Top 10 Scariest Things Ever

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1 Being Buried Alive

Now even people without a fear of close spaces would be scared as hell to find themselves buried alive in a coffin. Like that would straight up suck. Could you imagine it, nowhere to move and your running out of oxygen and your dehydrating and starving while being very uncomfortable all at once, just an absolute nightmare. My second fear would be the ocean but at least you could have a quick death but still would be horrifying!

You're heavily restricted from movement, there is only little oxygen reserved with you, your screams will not be heard from six feet under and worst of all, you will eventually die in the slowest and painful ways; either from pure starvation or being eaten alive by the vermin and insects that make their way into your vicinity. This is by far, the scariest thing ever and deserves every right to be at number 1.

I automatically thought of PLL and it

I was under the ground the dirt coming into my lungs and mouth every time I breathed or soreness. Breathing was hard and my lungs felt tired. I knew if I'd close my eyes there was a possibility of never opening them again. I didn't even know how deep I was under ground. I felt people walking over me and I was angry they couldn't hear me. Terrified that I would die. Sad that my family would never knew where I'd gone, and I was isolated. No one could save me I knew that now. There was no light except for the glint of the dirt. If I died I knew I would never be found. I lifted up a hand but no one grabbed it. I inhaled a deep breath nknksing the pain would go away fastest if I let myself go. So I did

(That's from the book I'm making called...The unknown burial on Jackson Robert)

You are stuck 6 feet under the ground. No one would hear your screams. The only thing you see is darkness. You can't move because of the tiny space and you get eaten by parasites that made a way there as you start dying of hunger, thirst, and loss of air. You start feeling hopeless, as there is nothing to do but just wait to die in a slow, painful way. Terrifying, right?

2 Hell

How is this not no.1? Picture this. You open your eyes. Your in a wet but hot, scorchingly humid room. Except it isn't a room. Jagged rocks and fiery burning wood surrounds you. Sweat is running down your face like a waterfall. You hear a voice. It's whispering something to you but you can't quite hear it. Suddenly it screams at you unsettlingly before laughing. The devil is among you. "Welcome Sinner" He says manically.

Would that not be terrifying? Also in hell, You have to experience your GREATEST FEAR, everyday. That beats out everything else because even if your not afraid of hell, You'd be experiencing your actual greatest fear everyday for all of eternity. That's FOREVER. Hell is the scariest no question. Whoever voted slender man over Hell is an idiot.

If you are about to be killed you are going to not only be afraid of not knowing exactly whats after, but also if your going to be tortured in the afterlife or not basically like hell.

People always think you go to Hell because you were a bad person, and that you can go to Heaven by JUST being a Christian or being a good person. But that's not true. You go to Hell because you did not accept Jesus as your savior. He dies on the cross for you but you just couldn't accept him. So even if you get save as a kid but become an atheist as an adult, you will still go to Heaven because you only get saved once. But the thing is, you won't be in the bride of Christ. So either get saved or spend the eternity in Hell. Its your choice...

Even if you're not religious, you should understand why people are scared of Hell. You suffer in raging flames forever, with demons continually mutilating you to the point where you should be dead, but you're not. They could literally rip your heart out and you would obviously be in agony, but you would not be dead. There is no comfort in Hell, all of it is suffering forever and ever.

3 Fear

I fear being sick or hurt and having no access to healthcare. And also getting healthcare from the state and losing all my savings, my home, my 401k, to pay back that FREE healthcare! Read your free healthcare fine print! We are not in Europe! They can take your things! You won't be giving your house to your kids! It's the state's house now! Do you see why we need to change the way we do healthcare in America? Do you want to end up living from your car? Free healthcare is NOT free! Read the contracts! I bet Ted Cruz won't bring this up! He's got his ass set for life! What about you, teabaggers? Poor, white, stupid. I bet you're on free healthcare?

It is fear what else do I have to say. I am not exactly afraid of being afraid of something because I know why I am afraid of what I'm afraid of.

