The Top 10 Most Annoying Songs from the 70s to Today

There are some good songs that are usually great in the music industry, but sometimes most music can be so annoying that they would use the same lyrics over and over again. Here are some of the most annoying songs from the 70s to today

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61 Blessings - Big Sean

Whoever sung the "Blessing" part sung it really bad. - kmyeakel

62 Hello - Adele

You are so wrong. Adele has a lot of talent. She doesn't belong here - kmyeakel

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63 Problem - Ariana Grande

First I want to Rihanna doesn't have problems it's you that has problems Ariano worked really hard on this out and I enjoy listening listening to it and if you don't like it then go judge somebody else

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64 Tell Me When to Go - E-40
65 You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
66 Santa Baby - Taylor Swift

Never heard such a awful rendition and most of the others are good. Bad vocals on a Christmas classic. Horrible!

67 The Song That Never Ends
68 Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

God. What can I say? Taylor Swift is stupid and add Kendrick Lamar to the mix. You know this is a stupid song. - kmyeakel

69 Last Christmas - Taylor Swift

She should definitely leave other artists songs alone. Have not heard one she has done anything good to. Her voice is just displeasing and I'm trying to sound nice. But her voice hurts my ears in this song.

She makes this song from "Wham" look bad. Even before she songs like "Bad Blood," and "Shake it off" is terrible - kmyeakel

70 Energy - Drake

All Drake repeats is "got a lot of enemies" then he raps nonsense - kmyeakel

71 California Gurls - Katy Perry

She can't even spell. Beatles for the win. - gamingfoeealzs

Totally sucks so much. - kmyeakel

72 Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

Another lame song by Katy Perry - kmyeakel

73 Welcome Back - Bruno Mars

A song in the movie "Rio 2." He can't sing. - kmyeakel

74 Watch Me - Silento

God this song is so annoying. What is with "nae nae" There are so stupid to come up with this stuff. This is why hip hop is so lame. - kmyeakel

75 What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber

This song is not tiring this song is the best song ever anybody who don't like it I'm going to live because it's in stock you forever and kill you forever maybe

76 Lose Yourself - Eminem

Worst and overrated song. It Sucks - kmyeakel

77 Started from the Bottom - Drake
78 About That Bass - Meghan Trainor

She keeps saying about that bass over and over. This song is annoying. - kmyeakel

79 All of Me - John Legend
80 Shape of You - Ed Sheeran
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