Top 10 Best Letters in the English Alphabet

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1 A

Such a revolutionary yet grotesquely beautiful letter. Words can't describe how three lines form linearly with graceful angles, making a perfectly-shaped triangle of sheer beauty, bound within those strong lines. With the letter A, you have the power to solve even the worst world problems currently existing on this planet called Earth. But not many people understand that this letter is the way, and the true meaning that unlocks the essence of life.

My girlfriend's name starts with an A, so that automatically makes it an amazing letter. Not to mention, it just looks beautiful.

A is the Angelic letter and represents the number one. A is awesome in all ways, whether it's in grades or always coming first. Even in alphabets, it represents the first letter. Awesome!

2 S

My name starts with an S. I am not even English, but this letter is so beautiful and powerful! I think it should be in the number one spot, but second is fine to me.

My name starts with S, but almost all of my favorite words start with S: soul, smile, share, support, sympathy, spirit, success, sense, splendid, self-confidence, self-esteem... So positive and beautiful!

I love this letter because it is so commonly used. It is the first letter of my last name and the last letter of my middle name.

3 E

Not only does my own name start with an E (which isn't that important, but personal bias can be powerful), it is also categorically the most common letter in English. It's so common that the language starts with an E. The shape is strong and easy to draw, with a fun variation from uppercase to lowercase. Out of all 26 letters, E is by far the best.

The letter E is a really good letter. It can be used in any sentence and is found in words like cheese, bread, and cheese. The letter E is amazing because it is also shaped like a building. You can go up to each floor and explore! It is used in many sentences and words, and appears in many names. That is why I think the letter E should be the president of all the letters in the world. Plus, if you use it in lowercase, it becomes a cup that can hold cold tea in the summer or hot chocolate in the winter!

E is the most used letter of all letters. You get extra E's in Scrabble too. That is because it is the best and most incredible vowel. Also, all the best names start with E.

4 Z

It's a strong letter that provides a clear identity for those who are blessed to be born with it in their names. You can mark your stuff with a Z, and people know who you're talking about. You can't do that with most letters.

My last name is Zamora, too, and I love it. It's such a unique letter. It's the last one, but the best one of all.

It ticks me off when Z isn't a commonly used letter, often replaced with S, much to my disappointment. When they analyzed the frequencies of how letters are used, my point of view is that the letters of the alphabet should all be equal to each other, from A to Z, used frequently and commonly.

5 X

X is one of the least used letters in the alphabet and deserves more love! No states or countries start with X! It can stand for anything as a variable, and even if you cross it out, you just make more of it! X is epic (especially in AlphaBattle Contest! Look it up.) and is by far the best letter in the alphabet!

I really like this letter. Very underrated and it needs more love. X stands for X-mas!

I like X! It's a very underrated letter! It isn't in my name, but I have a friend named Xenia.

6 B

B is just so unique in its sound, with almost few others being close. It's a great letter, and it looks happy. Also, it is rarer, so it is more valuable, because you never use something valuable up unless you want it dried out. Also, my name begins with this wonderful letter!

B is my favorite letter of the alphabet. It looks happy and has to be ranked higher.

B is the first letter of my surname.

7 M

It makes such an appealing and comforting sound, and it starts off some of my favourite words, which I appreciate for the way they sound or how it feels to say them ("melody," "music," "moxy," "marvellous," "meretricious," "moon," "metaphor," "mew," "mercury," "municipal," "mundane," "macabre," "muddle," "mutiny," "mimic," "mini," "mix," "max," "maximum," "million," "militant," "milky," "milo," "middle," "mist," "misplace," "misnomer," "misconstrued," "mischief," "miasma," "mitten," "mitzvah," "miraculous"...)

M is such a cool letter in the alphabet. It should be at number 1. Like seriously, words like mighty and other cool ones like music or mystic start with it. Oh, more? Yes, there are more cool words that start with M!

My name starts with an M, and I think it's a really useful letter. I mean, without the letter M, we wouldn't have survived!

8 C

My name starts with C, so I like this letter. It also resembles the shape of a reset button, which can be useful, and a wave, which can be relaxing.

C is a crescent moon, which looks pretty beautiful and is fun to look at. C also looks like the shape of a refresh button, which can be helpful at times. C also looks like a wave of water in the sea, which is cool. C looks like the handle of a cup and drawer, which are necessary at times as you need a handle to hold a cup and open a drawer. C is a good-looking and helpful letter.

I really like C. It's pretty cool and one of my favorites. Not much to say, but I don't know why it's so cool to me. It's just the way it looks.

9 K

The 'K' just looks awesome. Awesome and sinister. When it replaces a 'c' that went at the end of the word, you've got terrifying constructions like 'classik,' 'traffik,' and 'academik.' My uncle's name also begins with this letter, and he shows much pride about it.

K looks awesome to read, is easy to write, and has such an attractive sound. I don't know why, but I just find K such a lovely letter. I am also a name nerd, so when I browse through certain names, I find the K sound to be very attractive. Especially in Japanese names, such as Akira, Kouki, and Katsu for boys, and Kokora, Hikari, and Sakura for girls!

No lie, my name starts with K, but I like it because there are some nice words that start with K! For example, kittens, knowledge, keen, kind, kempt. By the way, my name is Kim! Everyone needs more K in their life. Vitamin K is the best vitamin!

10 L

My name is Lucy, so I love this letter. My little brother's name also starts with an L. Love, live, learn, laugh, lesbian, and other strong words start with it too.

L is one of the greatest letters of all time. It has great words that begin with this letter: loyalty, love, lesbian (humanist). I could say more, but that would be a lot.

I am honestly surprised this isn't in the top three. It's a very popular letter, and one that has significantly shaped the world into what it is today.

