saved the ninja in seasons 11 and 3. Who knows where the ninja would be if Zane was killed off. Zane can also be CHILL and COOL when he want's to be. Zane is just cool robot. Where would the ninja be without him?

Zane is cool and I love how he is clueless a ton in season 1 and weird. I never thought he was human but it was so cool finding out he was a nindroid. ,overall great character!

3 Jay Walker

Personally I think jay is just the best, especially in the sky pirate season. I loved that season and it was a jay season. Also the first one to learn spinjitzu

Jay is my favorite character for two reasons: he's relatable, and he's funny. Not only that but I'm pretty sure he has no haters. He's an adorable little cinnamon role that needs protecting but at the same time doesn't because he's a great ninja

He is so funny! I love him so much and...
I love Jay and Nya's hydroelectric dragon...shockingly cool
And Jay and Nya's dance in Prime Empire was electric!
Favourite Jay catchphrase: "let's chop-socky this lemonade stand!"

Jay is underestimated by people because he is scared and makes jokes to patch it up. He was the first ninja out of the original 4 to have learned spinjitzu and his power was seriously diminished after that. Cartoon Network made him from the strongest ninja to the weakest ninja. The real weakest is Cole but they made him the strongest other than Lloyd. Lightning is also the strongest element and can be a substitute with fire. He has also been able to control wind for the briefest amount of time. That is 3 elements in 1. Jay also is the only ninja who is not dull or serious. He is fun. I am kind of glad in what they did in season 6, they made Jay strongest again but this was only because of the "love ruse" between Nya and Jay. Although this is still reasonable, in season 4, when Cole and Jay were fighting, Cole could override lightning witch would obviously blast earth into pieces. I also think that it is amazing how a junkyard boy could come this far. I also think that Jay's elemental ...more

4 Lloyd Garmadon

I think that he had to go through a lot. Not saying that the other ninjas didn't. Lloyd had to deal with the pressure of having to go against his father when he was at a young age. He was also giving all that responsibility at that age. Lloyd had a strong connection with his father even saying, "He made me who I am today. He was my father. He was my adversary. But in the end, he was my friend."

He was even the one who got to banish him to the Cursed Realm. He was eventually reunited with Gormadon and then realize he had to sacrifice his father so Lloyd could save the world.

He later had to see his father be resurrected as his villainous self. He was terrified but believed that his father was still in there somewhere even though people told him that his father was gone. Lloyd had to confront his father, they fought and Gormadon showed no mercy, even stating he had no son. Despite no longer trusting his father, Lloyd heeded his words about the darkness and feared the ...more

Lloyd is one of my favorite characters because he has THE BEST character development from being a little brat to being the most important ninja. His personality is great and he's just so lovable

He was sooo cute when he was younger, and then he wasn't cute anymore from season 2-7. But season 8 after I loved him again. He has taught me a lot and has amazing powers!

My opinion is on Zane. I don't really like Lloyd. He never really had a big impact at first for his character development, which REALLY damaged his reputation and my opinion on him. I like Lloyd, but in my opinion, his back story has too many holes. Why didn't he join his father? Why did he go fight with the good if he chose bad? So many loops and holes and ways it could have went, and I don't think it matched well. The favor of him is starting to incline, but I don't really think it will have much of an effect. I believe that Zane has much more potential and has shown it. Actually, I think Lloyd had MUCH more potential as the green ninja and on his story, but it wasn't shown, especially it should have shown during character development, which is usually happened when they found their potentials. Which I believe is "Rise of the Snakes."

This is my opinion, so no hate!

5 Cole

Cole is the current Elemental Master and Ninja of Earth and the son of Lou and Lilly., Cole learned Spinjitzu and discovered his other teammates, with whom he embarked on many adventures; battling the likes of the Serpentine and the Stone ArmyAfter the final battle, peace resumed until the Overlord returned and created the Nindroid army.During this time, a love triangle formed between Nya, Jay, and Cole.Jay and Cole made amends over Nya, while the ninja allied with the Elemental Masters to defeat Chen's Anacondrai Cultists, who had caused the Second Serpentine War. Needing to learn Airjitzu, the ninja went to the Temple of Airjitzu, where Cole was turned into a ghost.

