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1 Mouth noises/chewing with mouth open

Seems there are too many programs on TV where people are eating and talking with their mouths full, chewing, mumbling, and rattling fast food wrappers as they gobble the grub. The great divide between rich and poor is, unfortunately, a serious reality, but good manners cost nothing.

These needless media-driven examples of stuffing gluttonously set a poor example for youngsters and disgust courteous people everywhere. Please, writers, discard these rude scenes from visibility. They really do not make any story more real in a valuable or constructive way!

2 Poor driving etiquette

They pull out in front of you and then drive 20 mph. You look in your rearview mirror, and there is not a car for miles! Also, the sign says 'Lane closed ahead, merge,' and the drivers wait until the last second. If everyone would keep moving and let every other car in, there would not be a backup of traffic for miles! It's the people who think they are better and deserve to be in front of everyone that cause the backup.

I would say that buses are one of those slow drivers. They don't drive poorly because their job is to pick up passengers, and I totally understand. But whenever I encounter them, they really annoy me. I have to wait until almost every car behind me in the left lanes passes over, and then I can get around them. Such a waste of time!

3 Screaming children/temper tantrums

My brother has tantrums all the time over trivial matters. I get scratched, bitten, hit, and more constantly because of them. It's more dangerous and hurtful than annoying. My brother has a high-pitched scream, so when he screams (again, almost constantly), it hurts my ears. I also have a fear of the police coming around because of the noise and maybe accusing my mom of child abuse (which she would never even think of doing. My mom is perfect with protecting and looking after me, my sister, and my brother). I guess it'll be more annoying than hurtful and fearful when the child isn't a relative of yours, though.

4 People who use "your" instead of "you're"

Bad grammar drives me nuts, especially the incorrect usage of words and unnecessary apostrophes. It's particularly infuriating when such errors occur in business or published articles. I swear, no one seems to proofread anymore!

However, the most amusing situation is when someone is ranting in a "comments" section, such as on YouTube, and they call others "stupid" and "idiots," yet their entire post is filled with spelling and grammar mistakes. Responding to such a comment is redundant since they are already showcasing their profound ignorance.

5 Not washing hands after using the restroom

I was maybe 5 or 6 years old and with my best friend. She went to the bathroom and came out. I didn't hear any water noises, so I asked, "Did you wash your hands?" She replied, "We don't wash hands in this house." I said, "What? Eww. Gross."

Not washing your hands after you use the bathroom is so gross! I mean, you literally wipe yourself, and it probably gets on your hands. Then you just touch your friend's hair with those hands? Gross!

This is extremely disgusting! I know someone who has the nerve to use the bathroom and not wash her hands, then continues on to the kitchen to eat, touch other people, and touch objects in the house such as doorknobs and the refrigerator. I wash my hands EVERY TIME I use the bathroom!

6 Disrespectful schoolgirls

This is why I decided not to marry a girl who attended my secondary school. I would rather marry a girl who went to school in Asia for 12 years straight. She can live abroad, but only for 1 year. If she moved to the US, Australia, Canada, or anywhere outside of Asia and settled there permanently before the age of 18, then she's out. Prom and homecoming don't exist in Asian schools. I do not regret not attending any of the school parties.

The majority of secondary schools go from grades 10 to 12. When I was in school, girls often drooled over any boys they found interesting. They also bragged about popularity often.

I received a lot of unwanted attention back when I was in secondary school. That's all in the past. I used to know this type of girl. She got into trouble many times. Now I don't see her anymore. Nowadays, I have decided to distance myself from any girls who attended my schools.

7 Cell phone drivers

There is no reason you should be on your phone while driving! If someone is calling you, put them on speaker and put your phone down or talk to them later. If they're texting you, respond using Siri. If you don't have Siri since I know there are a lot of non-Apple users out there, again, text them when you're done driving! Nothing is important enough for innocent people and kids to die or get injured, and nothing is important enough for their families to have to go through the pain of losing someone they love because you were too irresponsible to put your phone down for a few minutes. Seriously, it's not going to kill you if you aren't on your phone for 20 hours a day!

