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1 Christmas

There is something inexplicably magical and heartwarming about this time of the year. No matter what my year has been like, no matter how my life is going, I can always enjoy Christmas with my family. The music is nostalgic and beautiful, the movies are tear jerking and fun, the food is delicious. It's just... Perfect.

Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. There is something magical about this time of year that I can't explain. Even though I spend a lot of time with my family, Christmas just makes it feel extra special. I love giving gifts to my family, it's always better to give them receive.
Another aspect I enjoy during Christmas is all the lights and decorations. I love to decorate the tree with my family, it's a special time. I also enjoy all the Christmas specials and movies, especially "Home Alone" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Disneyland is also a great place to spend the holidays, with all the decorations and events.
Christmas is just a warm time of the year, it makes me feel better about myself, and the world. I like to give back to those who are less fortunate, not just on Christmas, but throughout the year as well.

Christmas will always be my favorite holiday. Everything about Christmas makes me feel warm and fills me to the brim with joy such as the Presents, the gorgeous Christmas music on the radio, Santa, Being with my family, and Jesus being born on that day. This time of year is usually the time where people give to those who are less fortunate. Lights are strung everywhere and makes everything bright. Christmas specials, such as A Charlie Brown Christmas, Home Alone, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Frosty the Snowman, and The Miracle on 34th street are on and fill my house with laughs and happiness. Snow dances down from the sky and the ground has just the right amount of snow on it. And, next to getting presents, my favorite thing is that people can be together and feel happy. Christmas is the best holiday ever!

Christmas is the best holiday. You all have to agree with me here... not just about the gifts and blah blah blah... but about the tradition and the Christmas Spirit. I'm Catholic, so I believe Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ and none of us humans would be here without him. I love the Christmas movies you can watch and you get to enjoy opening gifts. Going to bed at night dreaming of Santa and his reindeer on your roof, delivering presents down you chimney. Leaving milk and cookies for Santa and everything else. Waking up in the morning to a room full of presents and believing that it's magic. Christmas brings families together in all sorts of different ways. Also, it gets children to behave. HO-HO-HO MERRY Christmas!

2 Halloween

Halloween is fun, funny and funky. You get all sorts of costumes, you get free sweets and you get to go trick or treating with your parents/kids/friends which is always awesome. Then you get indigestion the next morning... but it's worth it ; )

I love everything about Halloween. It's the only holiday that everyone can make it whatever they want it to be. Kids can become whomever or whatever they wish to be, and feel powerful and scary or heroic or grown-up or a fluffy bunny - everything is okay!. Adults can, too! It's the only time of year where an angel and a demon dance together at parties.

I use to love dressing up and just being able to get out of the house for once, the candy was a big plus too. This would be #1 if it wasn't so cold on Halloween.

Halloween is my favorite holiday because it is about the supernatural, magic, and mockery of death. I love vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, goblins, and monsters. To me Halloween is very Catholic because it a celebration of God's victory over evil and reminds me that we do not need to fear death which Jesus Christ conquered. I like the history and traditions behind it such as putting on custumes and jack-o-lanterns. It is a day filled with fun, fantasy, and honoring the dead. I also love watching horror movies and Halloween cartoon episodes on T.V..

3 Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Christmas are honestly equally awesome. For Thanksgiving, everyone goes to the one hundred and fifty acre ranch one of family members have, with a lake, woods, meadow, and old barn. The women would cook together and the smell was delicious. We would eat both lunch and dinner there, and spend the time playing out doors with so many other kids. There was a horse barn that we played in. The stalls were prison, and we had to escape from them. We would try to climb up the wall or use barrels to hop out the windows. There were lots of chickens to chase and catch, too! There's just such a feeling of family. My grandmother had nine children, and her sister twelve, not to mention the so many other families. I am truly lucky to be apart pf such a loving, large family. And don't forgot the history of this holiday! The Pilgrims, Indians, and thankfulness. Without God's provision then, I wouldn't be alive. (They are my ancestors) God bless, remember to be grateful, happy early ...more

