Top 10 Best Months of The Year

The Top Ten
1 December

December is just the top month of the century. It's the top month, and you cannot say you disagree. You get food, presents, a vacation, and candy. It's literally October and November in one month, just better. You get Christmas dinner. And then you get presents, either in your presence or in your stocking. Some people get candy and stuff in a stocking, right? Sometimes you even go out for Christmas dinner with your family. It's just about candy and presents. What other month can do that? Come on now. In November, you just eat, and in October, you just get candy and risk diabetes. Come on now.

2 July

I love hanging out with people I not only love but also hate. July gives you time to do this and be free. freedom is special and important and you can cry yourself to sleep, you can get in a fight (don't recommend it though) all without the extra stress of how many assignments you have missing.

(3) May and June, but hotter. School is still far enough away, even though a month has passed. This month might be a bit too hot, but it is still nice enough to be outside, especially if it is prior to 1:00 pm or so. Go out early on and enjoy those times, and then stay inside when the sun sets occur, and then enjoy outside once the sun has set. It is beautiful.

3 June

My birth month, baby! My birthday is June 30th! And here's why it's the best month to have a birthday, in my opinion:

1. School is over, even though I graduated!
2. This month has more Disney and Pixar movies out in theaters than November ever did.
3. It's totally warm out, maybe rainy and stormy sometimes, but still awesome!
4. To anybody who are Sonic fans, Sonic's given birthday is June 23rd. That's one week before MY birthday!

June rocks! And will always be the best month to have a birthday!

It's kind of an overrated month in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I think it's still great because that's when you get out of school where I live and it's the beginning of summer, but that's really the only exciting part. You only do fun things in elementary school, then in high school, it's nothing but review, studying, getting all of your assignments in, and exams. I know in some places, students get out in May, but where I live, we don't get out until the very end of June.

4 October

(8) October is an okay month. The weather is still decent, but this is the point where you need coats again, which really sucks. October is also when the leaves begin to fall completely, making the outside look dead. This is your one opportunity to do much of the year's work, so you must spend hours with that to make sure everything is done right. You also have to keep cleaning the leaves and raking them, so May can be enjoyable. School also begins to suck at this point, and winter is beginning to come. Halloween is also just annoying.

5 May

Literally the best month. It's warm but not too warm, while I do like the heat, no central or Western European country (excluding Iberian countries) has A/C so too much heat can be a huge pain. Lovely natural beauty in this Month. I find there is often more natural beauty in May like flowers and reptiles whereas June and July it's just flies on poop.

The best month of the year! I love this month. The end of school is the before last Friday for me, and it is always fun to not see those awful teachers you have hated for so long. You can say goodbye to that hell hole of a prison called school and those painful online courses.

Also, the weather is nice and sunny, much warmer. The A/C starts to kick in, the windows can be opened, no more jackets or pants needed. Instead, a simple shirt and a pair of shorts will do you good. A very classic month for me as well, always enjoying classic memories and stories during this month. Not to mention the days are a very nice, long length.

6 November

(9) November, like October, is when the weather begins to suck again. November is likely your final opportunity of the year to go outside without layers of coats. It's also your last chance to do anything with the yard until April or May. Another thing is that the outside will most likely look all dead by this point. All the leaves would have fallen, and you might even see some snowfall, the first fall of snow. It might be a bit pretty, but keep in mind that it will likely stay put, but might still melt if you're lucky.

Enjoy your final opportunities to enjoy the outside because you won't get another until March, most likely. Also, once that stupid clock change occurs, the days will be too short for any enjoyment. The sun will set before you even get home.

7 August

(6) August still has nice weather. It just begins to cool down. It can be good or bad, it really just depends on how you look at it. The main thing that sucks is that school resumes for some, and for others, it is about to resume. The only things that are good are the cooler days, ones where it is more bearable outside, and the other being not winter.

August Adventures by Dale Colbert

The American author and illustrator's favorite month is August because it means the demolition derby, and it's a part of who he is. August-Man is a friendly robot, who drives a demolition derby car and always wins the derby. The eighth month of the year is the only month that doesn't have any American holidays.

8 April

Despite the rain, April is far less dreary than the cold, depressing months of January-March. It gradually starts feeling like spring, a nice calm before the relentless heat of summer.

(5) April is one month away from May. April is usually a bit nicer than March, however, it might rain a bit too much. Sometimes, there might be constant April showers, but you know what they say, April showers bring May flowers. Many years, there are Easter occurrences, and that is always fun. Also, occurring in April are the ends of some lessons at school. The work calms down.

9 March

(4) This month might be a bit underrated. March might be a bit away from May, but it still is nice. Getting the weather to be warmer than the last three cold and miserable months is just amazing. Having your first opportunity to enjoy the outdoors after three months without it is just amazing. There might be a few snowfalls occasionally, but it doesn't matter too much, as it normally won't stay for long. The snow normally turns to water and puddles around March as well. Also, once the clock springs ahead, the days are finally nice again.

10 January

I like January because
- My birthday is on 19 January (last day of Capricorn too)
- Winter. I LOVE January because, where I live, and if it's compared with seasons and weather, I would prefer it as the weather is PERFECT, not too hot and not too cold.

January is indeed a beautiful month. It starts with new hope, new dreams, and new goals. It's the first month, so make it a beautiful, hopeful, fun start to your new year. It's damn good.

I live in Australia, and it's summer in January. Also, it's my birth month, and I LOVE it. If you don't believe me, go to Australia in January. Because the seasons are the other way around.

The Contenders
11 February

It's my birthday month! It's just the best. I know everyone says that February is the worst and blah blah blah, but it's actually the best month, and I don't care if anyone says anything.

February is a very beautiful month. Actually, it might be my favorite! While it may not be Christmas snow, February can experience very beautiful snowfalls, perfect weather for sledding. February is so underrated because it is unique. It's not as cold as December or January, but it's not as warm as March or April when the weather starts warming up. It's perfectly in the middle.

Also, has everyone forgotten Valentine's Day? Even if you don't have a lover, you still have friends and family to celebrate with and tell them how much you love them! Also, the candy is pretty good, haha.

But, everyone is allowed to have their opinion, so please don't hate on me! I just find February to be so fascinating and unique. It definitely deserves to be higher on this list!

12 September

Why is this last. There are far more dreary months than this (February, January and November) that are way higher than this. While it's stinky that September is going back to school month, that's not really an issue unless you're a kid and there are plenty of countries where this isn't the case (Australia). Besides school is way better in September than in say November (worst month). One other thing about September is the sheer beauty of it. The outdoors just looks that much more beautiful in Autumn however unlike October and November, September is often sunny and warm at least for the first part of it. To summarise, most minors hate this month (fair enough) but I reckon most adults love it for both the reasons I have already listed and if they're a parent they get to be rid of their offspring after the summer holidays.