Top 10 Best Smells In the World

Everyone has a scent that makes their tastebuds tingle.
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1 Fresh Air

Especially crisp in autumn, after three months of summer, you forget what crisp air smells and feels like. When it gets colder out, and it just hits you, it's so shocking.

Fresh air sums up all the smells I like: rain, earth, flowers, pine trees (Piney Wood East Texan here), meadows full of Indian paintbrush and black-eyed Susans, blue sky, among other things. I love being outside. I love the woods.

I love evenings and mornings, cool afternoons, moonlit nights. Dogwood blossoms, turning leaves. It's all of it together that makes 'fresh air'.

2 Vanilla

Love it. It's mostly subtle, but it's sweet without being overpowering. Some people say it's boring, but oh my God, vanilla cookies!

It's comforting and just reminds me of my childhood. My grandmother used to make these delicious vanilla cupcakes that just smelt amazing when they were freshly baked. It is such a soft and warm smell.

Vanilla is magical. It's like a large hug by a roasted marshmallow after a rainy day. Or working out all day then your head hitting the pillow in bed. Yes, that's how magical the smell of vanilla is.

3 Barbecue

YES! I'm already an avid BBQ'er, but the smell makes me love it even more. It doesn't even matter what you cook since it all smells great. Of course, nothing beats a briquette barbecue.

The smell alone is all it takes to get you hungry. The scent of the cooking meat and spices - yum!

Man, the smell of a barbecue! There should be a Hugo Boss aftershave called barbecue.

4 Coffee

I always make my mum a coffee each morning and, in fact, I've drunk coffee even though I wasn't meant to because I was too young. If I could, I'd have a jar of coffee beans next to me at all times. Saying I love coffee is an understatement.

I love coffee ice cream. The smell is good, but I don't really like the taste that much. I think I will like coffee later, though, as I grow into an adult.

The smell of good coffee brewing in the morning while still in bed. I just lie there with my eyes closed, breathing deeply through my nose.

5 Bacon

When you smell it, your mind blanks out. You just think about how good it will be to put that stuff in your mouth. It is really good!

I LOVE bacon! It tastes so good and feels good too. I just love the stuff.

I think we can all agree that nothing smells better than bacon!

6 Rain

I've been going out into the rain more and more frequently, just wishing there was some way to inhale or drink up all the rain. It smells refreshing and moist, like damp earth, turned and exposed, and the moss spiraling up tree trunks.

Do you remember when you're walking along, outside and alone, and the only thing to keep you company is the dew drops on the flowers and trees? Come on, I mean, the smell of wet soil? There's nothing better. It's refreshing and natural and makes me go, Ah. Sigh.

Rain is definitely the best.

7 Campfires

I love campfires in general. They are pretty and look like they just dance in the night. The smell is awesome.

People think I'm weird for liking the smell of smoke.

I love the smell of campfires! Every time I smell it, it reminds me of summer (my favourite season, by the way), camping, and roasting marshmallows on the fire to make s'mores.

I thought this was going to be in the top three. I can't believe it's 63! There's stuff above this that I think smells awful!

8 Fresh Petrol

I think that petrol is one of the best smells in the world. It smells like city life, like comfort and safety. Sometimes, construction smells like it, which is why I always end up stopping and sniffing the air like some dog after a bone.

The other reason is that it smells poisonous but isn't really. So, there's the chance of reveling in danger.

The smell of petrol always reminds me of going to the petrol station as a child with my dad, and flags of the world - in the seventies, I think they were giving out stickers of world flags for you to put on a map or something.

So, a friendly comforting sort of smell - although also disgusting.

9 Melted Chocolate

It's so warm and sweet. I don't know how to explain it, but it's a different type of warm from vanilla. It's way warmer and so lovely. The smell of Valentine's Day.

Melted chocolate, yum! That smells so good! My favorite scent is that too! Melted chocolate is in your mother's cookies and in the bakery shop!

I love chocolate. It's my favorite flavor of all time. Not dark chocolate, though. Just milk and white chocolate. That picture is also great.

10 Freshly Cut Grass

Grass being cut in the summer is without question one smell that brings out the simple, innocent days of summer vacation between 5th and 6th grades. Pull on my PF Flyers, and I could run faster through the grass and jump higher over the mulch. Oops, did I give my age away?

Those were the summers that seem to be remembered but lost with the absence of kids today not venturing out from the inside comforts of iPads and video games.

This was, in fact, one of the smells that Hermione loved the most from the love potion in Half-Blood Prince. I just love it, especially after the rain.

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11 Garlic

Whenever I cook, I fry up some garlic. Even if it isn't in the meal, I fry it because the smell makes everything taste better.

