My Awesome Disneyland Experience!

MegaSoulhero A few weeks ago, I made a rant in which I complainied about how terrible my previous Disneyland trip was. I pointed out some major problems and some minor problems. I went back to Disneyland on October 1st because that was my 20th birthday. And good news! It was awesome!

One thing that made it so great was the fact that my sister didn’t go with us! She works at McDonald’s and had to work that day. But I usually get to do more things when she’s not with me! It was pretty crowded at Disneyland. I thought my day would become bad when I saw that there was a line for City Hall. I wanted to go in there to get a birthday button. But a cast member told us that we can also get one in one of the stores on Main Street! And there was no line! I love wearing a birthday button! Cast members are so friendly and they would always say “happy birthday” to me! The first ride we went on was Haunted Mansion Holiday. A Christmas overlay of Haunted Mansion based on Nightmare Before Christmas that Disney always opens for Halloween for some reason. Never understood why they open it for Halloween. It’s pretty much a Christmas ride. Anyway, the line was short but got longer later in the day. So we got lucky! The gingerbread house looks really cool this year! But the best part is when the ride stopped with our vehicle in front of the Sally “animatronic”! Which allowed me to take a bunch of pictures! Then after that, I went on Splash Mountain. And the line was only 5 minutes! Oh, and it didn’t break down this time! Unfortunately, though, the guy sitting in front of me decided to where his sorcerer hat the entire time. That was kind of annoying.

We went over to California Adventure to watch the Frozen show. While my mom was waiting in line, I went over to It’s Tough to Be a Bug. Although, there’s not really anything important to talk about there. But when I was walking through Bug’s Land, I saw Flik! I rarely get to see Flik! I walked back over to the Hyperion Theater line for the Frozen show. While watching the show, there were a lot of enthusiastic people in the audience! And the actors on stage were really great! There was one mistake, though. There’s a scene where Anna and Kristoff are being chased by wolves and they jump out of the sled and there’s supposed to be an effect where Anna and Kristoff are being lifted by wires. That effect didn’t work and they had to stop the show for about a minute so they could move the sled out of the way and so the show could continue. But it leads to an absolutely hilarious unscripted line from Kristoff! “I blacked out for a second!” That was genius! After that, we went to get lunch. There were no tables available inside and it was very hot outside. But luckily, we found a table in the shade! There weren’t very many tables in the shade. There were even these people who were watching us while we ate because they were waiting for us to leave so they could get the table. Also, I got a free milkshake because it was my birthday!

After that, we went to get a fastpass for Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters After Dark. My mom waited in line for fastpass distribution while I went over to Paradise Pier. They currently have decorations inspired by Coco over there. They even do a show! I didn’t know what time the show started because it did not say it on the app or website, there was no sign saying the schedule, and there were no cast members nearby to ask. But since there wasn’t anyone waiting for the show, I went on California Screamin’. And 10 minutes later, I went back to the Coco area. And there was all of a sudden a large crowd of people waiting for the show with very little viewing space left. But luckily, I managed to squeeze my way into a space! And it was a great show! My mom called me and told me she got the Monsters After Dark fastpass and someone gave her another one. Since my mom doesn’t like drop rides, she gave me her fastpass so I could ride the ride twice! We went back over to Disneyland Park, which got even more crowded, and we went on Star Tours. And you know what the best part about the ride was? The starspeeder hit Jar Jar! That made me very happy! We went to the Tiki Room and our timing was perfect! We got over there right as they started letting people in! So we didn’t have to sit through that boring preshow! We went back over to California Adventure to ride Monsters After Dark. But before that, we went on the Monsters Inc. ride. We got to skip the line! A cast member gave us a “buddy pass”! That was great!

So then I went on Monsters After Dark, which I uploaded a video of on my YouTube, and it was pretty good! I really enjoyed the original song in the ride! The ride had a very dark feeling to it. Rocket goes back to rescue Groot and they are being chased by Surtur’s Dragon from Thor: Ragnarok. A problem I have with the ride is it’s called Monsters After Dark even though there’s only one monster. But other than that, It’s a pretty good Halloween overlay. And it ends with a jump scare! After riding it, I used my mom’s fastpass and rode it again! This time without filming. And it was still pretty cool! We went to Cars Land to check out the Halloween decorations. The decorations are amazing! Out of all the Halloween decorations in the Disneyland Resort, Cars Land has the best ones! There’s a building with eyes projected onto the windows! The characters are wearing costumes! As we were leaving the park, we saw the Guardians of the Galaxy ride lit up with spooky lights and projections! It looked great! Reminded me of Tower of Terror! And there was also a very cool Headless Horseman statue at Buena Vista Street! It even has smoke come out of it!

This was a major step up from my other Disneyland trip! I had a very great time! I’m so glad I got to spend my birthday at one of my favorite places! The Halloween stuff they have is awesome! Especially the new stuff! Can’t wait to go back later this month! And I also can’t wait to go to Knott’s Scary Farm on Saturday!


Good it went well, but seriously your sis should matter to go to Disney with ya, I mean come on that kind of makes you feel bratty and a bit of a prat. I wouldn't complain I live in the UK, I don't even have Disney here. I do have Thorpe Park so I'm not complaining - visitor

Glad you had fun. It's probably changed so much since I went in 2004 but even to this day I still remember it. Hopefully you do too. - RoseRedFlower

Yeah I'm going to Disneyland next Friday, hope it's good! Last time I went earlier in September was wonderful, got to see the firework show on Splash mountain - Phillip873

How many differwnt Disneylandshave you been to? - DankGodX