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1 2020 was a good year

Justin Trudeau is an idiot, and many of the actions and policies he imposed on Canadians in 2020 were absurd and unconstitutional. They were arguably imposed to create fear and distraction. Mask mandates, forced vaccinations, trying to buy vaccines from China's CanSino, the ArriveCAN app, ventilator procurement scam, the half-billion-dollar Air Canada bailout scam, and the treatment of the truckers protesting mandatory vaccinations with unapproved vaccines or lose your job. Implementing the modern-day version of the War Measures Act against the truckers, who he called racist, misogynist, and extremists, and never accepting their invitation to have a discussion. His blunders have been exposed and were par for the course. When you're unqualified and incompetent, people expect failure, and that's what Canadians received. When you're unethical and corrupt, citizens are not surprised when you and your friends have profited from the many spending scandals perpetrated on citizens during the pandemic. Yes, 2020 was a failure for Canadians, mostly due to Trudeau's countless failures and scandals.

2 1941 was a good year

1941 was also one of the worst years. I bet Hitler has no remorse for his actions for what he did to those Jewish people. And look, we also have a Hitler in our midst, Kanye West (Ye).

Probably the only good thing about 1941 is that it's the year Big Chungus was created. Other than that, the Nazis declared war on the Soviets. Pretty sure the Holocaust began this year too. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, getting the US involved.

I may not have been there in 1941, but it's one of the worst years ever because of WW2: from countries being bombed to many Jews being mistreated by Nazis, especially Hitler.

3 Mondays are better than Saturdays

I'd be surprised if anyone thinks that Mondays are better than Saturdays. One of the few good items on here.

Disagree. But if you're talking about Mondays during quarantine, it ties up.

Haha, no. Saturdays are less stressful.

4 Winter is better than summer

Let me tell you this, summer-lovers: the reason why you guys love summer is that you're still young. More teens or younger prefer summer because you finished the school final tests and have a vacation for 3 months. I used to love summer when I was still in school. But when I graduated from high school and college and started having a job, I began to prefer winter. Once you graduate high school or college/university and start a job or career, you'll understand. I graduated from high school and college a long time ago, and I do have a job. I love winter because: #1 I can't stand the heat, #2 there are more incidents in the summer seasons than in winter, #3 summer is more boring than winter, #4 I love winter because I can enjoy drinking hot chocolate or coffee while it's cold outside, and #5 Christmas is my favorite holiday.

So, those who vote for summer are youngsters. I can't believe this is at #3. Youngsters are so crazy and wild, I gotta say.

5 The Midwest is a great place to live

It depends. Some parts of the Midwest are very boring and unpleasant, but some places, especially northwards, are pretty nice, if you can handle the cold.

When I'm an adult and have enough money, I'm moving to the Midwest so I can enjoy some nice cold weather and very little sun.

The Midwest is often considered the most boring place in the United States as well as the area with the worst weather.

6 Among Us is overrated

Last fall, everyone was obsessed with this game. Now everyone gets horrified when this game is mentioned or when something reminds them of this game or the word sus.

This had to be said. This game became popular only because of famous YouTubers starting to play it.

But it is though! I've played better games, personally...

7 Movies are better than books

I think the same thing. Maybe because movies do the whole 'show, don't tell' thing better, or the storytelling flows more smoothly, or the fact that it goes easy on vocabulary and does not use a lot of big words (I'm autistic, so I don't know a lot of big words). Don't get me wrong, I like books, heck, I have a couple of favorites! In fact, some are just as good as their movie counterparts, if not better! But for the most part, I'd stick with movies.

I prefer both, but mainly books because they make you smarter, and your eye vision improves from spending way too much time playing on your technology.

8 Mosquitoes are good

I don't hate mosquitoes bc they were made to do what they do and to eat what they eat and yea they carry diseases but you can't just hate on one creature bc of what they were made to do. and don't get me wrong I don't really like mosquitoes sucking my blood and yea it's gross. but God put every creature on the earth for a reason.

Yeah, nobody thinks this. They are valuable food for other animals, but that doesn't even make it okay at all as to how awful these creatures are.

Imagine thinking mosquitoes are good. All they do is spread diseases and give you an itch. Mosquitoes aren't good!

9 Hitler is good

Just why does this opinion even exist? Like, what the Hell?!

How is a demon who started the deadliest conflict in history and a horrific genocide even a good person (if you can even use the word 'person' to describe him)?

I'd like to meet whoever came up with that so I can give them a nice, hearty, delicious knuckle sandwich. Even if I ruin the timeline a little.

No. Absolutely not. His brutal actions, such as starting World War II and the Holocaust, brought a very negative impact to our world.

10 Burger King is better than McDonald's

About 40 years ago, a Burger King was built near my apartment, and I went there when it opened. I ordered a burger and fries and remember how awful it was and threw half of it out. About 20 years later, I decided to try it again and have never been back since. McDonald's has always been okay because I realized in order to minimize disappointment, you must keep your expectations in check, and this strategy has kept me as a McDonald's customer ever since. So although McDonald's is acceptable, Burger King is just crap.

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11 TheTopTens is a good website

This is an unpopular opinion. It may not be unpopular on TheTopTens itself, but this site is universally hated outside of the site itself.

It is, but the SJW basement dwellers and Communists that run a good chunk of the internet can't handle the harmless jokes here.

12 Justin bieber's Baby is not a bad song

Yeah! It's a mediocre song, but I can name 100 songs worse than this.

