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Steal/touch your things

The weirdest thing about me is that I'm the YOUNGER brother and my OLDER brother ACTS like THIS.

Yes, my OLDER brother acts like a 7 year old kid!

every time they steal my stuff I just wanna(and sometimes do) scream "GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY STUFF"

my younger sibling steals my new 3DS
sometimes and make me very furious

I have a younger sibling who steals my Jewelry 24/7, and she doesn't even wear them, she just hides them under her bed until I happen to find them.

Be spoiled brats

Oh this one just HAD to make its appearance.My bro is just always on a device (more than me, and I spend HOURS) or he's complaining about something plain stupid, like his mom setting a limit to how much he watches.

My sister is so spoiled it's insane.

No matter what bad thing they do, their brats.

there not being brats. THEY ARE BRATS!

Get away with things because they are younger

my dad always says your not alowwed to have a girlfriend(have broken that rule before) and my brother is 8 AND HAS A GIRLFREIND AND MY DAD SAYS NOTHING!

When they hurt me and I go and tell mom she shrugs it off. It is so angering. and to make things worst they get away with stealing food and eating it with out anyone knowing! ahh-Ginger22

Ugh my mom lets my sister do everything she wants and whenever she hits me or steals something, she says,"she's younger, she doesn't know better" and blah blah blah, imagine if our legal system worked that way:

Judge: ok, it says here that you have been caught on video planting a bomb at a school, so it looks like you're guilt- oh wait, you're younger than the principal who is reporting you, looks like you're off the hook, since your young and don't know better!

Because I'm the older sibling, I automatically get the blame for everything. I'm supposed to be the responsible one, and I couldn't be more responsible for my own actions, whether or not they involve my brother, but I can't be made responsible for my brother's. We're not linked cognitively.

Rub everything in your face

Why do younger siblings feel the need to flaunt everything like brats, even though no one cares just so they can show how loved they are? - ToptenPizza

Yes that is what they do-vicky

No whatever


Steal attention

This is what all siblings do, and my younger brother, although fifteen, is babyish enough to make it matter the world. - PositronWildhawk

Every time I sit next to my parents, my sister must squeeze in between, she can't let anyone have a spotlight, we must watch the her show all day. - ToptenPizza

Play dumb music

They sing 1 line in a song over and over and over! so annoying. -Ginger22

One thing that pesters me to this day is my brother's choice of music, which he plays loudly. I often have to drown him out with louder, much more pleasant music. - PositronWildhawk

Oh my god, this is so true. Ever since my brother discovered the titles of the songs in DudePerfect videos, that's all he plays. Not only that, but he listens to that stupid Twenty One Pilots song. The one where they're "stressed out". You may like this song, but he always SINGS ALONG WITH IT. IT IS SO DAMN ANNOYING. He's not even a good singer, on top of that.

My sister likes to sing the dumbest songs all day, and does it off key too! - ToptenPizza

Force you to play with them

I HAVE to play with my younger sister, she then tells my parents and I go like, "She was disturbing me! " and they just say than she would have no one to play with. I end up playing with her.

I love playing with my sister but my brother is annoying and flips the controller, toy, or board when he loses the game and he constantly whines and changes the whole game every time I win - Puppytart

That's annoying as hell my sister Rada actually force me to play with her

Question your authority

my brother at any time will ask why are you doing that? Or my sister will say stop it like really loud. I feel like I'm getting bullied. And I just want to cry there both under 8.

This may be hard for you to understand, bro, but I was here first, and I shouldn't have to lose my privileges because you came into my life. - PositronWildhawk

Um, older siblings don't automatically get authority. - Garythesnail

Being the only boy of 4 kids, this is common.

Wake you up at night

I will be sleeping, and at 3 in the morning my little 9 year old sister comes in and starts jumping, screaming, and playing music.

This one is probably the opposite for me. I’m the one waking up my younger sister because I sleep walk and talk.

Throw fits

my little brother said hulk hogan(an actor for those of you who don't know) wasnt real. I said he was and my brother freaking screamed at me. I wish I could punch him in the gut as hard as I could.

My younger brother is a pain in the rear end. He has annoyed me every ' hour of his life,and he always gets away with it! He's such a jerk and on top of THAT, he asks me for my stuff for examp le my account. When I go to get him back, my mom screams like hell about me b;eing mean to my brother, because he has a fit. I try to explain, but she says"I don't even care! He doesn't know what he's doing and you need to be the older, more mature one." what that basically means for me is that I just have to take all the hits and not budge, even though he cries like a baby when he gets a simple scratch of annoyance.
Either it's my mom or life hates me a lot...

