Best Days of the Week

The Top Ten
1 Saturday

Saturday Is my favorite day, it starts the weekend

Monday: The first day of school ,it ends the weekend
Tuesday: Nothing To Do
Wednesday: Hump Day
Thursday: Thursday is my fun day at school
Friday: Best weekday because of the full weekend you are going to have
Sunday: There is nothing to do in sunday but the only thing bad about is monday
Saturday: The true best day! I sleep in late, eat break without hurrying ,sometimes go out to play, I also don't at the end of the day becomes tomorrow would be another weekend-day ,Sunday

We all know why Saturday is first. You don't have school! Whats that! you can have sleepovers, you can stay up because tomorrow is Sunday of course! Who doesn't like Saturday? So good and marvelous!

Who doesn't like Saturday? You get to sleep for long, can play all day, can stay up late because tomorrow is Sunday, and goodness know all the other good things.

Saturday is the best day of the week because it is a weekend ,no school ,no work. you can do anything you want the worst ever part is 11:59 PM. Sunday is the #1 worst day ever

This is a lovely day. Mondays are the worst

it is the best. don't worry about school or your job in this day!

2 Friday

No, no, no. Get this bastard day of the week all the way down. These stupid people need to stop loving this day because Thursday usually deserves better actually. People who like this day of the week, grow the living hell up. I'm sorry, but please. Thursday deserves better, not this retarded day of the week.

I love Friday. Why? It's because we et to play with computers in our school and I get to watch a movie with my family and eat unhealthy stuff

Fridays are basically THE BEST, first of all, you know that it's the end of the week, so no matter how it goes at work/school, you still got A WHOLE WEEKEND ahead of you, I especially love that amazing feeling when you come home and it's the start of the weekend. Friday Nights are pretty amazing too, you can go out for dinner, go shopping, watch a movie- do whatever the hell you want!

Only one more day to go, a good mood and juicy anticipation surrounds you. Staying up late on friday night because you don't have to get up on Saturday. On Friday night, you know you'll be perfectly happy all the next day Saturday because you don't have school. You make your weekend plans, if it's productive, fun or easygoing, it is awesome! I love you Friday.

3 Sunday

Yeah.. this day is the "Anti-Friday". Unlike Friday, the morning is the best part, and the evenings are what you dread. Oh wait, it's not that, it's Monday.

I would say this is 3rd. After you got your good rest at Saturday, you realised you have school tomorrow, which reduces the popularity of Sunday and funnily enough, I am texting this on a Sunday. You still gave more time but it's basically the end of the day ruins it.

Ranking this #3. People seem to hate on Sunday but I'm cool with them. I don't have to go to church on a lot of Sundays because I go on Fridays and Friday night church is less bland than Sundays. I feel like I'm more productive on this day rather than Saturdays. You can relax, sit back but the sad part is you have to go back to school tomorrow.

This is nice, but you don't get to go to sleep knowing you can stay in bed and read. It's a weekend day, but the "tomorrow's Monday " thought ruins it.

4 Thursday

As weird as it may seem, I like Thursday better than Friday. Friday is just as boring, and they only have tests for you to do. It's also the day when all the drama happens with the popular kids. To be honest with you, I absolutely hate those kids, and I hate talking to people, so... The only time Friday was amazing was in 3rd grade. We used to literally play with toys - right, anyway, THURSDAY let's goooo! Even if Saturday is the best, without weekends, Thursday is the best. I don't have to sit in a boring class all day because I have a different class all day. I get to just talk with my only friend and do everything the other kids can't do. Hah. Also, the only bad thing about Thursday is worrying about it being Friday the day after. This is why I like Thursday the best. I don't have to deal with the crap my class will do.

Thursday is my sec favorite day of the week ans there are a few reasons why. It's the day I have karate class at 5 and its amazing! Better than the other classes have. Also on thursday there is this thing clled drama and its fun! I also think thursday is the best name out of all the other days andit starts eith my favorite letter, t. its also the best week day. your amazing thursday!

Thursday is basically nothing much to add. It's just basically another hope it reaches to Friday so you can step away. The biggest major problem is the classes. You have a different lesson than I have, maybe better, maybe worse. But the sooner, the better. 4th

Thursday gets me hyped for the end of the work week. This is when I start to plan out what I am going to do in the weekend and feel more relaxed than stressed compared to how I feel on Sunday evenings to Wednesdays.

5 Wednesday

Ranking this #4. I like them because it's mid week Hump day and you can be proud that it's mid week, they're less tiring than Thursday but the bad part is on Wednesday nights you realize there's 2 days left and you want the week to be over already. You also probably just started a last minute project/assignment to do due on Friday. On tuesday you're like, ok friday is far from now so I'll do it tomorrow.

Wednesday is the same as Monday-Friday. Depends on what classes you got, the sooner the better and that's why it is at 5th.

The thing which happen on Wednesday with me was really emotional. And that's why this is my favourite day

A very boring event happens every Wednesday that I go to all the time.

6 Tuesday

Worse than Monday for a VARIETY of reasons. I'll just name the two I use the most. One, your weekend motivation is burned to a crisp, and two, it is NEVER a holiday. At least Monday is SOMETIMES nice enough to let it be a holiday.

This is my second favorite. First, I have a Chinese class, and I like it a little more than an English one. Secondly, I don't have any extra classes.

In my opinion, this is the WORST day of the week, because it is the 3rd day of the week, and like I said, death always comes in Threes, but in Most countries, Tuesday is the 2nd day of the week.

Honestly, this day (in my point of view) is boring, you already got the same reasons for Monday-Friday, depends what YOUR, not mine, lessons you got. 6th

7 Monday

I will put this at #5, although it's a controversial placing. The week has to start somewhere. Hate on me all you want, but you don't have to make up a lot of work from other days (that's IF you did all work from the last week) and you have a few assignments rather than 10+ missing assignments from other days. By now your teacher might've already assigned a project and you have more time to do it than other days. Wednesday is still better than this day though. I guess that the bad part is you are far away from the weekend. But hey at least you can see your friends again and talk about your weekend. Maybe it was boring and now you have something to do/go to.

Yeah.. you know why.. but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for things like Labor Day, Memorial Day, unlike a certain day of a week.

Thanks to a new rule in effect for most Coloradoan schools, we have a three-day weekend which is most of the time with a Monday. Plus, I have a Bible study that day which makes it the highlight of my week.

7th, Apologises but Monday is the entrance of you the boredom palace. The only thing that can make Monday good is depending on YOUR lessons, not mine. So wish you luck if you have any good ones you like to have.