I really love Thanksgiving, I get to spend time with my Beckerman family! Sometimes we would play a special game, who ever finds the matza cracker first, so who ever finds It first gets paid by my uncle Steve and it is a lot of fun. I really love the smell of the turkey on Thanksgiving and it is so good especially when it is made by my Aunt Nancy! I remember having a tickle fight with my Cousin Cole, we had a lot of fun when we get together! In my opinion, Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday because Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful! I am so very thankful for my Beckerman family and the smell of turkey and for tickle fights with my cousins!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday! I really love the smell of Thanksgiving Turkey in the morning and I also love the Cranberry sauce and my mom's stuffing. This year, Thanksgiving will be our puppy Lilly's first Thanksgiving with us as well. The best part of Thanksgiving is my cousin Wendy's birthday! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it means spending time with family.

A time to bring together your entire family and reunite over a table fill of food and warmth. Why isn't this everyone's favorite holiday? Its an important reminder to be thankful for all of things you have been fortunate enough to have, and I mean not just materialistically. Seriously, tons of food, family, and not to mention the enormous sales the very next day.

4 Easter

I like Easter and it's not because of the Easter Bunny or chocolates. It's because I absolutely LOVE the joyful vibe in the Church that morning (I'm also Anglican & take Easter more seriously than before I transferred to Anglicanism). I can feel the Holy Spirit within the Church during that time, and it's the strongest around the Altar when we're doing Communion. I was smiling during the entire Sermon this morning. I am also very active in my Church choir and we sing beautiful hymns, Offeratories, and then the Hallelujah Chorus right after the service is over. I think that Easter is a very important holiday to celebrate.

Honestly, I don't care about Jesus. The dominance of religion in holidays still to this day kind of disgusts me. However, Easter and Christmas are still my favorite holidays for no religious reasons at all. I always feel overweight after Thanksgiving, but Easter really appeals to the child within me. I always loved scavenger hunts and such; my biggest problem always was eggs weren't hard enough to find. Also, it does bring the family together, albeit Christmas achieves this better. The egg-hunting side of Easter boosts your self esteem and pulls up that inner child desiring to hunt the eggs, find the eggs, and win. And human nature is about winning.

To whoever is insulting whoever said they don't care about Jesus: do you ever see atheists going around posting ads about how great atheism is and knocking on doors trying to convert people to atheism?

To the person who doesn't care about Jesus Christ:
1. You obviously don't care what he did for you and I so we could live. How pathetic.
2. No one is forcing you to believe in God, but in all honesty, WHO ASKED IF YOU CARED? The problem with people who don't believe in God is that you never keep it to yourselves, instead you have to create an entire scene about it.
3. Saying you don't care about Jesus or that the dominiance of religion is just plain rude. Then you're gonna act like everyone else is shoving their beliefs down your throat when you are clearly the one who says that you don't care when NO ONE ASKED.
Get a life

5 Independence Day

Still to this day I can't enjoy a firework show without noticing all the pollution it causes. All in all, the buildup is great, as well as the happiness everyone seems to have.

I call it the Fourth of July. This one is on the top of my list. My family and I go to my Cousins house with a lot of other people. We play whiffle ball and just hang out.

This is a favorite for me, too bad the cops have to go and ruin it every year by taking away all our fireworks and leaving us with only sparklers and smoke bombs...

I love looking to the sky and seeing the fireworks! You can smell the burgers and hot dogs being cooked and we can look back and thank the men who helped to form the beautiful country we all know as America. I'm so proud to be an American! :D

6 New Year's Day

It's the day where we all have a fresh new year, with new problems (in a good way), new adventures and a fresh start. Yet you still celebrate with the same loving family and friends

I like new years day because that is my dad and my step-moms anniversary and she is an aweome mom because she does a bunch of things she don't have too!

I like New Year's Eve better because on New Years' you just are mad because you want it to be New Year's Eve again.

Yeah. New Year's good, but after it ends, you have to get back to your normal, boring, and depressing schedule.

7 New Year's Eve

Just like Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve is better than celebrating the actual holiday because when it comes it feels anti-climactic. What you envision in your head to be an amazing start to the new year is just the day after yesterday. Life is still boring and miserable not getting into the fact that January and February are both terrible months. The Eve before 20XX you get to snack on finger foods, open last minute Christmas presents, and anticipate what the next year will have in store for you.