The Contenders
11 D

This letter is quite cool. Deserves to be a lot higher in the list.

In terms of shape, D is beautiful, taking up a fair amount of space without seeming boxy or oversized. The curve is beautiful, and not as hard as that of R or B. The "dee" sound is beautiful as well.

My brother's name starts with a D!

12 R

Of course, as someone who's seen the letter R on everything they worked on (including my rap logo, but I can't draw so RIP), it's the most familiar letter to me. I used to hate my name, but now I love it. I realize that Ryan is a badass name and have accepted it.

It's a smooth letter. Accents usually change the "R" sound. Even English people make it sound like a "D" sometimes.

R is the bad boy of the alphabets. Rebel, Radio, Rampage, Richard, Reznor, Ripley. Even great band names start with R, like Rage Against The Machine, Radiohead, Rush.

13 J

I think this letter's cool. I like how it curves at the bottom. This is the first letter of my sister's and my dad's names. S is not a bad letter, but I love J.

J is honestly just really powerful. There are no weird names that start with J. And it reminds me of a jawline. Yes!

J is the funniest letter to me for some reason. I have no reasoning for this. It just sort of is.

14 F

F is underrated, which is sad, as it's beautiful in cursive and has a bunch of awesome words beginning with it. Just look up a list. You'll see. I feel like people are just going by the first letter of their names and not the overall coolness of the letter. Plus, just my opinion, but A is overrated. And annoying. And aggravating. And agonizing. F is fashionable. And fun. And fearless. And fantastic.

F because my favorite band "Fall Out Boy" starts with F, and so does a pretty great swear word, if you know what I mean.

The F word is a beautiful word in English. You can add it to the beginning of any word, and it still makes sense!

15 H

I just wrote an argumentative essay for my teacher about how influential the letter H is in our daily lives. All of the questions that we use to gather information about the imperative and trivial things in our life have the letter H in them. The funny thing is, though, that I left every single H in a word out of my essay, except for the quotes and the last two sentences. Until I wrote this essay, I never knew how much we used H in what we say.

The mild controversy attached to it is my favourite part about it. How do you even say words that have H's? Do you just ignore it, or do you make a slight vacuum cleaner sound when you are about to say such a word? I also find that the particular approach that people take when pronouncing (or not) this letter says a lot about them.

(No 'jee's are in this comment, you are safe fellow H fans.)

H is far beyond a mere letter. H is a mentality. H is a lifestyle. Just to have H in our lives makes them infinitely better. H hides in our words and is humble despite H's divinity. H is the true deity of our lowly world. Love H. Cherish H. H is all, and all is H. Amen.

16 I

I'm self-centred, so my entire world revolves around I, I, I. I = my life.

I is the best. My initials are II.

I is my favorite letter because my name starts with I. I is straight. This straight line to be success and peace.

17 T

T is the best letter ever. Isn't it obvious? T is a puzzle. When you draw it without lifting the lead off the paper, you will have to overlap another line that you have already drawn. I'm still trying to figure out if I can solve the puzzle.

The most used consonant and second most used letter.

T is great and the best. T resembles a smile and style.

18 G

G is the best because it's the start of my name, Georgia!

G has the best shape ever. I love this letter because it sounds good and also my name starts with G, and that's why I think G is my favorite. Even though I think I would have still liked this letter even if my name didn't start with G, I also like other letters as well, not just G.

My sister and my dad's names start with a G!

19 U

I love this letter because it's rare to find people with names beginning with U.

This is my favourite letter.

U is my number one favourite letter.

20 Q

Q is the best letter. It may be the least used, but it's quaint. It's quirky, though quiet. Not to mention it looks cool when used as a substitute for C or K.

It's like an "O" but with a little tail. I like that. But if you could vote twice, I would also pick R.

I love the letter Q! It's my favorite, even though it isn't in my name.

21 Y

Y is a funny letter! It's yummy and yucky at the same time. It allows you to yo-yo. How would we know what things are like if snow wasn't snowy, and how would I know when to go to bed if I didn't get sleepy? Z feels special because people like an underdog and it's at the very end. But Y is the real underdog because it's second to the last and few care about that.

A vowel and consonant. Instantly makes a word or name it appears in harder to pronounce. A great letter.

This letter looks the best, even though my name doesn't start with it.

22 W

Both my last name and first name start with it, and there are so many cool words with it too. Words like World, Word, Will, Wonder, Wander, Wings, Wish, Wist, Way, West, and the irony of its pronunciation only makes it better.

I honestly just think this letter looks cool and is fun to write, especially in cursive. Good on you, whoever designed this letter.

My last name, favorite animal, and favorite country start with W. Williams, whale, and Wales.

23 P

P is the best letter in the whole alphabet because it starts the name of the greatest band ever. The greatest band ever happens to be the one whose lyrics I am referencing right now.

Most important words start with P: People, Pee, Peanut, Polyester, PayPal, and so on. P is the most perfect, pretty, peaceful, picturesque alphabet!

I like P because it has a poppy sound (that is, it doesn't fade like L or R), but it's not nearly as sharp as, for instance, K. Yay for opinions!

24 N

After A, my next favorite letter is N. It represents new beginnings. New itself represents something new and fresh. It also has a unique shape.

So many negative words start with 'N', but 'N' is in knowledge. So many letters bring peace, but 'N' is unique.

N equals Nirvana? Why is it not already down, much less than in the top tens?

25 O

My favorite letter is O, the second most common letter after E. Everybody's name in Odd Squad starts with O. My favorite shape is also shaped like an O - a circle.

O... 24th? O is the beginning of my favorite song by Imagine Dragons, "On Top of the World." Are you kidding me?

It's not just a letter but also a shape and a number! How many letters can be letters, shapes, AND numbers? None! O is the best.

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