Top 10 Best Superpowers

You've likely daydreamed about soaring through the sky or possessing superhuman strength. Superpowers have been a staple of human imagination for centuries, igniting our dreams and inspiring countless stories.

From the power to alter the very fabric of time to the raw, unbridled force of omnipotence, these superpowers represent the pinnacle of human aspiration and the boundless potential of our imaginations.

So, which extraordinary abilities do you believe deserve the top spots on this list? Join the thousands of others who have cast their votes and let your voice be heard in this celebration of superhuman potential.
The Top Ten
1 Time Manipulation The ability to control and alter the flow of time, including pausing, rewinding, or fast-forwarding events. Users can also travel to different points in time.

Time control scares me. There are too many variables to destroying the existence of everything.

However, to me, this power has to be seriously limited for me to possess it. For example, I want to consciously exist, in real-time, up to 60 minutes in the future, which means I can see what's going to happen every second up to 1 hour before it happens. I would also need the ability to turn this off and on at will since people are consistently plagued with decisions. I would be making hundreds of decisions based on what I see, and then seeing all these scenarios for this 1-hour future change based on those decisions.

To stop time means to exceed the constant of time, which is theoretically impossible, even for a superpower. I like to think of time as a million-mile-wide, infinitely long cord made of an indestructible material that no creature in the universe can stop from moving in one direction.

I would never travel back in time for fear of erasing my existence or the existence of someone or something that was necessary for the human race. It is not worth it.

2 Telekinesis The ability to move and manipulate objects with the mind without physical interaction. Users can lift, push, or pull items, regardless of their weight or size.

Telekinesis can provide you with any other superpower there is, so it can be considered as omnipotence. You can heal wounds just by moving the cells around, levitate yourself, and fly wherever you want. This may be a stretch, but you could move things fast enough to travel through time via time dilation.

Short on cash? Summon money from thin air by manipulating particles. If you wanted, you could live forever by repairing your own damaged tissue and killing dangerous microorganisms. No more hard labor. Couch potatoes can do everything they need with their mind. Telekinesis gives you everything you could ever ask for.

3 Invisibility The power to render oneself unseen by the naked eye. This ability can be used to become entirely imperceptible to others.

Most underrated power ever. Invisibility is a stunning power that is often countered in movies or books by abilities like telekinesis and telepathy, and made to appear weaker than it should be, as seen in Lorien Legacies, Fantastic Four, etc. However, in truth, if you are invisible, you cannot be seen.

You could pickpocket someone, lean over someone's shoulder at an ATM and then steal their card, make yourself and a gun invisible then shoot an enemy, or turn (if the power extends to it) a car invisible. You could make people think there are ghosts in the house by moving things around, and so on.

In addition, invisibility has many applications as mentioned above, whereas many powers have only one purpose and are not practical in everyday life, with the powers most likely being hard to hide.

4 Super Speed The capability to move at velocities far exceeding that of normal humans. This power includes running, reacting, and perceiving events at incredible speeds.

Speed is incredible as it not only increases your speed but also allows you to see, think, act, and respond faster. You're able to vibrate yourself so that you can phase through objects but also punch people's insides to stop them in their tracks, crippling them with pain. Not to mention, you can rip out someone's heart without any external damage.

You can access lightning. In the Flash comics, it was stated that if he were to run his fastest, he could pick a planet and destroy it. He can create after-images. You can fight someone, learn all the punches and actions that they will do, run back in time, and fight the same fight to win. From running so fast, your punches become extremely powerful.

There's so much more to it as well. This is a short breakdown.

5 Flight The power to defy gravity and move through the air at will. Users can fly at varying speeds and heights without external support.

This would be so useful. No more use for planes, cars, trains. You could just fly everywhere, and you could even wear goggles to protect your eyes. You would swallow quite a few bugs though.

Flight is one of my favorite superpowers because imagine how many places you could go if you could fly. The human race is very limited from many places because we cannot fly.

Get this to number 1. Now, while it may be slower than teleporting, you can see everything. In a war, you would be the perfect scout.

And, you could just shoot enemy soldiers from the sky without them even knowing. Flying for the win. Plus, if you teleported quickly enough, you could break the fabric of reality and rip all the universes in half. But if you could fly, the only problem would be skyscrapers, which, to be honest, are pretty rare. So, flying is better than teleporting.

6 Teleportation The ability to instantaneously transport oneself or others from one location to another without traversing the physical space in between. This power eliminates the need for traditional travel.

Teleportation is the best. Let's say, for example, if you wanted to travel across the world and didn't want it to take forever, you could just teleport there. If you were in the military, you could teleport an entire opposing army in front of a moving vehicle.