Ah, yes. The special mood in the air of ringing in a whole New Year.
It's especially fun for kids, who stay up hours longer than usual and spend the night playing games and stuff.

One of my favourite holidays. I always loved staying up late as a kid but now it isn't as special because I do it every night. Still, the best part of New Year's Eve is staying up to watch the countdown

You stay up past midnight, and scream your head off and cry like a baby.
And you see fireworks that give you a concussion and at the end, you're blind and deaf.

8 Valentine's Day

I like valentines day...its not just about being in a relationship, you know! :/ It's a good day to show people you care about them. Also, I admit, I'm a sucker for all the pink (pink is my favorite color). It makes me sad to read the comments on this one...I mean, yes, relationships are wonderful. But you should still enjoy this holiday even without relationships, along with christmas its basicly a day about love :D Just with a bit more pink, which honestly makes me smile haha. There's not enough love in the world, so two days for caring about and loving others is great in my book.

...Now if only we could just all be friends even when it isn't a holiday...

Please listen. I'm not saying it's a bad holiday or anything, but, why do you need ONE certain day to show someone you care about them, when you should show them you care about them everyday? I guess it's a good celebration for love and stuff, but I'm just saying, you shouldn't;t need a day were you show them you love them when you love them everyday.
- Casting Shadows

Why does everyone hate Valentine's Day?! It's awesome!
If only everyone would stop thinking about their personal love life and start preparing cards for your friends! I've never been in love before and Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday!...I especially love it because it's my birthday.

I am a single woman in my late 20's and I love this holiday. Love isn't just to be expressed towards a romantic or sexual partner. Platonic love is just as strong and I love my family and friends more than anything. Plus you get delicious chocolate, pretty roses, and cute stuffed bears!

9 Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is actually probably better than Christmas itself because you are so excited for Christmas that you actually enjoy the days leading up to it more. And there is more family time on this day because on Christmas everyone is just playing with their new toys.

Christmas Eve is a awesome day because you are so excited to see your family and a bunch of gifts! It is better than Christmas Day because after it is over that is it, then the magic excited feeling is gone. So Christmas Eve is the best holiday EVER!

Best day of the year. Way better than Christmas! If you believe that Christmas is better than Christmas Eve then you just haven't noticed how boring Christmas becomes throughout the day and how exciting Christmas Eve is.

Christmas Eve is my second favorite holiday ever! Our whole family comes to our house and we give each other presents and it's just amazing.

10 St. Patrick's Day

Sadly it's not leprechauns day, it's Saint Patrick's Day. It's a feast day for a Catholic saint, best known for converting native Irish to Christianity. Until the 1700s, it was a day in the Catholic calendar in observance of a saint important to and popular in Ireland… and not much anywhere else.

Unfortunetly, we still have to go to school on that day. And they don't let you pinch people who aren't wearing green there.

St. Patrick's Day when I go to school because I really don't wear anything green I get pissed off my cell phone

I have the luck of the Irish because I am actually Irish-Canadian myself!

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11 Mother's Day

Who here has heard the story behind this time of year?
I know I'm gonna do something for my mom that is very special, it'll be a Mother's Day she'll never forget. - said by almost everyone over the past hundred years.

Mother s day at the Beckerman house is every day ! When Mother 's day comes around I always get a chance to celebrate mothers day with my mom and sometimes me and my mom do mother /daughter outfits !

I love my mom so much! This Mother's Day I am going to give her a card and a bouquet of flowers and we are going to have a picnic at our local park.

I love my mom so much I don't know what I do without my family members and friends.

12 Earth Day

Earth day is wonderful holiday to celebrate our Earth , we should never Litter at all because it hurts the our mother earth . and we need to save our animal friends people should think before they trash and litter , People should use trash cans and even trashcans and even recycle that what Earth means to me .

I think people should think more about our planet. Litter is everywhere in our oceans and forests. If we don't do anything about it now it will be too late. All the animals will die and we will have no trees to breathe so do something today everyday is Earth Day.

