Top Ten Most Annoying Things Younger Siblings Do

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1 Steal/touch your things

I had this really cool model airplane. One day my brat little brother saw it and started screaming he wants it. I said no because it was an expensive model and I wanted to keep it safe, but then he runs to one of my parents and tattles that I won't let him have it . So then as always he gets his way, and my parent forces me to give him the plane for some time. I had no other choice, so I reluctantly gave it to my brother, and, big surprise, he breaks it! Thank God this is item #1 on this list, it's definitely one of the most annoying things about having younger siblings!

I have a younger sibling who steals my Jewelry 24/7, and she doesn't even wear them, she just hides them under her bed until I happen to find them.

The weirdest thing about me is that I'm the YOUNGER brother and my OLDER brother ACTS like THIS.

Yes, my OLDER brother acts like a 7 year old kid!

I used to steal my brother's stuff all the time when I was a kid.

2 Get away with things because they are younger

Ugh my mom lets my sister do everything she wants and whenever she hits me or steals something, she says,"she's younger, she doesn't know better" and blah blah blah, imagine if our legal system worked that way:

Judge: ok, it says here that you have been caught on video planting a bomb at a school, so it looks like you're guilt- oh wait, you're younger than the principal who is reporting you, looks like you're off the hook, since your young and don't know better!

Because I'm the older sibling, I automatically get the blame for everything. I'm supposed to be the responsible one, and I couldn't be more responsible for my own actions, whether or not they involve my brother, but I can't be made responsible for my brother's. We're not linked cognitively.

I don't know where my bro will FINALLY draw the line on this: I get annoyed by him every single hour of his life, when he's around me. One day, I decided to get him back, and he goes and throws one of his fake fits. Mom yells at me for about an hour and then decides to give the classic punishment: no videogames for a week.She does't care if I say what I said at the beginning of my comment.

He punches me for no reason and then says "waaaaaa" she did something and then I am always the one who gets in trouble, I DID NOT DO ANYTHING! JEEZ!

3 Be spoiled brats

Oh this one just HAD to make its appearance.My bro is just always on a device (more than me, and I spend HOURS) or he's complaining about something plain stupid, like his mom setting a limit to how much he watches.

My brother won't do agree to anything if it is not his way. He also will beg me to do things, and then hit me for doing them wrong

No matter what bad thing they do, their brats.

My sister is so spoiled it's insane.

4 They watch the most annoying TV shows ever

My nine year old brother watches Adventure Time which let me break it to you, the voice acting is so high-pitched and annoying. At least I'm not trapped in the time earlier this year where he still watched Johnny Test.

When I was little I had to watch Teen Titans Go with my siblings ugh

They make you watch Hannah Montana.

And they try to get you to watch them

5 Steal attention

Every time I sit next to my parents, my sister must squeeze in between, she can't let anyone have a spotlight, we must watch the her show all day.

This is what all siblings do, and my younger brother, although fifteen, is babyish enough to make it matter the world.

My brother would steal attention and then I'd try to steal attention.

6 Rub everything in your face

Why do younger siblings feel the need to flaunt everything like brats, even though no one cares just so they can show how loved they are?

Yes that is what they do-vicky

We did this a lot.

7 Force you to play with them

Brother: can you play with me?
Me: No
Brother: You have to!
me: No I don't
Brother: I'm telling!
Dad: go play with him now!
Me: ...
Dad: Now.
Me: fine
Brother: haha!

I'm doing my homework,
My brother: I finished my homework, can you play with meeee!
Me: no I am doing my homework
My brother: But it is necessary!

I HAVE to play with my younger sister, she then tells my parents and I go like, "She was disturbing me! " and they just say than she would have no one to play with. I end up playing with her.

We used to ride our bikes all the time when we were kids.

8 They get more attention

I really don't mind my little brother getting so much attention because I have social anxiety, but sometimes it does get annoying because I start feeling invisible.

