Most Anticipated Video Games of 2019

At the time of making this we will have to wait for 2 more months until 2019 comes, but these games have gained some attention and will most likely blow up in the next year.

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Devil May Cry 5 Devil May Cry 5 Product Image

If this is the game that's the most anticipated of this year, we are surely in dire need of something before Fortnite dies and the gaming drought of 2017 bestows us all again, otherwise the gamer population would die.

There are other games out there than multiplayer games. Gamers don't need to be playing multiplayer games for it's "population" to survive. Thousands of people play single player games every day.

Only the Xbox One and Windows Version.
Soyny had to censor the Playstation 4 Version.

Ha it sounds like devils don't fly
You know the song haha

From me

No more edgy Dante

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpunk 2077 Product Image

Yeah it does come out in 2020, but it looks like it could win game of the year.

Keanu Reeves, Cyberpunk future, neon lights, gun fights, blades coming out of the main guy's arms, what's not to like?

It really looks like a true love letter to the old Pen and Paper RPG and the fiction that brought it about

Made by the same people who made the witcher 3, enough said.

The Last of Us Part II The Last of Us Part II Product Image

I can't think for the life of me why this isn't number 1. The first game is still the best ever made

That's primarily for two reasons;
1. Metroid Prime (the game that is currently #1 as of writing this reply) hasn't had a new console game for more than 10 years.
2. Many feel as though this is an unnecessary cash-grab sequel instead of one the franchise needs.

Excue me why isn't this #1? The first is without a doubt the best PS4 game of all time.

Likely to be the best game ever made

Amazing Game! Can't wait

Animal Crossing Switch

Seems like a long wait, but it's September as of writing. The game comes out in March 2020. Actually not so long now. This comment will be deleted or edited once the game comes out.

I'm so happy this is as high as it is. I didn't expect to see it, actually, but it was immediately in my mind as soon as I saw the topic of this list.

I vote this because Kingdom Hearts sucks and is overhyped. Animal Crossing deserves its hype; mainly because it was announced with Isabelle's Smash reveal.

How is this above The Last of Us II, Metroid Prime and Mortal Kombat 11?

Metroid Prime 4 Metroid Prime 4 Product Image

Development restarted. RIP of any chance of this coming out in 2019. 2021 maybe?

This better come out in 2019 along with Bayonetta 3

I wish it'd come out in 2019, but from what I've heard, I seriously doubt that it will.

No other game can top Metroid Prime 4 for 2019

Kingdom Hearts III Kingdom Hearts III Product Image

This was pretty bad...

This game is the finale of the "Dark seeker saga". 17 years has been building up for this. Why isn't it number 1!? Why!?

Welp, the release of this game is an indication that whoever has been interested this series needs to get both HD collections if they haven't played the series already. Good games, most of 'em.

Finally, about time. I love Kingdom Hearts.

Bayonetta 3 Bayonetta 3 Product Image

A game with a hot milf as the main protagonist? Count me in breh!

Bayonetta is my favourite game, and Bayonetta 2 is also one of my favourites. I am very excited for this game, hopefully will be maybe even better than the original and maybe the second one too

If you want to know how to talk to a lady, ask your mom.

Not gonna lie, bayonetta is hot in smash

Yoshi Yoshi Product Image

Got delayed hopefully it's a cool game

I preordered it

Yoshi's Crafted World is another game that I'm way more hyped about than Smash, to be honest I'm more hyped about this than Super Mario Party as well, and THAT game made me super hyped!

Hopefully he pays taxes for the fist time...

Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon Sword and Shield Product Image

I just want a complete Pokemon game for once. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Pokemon fan. But Pokemon games are just not delivering. It's not just about the National Dex anymore. It's about rushed games, not listening to fans, and making excuses for everything.

I don't care if there's no national dex, I just like pokemon. Seriously, why is everyone complaining that there is no national dex?

No Pokemon deserves to be cut. Every Pokemon is someone's favourite.

I don't really think this item is necessary anymore due to the game is fully revealed and Sword and Shield is already on the list.

The starters look like something out of a kindergartener's doodles. Even Fakemon designs are better.

Doom Eternal Doom Eternal Product Image

Hell on earth baby.

I'm taking this as a seal of hype.

Can't wait for this to come out. Besthesda and Id better not screw this up. Doomguy is a total badass!

Bethesd, please!

The Contenders

Metro Exodus Metro Exodus Product Image

Amazing game. First time playing in series. Great all around game place amazing graphics

It seems amazing

Metro:2033 is a very well known post-apocalyptic game.The series had a sequel known as Metro:Last light and now another sequel.Now I don't know much about the Metro series but it is very well known so a sequel would be anticipated.


Luigi's Mansion 3

Me at 11:59AM on October 30th: Zzz
Me at 12:00AM on October 31st: Eyes open suddenly with SSBU's remix of the series medley and the game in the background.
I'm surprised no one made this meme like they did for Smash before it was released.

