Top 10 Most Annoying T.V. Cliches

The Top Ten

1 Drama that everyone already saw coming.
2 Villain always loses, hero always succeeds.

The villain is always the best one!

I want to see the villain succeed! Then in the next movie. It's shows what the villain did. the hero isn't strong enough so he recruits help. But of course the villain begins to do bad stuff. At the end the hero convinces the vilouan to be good! Or something like that. NO EVER AFTER HIGH don't DO THIS,RAVEN QUEEN SUCKS.

3 A talking animal character.

Examples: Whisker Haven
Zak & Quack
PAW Patrol

4 Characters that do not believe the main character, when the main character is right.
5 Forced dramatic deaths.
6 Main character gets punished for stuff he she didn't do.
7 Other characters blame main character for something the main character didn't do.
8 Friends that treat each other like crap.
9 Setting being at school
10 Unnecessary new baby

One that's suddenly a mouthy preschooler just one season after being born at that.

The Contenders

11 Villain that dies due to his plan failing.
12 Love triangle
13 The stereotypical bully character without feelings
14 Laugh track
15 Gross-out
16 Suicide jokes
17 School crush
18 Jokes
19 Annoying kids' songs
20 Dancing
21 Singing
22 Annoying theme song
23 Smile with me!
24 Sing with me!
25 Dance with me!
26 Annoying songs
27 Characters all laughing at the end
28 Everyone starts laughing at the end of an episode
29 Rain
30 Wind
31 I can't do this anymore
32 Let's Play!
33 "AWWWW" track
34 Arguments
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