I fear Mosquitoes also I was extreme bitten in Spring Hill School and is painful I had Lepidopterophobia which means fear of Butterflies also I hate Mosquitos because they suck blood and bite you, also I have nothing to fear Anyone.

Proffered Lupin has a point. If fear is just an idea, then shouldn't we be scared of it? We can try to, maybe, just forget that fear even exists. But we can't because we're scared if what will happen or failure.

4 The Unknown

I wanted to use my votes wisely and this has nothing to do with this, but lets be honest the Teletubbies have always been cursed.

The mind wants to know everything possible, we are naturally curious, that is why the unknown scares us, we don't have a surefire way of killing a new creature if it attacks, or surviving in a completely alien environment, we are simply powerless when it comes to facing the unknown, and yet, we must face it.

This is actually the only thing I hate about the ocean! In my made up story entitled "Stranded", I drowned (almost died) and claiming I'll be with my friends in the afterlife (they're still alive, I just didn't know). Thankfully, I was saved! I hate drowning, but other than that flaw, I love the ocean!

I remember the first time I saw hellraiser... and they had this Lemarchand's box... I mean the overall movie ain't that scary... but if I was solving a puzzle or being in a strange spooky forest not knowing what to expect that may or may not pop out... man that's seriously spooky...

5 Burning Alive

Depending on how fast it happens this could be the worst thing to happen to anyone I was tempted to put this above space other than you know how you will die being burnt alive.

I agree... not only are you in a total state of, "fight or flight", you cannot flee nor can you fight being burned alive. It's not a quick death either. Full of sheer panic, in fight or flight mode, inhaling burning fire, seering pain, body parts being charred from the flames. It's horrifically painful, scary, you're filled with fear, in a state of fight or flight but cannot do either, you are breathing in flames, you are in absolute agony until you die... It is not a fast death either.

Burning alive is the most agonizing death you could possibly experience. Surprisingly this is not the one because of the fact that mostly people's main fear is death

I get burned all the time with matches and stuff, and just that I can feel going through my body, but being burned alive is a million times worse.

6 Being Lost In Space

What are you supposed to do? How are you gonna get back to your family and continue your life? There's no oxygen in space, nor is there water, food, or other people to talk to. There's many other dangers of space. For example, the sun's radiation, burning up due to friction, extreme cold, and space debris. This is one of the most frightening thoughts.

Why is this not higher? This is my all-time biggest fear. Right before the movie gravity came out, I was telling someone my biggest fear was to be floating in outer space knowing no one can help you. Then BAM the movie came, which I had no desire to see. Whew, it gives me goosebumps thinking about it.

I watch a movie about this once in 8th grade. Ahh, the good old days. Anyway, the thought of running out of oxygen and being unable to move yourself. The chance of being abducted or even freezing to death from the lack of heat. OMG. I cannot.

You would just float around space and you couldn't even do anything. You would just float around waiting for your oxygen to run out and then die from suffocation. Really scary.

7 Being Stranded in the Open Ocean

Imagine this: You're on a raft, you look around, and you see nothing but water... no land in sight. You have no idea what could be under it. there could just be nothing, or you could be in shark-infested waters, but either way, unless you're lucky enough to have some clean water and food on board, your only source is the ocean. But the ocean water is too salty to drink, and, even if you have a school of fish surrounding you, how would you get some for you to eat, unless you have a spear, or some fishing tackle?
Scary, right?

This is one of the most horrifying things I can imagine. It's slow and hopeless. You're in a life raft watching your supplies decline and waiting for someone to save you when each day your doubt increases that it will ever come. It's worse than instant death because you have time to think about all the people you never said goodbye to, and that is the most horrible thing I could wish on anyone.

As someone with Thalassophobia, being in the ocean is my biggest fear. Yes, JB singing is terrifying, but you could actually DIE in the ocean and people have such bad fears of it that they can't take baths, ever. (I used to take baths, but now I only take showers) The ocean can only be seen so far, the rest is just pitch black. You can drown, you can get hypothermia, you can be killed by an sea creature, you can starve, you have so many possibilities of dying. The ocean is a scary place.