I see Cole as an amazing older brother, he's like the glue that sticks the team together.
He is an amazing dancer and I love his relationship with his parents especially his mum, Lilly!

One thing I love about Cole, and this can go for Kai too, is his ability as a leader. He usually leads the team, but he sees Kai's potential as a leader and lets him have the reins once in awhile without complaining, because he knows that Kai needs it. This is actually kinda deep considering the age demographic for this show, which is awesome. Other than Zane, he is most level headed of the group, and according to his voice actor, Cole was only 14 at the start of the series, which helps to explain his childish attitude he gets every once in awhile. He is also self sacrificing, as we all know. He doesn't really seem to have a problem when admitting he's wrong, which, considering his age, is honestly very impressive.

Honestly Cole has been my favorite character since episode one when sensei wu introduced him as "solid as rock". One of the first things he said to Kai when they met was "I got your back kid". He didn't even know Kai yet and had already decided that he would back him up and be there for him anytime he needed. That's true loyalty. He's always super genuine and self sacrificing and although he doesn't smile or make funny jokes quite as much as Jay or Kai does, when he does he has a sweet little smile and laugh. He is the toughest and strongest ninja physically and sometimes mentally of he group. Yeah sure, Zane is basically a walking computer, but Cole can be just as smart when he chooses to be. He is the kindest and most compassionate of all of them, and genuinely cares about the safety of others. He's a really well put together character who is levelheaded, strong, sweet, amazing, and incredibly loyal. Long story short, I wish he was real, because he would be my best friend.

6 Nya

Yes. Nya can get annoying when it comes to the love stuff. You have to admit she's strong though. She manages to find a way to fight early on when they don't let her on missions. I think she could have accepted Jay's love a lot sooner, or at least just reject him and didn't beat around the bush. Plus when cole got in, it made me hate cole for the longest time because of her. I didn't have a reason to, not really, it was only because of a dumb machine. Anyway, she is awesome but I wish that Jay and her were canon early on

Nya is the best, shes strong and brave. She also deserves more seasons to her self like seabound. I love how she becomes a ninja. Plus her and Jay go really well together. Please vote for Nya!

I think that Nya is the best ninja. In season 1 when they didn't let her fight she went and found her own way to become a hero. With the love triangle everyone gets mad at her but geez, cut the girl some slack. She wanted to make sure that she could end it without destroying Jays and Coles friendship. She knew that Jay would be more upset if he lost Coles friendship than if he lost her as a lover. Also, in season 5, she had to give up everything she worked for since the beginning of the show so she could become the water ninja. And the reason why she did was to SAVE LLOYD! That just shows that she cares about and loves her fellow ninja. I honestly don't know why lots of fans hate Nya so much, but anyway, that's why she's my favourite.

I don't like Nya's personality. I think its great the they finally have a female ninja on the team but she's just so annoying. Jay has been crushing on her since season 1 and would constantly go out of his way for her and in return she just treats him with rudeness and hostility. Especially in the first half of the latest season Skybound she tells him they will never be together even though he didn't actually do anything wrong. In fact I think she was out of place to in the Rebooted season when she lead both Jay and Cole on. Nya had shown no interest in Cole in any of the previous season's but just because a machine said they'd be a good match she starts liking him even though Jay has always loved her unconditionally. This affected Jay and Cole's friendship but Nya wasn't worried about that she only cared for which guy she would choose. I personally wish Jay would just end things with Nya because he deserves better.

7 Master Wu

Sensei Wu is just straight up funny. Literally, there would be no ninjago without him. He was the one who trained the ninja's and knew where the golden weapons where. He help Cole on his journey to save the ninja in season 13 so it's safe to say that Master Wu saved the ninja in season 13. Sensei Wu is strong and beat all of the ninja in season 11 even though the ninja were lazy. We all love Sensei Wu.

I don't like him... like, your brother dies and you keep trying to catch his wife? What kind of person does that? Congratulations, Wu, you are definitely honoring Garmedon's memory like this...

He is such a great teacher. And just imagine how patient he is, especially with Kai. Wu can also be funny at times, and he is just plain epic.

He is always there at the right time, sometimes fights in random ways, and always are in some words of wisdom, maybe a dash of tea also!