You could also teleport their guns to you or teleport them somewhere for a guaranteed death. There are so many things you could do. And if you were a parent and your child was on the road in front of a moving vehicle, you could teleport your child to safety.

Another useful application is if you were in the bathroom, you could teleport all of the waste directly into the toilet. The possibilities are endless.

7 Omnipotence Possessing unlimited power and the ability to do anything without restriction. This power makes the user all-knowing and all-powerful.

Personally, if I were to have omnipotence, I wouldn't know what to do with it. You could create new dimensions, bring people back from the dead, know the future. The options are limitless.

For those who think time control is number 1, people with omnipotence would already know what you were going to do. They would only allow you to do it because they wanted to humiliate or confuse you. People with omnipotence wouldn't have a reality, time, or certain power because they control it all. They are basically like Lucy at 100% brain control, except they can create whatever they want without anything. Whereas she could only manipulate matter, you can create more from nothing.

8 Shapeshifting The power to change one's physical form or appearance into that of another person, animal, or object. This ability allows for complete transformation at will.

Shapeshifting is everything.

You can make yourself invulnerable or simply give yourself super-healing, and you could be functionally immortal because, aside from healing and/or invulnerability, you could control your own aging process. You can shapeshift into something with the ability to have any other power, like flying or super-strength, and you don't even have to become a bird or anything. Just imagine "me but with the power of flight," and you can alter yourself to a form that can fly, even if it's externally indistinguishable in other ways. You could become a master of disguise. You could transform into any animal or give yourself any elemental powers, or the fun powers like stretching and changing size. And, of course, the social and vanity applications go without saying.

So, really, a shapeshifter can transform themselves to be able to do anything, including everything else on the list.

9 Invincibility The power to be immune to harm and physical damage. Users cannot be injured or affected by external forces.

Man, I need to get some stuff straight here. First off, invincibility is not walking through objects. That is phasing - those are two different powers. Invincibility is being a solid that cannot be harmed or damaged in any way. You can drop UY Scuti on them, and it does nothing. That is definitely powerful.

This power is easily the best, except there is one problem. Invincibility gives no offensive power. You have the strength of a normal man, meaning if someone chains you up, you do not have the strength to break free as a normal man does not. That is the problem here.

Unless you have some very good martial arts skills, you will not be hurt in a fight, but it is not like you are faring any better. Guns do not count because that is measuring the power of a weapon, not a power. No, I do not think it is the best power. That is a joke. It is a good power defensively, but offensively, you lack power and can still be trapped or captured - not hurt, but trapped or captured.

10 Gravity Manipulation The capability to control gravitational forces, affecting the weight and movement of objects and individuals. This power allows users to increase or decrease gravity's pull at will.

Absolute control over gravity is easily the greatest power. Time control has too large a margin for error, which could lead to unforeseen consequences at a catastrophic level. Telekinesis is probably the closest on this list in terms of raw potential and usability to gravitational control, but it does have some drawbacks.

At its core, gravity manipulation would give the user all abilities associated with telekinesis. Simply by changing an object's, organism's, or particle's center of gravitational pull (i.e., the direction it reacts to as "down") and the amount of gravitational pull on the target, the user can cause the target to move through space at incredible speeds, slow it down, make it weightless, implode, or any number of other possibilities, similar to telekinesis. However, unlike telekinesis, gravitational manipulation would not require constant concentration. Once a direction and level of force was applied, the user can step back and let physics do the rest. This frees up the user to continue whatever else they need to do.

Gravitational manipulation can also allow the user to mimic many other types of powers, as well as increase their base fitness level. Imagine living life with 10 extra pounds of force constantly pulling on you. You would get pretty strong, pretty fast. Then, you can just up the weight. However, even this application doesn't have much bearing beyond the aesthetic. Gravitational manipulation can make anything weightless! (Super strength?) This ability gets even more fun when you consider applying two separate pulls on one object, say... an atom? You could turn anything into a nuclear bomb.

Gravity is a force we are not even close to understanding fully. As such, its potential is practically limitless. For all we know, the relationships between gravity and other universal forces could allow for a gravity manipulator to control time and space itself. Gravity manipulation is, bar none, the greatest and most versatile... more

The Contenders
11 Matter Manipulation The ability to change the physical properties of matter, including transforming one substance into another. Users can alter the composition, shape, and state of materials.

This power is somewhat overpowered. You can manipulate objects or your body to make them harmless, thus allowing you to become invincible. Additionally, you can change the space around your opponents into lava, burning them in the process. You can even make yourself invisible.

You can alter the chemical makeup of anything. If you were being attacked by a force such as telekinesis, morph your body into water, and it won't be harmed. If someone tried to poison you, you could change the makeup of your body to be immune. The possibilities are endless.