8 When people copy you in every way

I have a story about someone copying someone else's work. My school uses a tool for checking plagiarism and collusion, and that's where we submit our assignments.

Here's how the story goes: there is a couple that attends my school. I won't reveal their real names, so I'll just refer to the boyfriend as Mike, and the girlfriend as Millie.

Millie had just finished her assignment before the deadline, and Mike volunteered to print it out for her. However, Mike (who hadn't even started his assignment) only volunteered as an excuse to copy and paste Millie's assignment onto his own, with a few changes in the wording.

Both Millie and Mike received detentions for "collusion," even though it was entirely Mike's fault. They are still dating, which is beyond me. If I were Millie, I would break up with Mike at the first chance.

9 Body odor

Once, someone forgot to put on deodorant, and he ended up stinking up the classroom. He smelled like a combination of farts, rotting flesh, onions, moldy cheese, and sweat squeezed from smelly socks. Everyone thought that someone had farted.

Have your bath properly every day and stop relying on deodorant alone. Scrub your armpits, don't merely slide your sponge around. Thoroughly wash your lower body, please!

Once I went to a shop, and at the self-serve, someone smelled absolutely awful. It smelled like a sweaty trucker who rolled in farts and dead bodies.

10 The naming of celebrity couples

Naming your kids after adjectives (my aunt teaches elementary school, so I know this) is one thing. Examples are Desire, Happiness, etc. This is an abomination.

It's only a matter of time before my aunt tells me she is now teaching a Cam-whoever Cameron Diaz married. The other new baby name trend is throwing together a baby name prefix (like Br for Brianna) and a suffix (like lyn from Jocelyn, Brooklyn, Evelyn) and throwing together whatever in the middle. I hate that.

Why do people name their kids adjectives? It's the stupidest and cheesiest thing in the world. It could ruin your kid's whole life if you name them "Lively" when they are actually quiet and keep to themselves. Who even started this trend anyway?

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11 Smokers

What I hate is that they do it in public, where there are children and babies who certainly don't want to get poisoned by the awful fumes. That's why you have a smoking area. My advice is: if you see someone smoking, don't pinch your nose but hold your breath until you are away from the smoker.

Listen, if you want to smoke, that's fine. I'm not one to try to make someone's decisions for them because people like that annoy me to no end, but please have a little bit of decency and don't do it around other people. Even though they're not directly smoking, you're still putting them at risk. It's called secondhand smoking.

12 Putting others down

I can't understand talking behind someone's back. It seems incredibly unproductive and very immature. What's more, it's usually adults who have perfected this "art." I really can't stand it.

If the negative comment is inquisitive (i.e., asking a friend for advice), I understand that. But if it's solely to bash someone, it's quite pointless and only serves to make that person look horrible. Because, as we all know, in time, there are very few "secrets" left. What you say behind someone's back will get back to that person, so think about your intention, truth, and fairness.

13 People who throw trash from their car window as they drive

I detest people who litter, especially those who throw their trash right where a garbage can is visible. Why is it so hard to put the trash in the receptacle? And to throw something out of a moving vehicle just drives me crazy. I see this planet as shared by all of us, and I find it disrespectful for you to litter my home.

Please, parents, teach your children when they are young. It is also extremely dangerous for our wildlife. Oh, I could go on and on! But I know people who preach are someone else's pet peeve, so I will acknowledge and respect their choices. Just respect other people and please don't litter!

14 Teens who act older than their age and call their peers "immature"

I have had experiences with people like this before, and some were massive hypocrites. Some kids are good, but others do it because they think they are better and have something to prove. They claim to have "better things to do." They will always snitch or "report" you for anything, such as chewing gum or when you mumble "damn it" under your breath if you don't know the answer to your test.

I was dancing with my best friend, and there were a bunch of popular girls on the dance team. So we were at a competition, and my friend and I were sitting between the bleachers and the seats when five of the popular girls came over and told us to sit up and stop acting so immature. Guess what we saw them doing, oh I don't know, five minutes later? Running up and down the seats while some of them sat how we were. Ugh!