8 Master Garmadon

BEST VILLAIN. One of the best villains ever created. He had a goal, he loved, he hated, and he turned good. I love me some nice villain character development

Garmadon is one of the most developed characters in all of Ninjago. He had a start as a typical villain, and made his way to becoming an amazing character. When seeing flashbacks for him in season 4, you can see that he really fought the evil from the Great Devourer. When the final battle took place, he tried to fight against the Overlord to protect Lloyd until the end, and Garmadon's finest moment is in season 5 in his final moments. When Lloyd arrives in the Cursed Realm, Garmadon gives him an amazing speech and says one of the most powerful lines in Ninjago:
"Whatever happens to me, wherever I am, I will always be with you. There comes a time when every boy must become a man. What sort of man is up to him."
Garmadon redeems himself throughout four seasons, and it's a shame that season 8 didn't do justice to his amazing character. When Lloyd tells Harumi about Garmadon, he remarks, "I had Ninjago's greatest villain as my dad. It was an unusual relationship." It would seem by ...more

Sensei/Lord Garmadon is practically the only character in Ninjago with half-decent character building. He was the dark lord after being corrupted, has a past of betraying his family and yet returns, good, to aid the ninja as their Sensei in REBOOTED and the Tournament, battling Wu and Clouse, before giving his life and freedom to save Ninjago from an army of "Anacondri Wannabes".
Evil, Garmadon could possess all four golden weapons and lead the snakes, skeletons and stone army. The Lloyd/Garmadon not wanting to fight story was a thing of beauty, defining much of the second season.
Good, Garmadon is wise and skilled, still having the abilities to take on nindroid, anacondrai or even his own pupils. His conflicted past reveals great secrets about him, yet he still strives to redeem himself in the eyes of Lloyd, Misako and Wu.

Sensei Garmadon had a bleak past, being bitten by the devourer and turning evil with no choice, until he fought back to save his son, breaking free from the curse. I strongly admire him breaking out of his evil zone, just to save a life of someone he cares for. (P.s when he is in his light-side form, he looks kid of like Harrison Ford, old and sexy.)

9 Morro

One of the things that makes me like Morro's character is his redemption at the end of season 5, even when Wu tried to save Morro, he refused, he didn't want to be saved. I think Morro knew that, even if he were to try to be a good person, nothing could redeem him of what he had done in the past, his quote at the end makes his death hit even harder, "You can only save those who want to be saved", giving his character even another layer. Then comes the fact that, unlike the other ninja, he masters Airjitzu almost instantly, only a single read of the Airjitzu scroll and done, while the other ninja took at least some hours to even me able to use Airjitzu properly, let alone master it. I was also pretty sad there wasn't any wind ninja when I started watching Ninjago, and when Morro came on screen, I instantly loved him.

Oh my gosh. What do I say about Morro? One things for sure, I keep spelling his name as Morrow! Lol! In all seriousness, he is a great villain, with a great back story - and the voice! So SPINE-TINGLING! Morro is probably my favourite villain and I love his self-confidence and awareness - he could all teach us a thing or two! ;)

I absolutely adore Morro, I always love a good villain that starts out very evil but becomes good at the brink of death but Morro extended it even further and showed his dedication to become good again in DOTD when he had the perfect chance to come back for revenge but he didn't, instead, he helped the Ninja remember about Cole and went back to the Departed Realm at will knowing his work was done.
He is my favourite character that's for sure.

Morro has the best motives of any villains and is by far more complex than any of the others. He is better than all the ninja and defeated most of them numerous times

10 The Overlord

The OVERLORD is in fact definitely above the rest when it comes to evil power possession, but in a way, you always need someone very very evil to have in ninjago because he is pretty dull and annoying in some ways but in the end he actually DOES come out and shows his FACE.

Really? My opinion I hate the Overlord, plus being the one whos favourite character is zane, the overlord is my least favourite character in the whole series because (I know zane sacrificed his self) but if pythor didn't help the overlord zane wouldn't of got kidnapped. Yeah I hate him a lot

I am not a big fan personality wise, but id say, either him, nadakhan, or time twins are the most powerful.

The overlord is the best of villains. He can destroy everything and command Python and Garmadon.