Don't worry, this happens to our entire generation (The ones that have a younger sibling, of course)

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They watch the most annoying TV shows ever

I can't stand Talking Tom and Friends! My sister is almost ten still watching baby shows and using a night light, even though we have hallway lights, the bathroom light, and the kitchen light! YOU AIN'T FOUR! NO ONE CARES ABOUT DORA ANYMORE!

! YES! My 11 year old sister watches Liv and Maddie. I’m 16 and she says that Liv has a crush on me! Jeez! I don't EVEN LIKE DOVE CAMERON!

Horrid Henry... Oh my God.

My nine year old brother watches Adventure Time which let me break it to you, the voice acting is so high-pitched and annoying. At least I'm not trapped in the time earlier this year where he still watched Johnny Test. - Tyler630

Cry like a baby when they don't get their way

my little brother, one time I told him he was wrong. AND THE TEARS POURED SUCH A BABY

Older Sibling: Hmm, What if I cry when something doesn't go my way?

Your right about that, my brother cries all the time and blames it on me

I'm so annoyed!, they get away with everything!

They get more attention

So my mom and dad love my baby brother tanner SO MUCH that they always give him attention and leave me out I feel hated when tanner is around

Act cool whenever you have friends over

This applies to me whenever I have my best friend over, who I almost never see anymore, and he FORCES us to play what he wants to play, as if he is in charge. - IntelligenceForLife

My younger siblings bug my friends and me when I have one over and my mom's just like you guys be nice

sooo true

They cry for the smallest reasons

My sis whines 4 like everything #soooannoying
-my sis is annoying


They rage if you kill them in video games

My sister gets really pissed about me being so good to the point where she tells mom, and mom says play fair. I am skilled, OK? Other times she just rage quits, tells, and it's over. She avoids me the rest of the day. what? It's not my fault a my younger 12 year old sister still acts like she's 4.

my brothers did this all the time. so I deleted all their minecraft worlds lol.

My little brother was screaming last night for my sister to give up the gamepad, even though he'd hogged it all day, and when my sister was finally forced to give it up, my little brother screamed his head off because he couldn't splat me, and I kept splitting him.

Once my little cousin whined because I beat her in a mini game while we were playing Mario Party 9

Invade personal space

I thought this one was waaay too obvious: my brother asks me a thousand times if I can tell him my password so he can play on my account, even though he has his own, and he throws a fit if I say no... Or he keeps asking for the next 30 min.

Act like their life is so hard

In my situation her life IS hard. My younger sister takes harder classes than I do. While I'm taking multimedia and statistics classes, she's taking AP Calculus and chemistry classes. I only have like 5 hours of homework a day, while my sister sometimes stays up all night and her homework STILL isn't finished.


They are happy when you are in trouble
They wanna beat you

My little brother told me that if I ever breathed as much as a single word about Overwatch being a bad game, he would snap my neck and break my glasses. He isn't supposed to be able to play it, but no one cares.

My sister has verbally threatened me WAY too many times...and my parents don't even care! :(

They try to act all hip and cool


even though there wimps.

Steal your friends away from you

I have an 8 year od younger sister and she likes girly girly things while me and my friends are full on TOMBOYS and when THEY are over to hang out with me and I tell her she´s like ¨Can I borrow your clothes?¨ and I know what going to happen, she is going to where MY 10-12 t-shirts, jackets, and sweatpants while they are over so I say no tiny girl you wear size 7-9 . WHEN THEY ARE NOT there though when I am at school she´s pretending to be sick and while my parents are at work she GOES ONTO MY PHONE and reads all of my texts with them so she knows what they like and when they come over again she´s like ´OMG YOU LIKE *insert here* TOO?!¨ and their like ¨No? Why? Wait... Sophia did you let here read our messages?¨ NO I WAS A SCHOOL and that is now why me and my friends text fake news so we all know shes been reading our messages. and after they leave now I´m like ¨you know those were fake messages right?¨ then she slaps me. MY PARENTS DO NOT CARE!

Force you to like the things they like

My brother just can't get it in his head that I don't like sports. But that's 80% of what he talks about, watches and does. I actually have a life. - PositronWildhawk

My (oh-so-stupid) brother Charlie tried to get me to watch $&! @ing Naruto! Am I the only one around here that HATES Naruto?!?!?

Say "I thought I was the younger one"

Yes, you are, meaning that I was in this world long before you were, therefore you’re not the boss of me. Thankfully though, I only have 1 sibling who’s older. - 3DG20

In the middle of a pointless argument he said this to me. It took all my strength to NOT pummel him in to the center of the Earth


Rub their genitals on your stuff.

My 10.66 year old brother does this.

EWWW what?

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