15 Arrogance

Some arrogant kid in my class would always make fun of my classmates because he thought he was better. One day, he said a girl had a big belly, and she replied that at least she didn't have a big head.

Some people are just so big-headed that you just want to squish their head!

I'll admit, I'm a little arrogant.

16 Auto-correct

The only phobia autocorrect knows is arachnophobia. Others? It auto-corrected to phobia, phobia, phobia...

I hate autocorrect. You saw the cake fail with the blonde (auto-corrected: blind) girl, didn't you? So bad.

I hate autocorrect. It ruins sentences and is really annoying.

17 The Jersey Shore cast

They suck. It's sad that they get paid a lot of money for being trash, while the rest of us struggle to get a job in this economy and have manners.

Yep, I totally agree. But what really pisses me off is that they still think they're gracious and lame, and there are still people watching them!

Ew. No. I can't stand them, their whiny voices, and their attitudes. I have never watched a full episode of Jersey Shore, but I know what it's all about.

18 Hypersensitivity
19 Movie talkers

I was watching my favorite movie, Flight of the Navigator, not too long ago. My little kindergartener sister wouldn't stop talking. "Hey, look, there's the spaceship! Oh my goodness, Sarah Jessica Parker is so pretty! Wow, that's creepy! He was gone for eight years? Robots, robots, robots! He's the navigator now! What the heck does compliance mean? That's so funny! David's so cute, I'm going to kiss him! He's in 1986? I thought it was 1978! Oh, it's a time travel movie! I get it!"

I'm not joking when I say these are the exact same things she says every time I watch this movie in her presence.

Oh, she's an impossible person to watch movies with. Even in a cinema, she does this!

20 Coughing without covering the mouth

It's so annoying how people don't cover their mouth when they cough, especially if you're close and they cough at your face. Why can't people just cover their mouths when coughing so they don't spread any germs?

Once a flu went around the class and people kept hacking away in my face. Two or three days later, I got ill.

Do those people even think about spreading germs? It's the same with sneezing.

21 Having to repeat oneself

If we're in a loud place, I get it. However, if I'm having to repeat myself in a quiet place, I will buy your hearing aids for you! This gets on my nerves so bad!

People always ask this, so I just say nevermind.

22 Angry teens complaining about parental guidance

I understand that it can be annoying, but it's even more annoying when these individuals complain every time their parent asks them to do something!

Brat: Oh my god! I, like, totally hate my dad! He tells me what to do all the time, and I can't even have a boyfriend! I have it the worst, seriously!

Meanwhile, many people have parents who either intentionally abused them or passed away. So, if you're one of those people, consider that and try to argue that you still have it worse without appearing foolish!

I know I'm still sort of a teenager, but very close to being a full-grown adult. I see teenagers, or even hear some of my friends who are still teenagers, complaining that their parents tell them what to do. Obviously, if it's a house chore, just do it. It will most likely take up 5-10 minutes of your time. It isn't that hard.

23 Bad drivers

Sometimes I wonder how people have their license.

24 Parents instructing their children

Oh, come on! Let us have a little freedom! God! I feel bad for a lot of kids. My friend never even saw The Lion King. "And if I want my room a mess, since you don't go in it, mom, let me keep it like it is!" If it's good enough for me, then let it be! And gosh, I really hate it when they say, "Clean your room"... It rubs me the wrong way.

I am 13, and my dad does not let me sit in the front seat of the car, nor does he allow me to go out of the house without his supervision. I can take the trash out, but I can't actually cross the street. Jesus Christ, Dad! I know the rules, and I think I'm old enough. I'm 13, not 5!

25 Overuse of the word "like"

I constantly use this word when trying to quote a sentence by accident sometimes. It sucks to have this habit.

Edit: It's also really annoying to hear some teenage girls use the word "like" 50 times in a sentence.

Just imagine if you were talking to someone in sign language and kept using the sign "like" over and over again. Even the deaf person would be annoyed at your usage of the word "like". It's so annoying!

It was so annoying because people overuse the word "like". I don't care if I overuse the word, I have a life too, okay?

Shut up.

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