The Contenders
11 Pythor P. Chumsworth

Hear me out. Pythor has never been hated by me, he's always been one of my favorites because of his personality and goals. He helps the ninja get stronger and develop more, plus he ends up being an anti hero/sorta ally later on and I think it's really interesting and beautiful

Pythor will always reign supreme as the best character. He's funny, clever and despicable. It's a shame that he only appeared in a few seasons, I would have continued on watching the show if he was shown for at least one episode( yes I only watched it to see him)no it's not creepy.

"Hello, old chum"
Screw garmadon( seasons 10-11) and morro, pythor is a titan compared to those weaklings. He's one of the few villains that actually is still alive so ha!

Pythor is my spirit animal. His malicious elegance and proficiency as a wordsmith are so much fun. He's a very well written character with a lot of gravity. Michael Dobson's voice work on Pythor makes him an absolute joy to watch every second he's on screen. The laugh! The delivery!
"Oh, you'll be missing more than him when I'm finished with you ninja. Hahahahaha."

Is this guy invincible? I mean, he never dies! He survived day of the departed, and for some reason he hasn't been brought back yet. There are some snakes in season 11, so maybe we'll see him return then. Also, his entrance in rebooted when he says "Hello again, old chum" after pulling his hood down is awesome.

12 P.I.X.A.L.

She is my favorite character. In the later seasons, she gets kinda sassy which is hilarious but she still very kind and caring. She's always there for the ninjas (spoilers ahead)
E.g in season 9, she was there to help Lloyd with his training and sympathized with him when he wanted to give up. At the same season, Pixal stopped Garmadon from crushing Lloyd and Nya even though she got caught by the Sons Of Garmadon later on. In season 11, she saved the ninjas from the lava and Aspheera. And so on there are too many. (End of spoilers)
Without her, the ninjas might be dead and her compassion towards the ninjas may not really be through words, but actions. Pixal is also a very strong character, every time the villains defeat her, she'll always get back up.

Pixal is by far my favorite female character, and just continues to impress me as time goes on! The relationship she develops with Zane, to the point where they BOTH confess their love for each (indirectly of course), shows me that she is a really in depth character. She is also crazy smart and is an awesome fighter, able to tangle with the worst of villains! Pixal is just such a phenomenal character on all levels!

She was origanally cold and robotic, but Zane taught her love, happiness, sorrow, and a bunch of other stuff. She's very strong, one of the show's strongest female characters. She's been pushed to the sidelines several times, but has always found a way to come back. (Like when she was scrapped, for example.)

Please put her higher. She's way better than Nya and pythor and the overlord and another variant of Lloyd. Come on people. Pixal Pixal!

13 Lord Garmadon

A brother who was under appreciated. A husband unloved. Garmadon son of the first spinjitsu master, grandson of the oni and the dragon, and father of the green ninja and golden warrior, was the dark lord who made the ultimate sacrifice GO GARMADON GO!

From a great devourer bite that make him evil to a good guy who was like a second mentor for ninjas. He slaughtered to save ninjas, their friends and Ninjago from master Chen invasion.
And then they make him evil again.

I really want to see more character development in revived Garmadon and can we please get that fake garmadon rating off no. 8

Garmadon scarified his life for ninjago give hims some respect.But why did he come back a villain the set free from bite.

14 Skylor

Skylar* she's so underrated and awesome! She's the best female character because she never played around with romance and was raised to be evil but still changed for Kai. Not only that but she has an awesome power and SHE NEEDS MORE SCREEN TIME!

Skylar could literally absorb the powers of the overlord and the first spinjitzu master...
At the same time! How broken is this character. Skylar's great and all, but it's a good thing we don't see much of her, as she could literally destroy the series. The ninja should be glad she's on their side

She is super underrated! I mean come on, she and Kai literally save the day in season 4 and they kick her to the curb and don't really include her afterwards. Please vote!

Daughter of master Chen (best character) and has an EPIC elemental power. Skylor is amazing and should come back later in ninjago.

15 Skales

Some of the best villains out there in ninjago, I love Skales a lot and he is the only reason why season 1 is not my least favourite season.

Why is he sad when he gets trapped underground, He is a snake!

Skales would be my bestie in this series. Seriously, he's awesome!