Getting into your nintendo is always a pleasure when you love every game... but when there's a new Luigi's mansion... only thing better would be a new paper mario...

We don't have much footage of this game, but with what we do have... it looks phenomenal!

Actually, knowing Nintendo, as with Yoshi's Crafted World and Metroid Prime 4, they'll probably delay this one, too. - Marxcute19

Was there ever a Luigi's Mansion 2 though? Dark Moon was kind of it's own thing and they remade the original.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fire Emblem: Three Houses Product Image

Already has one advantage over Fates: you only have to buy the game once.

One of Nintendo's most well known RPG series is having a sequel Fire Emblem:Three Houses.

Hopeful better than awakening and is to school/anime

Looks almost as good as Awakening.

Death Stranding Death Stranding Product Image

I don't know what to think about this game. It looks interesting, weird and a completely new concept. I hope it's good.

Honestly, I'm actually kinda surprised it's coming this year. They must have been working on it for a while.

This better be good


Control from Remedy!

Super Mario Maker 2

This is THE game! Super excited! I always loved the first game, and I'm so glad there's going to be a big upgrade!

Top Three Most Exciting Things In The Trailer:
1. Two-Player Mode?
2. Challenges
3. Slopes

Super excited for this one! So much stuff to be excited for, only from a trailer that's 90 seconds long. Any new information we get on this will be super exciting.

I wanted to play the original, but I don't have a Wii U. I have a nintendo switch, though, so I am definitely going to get this game in june.

Forget link's awakening and kingdom hears and all that! this is THE game I wanted since the switch was announced, and we're finally getting it.

Mortal Kombat XL Mortal Kombat XL Product Image

What happened? This was item was named Mortal Kombat 11 but got changed to XL for some reason.

Trailer looks amazing. Has some classic fan favorites like Noob, Scarlett, and many others. The story trailers look amazing. Overall this is going to probably be the best game of 2019.

Smash bros is better...

A family friendly Nintendo game to a gory, mature fighting game, yeah... - Not_A_Weeaboo

I don't even know how people can think any other fighter game is better

Tom Clancy's the Division 2 Tom Clancy's the Division 2 Product Image

Well if this game is coming out soon and just like every other Tom Clancy game it looks cool.

Yes I'm sort of looking forward to this game.

Post-Apocalyptic, 'enough said.

Still continue to play 1st The Division, it's one of my 'fallback' games to play while I'm waiting for something new to come out! Cannot wait for The Division 2!

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story DX

That's normally the point of the character and why he is so good at being a character, TriggerTrashKid. But Super Paper Mario handled Bowser being a good guy much better than Bowser's Inside Story and Princess Toadstool for President (no, not anymore, please).

I have never played the original, but this one looks great! I can't wait to get it

I hate Bowser...

Looks good but I'm kind of confused; can't you already play DS games on the 3DS?

Yes, using backwards-compatibility, similar to how Xbox One has remasters of games it also has on its backwards-compatibility system. - POWERStarz2004

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled Product Image

I'm honestly not really exited for this, if the future of crash bandicoot is just remakes and not new games then what's the damn point

Because Activision can't make a good game so they have to remake old ones

Dear Activision, please make a new crash bandicoot game that isn't a remake for once, thanks.

Expected to be a contender to Mario Kart. Hope it lives up to the expectations.

Never played the original CTR but I'm excited for it to come out so I can try it.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Product Image

I think Cuphead is an Amazing game, that is getting hate for pretty much no reason. Sure it's hard. But that's the fun of it!

Frick yes frick yes cup head I beat this with one player absolutely no two player beat a level and plus who can say no to mug mans nose

This is technically DLC, not an actual game. But it looks fun.

It was supposed to be 2019 but the made a delay and put on 2020 instead

Samurai Spirits Samurai Spirits Product Image
Halo Infinite

I would love to try this out! I hope it lives up to its expectations!

I hope 343 realizes the problem with Halo 5 wasn't the mere lack of Chief in missions, but the way Locke AND CHIEF were fundamentally written. Having Chief in every mission doesn't automatically make it good, just look at Halo 2, regarded by some as the best campaign in the series (though I slightly disagree).
Put in awesome character building, breathtaking fight scenes, the best of both art styles, open level designs, and an incredible villian, and Halo Infinite has the chance to be the best in the series, no joke.

Bungie Halo game where the best and 343 may have brought that original halo vibe into halo infinite and if it has and if the game gets 10 on Metarcritic then I would jump into the air and sing the Halo theme song.

Make Halo great again!

Borderlands 3

This is somehow lower than games that have already released, even though a few of those games were absolutely terrible.

Been waiting for this game for years. I've played through borderlands so many times.

Looks like non gamers are voting here

I'm already excited.

The King of Fighters XV
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