I'm currently on a small raft, floating in the open ocean. My supplies have declined greatly since I took that cruise, and I'm only stuck with my friend. He's been hogging food and stuff, so all I have is my laptop, some cans of beans and a small can of pop. Help me. I don't know coordinates, as I am using a program that lets me use the internet without WiFi. Help. Just help. Please.

8 Death

If we didn't die, or at least didn't know we could die, NOTHING would be scary. What's scarier than not knowing what happens when your body disables? Nothing, and nothing probably happens. You can't control your body and everything goes black, will you be able to see the black? CAN you see? It's like being blind, deaf, unable to feel, smell, or anything.

This should be at the top. You wouldn't be scared of anything if you're not scared of death. And also I'm not scared of death, I'm just scared of what will happen AFTER it. You won't be able to see, feel, hear, know, smell or anything. You'd just be nothing in the world.

I'm scared of the unknown. People say we get reborn and that is what scares me the most. If I get reborn, then will I ever remember my family or anything from the life I'm in now in Heaven? Or will I just remember everything from the new life?

Probably the scariest part about death is not knowing what happens afterward, is god real? Are atheists right? Is Buddhism the correct religion? What about polytheism? I'm a Christian, I'm just a little skeptical.

9 Drowning

I have nightmares from that one time I actually almost drowned. Nobody was paying attention to me and I slipped on the step DX

Not knowing if your body will be found or anyone will know about you is 1 thing about drowning but it is a very terrifying way to die.

This is actually the only thing I hate about the ocean! In my made up story entitled "Stranded", I drowned (almost died) and claiming I'll be with my friends in the afterlife (they're still alive, I just didn't know). Thankfully, I was saved! I hate drowning, but other than that flaw, I love the ocean!

This happened when I was 6 for swimming lessons...This young guy who was teaching me for a second had his back turned in a split second when I was on a noodle-floaty in about 4 1/2 ft water, of course, I was rather small then so I wasnt too near even 4 ft. Water surged around me and, me being ignorant I tried to breath, but water just kept pouring in, I cried for help, but it wasn't loud. Finally the life-guard saved me. Ever since I've never forgotten it

10 Clowns

I hate clowns. They are some of the creepiest things that ever exist. All they do is preform at a circus, do things that are "funny," and have scarier (but cooler) versions of them kill people in horror movies. I used to like them. I'm not scared of them, but they are just stupid, and creepy. At a soccer game, there was a big line for a clown painting faces, and this one little girl was crying, because she might have been scared of the clown. I decided to go there to get a rainbow tiger face. Here's one thing: Seeing a clown's face close up won't be a pleasant experience.

Thank you! People laugh at me for being afraid of clowns when really they are terrifying! When I was really little, like six, my aunt made me watch It by Stephen King and ever since then I have been terrified. Even masks that have characteristics of clowns scare me to death!

The lights are out and you're slipping between consciousness and resting and suddenly, out the doorway, you see a 6'7 clown walking in the hallway and makes a sprint towards your room.

Once, a clown sang me happy birthday, and just now, I have realise how scary they are. If that clown would sing me happy birthday, I think I'm gonna be terrified for the rest of my life!

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11 Nuclear Warfare/Fallout

How the hell are CLOWNS above this? While yes, clowns are scary, killer clowns aren't real, and nuclear war very well could become 100% real at any moment. And what makes it so much scarier? Us citizens would be able to do nothing. We'd all just have to hide in shelters as the world around us is destroyed…

It's even scarier when you consider the fact that some countries have enough nukes to literally destroy the whole planet at any moment.

Nuclear war is hard to think about without cringing. Death by nuclear annihilation is a frightening thing to picture, but my choice gets far deeper. You cannot do anything about this. If it became clear that two nuclear states are not on good terms, the only thing you can do is hope that they won't truly go after each other. As soon as the first missile is launched, it's over. Everything will be gone within a short timespan. And those "fallout shelters"? They'd only delay the inevitable by a couple of days at most. None of it is your (or any other civilian's) fault. And that's what makes it the scariest thing ever.