Smells like shawarma. Although it smells horrible in your mouth, it smells great when it's being cooked.

There is nothing better than the smell of cooking garlic and onions.

12 Popcorn

Bath and Body needs to release popcorn-scented perfumes, body sprays, lotions, hand sanitizers, and so on. I'm honestly surprised they haven't done it yet.

I don't even like the taste of popcorn much, but I'll pop a whole bowl just to get a whiff of that buttery scent. Mmm!

Demeter makes a great fragrance called Popcorn. And I always love the popcorn-flavored Jelly Bellies. Mix that with Waffle Cone smell, and you're delicious.

13 Bakery

When you go to the grocery store early in the morning and the bakery is baking bread, and the smell is all over the store, it just about literally pulls you to the bakery department. The smell of fresh-baked bread is heartwarming.

My grandparents used to own a donut shop. I remember visiting them and smelling the fresh dough and glaze. It put me in heaven. I just love the smell.

Step into the bakery, and it's a whole new world, smelling fresh and welcoming. A very sweet smell, it smells like winter and autumn.

14 New Books

I would always walk into my library at school and be hit with this smell, which I always thought was wood. But every time I buy a new book, I flip through the pages and inhale.

The smell of new books is just so refreshing. It's like a fascinating new world welcoming you. People sometimes think I'm kinda crazy for opening up the book and just breathing in the scent instead of just reading it.

I think it's just books generally that smell good, especially old books that haven't been opened in a while. It just has that distinct smell. I think the certain smell was called bibliosmia?

15 Flowers

In springtime, tons of tulips bloom at my house. Every time you walk out the door, you're hit with the smell of flowers. So good!

Flowers smell magnificent and magical. No wonder there are so many perfumes with the scent of flowers!

So many flowers. So many smells. As long as it's not the Amorphophallus titanum flower, they all pretty much smell terrific.

16 Peppermint

I know the holiday season is coming around when stores and homes start smelling like this.

I think peppermint is the best. It's my favorite flavor of all time!

Peppermint has such a calm and sweet smell. I love it so much!

17 Fresh Baked Bread

I love to bake, and it's the most common smell in my house. My family is constantly baking bread, cookies, cake, muffins - you name it.

It smells so good! And I don't mean the cheap bread that is in plastic bags and already cut. I mean real and fresh bread.

That smell of fresh out-of-the-oven bread once you enter the bakery smells so warm and welcoming.

18 Forest

They are so peaceful and quiet, but the best part about them is the smell. It's just so calming and relieves all your stress. Pine forests are my favorite.

I love the forest. There are all kinds of smells from the trees and everything that surrounds us.

Invigorating, uplifting, cleansing - especially during or right after it rains. The very best!

19 Fresh Cookies

One of the most appealing scents is that of cookies just baked from the oven. Especially chocolate chip cookies.

The smell is awesome. I would die for chocolate chip chunk mega chocolate chip chunk chip cookies.

The smell of all that chocolate and vanilla together makes my mouth water.

20 Spearmint

I love it. I've always wanted to smell like spearmint and vanilla or spearmint and lavender.

It reminds me of toothpaste and clean teeth.

Ah, reminds me of all the gum I've chewed.

21 Air Freshener

Takes the smell of poop away, I really enjoy wanking into a room that doesn't smell like nastiness.

The smell was so refreshing its etchted in my mind, can't find it anywhere! The big old yellow face..

22 KFC KFC, until 1991 known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is an American fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, it is the world's second-largest restaurant chain (as measured by sales) after McDonald's, with almost 20,000 locations globally in 123... read more

Nothing like the smell of KFC! Once you smell it, it makes you hungry all over again.

Smells great, even though I'm vegetarian!

I can taste that crispy drumstick now!

23 Lavender
24 Chocolate Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown food preparation of Theobroma cacao seeds, roasted and ground, and often flavored with vanilla.

It's just the best. You can't compare it to anything else. It's that smell on Valentine's Day when you open a heart box from a special someone and the cocoa fills your nose. You can't resist.

Chocolate. It's so sweet and delicious. Do I even need to explain?

It would always be good to go to a chocolate factory.

25 Cherry Blossoms

Um, ok, why is this 37 and Petrol #1? The smell of cherry blossoms smells like possibilities, it's a sweet, wholesome smell but not overwhelming like lilacs. Petrol is a sharp, silvery, plate-glassy scent that just reminds me of countless hours in a glaringly bright classroom. Cherry blossoms have GOT to be number 1 for me. Vanilla is a close second.

Also the best smell... growing up, I had a beautiful cherry tree in my backyard until it burned down.

I love cherry blossoms and they're beautiful but unfortunately I'm allergic to them.

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