Me: goes back from mars
Younger bro: blinks
Everyone: He blinked puts cameras on him so everyone could see him blink
Me: I am the only person to be on Mars everyone blinks where my attention

That they don't even deserve!

So my mom and dad love my baby brother tanner SO MUCH that they always give him attention and leave me out I feel hated when tanner is around

9 Cry like a baby when they don't get their way

If my brother hits me, and my parents see it, they usually punish him by taking away his screen time. This causes him to throw a massive fit that will last the entire day, and he gets his way so much.

My brother with his fake bow and arrow: "Do aiming practice
Me: no
My brother: *Starts breaking up in a cry*
It happens like 4 times a day.

I actually cried once when I was nine because I had to wear jeans instead of shorts, how silly!

Your right about that, my brother cries all the time and blames it on me

10 Invade personal space

My little brother does this to me all day, every day! This is one of the main reasons I'm moving out alone, first chance I get! Younger siblings never stop pestering you, it's inSANE!

I thought this one was waaay too obvious: my brother asks me a thousand times if I can tell him my password so he can play on my account, even though he has his own, and he throws a fit if I say no... Or he keeps asking for the next 30 min.

I'm okay with my little brother being interested in what I'm doing, but I seriously wish he'd leave me alone sometimes!

Me: yes I love watching south park and simpsons secretly
Young bro: OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG you watch bad things
Me: please knock next time I need space to
Bro: Ok
Next time does not knock
Me comes in room for payback
Bro: I need space

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11 They ruin a good experience

My sister is 12, and she listens to jojo siwa. I really don’t have a problem with her so that’s fine. However, she watches songs on funniflix with is sung by so-called celebrities that no one knows and can barely sing! I’m 17 and listen to real songs unlike her.

Almost every time I try doing something fun, my little sibling invades my privacy and starts making numb brained comments on what I'm doing and messes up everything by being a brat

So my family and I went to a family gathering and my sister had homework and we all had to home early because of it. She actually brought her homework to the party that day.

We were going for a boat ride that was supposed to last for 2 hours but my brat brother had to get seasick halfway. So no biggie we had to turn around and go back. Yay.

12 They copy you for everything

This happens to me 10 times a Day!
Kayden(me): I’m so excited! Just 2 years away from a roommate!
My sister: Me too!
Kayden:Shut up! Your in 6th grade!
My sister: IDC! I’m going to college in 2 years also.
Kayden:UGH! just kill me already!

I know right, its like you're not allowed to have your own life anymore. I hate when this happens (at least 3 times a day in my case)


13 Play dumb music

My little sis is 17 years old, and she keeps blasting preschool songs, like This Old Man, I'm a Little Teapot, Pat a Cake, London Bridge, Three Blind Mice, and Hickory Dickory Dock, on the radio at the LOUDEST volume, and I tell her not to listen to listen to those baby songs on the radio and play those songs on YouTube instead, or to change the CD to some instrumental classical music.

Oh my god, this is so true. Ever since my brother discovered the titles of the songs in DudePerfect videos, that's all he plays. Not only that, but he listens to that stupid Twenty One Pilots song. The one where they're "stressed out". You may like this song, but he always SINGS ALONG WITH IT. IT IS SO DAMN ANNOYING. He's not even a good singer, on top of that.

One thing that pesters me to this day is my brother's choice of music, which he plays loudly. I often have to drown him out with louder, much more pleasant music.

My little brother sings "All Stars" by smash mouth a lot but I can never hear the actual song because he has headphones in. his singing is so awful

14 They go into your room

I love my siblings, but it is annoying when they go into my room and make a mess.

My friends always made messes when they'd come into my room.

Without ever asking you if they can first

And they think its ok!

15 Question your authority

So one time Me and my sis went bike riding and we were having a race. She was going WAYYYY too fast that her bike can handle, I told her to brake but she wouldn't listen. She said she didn't have to listen to me. She was so determined to beat me. Guess what happened. She fell over and had a scratch on her knee and chin! Also, she was on the road while I was on the sidewalk. Worst part? My dad who was with us at the time blamed ME for going too fast.

my brother at any time will ask why are you doing that? Or my sister will say stop it like really loud. I feel like I'm getting bullied. And I just want to cry there both under 8.