G=God, we're always just a few steps away from armageddon. Think about it. We'd destroy ourselves and only have ourselves to blame for it. At any moment, all of this could be over because of some people arguing over who gets the most resources.

12 Slenderman The Slender Man is a fictional supernatural character that originated as an Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Eric Knudsen

He's not all that he seems to be,and if you knew me you would understand 100% of what I mean. After all people are scared of what they do not know or understand so basically that's why you fear Slender Man. If you would look past what you fear or don't know you might make a friend,learn something new, or even figure out what lies beyond what people try to get us to believe . So please, go ahead and if you understand the message I'm trying to get out good job and keep what you know true close and never lose sight of that.

Pfft, yall ain't seen anything. Slenderman probably ain't real since it was made for a creepypasta but don't mess with the occult, there is freaky stuff out there. Also, I used to stay in the neighborhood woods a lot as a kid, same with some others, and we'd see and hear freaky stuff over the span of a few years. And, I used to be a hobo because I was poor asf and lived on a bike with a tarp and a tub of food and water. Thank God I don't do that anymore.

This will scare you, I guarantee it. Especially if you are a young child. Without torches. And no adult to look after you. Imagine waking up outside, lost because you we're sleepwalking at night. Slender could have got you...dun dun dun

because slenderman is creepy and I SAW HIM and my friend went in a trance saying slenderman is not real, after saying he was real.

13 Zombies

Actually the Zombie apocalypse could happen, just mix rabies with some kind of other horrible disease and BAM you have a zombie. The rabies would represent the behavioral and muscle deficiency in your body, then add that other disease would be the rest. However considering the world we live in now, the zombie apocalypse wouldn't be the thing to end the world. The only problem would probably be actually getting the vaccine to everyone that needs it.

This should be #1, just the feeling of being ripped open piece by piece, bit by bit it would be a very slow but painful death you might as well just shoot yourself in the head, I would if I got bit, or before that! Well that's why I think this should be number one on this list!

It would be scarier if the zombies were like to ones from Resident Evil were they are really hard to kill, or if the were really fast like the ones in World War Z, but the zombies from The Walking Dead wouldn't be as bad, but still would be extremely scary since there would be so many...

This should be in the top 5. Why do you think people that play call of duty kill zombies? are they supposed to know how to move, take people's brains, etc, if they don't have brains of their own? Who controls them?

14 Plane Crashes

I have a huge fear of planes, because of plane crashes. There's also a conspiracy theory that if there is a crash, the airlines want you to die, because if people survive, they can file something and the airline will usually have to give them money. Since most airlines have you sit in a position with your head down, that's not safe, because your head would go right into the chair and break your neck. That's not very good.

Imagine seeing all of the people dead if you had a chance of surviving. The blood would be scattered everywhere and you would have nobody to help you.

This is scary cause there's a chance you won't survive, a zombie apocalypse would be scary but it kinda sounds fun, if you have call of duty.

This is literally my worst fear. If I survive, losing my family and my possessions. Also, a water landing on the ocean. I'll take the bus, thanks.

15 Nightmares

I actually enjoy nightmares it is kind of like a horror movie that you're the star of, but then again it depends on the nightmare: for instance if you had a dream about a love one dying that would really be terrible or if you have one of those waking dreams where you are a wake put can't move your body while a bunch of weird things happen around you (which I am so happy I haven't experienced).

My dream was that I was in my living room watching T.V. and I heard a doorbell when I open the door there was a salesman I closed the door on on him. After that I heard as scream of anger... A few hours passed and I was getting ready to go to bed; when I heard groans from the front door. Whoever groaned broke the front door and was heading up to get me! I grabbed a picture of Krishna but then it was too late!
I then woke up and realized it was a dream...

So, when I was little I used to watch Wee Sing: In the Big Rock Candy Mountains in daycare. And I was absolutely HORRIFIED of the bunny. He gave me nightmare all the time. Even the other kids were afraid of him. Looking back at it, I now realize how stupid it was to be scared of some made-up character from a fictional world.

