Top 10 Things Autistic People are Most Tired of Hearing

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1 "Why don't you get friends?"

My brother is autistic. He doesn't have any friends. He doesn't want them. But I'll tell you; I know a lot of autistic people who have far mor friends than me. Autistic people have always seemed nicer than everyone else.

I have Autism and I don't care if I don't have friends because at least I go to a group for people with Autism and make friends with them and I'm very careful about who I should be friends with.

Well, joke's on you. I already have a good amount of friends (no, they are not imaginary/non-existent). And by the way, why don't you get a soul?

2 "Autism is a disease that needs to be cured"

I totally agree with this one. I'm an Autism rights and Autism acceptance advocate. Autism Speaks gives charities a bad name and it should be banned from here on out because it makes autistic people, including me look like someone who should be left out in the cold.

I'm ready to heal and help the Autistic community because we want to spread the word of accepting one's differences and that being autistic isn't a bad thing. I am the way I am and nothing's gonna stop me. I choose red instead of blue. #AutismAcceptance

3 "You're faking it for attention"

Yes, my years having no friends, developmental delays, sensory pain, struggles to stick to a daily routine, etc. are all a performance JUST FOR YOU. You're THAT SPECIAL. (/sarcasm) And autism has neutral and good parts too, but clearly you don't care, because you're only interested in putting me down. If you are going to be like that, then please give me 0 more seconds of your attention. Yes, I mean leaving. I strongly dislike your attention. Please have a nice day, somewhere else.

This is the worst thing you could say to someone that has autism. Why would someone want to draw attention with that excuse? It's horrible, I think nobody would want to do something like that.

4 "Vaccines cause Autism"

I have anti-vaxxer parents and I know what this feels like. My parents believe that autism is caused by thiomersal, which hasn't been used in vaccines since 2001. I wasn't even born back then. They also claim that before vaccines, autism was very rare and originated from mercury getting into the water. Ironically, they tell me that the world would be worse off without autistic people.

They say I was a typical child until I received my flu shot and MMR vaccine together. According to them, I then became very sick and developed autism. They wish I were no longer autistic. I want to tell them that Andrew Wakefield was a fraud, but I'm afraid they won't believe me. They think the government is hiding the truth, and that the rise in autism diagnoses is part of a research project to study the condition.

The reason why autism diagnoses have increased over the years is that our understanding of autism has grown. Consequently, the diagnostic criteria have evolved, leading to more people being diagnosed. I only realized this when my mom made me watch Vaxxed last December. The film made me feel bad about myself. I dislike hearing parents say they "lost" their children to autism and will "never get them back." This view makes me feel damaged and inferior.

There's nobody I can talk to about these feelings. I regret being diagnosed and sometimes wish I had been born in a different time period, one where people didn't know about autism, so I could be lost to history. I'm ashamed of my autism and dislike other autistic individuals, finding them strange and annoying. I see autism as a terrible curse that has denied me a happy, normal life. I'm envious of my two siblings who have many friends, while I have none.

Adding to my concerns, I've been undergoing chelation therapy for many years and just found out it's dangerous. I want to tell my parents, but I'm afraid they won't believe me. Chelation therapy essentially argues that it's better to suffer from... more

5 "Stop covering your ears"

It is annoying. When I'm in the cafeteria at school, I can barely hear my friends because people are yelling across the room, and they start having a casual yelling conversation, even though they are told not to.

I ALWAYS put on headphones/earbuds whenever my relatives starts speaking in baby talk, mostly when they're speaking to babies, toddlers, or my cousins. If they are not extremely loud, I blast my music so I can drone out them talking.

"If you want me to suffer, then I can go ahead and stop covering my ears! " Since our ears are more sensitive, loud noises can be painful to us. This is why I wear headphones so much.

6 "You should really talk more"

Me: You should really shut up more.

But would you rather have me be quiet and never speak, or talk and "annoy you all to death?" There's a reason I don't talk to many people.

You do realise that there are some Autistic people that can't even talk, at all, since birth.

People have told this to me before, but when I start taking no one listens.

7 "Quit being so sensitive"

Quit trying to change me, if you can't survive being nice to others don't go near them at all.