12 Healing Ability The capability to rapidly recover from injuries and ailments. This power can also extend to healing others by mending wounds and curing illnesses.

Why would anyone want to stop time, anyway? The molecules around you would stop moving completely, so unless you have the power to break the absolute inertia of all molecules around you, you'll just suffocate because the molecules in your lungs can't move in or out. But hey, it's senseless to apply science to superheroes, right?

I'm just going with this because it makes you practically immortal, and it could be very useful for, say, bodybuilding. You don't have to wait a day in between for your muscles to recover. You could just go nonstop.

13 Super Strength The ability to exert force far beyond that of a normal human. Users can lift, move, and break objects of immense size and density.

Why is this not at number one? This is the most common by far. Let's make a list of people with super strength: Superman, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Drax, Deadpool, Ant-Man, Vision, The Thing, Beast, Groot, Gamora, and more. How could this ever be in 14th place? It's the best thing ever.

You can do better than that. You can move mountains, rocks, boulders, create earthquakes or ravines, and, if you're crazy, move entire planets and moons, only the solid parts.

Can't take a step without creating a giant hole in the ground, never be able to grab any food or drinks, and experience incredible muscle pain. Sounds great.

14 Power Absorption The capability to take and use the powers of others. This ability can be temporary or permanent, depending on its extent.

If you were to gain the ability to absorb other abilities, it is obvious those abilities would have drastic side effects. It could cause a massive amount of strain on your body, resulting in multiple side effects which will eventually leave you physically or even psychologically damaged beyond repair. Not taking into consideration the healing factor. But even with the healing factor, it would only heal your physical body but not your mental state, leaving you insane or with mental damage.

15 Elemental Manipulation The capability to control and influence natural elements such as fire, water, earth, and air. Users can generate, shape, and direct these elements as desired.

This power is so OP. You can do so much with this. By the way, there should be more than five major elements like light, metal, and stuff like that. You're not quite a god, but you can do almost anything and explore space as darkness and build your garden with the earth. You can't get bored with this because you can always find new ways to use it. It's not like time control where all you do is speed up, slow down, stop, reverse, loop, age, and de-age. Or gravity where you can only switch poles, flatten, lift, repel, and attract. There are literally millions of ways to utilize this. You can beat every other power, not reality-warping and omnipotence because those are god powers. You can do everything with it and always find something new about it. All the comments talking about how great this power is have just scratched the surface! Not only is this power super strong, but it's cool and exciting too.

16 Thought Manifestation The ability to turn thoughts and imagination into reality. Users can create physical objects or effects purely by thinking about them.

With this power, you can think about anything, or anyone, you want, and it would become real. For example, you can even think about using a superpower, and it would be real, and you can really use it. This is more amazing than anything, and even if you think about it, all humans have made everything with their imagination. So why not use that to an extent.

With this, you could literally do anything you want: invisibility, time control, quantum tunneling, even omnipotence or omniscience. This is clearly the best and most overpowered superpower. However, it is kind of exactly the same thing as omnipotence, so I can see why it's ranked here.

17 Mind Control The capability to influence and direct the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others. This power allows users to take control of another's mind.

Absolute, complete power. Somebody attacks you? They have put the gun in their mouth and blown their face off completely willingly. Want someone to fall in love with you? They already have. Who needs invisibility when you can make people forget you instantly after seeing you?

Want to be President? Control the entire country to support you. Or better, subconsciously manipulate minds across the planet to control stock prices and the entire free market. Make billions in seconds. Raise an army with a single thought - your power can make people believe in your cause to the extent that they will die for you.

The best part? Nobody knows it is happening unless you want them to. Mind control is not about possessing a single body at a time. It is about subtly or completely controlling anyone's thoughts in anyone's heads at any distance. No power could beat it, because why would anyone want to harm you when they love you so much, or better, do not even know you exist?

18 Super Intelligence The capability of possessing intelligence far beyond the human norm. Users can process information at extraordinary speeds and solve complex problems effortlessly.

One can argue that super intelligence is one of the most useful powers. Many superheroes and protagonists are not very bright - Thor, Superman, Emmet (Lego Movie), Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, anyone in a stereotypical horror movie, and everyone in Twilight.

Imagine how far they could get with some actual intelligence. Imagine if they actually had good plans.

Super intelligence opens literally endless possibilities. You could potentially unlock all other powers on this list by inventing something such as a serum, using highly advanced DNA altering, or creating advanced technologies.

This should be in the top three, if not number one.

19 Bulletproof The ability to be impervious to bullets and other projectile weapons. This power provides protection against gunfire and similar threats.