Of course, it isn't bad. It's the most overhated song of all time. It's not a great song, but the worst song of all time? Not even close. This song is just decent. Wanna hear an unpopular opinion? Baby is better than Yummy. There you go. Let's wait for Bieber haters to attack me for an opinion.

It's really not, there are way worse songs than that, but people are far too stuck in the 2010s.

13 Autumn is the best season

I agree. This season is just beautiful. I mean, look at the picture. The leaves look so wonderful. It's not too cold like winter, it doesn't have as much pollen or insects like spring, and it's not so hot like summer. It also has some of my favorite holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

There is no rain or pollen every time, unlike spring. There are no car accidents because of ice, and no snow to shovel, unlike winter. And you don't have to put on sunscreen every time and deal with the heat, unlike summer. Plus, autumn is one of the most windy seasons, and I love wind.

14 The Lord of the Rings is better than Star Wars

Better than any other trilogy. Although there are many other great trilogies out there like the mentioned Star Wars original trilogy and also the Dark Knight trilogy. Although there are movies that have a very similar feeling to it (e.g., Narnia), Lord of the Rings is just on a whole different plane of existence from any other movie.

It probably is, plot-wise, but for some reason, I like Star Wars more. Well, the original trilogy, at least.

Lord of the Rings is a bit complicated, but if you tell me it's still better, I would understand.

15 2012 was the worst year for music in the 2010s

I mean, it had Transit of Venus from Three Days Grace, which was a pretty mediocre album, but otherwise, it was pretty good.

I often hear it cited as the best year for 2010's music.

16 The middle seat of an airplane is a better place to sit than the aisle seat or window seat

I prefer the window seat. I love looking out the windows, and I'm an aviation enthusiast, so I like to film the takeoffs and landings from the window.

Middle seat? The back seat is the safest! Sitting in the back makes you more unlikely to die in a plane crash.

This is very unpopular. Most people prefer either the aisle seat or the window seat.

17 2021 was a good year
18 1939 was a good year

Wow... Unbelievable. It's the worst!

That's also (one of) the worst year(s) because of war: it's pretty obvious.

19 A Pal for Gary is a great episode

Ok... I usually like SpongeBob, but not in this episode because he didn't even care when Gary was being hurt. SpongeBob is also the worst in this episode when he entered Gary in a snail contest and made him exhausted.

This is absolutely an unpopular opinion, even though this is my least favorite SpongeBob episode ever. Literally no one likes this episode.

I usually like SpongeBob, but he is such a huge jerk to Gary in that episode and also oblivious! Poor Gary, I feel very sorry for him!

20 Anime is a cartoon

This is not an opinion, this is a fact that people refuse to believe. Just like Admin refuses to believe that Fanboy and Chum Chum is a cartoon just because it's a CGI show when cartoons can be CGI like Rabbids Invasion and Jimmy Neutron. Otherwise, the movie of Jimmy Neutron would not be an animated movie because it's CGI too. But just like animated movies can be CGI, cartoons can be CGI. I WISH Admin would realize this. Anime is always allowed on cartoon lists, so why not CGI shows?

I don't get how this is even an opinion. An animated show is a cartoon. Doesn't matter if it's from Japan. It's still an animated show.

21 Trump is better than Hillary

I'm a Republican and I agree with this. I feel that not everyone realizes that not all Trump supporters and Republicans are bad people. In fact, I love to hear Democratic opinions and I'm interested in both sides' views. I'm just more on the Republican side myself. I feel like what hurt Trump the most was that he tended to speak without thinking, and this put him in bad situations.

I hate Donald Trump, and I agree with this opinion. Hillary can go bawl and whine about losing the presidential battle, and I honestly don't care.

22 Autism is not a bad thing

I do not know whether this opinion is unpopular, but I definitely see many people viewing autism negatively. I have even heard of people who don't want to have children due to the fear of being around someone with autism, as well as a mother who claims her life was torn apart because her child has autism. That is sad from my perspective. As someone with autism, I do not see people with autism as burdens. They just have a different way of functioning, and that is perfectly okay. If society wants to end prejudice against women, non-whites, the LGBTQ community, and even premature babies, then it only makes sense for society to have a desire to end prejudice against people with autism. After all, they are all groups that were marginalized throughout history, and nearly all historically marginalized groups are from traits they have no control over.

I tried to make this as well-written as possible.

23 Toy Story 3 is a terrible movie

That's actually true because I hear a lot of people saying that the first three Toy Story movies were good, but then Toy Story 4 was a disaster, which is very agreeable. - IShine&Illuminate

I think I'm the only one who has this opinion. I like the first two Toy Story movies, but I dislike this movie.

It is extremely rare that I find somebody that finds Toy Story 3 to be bad or even just okay.

24 Everyone’s opinion should be respected unless it’s offensive

I agree. I don't care what you do or like, unless it is morally wrong.

25 Cats are better than dogs

I love both cats and dogs equally, but I really hate all the hate cats get because "they scratch and bite you and are unfriendly," while dogs are "always friendly and never bite or scratch." It is a false stereotype that all cats are bad and all dogs are good. Not all cats are mean and not all dogs are nice.

Cats are better than dogs. I'm sick and tired of hearing people say, "Cats suck!" or "Cats are useless!" All of those people are stupid and don't know what they are saying. Dogs are overrated and cats are overhated. Well, at least there is one kid in my class who claims cats are better than dogs (finally).

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