What's scary is that people can actually die from nightmares. It's triggered by a mysterious condition called SUNDS, Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome. It makes your heart burn out over one, then you die because of a heart attack. No, I'm not taking this out of 1000 Ways To Die.

16 Disease

Diseases are probably the scariest things in the world. Some can't be cured, even with today's modern medicine. Plus, you'd be getting killed (and it's a very slow and painful death) by something you can't see. I am afraid of death, but death from a deadly virus is even worse.

Bad, the deadliest outbreak/pandemic of any disease was the black death(caused by plague) which killed 42% of the entire human population, 60% of Europe, 50% of Asia, 30% of Africa, 75% of France, 60% of England, and 75% of Italy plague takes 3 forms, septicemic, pneumonic and bubonic, bubonic you have a 70% chance of dying, if you get treatment in the first 24 hours the death rate lowers to 15%, pneumonic and septicemic both have a 100% death rate, and 40% if you get treatment in the first 24 hours, the pneumonic plague is airborne.

This just... it scares me so bad. I've watched Twelve Monkeys and The Maze Runner (which isn't so bad) and it mentally scarred me.

Coronavirus,Cancer,Black death, Cholera, Smallpox, Spanish flu, and more! Disease is the one that killed millions of people in history, it affects people's bodies and keep them from functioning normally

17 Creepypasta

Oh my, these things scare the crap out of me! I'm too scared to even go on the website! There are these horrifying pictures *cough* JEFF THE KILLER *cough* and some of them can give give you some pretty bad insomnia or even make you pee yourself. *cough* JEFF *cough* Some Creepypastas have scarier stories than pictures, like Slenderman, or their pictures are WAY more scary than the stories, and sometimes a Creepypasta might be scary with the picture and the story, like Jeff the Killer *shivers*. Anyways, I recommend that you stay away from the website unless you have guts...

I can't watch creepypasta! I know I never seen it but I heard of it, there's masky, jeff the killer, the rake, ITS SCARY! BUT I don't KNOW IF THEIR REAL! They aren't but there are killers and it just reminds you of it! Plus, I'm not old enough to watch it... I'm PRETTY GLAD! Creepypasta... Creepypasta... Imagine if this were real ( but now it's a happy story ) - jeff comes in breaks door - ( good thing I chose lockdown! ) - I hide underneath couch while seeing him punched and hit by mouse traps that I set up! - ( hee hee I'm also a better fighter. ) - when he's weakened turns to fight - punch - jeff tries to stab with knife - I avoid the attack - turns into kitty - bites leg - hiss - turns back - STAY AWAY CREEPYPASTA! DID YOU KNOW NOT TO MESS WITH SMART KITTIES?

I once read one about a virus the night I got a virus on my computer, and I didn't realise it wasnt real, so I got terrified and couldn't sleep all night, and then the next day I had an exam so I was in a big mess!

Yea that's creepy and scary * shudder * but I'm one of those people that can handle it. Imagine if they are real then that will be really creepy so look up on this list called creepypastas are real.

18 Snakes Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes that can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears.

I love Australia, it is the best country in the world, the most thing I hate is these things! Snakes are disgusting

I'm an Aussie, never seen a taipan. Last time I saw a snake was a harmless TAME one 4-5 years ago.

I fear snakes to death they look like a worm! I guess a reptile mate a worm or somethin'!

Snakes are great. Ever picked up a rattler? Copperheads are easier to handle though.
*sees people staring*
What? It's a country person thing. Haha

19 War

I put this below nuclear warfare because its still war and no one wants to kill someone in less they saw there parents (if they were good parents) or siblings get killed in front of you.

It's just sad that there doesn't seem to ever be an end to war... So much suffering is horrible, and scary in a whole different way as well, it's totally out of our control and we are not able to stop it

Nothing like being shot the moment you turn around. Or witching your own friend be shot to death. CREEPY!

Do you can die from war

20 Tornadoes

I've been through two tornadoes, as well as the 2016 "thousand year flood" in Louisiana, the fires in Oregon, and landslides and rock slides in Cali, so... They all traumatized me pretty badly.