I go in my own room and I go solve the rubik's cubes in the house that I know how to solve, and when I'm done, my brother goes and scrambles every single cube I don't know how to solve, like the 5x5x5 professor's cube I own. And I feel bad when I look up a tutorital.

This may be hard for you to understand, bro, but I was here first, and I shouldn't have to lose my privileges because you came into my life.

16 Wake you up at night

When my brother was born, he used to wake up every night and throw a massive tantrum. I had to deal with this torture for several months, and I bet so did everyone else who has a younger sibling.

I will be sleeping, and at 3 in the morning my little 9 year old sister comes in and starts jumping, screaming, and playing music.

This one is probably the opposite for me. I’m the one waking up my younger sister because I sleep walk and talk.

17 Throw fits

My younger brother is a pain in the rear end. He has annoyed me every ' hour of his life,and he always gets away with it! He's such a jerk and on top of THAT, he asks me for my stuff for examp le my account. When I go to get him back, my mom screams like hell about me b;eing mean to my brother, because he has a fit. I try to explain, but she says"I don't even care! He doesn't know what he's doing and you need to be the older, more mature one." what that basically means for me is that I just have to take all the hits and not budge, even though he cries like a baby when he gets a simple scratch of annoyance.
Either it's my mom or life hates me a lot...

my little brother said hulk hogan(an actor for those of you who don't know) wasnt real. I said he was and my brother freaking screamed at me. I wish I could punch him in the gut as hard as I could.

18 Act cool whenever you have friends over

My friend is 18 and my sister acts cool whenever she my friend comes over. I’m like please leave me alone. because my friend is an adult. I’m 16 and my sister is 12. IT IS SO ANNOYING!

This applies to me whenever I have my best friend over, who I almost never see anymore, and he FORCES us to play what he wants to play, as if he is in charge.

My younger siblings bug my friends and me when I have one over and my mom's just like you guys be nice

but there not

19 They rage if you kill them in video games

My little brother was screaming last night for my sister to give up the gamepad, even though he'd hogged it all day, and when my sister was finally forced to give it up, my little brother screamed his head off because he couldn't splat me, and I kept splitting him.

My sister gets really pissed about me being so good to the point where she tells mom, and mom says play fair. I am skilled, OK? Other times she just rage quits, tells, and it's over. She avoids me the rest of the day. what? It's not my fault a my younger 12 year old sister still acts like she's 4.

Once my little cousin whined because I beat her in a mini game while we were playing Mario Party 9

my brothers did this all the time. so I deleted all their minecraft worlds lol.

20 They cry for the smallest reasons

My sis whines 4 like everything #soooannoying
-my sis is annoying

My little brother throws a fit even if I ACCIDENTALLY touch one of his things.


21 They are happy when you are in trouble

omg so true they always just laugh when you get in trouble

22 Act like their life is so hard

In my situation her life IS hard. My younger sister takes harder classes than I do. While I'm taking multimedia and statistics classes, she's taking AP Calculus and chemistry classes. I only have like 5 hours of homework a day, while my sister sometimes stays up all night and her homework STILL isn't finished.

My brother: MAH LIFE IS SO HARD I did not get a playdate
(He acts spoiled to a lot)


23 Rub their genitals on your stuff.

My 10.66 year old brother does this.

I’m 17 and I do this to my 12 year old sister and she doesn’t mind.

24 They wanna beat you




My little brother told me that if I ever breathed as much as a single word about Overwatch being a bad game, he would snap my neck and break my glasses. He isn't supposed to be able to play it, but no one cares.

My brother comes into my room and starts punching me.
also he is seven 1/2
I am 9 1/8

My sister has verbally threatened me WAY too many times...and my parents don't even care! :(

25 They try to act all hip and cool

even though there wimps.

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