Top 10 Reasons Why The Wii U Failed

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1 It's Underpowered

Although it's less powerful than its competitors, the Wii U is 50% more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3

2 No 3rd Party Support
3 The Controls

They are the same

4 There's No Internal Hard Drive
5 There's No DVD Player

So you always got your TV

Neither does the switch.

6 It Failed to Get Core Gamers' Attention

The Wii U was meant to get the attention of core gamers, but they just bought a PS4 or Xbox One.

7 It Failed to Get a Real Price Advantage
8 It Was Released at the Wrong Time

It should have been 2011

9 Poor Launch Lineup

Yeah because Skylanders and Just dance and 1 2 switch are better than Nintendoland and New super mario bros.

10 The Name is Bad

My parents never bought me a wii u they thought it was a wii, and they wouldn't buy me a wii u because they said, you already have a wii, you don't need 2 wiis, I said the wii u is not a wii it's a different system, they didn't believe me, they still think the wii u is a wii, I wasn't able to play wii u smash, I still want to, or super mario 3d world, I got to play mario kart 8 deluxe but never the original

I never got a wii u because my parents think the wii u is a wii, and they always said no, you have a wii already, I never got to play super smash bros wii u because of them, or super mario 3d world, or star fox zero, I want to so badly, but no my parents think it is a wii and won't buy me one, at least I still got to play mario kart 8 with the switch port

My parents were dumb she thought the wii u was a wii and they bought me mario kart 8 thinking it was a wii game, and it didn't work on my wii, they refuse to buy me a wii u because they think it is a wii and that I already have a wii, they took mario kart 8 back as a refund

My parents think the wii u is a wii and they won't buy me one, it sucks

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11 It Made Ripoffs of Wii Games
12 It Had Cringe-Worthy Advertising
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