8 "Bronies are the highest form of Autism"

I'm under the spectrum, and I HATE MLP. I wish I could torture Rarity. And what if the person with autism has never heard of MLP. Saying autistic people, I hate to say this word, are retarded even though they are stupid because what if there's a baby on the spectrum? A newborn? You think THEY'RE a MLP fan, huh?

Putting people who just so happened to have a disorder no one else can accept or understand in a sentence with adult men that make porn from little girls shows is super insulting though.

Although I'm not a MLP fan myself, I think that just because they like the show doesn't mean that they have autism, and people should respect other's opinions.

9 "You are retarded"

I'm not offended by the word most of the time. But when people assume I'm in fact congenitally/Intellectually delayed just because I have autism, that's when it does offend me. Most autistic people are very smart people, and me as an autistic, I would say I have at least an average level of intelligence, if not slightly higher than average. Autism most of the time does not affect intelligence, the only time it does is in severe versions of it, which is more rare than you think.

I LOVE using that word (to call people stupid, not mentally disabled by the way), but if you're using it to call someone disabled, prepare for me to act like Freddy Krueger when he killed Joey...

10 "Are you retarded?"

Just because there are fully grown individuals who are functionally and mentally at the level of a toddler (as in today's radio broadcast of "This American Life") that (perhaps partly due to such media descriptions) the general population associates with autism, that does not mean the majority of autistics are that way.
Also, having cerebral palsy does not make someone the "r" word, so stop calling them that!

That should also be number one because some Autistic people might rub it the wrong way.

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11 "You're mentally challenged"

Just because Autistic people find some things very hard like for an example challenging School Work, that doesn't mean that they're mentally challenged.

12 "How old are you?"
13 "If you are a teenager, why do you watch Super Why!? You love it?"

I'm an autistic 13 year old who doesn't watch children's' shows anymore.

That's me but it's with The Backyardigans.

14 "Autistic = disabled"

Autism is a different ability, not a disability.

15 "You're never going to get friends"
16 "I bet all you watch is cartoons and nothing else"

I remember a couple of girls bullying me for a similar thing when I was 7.

17 "Wait, you're autistic? You have that disease thing?"

One time I was at an all autism party my parents sent me to and there was those two kids my age that hanged around a party and they didn't know it was an all autism party and when they found out they just shouted "WHAT? I'm in a disease party for sick people?! "

18 "You're such a baby"

One time, My classmate, who has autism, throw a tantrum while I was trying to forcing him to watch my anime clip, Trigun, through my phone and called him a baby.

I know right some autistic people get butthurt over small jokes and I don't really like it since I tell a lot of jokes though most aren't really pffence. Anyway they're pretty cool once you understand them

No, but he won't look at my anime video. how do I get him to pay attention to my video clip through my phone?

19 "Outcast"
20 "Why can't you take a joke for once?"

YES. Some of the jokes that people in my family tell me wouldn't even be funny who ISN'T autistic! I don't see WHO would laugh at being forced into doing something else that you have already done and didn't like as a joke.

I always feel embarrassed when it comes to me and my family, it's like I melt into the ground of shame in under a split second, it feel that bad y'know... We are not stupid

21 "Milk causes autism"

Oh no. First "vaccines cause autism" and now this.

Everybody drinks milk when they were little. Does that mean that EVERY person that existed on this planet has autism? NO! >:(

22 "You are going to have it for the rest of your life"

Yes, I knew that from the very start. However, I'm completely cool with that.

I know that, yes. Does it bother me? No!

23 "Repent to the Lord and ask him to take that evil autistic spirit out of you"

There is an autistic boy at my school and he gets away with everything because he's autistic.Once he urinated in a bottle and poured it on someone.He got away with it because he's autistic.

No, you repent! God made me an aspie on purpose. It is a trade off of social and motor skills for intellectual and creative skills. I have a purpose for society, whether big or small! So, you should repent for your rejection of neurodiversity, and ask that the evil spirit of discrimination be taken out of you!

...ok I must admit, I am a little devil sometimes (always, tee hee) but autism is not an evil spirit, I only need one evil spirit! (I should troll my father tomorrow, maybe cover his office in tin foil? )

24 "You're faking it for excuses"
25 "Do you like Sonic?"

Just because someone has autism doesn't mean they like Sonic or YouTube Poops.

I am autistic and like Sonic, but not every person who likes Sonic is autistic.

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