16 General Cryptor

Cryptor is definitely my second favorite character besides pythor. He looks sick and he's stronger than garmadon. and that laugh is sick."I will call you mindroid" He always makes me laugh when he says that also kozu should be on this list cause in day of the departed he says" revenge destory crazy!" which made me busrt out laughing

Cryptor is just an awesome villain and my favorite Ninjago villain. The problem is that he appeared in the shortest Ninjago season: "Rebooted" and that's why he isn't so relevant. Still my favorite Villain though

I love how the name "Cryptor" sounds and how cool he looks.

My favourite character

17 Misako Montgomery Garmadon

Misako is Lloyd's mother. She knew wu for many years. She knows tai chi. She can fight like Nia!

She's annoying and cares about paper more than her own life.

Why is lord Garmadon a better parent?

Ugh, she's such an annoying mary sue.

18 Dareth

To be honest I think Dareth should be higher considering that he is SO funny and he is powerless and is always trying to fit in with the elementals. I would personally put Dareth at 9th.

Absolutely is the best ninja, I mean he's the BROWN FLIPPIN' NINJA?!?! Clear contender for being the #1 spot but all the people on this website don't understand and put Lloyd at #3! If Dareth, the best character without a doubt, was at the top and everyone else's moved down this list would be on the way to perfection

He's so hilarious! Also, he's so stupid and somewhat brave at the same time but it just adds to him as a character and is so funny. He is a classic secondary character that has always come back and makes us feel at home. He brings comedy!

I love his narcissistic humor and his detailed torso design. Whenever he helps out on a mission I laugh so hard. Also in the bar scene in Season 7, he kind of looks like the Bear Jew from Inglorious Bastards.

19 Skales Jr.

Skales in series three's best known quote, "is he going to come and destroy us, mommy? "

He is sorta just... there

He is the best

20 Ronin

Honestly, I forgot about ronin. But like ngl he is quite fun to watch as he beasts the ninjas because he's way cooler than them. He beats them up and then eats zanez wires for breakfast. He is very flashy in design, the god of flashiness but that's taken so he's the god of eyepatches and shoes. In all frankness, he is pretty cool and his whole thing about being like it's all about that breeead is like very endearing and I hope he does well in his future career! I'm looking forwards to it!

My name is the exact same as his but spelt different, I don't like when people dislike characters that have the same name as me.

While the ninja rely on their elemental powers. ronin uses actually skill like when he fought misako and sensei wu instead of taking a chance of getting hurt he used what was around him to escape he has tons of skill and is a master of combat. the eye patch and bandana and conical hat and sweet cloths make him sweet

Ronin should at least be at no10! Seriously,we know that Ronin has the straightest voice in any NinjaGo season!

21 Acidicus

I didn't know his name for a long time.

His design is so cool

22 First Spinjitzu Master

1 think. WHY IS HE 24TH! He created ninjago, beat the overlord and created the four golden weapons. He also mastered the golden power and lived for 1000 years! He is number 1

I want to see more of him badly, he just has so much potential in my eyes, hope something major happens to him!

Nothing known about him

I have seen every episode of Ninjago season 1,season 2,season 3,season 4,season5 and season 6

23 Harumi

She is ACTUALLiY a villain. You see, most of the villians that ninjago has had have one motive: To be the most powerful. This motive is set off by greed. Its not actually evil. It's just selfishness. You see, just like in real life, true evil is driven by rage. When someone feels bitter hate for someone, they seek revenge severely. This hasn't ever really happened in ninjago (excluding morro.) She knows what it is like to feel true pain, she has felt it her whole life. She waited for the moment for revenge. She didn't even care about power. What she wanted was for Lloyd to lose hope, and to fall into eternal despair. that's what makes her one of the best.

One of the best characters ninjago has ever had a true figure of 180 degree turn and man was her death moving.

A very good villain, I'm sad she died the way she did.

Pure evil at its finest.

24 Echo Zane

This guy's actually really charming and friendly. I'd consider him my personal favourite in all honesty.

He is cool because he is very nice and clumsy.

Echo zane needs to come back.

25 Mezmo

Best snake ever. He is epic

This guy is everywhere. He has one of my favorite designs. #MezmoGang

Do not no who he is

He is amazing

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