This holiday should be more popular. We need to pay attention and respect and treat our beloved Planet Earth well! We don't have a Planet B, so we really need to try and save our wonderful home planet.
Yay for Earth Day!

Every Earth Day I volunteer to clean up the trash around my city discarded by selfish and greedy people who don't give a damn about the environment.

13 Memorial Day

The death of anybody is not something I'd call favorite but to those who fought for this country and died during or after their service you have my honor respect and recognition. We love and miss you

This holiday is very important because we remember the soldiers who sacrificed themselves to fight for our country.

A wonderful day to honor those who have served this nation with the bonus of a day off from work or school.

I just really like it for a break though I like working too.

14 Father's Day

It's sad how mothers always get credit even if they do something bad, but the second a father screws up a little, he is deemed abusive. Father's Day is often forgotten, which is sad because a child needs both a father and a mother (notice how I said both instead of just one). Fathers often get don't get too much credit, but they put in a ton of work into raising a child too.

Father s day is my all time favorite holiday along with my fathers birthday of course . My father and I are best friends as well as Father and Daughter ! I love Celebrating Father s day with my father.

Fathers Day and Mothers Day are good to me. Because you just love on your mom and your dad. Love you, mom and dad!

I understand I really really do Father's Day ideas to celebrate my mother's.

15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

This holiday is great because it is celebrating the life of a great man who changed the way America is today (plus no school or work).

not fair, I still have to go to school on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Also, Martin wasn't the only person working for equality, and yet he seems to get all the credit.

Celebrating a true king, one amazing holidays of a man who made equality.

Martin luther king is great not just because we don't go to school

16 Labor Day

You get a free day off from work or school! You don't even have to observe anything you just get a free day off! You can just relax all day! You don't get broke buying so many presents. You don't have to be busy cooking. You don't have to be busy giving out candy. Just relax and watch some football!

No. It sucks because it's the day you realize you have to go back to school for 10 months.

It my favorite holiday because you never have to work at all. and it a good day off for Americans.

17 Good Friday

When I was little my family brought fish and chips for Good Friday like always. Back when Fish and Chips wasn't fake food that gave me food poisoning, ugh I miss the OLD fish and chips (in my local area)

The day God died for us

Because you can go to get ice creme sweet frog go home eat your ice creme

It's a fun and good day.

18 Star Wars Day

How is this #27 and why is Solo a star wars story being released on the 25th?!

May the 4th be with you...

I just love it

19 Superheroes Day

Holy crap I've never heard of this holiday... I should probably think about celebrating it!

I don't really like all that superhero stuff.

20 Hanukkah

They myth that you get presents in this holiday is false, I live in Israel and most people don't even get presents. I much rather celebrate Christmas than this lame irrelevant holiday.

The presents aren't as cool as everyone outside of Judaism seems to think since there's a limit of eight and the quality of the gifts are anywhere from decent to trash. But the family time is awesome, so I love Chanukah. (Yeah, I spelled it the Jewy way)

As a Jew, I feel that Hanukkah doesn't get as much attention as Christmas. No Hanukkah songs playing on "holiday" radio, and nothing else either.

personally, I like hanukkah better than christmas because Jesus wasn't really born on christmas. (it was some time in spring).
also, on a more irrelevant note, I get 7 presents on hanukkah and 1 present on christmas. I was looking at the comments for hanukkah too and the hate it got really hurt me.

21 Boxing Day

Christmas finishes on Christmas Day. It's followed by Boxing Day. If you don't have a holiday for it, move to another country.

I have two boxer dogs so we nickname it boxer day and celebrate how lovely our dogs are.

It's the British and Australian name for the day after Christmas.

The day after Christmas is still Christmas. because it 12 days of Christmas.

22 Autumn Equinox

The leaves start falling!

23 April Fools' Day

I am the queen of April fools day and I love playing tricks on my cousins and my mom too ! I really love April Fools day and it is my all time favorite holiday !

Pranks of death, breaking bones that ma6 kill me, going to the hospital and renting a room for a wee saying I have a tuner in my heart? Mhm..

I don't think it's big in Australia. As annoying as this day is, people are allowed to have fun.

I don't get what people think it's funny to act stupid.

24 Saint George's Day
25 May Day
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