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1 😂

I either use this when my friend says something wrong. But something I also do is if they spelt a word I would write the word with a * and correct them to annoy them loll

Gosh ahaha I love it! When I'm playing truth or dare with my friend on Wechat she chose dare, I told her to eat her boogers, and I sent her this emoji! LOL it is laugh so hard you cry haha

Number 1 is way too dirty. I prefer this emoji to show that I'm happy, laughing or both.

Poo is disgusting. Tears of joy should definitely be higher. - IceBearRules

2 💩

My childhood was ruined ever sense I learned that it was actually chocolate ice cream

I use this when I find something funny or just random times on messenger with my grandad

Wait, this was chocolate ice cream? I've been using this wrong my whole life...

The best of them all! Too bad the abomination known as The Emoji Movie ruined Emojis!

3 😎

This brings back memories when you had to wear glasses to be cool. excuse me shades

My second most common emotion. #Shades4eva

Only cool if used ironically

I use this one way too much

4 😏

Me when my plan works out and I just stare at the form down the hall

Me when I get away with something

"I see what you did there."

Lenny face substitute

5 😈

I love the pointy ears and the mean eyes and that is why I love the devil emoji

I love the devil emoji. Both Red and Purple. However, I'm a Christian.

Both the purple and red ones are amazing!

:ME when I see drama.

6 🌚

It looks creepy!

7 😭

I use this sometimes for laughing. Or I use it for when a friend doesn't understand what you have said and then you have to repeat it.

If you see people using this You will live in paranoia and Fear for weeks . It will be there every time you turn your back . It 's get closer and will follow you to Commit will enter your nightmares. You will Finnally make a last dash for escape but it is futile. It will get you. When it does You Get traumatized from it and lets you take hours, possibly days to die , don't let the mouth fool you down it is the most scariest face to ever exist on the face of the internet I want this to be banned

I use this when my bro in law says harsh things about me but my husband is always to the rescue

I make juicy tears

8 🍕

I really like pizza. many kinds of pizza I like to eat like little caesar's. pizza is also very greasy sometimes for example like the pretzel crust pizza and it tastes good even though it might not be the best thing for you. just sometimes you got to eat pizza.

Pizza is life and better than Breadwinners, Tyga and Country music.

One time I tried to put a pizza in the oven and I broke in half. cheese took over the oven.

Yum. All I gonna say is yum.

9 😒

Me when I go to school and we ain't doing sport

I use this all the time!

10 😜

I just jumped into a trampoline from another trampoline from another trampoline!

The thing is I can't wink so I use this

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11 😍

Best one yet, shows great affection

I send this to my uncle - he loves it!

Love heart eyes

12 🐈

I want to give my cat super powers!

13 💀

I don't get why everyone's using this emoji... what is it supposed to mean? I see this all over and it doesn't mean anything to me.

I love skulls they are my favourite thing

This is one of the best emojis in 2023 August...

This is my favorite. I love skeletons

14 💜

I love love hearts.

15 😉

"No one knows what it means but it's provocative."

I love this one

16 👌

If you don't love this one you have the wrong priorities in life

The GOAT emoji. And no, it's not a white supremacist sign.

Don't hang it over your head. Worst mistake of my life.

Leafy is here

17 😇

This emoji looks better when I use it on message. It's my favourite emoji but I'm not really sure why.

It reminds me of me. Just kidding, lol.

This one is so nice too!

I'm an angel at school

18 😢

When my favorite celebrity dies, listening to a sad song or watching a sad movie.

20 🍆

eggplants are wieners

Add rain next to it

21 🍑
22 🎶

I love playing the Clarinet

I can't sing so I put this

I am a music fan. I love it!

23 🤓

This is me because I have never gotten a grade below an A-

I went to school like this before and it was so funny

I got an A+ on my test!

Nerdy, just like me

24 ⛄️

Do you want to build a snowman?
It doesn't have to be a snowman
Go away, Anna
Okay, bye

Do you want to build a snowman... Or ride a bicycle across the hall... I never see you anymore come out the door _____ yeah

25 ❤️

Me when I listen to Heaven In Hiding.

I use this quite a lot

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