Now, I know that I said every power is useful in its own way, and this power is no exception. However, the manner in which this power is beneficial isn't that impressive. Certainly, if you're bulletproof, you should be immune to anything weaker than a bullet. But what about missiles, bombs, landmines, shells, rockets, nukes, cannons, artillery, buildings falling on you, lasers, lava, lightning, falling from great heights, drowning, or any superpower with attacks with more force than a bullet? Many do, including nature power, telekinesis, gravity power, matter control, super speed, shapeshifting, and many others.

And yes, no street robber or simple thug is going to overpower you, but what about other superpowers? We are comparing superpowers, not you to normal people. Also, you can't have a weapon because then you have the power of the power combined with the power of a weapon, and we're only measuring the power of the power, no add-ons. This means your attacks are simply normal attacks. So, unless you're a master at martial arts and know how to incapacitate someone in 500 different ways, it's going to be hard to fight others. They may not be able to harm you, but you can't do much in a short amount of time either. Essentially, this is a very limited version of invincibility and, frankly, rather underwhelming for a superpower compared to other planetary-level powers.

20 Cloning The capability to create identical copies of oneself or others. These clones retain the original's memories and abilities.

Just imagine you see your mom through the window, and you forgot your chores. Clone 10 of you, and get those chores done in minutes, and then delete them all before she can even take a step through the door.

You can clone yourself, and your clone can clone themselves. All of your clones will have all the abilities you have. You will have a giant army in no time.

Just have your clone go to school, and when it returns, de-clone him or her and merge so you don't have a clone, and the info they learned is planted in your mind, and it was as if you were actually at school.

21 Time Travel The ability to move between different points in time, allowing users to visit the past or the future. This power can alter historical events and future outcomes.

Obviously, one of the very best superpowers. It would have been so easy to go back in time and kill Thanos's parents.

I can go to the past and future without effort. I can go to the 70s, then to the 90s, then to the 80s, up to 3001.

You just change one little factor by accident, and you may have just ruined the world.

22 Immortality The power to live indefinitely without succumbing to age, disease, or death. Users remain physically unchanging and cannot die.

Immortality is not what most of you think it is. It is not deathlessness, meaning that you will never die. By its definition, immortality is life. The "Im" you can look at as the word infinity or constant, meaning simply that you will always have life.

This can be taken two ways: First, you reach an age past pubescence when your body reaches its maximum potential, and you simply stop aging. By this account, you can still be harmed or killed without living forever. Second, you experience what is commonly known as rebirth. During each death, whether by force or through natural occurrences, you would be reborn with all the knowledge and experience from before your demise. Consider it a type of reincarnation, only it is still your existence.

Personally, I would choose the latter.

Deathlessness, or never dying, has always been one small part of omnipotence. Some people argue that if a person (as in human) is incapable of dying, they would also suffer the inescapable reality that they can't feel true emotions. To justify the argument, they would say that death is a universal fear and to understand fear is to understand all other emotions. If you have no fear of death, how can you know love or hate, or be mournful or joyous?

23 Reality Warping The power to alter the fabric of reality itself. Users can change physical laws and create or erase matter and energy as they see fit.

Being a reality warper is basically being omnipotent. When you warp reality, you can do whatever you please. You can have any power and literally anything, and if you don't know of something you can do, then trust me, with reality warping you can do it.

Look at the Beyonder and the One Above All. Some people say they are omnipotent. Others say reality warper. It really doesn't matter. It's the same thing. I don't even know why this power is still in the contenders list and not in the top ten list. Why isn't this power number 1?

24 Telepathy The ability to communicate thoughts and ideas directly into the minds of others. Users can also read the thoughts of others.

Telepathy is the power to communicate with others without speaking, just by thinking. In some cases, those with telepathy can also read the mind of the one they are "speaking" to. However, those with telepathy do not have mind control, which is a whole different ability. Just because it is all happening in the mind does not mean it is all the same.

If you didn't study for a test, you can read your teacher's mind, but chances are she is just thinking about a dumb YouTube video she saw. You can communicate with her, but all that will do is allow you to not raise your hand.

In conclusion, telepathy is a good power but really can't compare to the others since it is just a substitute for good, old-fashioned conversations.

25 Super Agility The capability to move with exceptional speed, balance, and coordination. Users can perform acrobatic feats and react swiftly to their environment.

The reason why I like this superpower is because you can actually have this superpower in real life. Also, I just want it because Nightwing is my favorite superhero.

If you are fast enough, then you can't be touched, and the idea of doing parkour like a boss just sounds awesome.

With super agility, you can get into a fight and never be touched. You also can jump super high, like you're always doing parkour.

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