Tornadoes are TERRIFYING! There giant and huge, their night time assassins, and their loud and scary. I'm afraid of Tornadoes, so you should to.

My grandma's vacation home was demolished by one of these things back in 2003. She learned to never rent a vacation home in the middle of tornado alley.

I have a fear of those. One time, we had a tornado watch where I live and I grabbed everything and ran downstairs. Luckily, there was no tornado by us.

21 Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep".

I am still scared of him. I know he is not real, but that demonic face looks like every single millimeter was perfectly designed to strike fear into one's heart. I first saw the picture when I was a kid. I saw it for a split second, and I had trouble sleeping for almost a year. Not even joking

Jeff the Killer is funny looking, but creepy looking at the same time. The reason I can't see his nose is the makeup, right?

I searched him up really quick and I immediately got scared. I am never searching him up EVER AGAIN!

HEY! Jeff is cool! Leave him alone

EDIT: Who put than anime-like Jeff as the picture? I don't like it. Original Jeff is better

22 Teletubbies Teletubbies is a British pre-school children's television series created by Ragdoll Productions' Anne Wood CBE and Andrew Davenport, who wrote each of the show's 365 episodes. It is owned by Canadian Studio WildBrain, which is the largest independent Children's and Adolescent's Film Studio

I have no idea why but I think teletubbies are psychotic. Mainly because for some reason when I was little watched that show all the time, but when I try to remember what it was about I can't remember anything, but I do kinda remember that I didn't exactly like it more than I was mesmerized... Then one day my baby cousin (around 3 years old at the time) came over and she was watching Teletubbies and I had to watch her. I noticed that unlike when she was watching shows like Dora she wasn't giggling or even smiling, throughout the whole thing she just stared at the screen, also for some reason when they show the teletubbies looking at you I almost feel like that's what the purple one was doing, looking at me. It was creepy man.

I remember this magic event that scared me when I was little. Does anyone remember it? If you do, that's great. But if you don't, look it up on YouTube. Just type in Teletubbies Magic Event Magic House. It starts off with all four Teletubbies sitting on the grass in the very far distance. (Erm, did you know? They were playing it safe! Duh!) The camera cuts to the sky with a grassy ground below it. Then, four windows fade in, and a pink house with a red door, with the number 4 on it, fades in afterwards. Next, a shadow of a person from the waist up moves and speaks gibberish at the bottom left window. The curtains then open to reveal a creepy puppet with reddish lips, wearing blue and a blue tam o' shanter hat with a red pom-pom on top. He then sings a song in gibberish while the camera slowly zooms in on him. I think they changed the puppet to a less scary one because they probably realized it was scaring the poor kids.

Oh, yeah. They look all cute and funny if you're 3 or younger. To anyone else, they're creepy alien people with television screens implanted on their chests. What's scarier- Hell or Teletubbies? Teletubbies.

Thank god these were made after coloured television because in black and white they would be even scarier than they are now!

23 Being Attacked

I would at least try to defend myself... maybe use some of my Jiu Jitsu skills? But this is what most of my nightmares are made up of.

As a new young adult, I fear getting hurt by someone mean.

It is very dangerous

This seems scary

24 Pop Ups

One of the scariest things since darkness. Most people get scared $&@: less from these loud, sudden blast of fear.

These things need to die and be forgotten about forever. Besides people are getting sick of them anyway.

A cheap way to scare people and annoying as hell. Some people are easily scared and therefore really fear these(some even get heart attacks). But the worst WORST part are the commenters that say how wimply and pathetic we are for being scared of these. Douches

They are not only scary. They are also EASY to do! Just have something scary pop out.

25 Insects

Woah, I had a nightmare once about this! They may be harmless (some of them) but they look so creepy and disgusting! I'm afraid to even walk into the shower, and its because of these things! Some Insects are very annoying and bite for no reason too

I actually have insectophobia induced by trauma. Every time I see a butterfly (going to the zoo is a nightmare! ) my mom says "Big Baby! " and slaps me. Wait! This reminds me of something.

Eustace: Stupid dog! *puts on mask* OOGABOOGABOOGA!

Courage: *eats camera*

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